Beginners Golf Tips

At one time in my life I was an avid golf fan. To be honest, I resembled the phrase, "Duffer". My hope is that in beginner golf tips you will have an opportunity to view golf as I did, recreational, relaxing, and yes, even aggravating!

The first thing to understand is that golf is a game that anyone can play. If you have the mindset to go out and enjoy it, you will indeed have an advantage over others who play strictly to win! Beginning golf is like any other endeavor, there is a learning curve, so enter with an open mind and above all else, have fun!

Before you even hit the fairways there are a couple of beginner golf tips that will help you. First and foremost is knowing what your own limits, and strengths are. If you are just starting out, you certainly do not need to spend several hundred of dollars on equipment. The time may come when you feel that level of confidence in your abilities, and your desire warrants upgrading the tools of the trade. I suggest however that you first discover if you indeed have the passion and the patience before investing too much of your hard earned money. As I stated earlier, golf is a heck of a lot of fun but it can also be very aggravating.

There are many basics to the game of golf. Unlike many other sports, you can play golf alone. When I played, back in upstate New York, I would go out many mornings at 6AM. The dew would still be heavy and the greens would be slow as rush hour traffic. I was the only one on the course at that time but that did not prevent me from playing 18 to 36 holes. My point, the game will put many obstacles in your path but you always have options.

I hope this will give you a brief sense of how much fun, and aggravation can be taken from the game of golf. To experience the exhilaration you only have to begin! My only wish is that I would have continued to play, and while in the sand traps, occasional pray! I hope you have found this article on beginner golf tips to be of some help in your quest to become an avid golfer. If you have found this article to be helpful or at least useful you can view many more free tips below.

Source by Alan Gottlob

Debt Negotiation Tips

Tip 1) Dispute the Validity of the Debt

Either in the first contact with you regarding the debt or in writing within five days after the initial contact, the collection agency must provide the following information:

o The amount owed

o The name of the creditor

o The process to follow to dispute the debt or receive verification of the debt

You should send the collection agency a written notice that you dispute the debt. The collection agency must stop all communications with you upon receiving your written notice, but may resume contact with you if the collection agency sends verification of the debt. If the collection agency is unable to supply sufficient material to prove that the debts belong to you, the collection agency has lost immediate leverage and is unable to continue any collection efforts and pursuit any legal action.

Tip 2) Check the statue of limitations.

Statue of limitation laws limit the length of time from the commencement of the delinquency in which a collection agency can file suit. Please note- making any payment, including a good faith or token payment can reset the statue of limitation clock and open the door for the collector to seek further action against you. When the statement of limitations has expired, and you can not afford to pay the debt, you may want to consider sending the collector and all major credit bureaus Expired SOL Letter.

Note: if the collection agency is unable to validate the debt or if the statute of limitations has expired, the collection law attorney is unable to pursue the debtor legally. In the event the many tactics or negotiations strategies available can not be applied, the collection attorney has an option to file a lawsuit with the court.

Source by Letonio Franklin

Cheap Airfare Tips

Last month my husband and I were trying to figure out where to go on our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up this August. We did not have much of a honeymoon so we thought it would not be great if we could do something really fun since we are ready to start a family and may not get a chance to do any real traveling for awhile.

However, when we started looking into destinations, vacation packages, and the like, we got hit with sticker shock, as prices have dramatically increased form what they were just a year ago when we were casually browsing the web looking into possible travel plans. Despite our findings however, we were determined to go on vacation, but were obviously going to have to scale back our plans.

Well, fortunately I'm a real bulldog when it comes to researching and was lucky enough to come across a site that shows travelers how to save money on airfare, hotels, dining, cruises, and more. This information went far beyond the usual tips like flying on holidays, dealing directly with airline websites, and negotiating group discounts, and tells you how the travel industry actually works, and poses the secrets travel experts and industry insiders use on a daily basis to save themselves fabulous amounts of money.

Anyways, to make a long story short, using just a few of the strategies issued by the author, we are not only able to take the trip of our dreams (French Riviera) but will save over $ 750 in the process. We are truly amazed at the difference it made knowing these insider secrets of the travel industry.

I am so Excited! See you when we get back !!

Source by Tina Collier

Tips For Hassle Free Business Travel

As a road warrior and businessperson engaged in travel,
these travel tips will help reduce the stress of
your journeys.

1. Choose your Travel Wisely

Planes, trains or automobiles: what's the choice? Air
travel is clearly the only way to go for long journeys. Shorter trips
may be faster via train, bus or car
Consider the effects inclement weather can have on
your travel choice.

2. Consider Alternative Airports

If you're flying, consider alternative airports that are outside the city
you're going to visit. As a rule, these airports have fewer flights.

3. Obtain an International Drivers License

If traveling outside the US, an international driver's
license will be recognized more than your
driver's license.

4. Get Your Maps Before You Leave Home

Travel is less stressful if you know how to get around. Before
leaving home, obtain maps of your destination city.
and print out maps.

Place your printed maps in plastic folders for
protection against the elements.

5. Carry Electronic Documents

Take electronic documents on diskettes or cds or on your palm pilot
and have them printed. Similarly, if you are working a booth in a trade
show, it's a good idea to carry electronic documents in case you run
out of the stack you shipped from the office.

6. Find Hotels that Cater to Business Travelers ie YOU

Hotels that cater to business travelers will have wi-fi
and offer access to faxes and

7. Remember Adapters and Converters

If you're traveling to another country, you might
need special voltage adapters for electricity.

A good travel store will be able to help you decide what's

8. Use Calling Cards

When you're staying at a hotel, the phone bill can be a major
expense. Use a calling card or the corporate credit card.

9. Check your Cellular Service

Cellular phone companies regularly offer new rates. Check to be sure
you're getting the best deal – You
will need an analog or dual digital / anlog phone for long trips.

10. Protect Yourself Against Theft

Before leaving home, make copies of your travel documents
(passport, airline tickets, travel insurance, credit cards and itinerary).

Take copies with you and leave a copy with a contact at home. Watch for your electronics.

Invest in protective luggage and try to look broke and a part
of the community. Criminals love strangers.

And no matter where the winds take you, BON VOYAGE!

Source by Matt Rosario

Audio Mixing Tips

Here are some general tips for mixing that I have learnt over the years.

When mixing it is important to check your mix on a variety of speakers and not just your studio monitors. While studio monitors can sound great that sometimes sometimes leave a false impression of how good your mix really sounds. Often studio monitors provide a great clarity and detail to the music that you are listening to. Those little minor effects in the background of your mix may not be heard as clear as you think in a regular stereo or on a pair of cheap iPod headphones.

Check your mix on everything you have from your deluxe home theater sound system to a cheap and nasty boom box or car stereo. I often check my mixes on my mp3 player with cheap headphones. The mp3 player has a bass boost which in the past has told me that my mixes are too bassy turning them to mush. Now I am more aware of what the bass levels should be when mixing on my studio monitors.

Another thing to do while checking your mix on your monitors and your other sound systems around the house or in the car is to listen to the mixes at different volume levels. What sounds great at a moderate level may be too harsh or boomy when cranked up or that vocal track may be buried when listening to the track at a low volume.

Your ears can get tired while mixing so it is a good idea to have a break after a few hours to refresh your ears. Go and have a coffee or for a walk around the block and you will discover that you can hear things a lot more clearly rather than turning what may be an OK mix into a terrible one as your ears loose perspective.

One other little mixing trick is to listen to the mix outside the room. I often listen to mixes in the hallway outside my studio to give me a better perspective of how all the instruments and parts sit in a mix. Sometimes it can be hard to judge levels and sounds with monitors right in front of your head after a few hours.

Source by Anthony Pell

Some Tips on Driving Safe

Letely we've seen the commercials, the public service announcements, and articles about safe driving gain intense attention. Most states now have laws that are cracking down on cell phone use while driving to try to keep the roads safer. Even Oprah is joining the movement with her "No Phone Zone" campaign. With the great deal of "buzz," I am sure many of you are wondering, "How can I make sure I drive safely?"

Here are some tips on what you can do, to make sure you are driving in a safe way and following these new laws that states are passing.

1. Know your limits when driving. We know that cell phone use has restrictions in most states now, but what about those distractions which are not regulated? Know your limits when it comes to music volume, fiddling with the A / C dials, changing the radio station, talking to someone else in the car, etc. If you feel yourself becoming distracted from the task at hand (driving safe), even if it is only slightly distracted, you know that your limit and you should steer clear from getting near it.

2. Pay attention to not only the road, but the cars around you. All too often we hear about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road, paying attention to where you are going, but we are rarely told to watch where the other drivers are going. It is very important to watch what other drivers are doing to see if it will conflict with what you are doing on the road. Watch how straight they drive, look for turn signals, notice the behavior of the vehicle and anticipate where it will go. This will help you avoid accidents as you will be able to alter your course accordingly, even if the other driver is distracted.

3. Do not use your cell phone while you're driving. This is a simple one; there are even laws on it, but it is often a tip that is not followed or applied. The problem lies with our natural tendency to communicate with others no matter what we're doing at the time. Technology is such a huge factor in our everyday lives, that it feels natural to talk or text while you're driving somewhere. So, if you can not make yourself turn off the phone on your own, there are some devices out on the market that can help. One such product, called Key2SafeDriving, is already helping to save lives out on the roads. This device plugs into the OBD port of your vehicle and interacts with your phone to keep you from talking or texting while the car is running (Emergency calls are allowed). All calls and texts are put into your inbox until the car is stopped. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable to driving without distractions. This device is especially useful for parents with teenagers as it will allow them to ensure their kids drive safe, even if they do not want to. If the Key2SafeDriving device is unplugged or tampered with, it will automatically send a text to the administrator of the account (usually a parent) and alert them that the device is being tampered with.

These are just a few tips on how to drive safe. Just remember to pay attention and do not let yourself get distracted while you drive. It's just not worth it. Keep your eye out for more of my tips coming soon.

Source by Matt G Lee

Tips on How to Fix Your Credit

Are you struggling to make your monthly expenses with your current career? Do you find that you are suffering from bad credit or poor credit because you are behind on payments? There are many options you have for fixing your credit. The idea behind fixing your credit is to choose a plan that works best for you. In order to decide which plan works for you, you need to know what is available.

The first plan and sometimes the least effective plan is going to a company that is designed to help you fix your credit. Companies such as fix your credit now and others proclaim that they can fix your credit immediately, with little cost to you. What you do not realize is that they take their cut as well as the companies you are trying to fix your credit with. These companies offer plans to help you pay your bills for a fee. This can actually put your further into debt.

The best way to fix your credit is to speak directly with the companies, especially credit card companies. See if they will agree to a lower payment or a payoff for the amount due to get the card out of the equation. Other bills you may have such as utilities may allow you to pay in smaller increments to help you pay it off or maybe they will let you pay late so it will coincide with your next paycheck. If you find that speaking with the companies do not help you improve your credit there are companies such as Lexington law. These companies will help you get the bad credit items off your credit report in the hopes that you can get a better loan to help with the other debts. To learn more about loans and mortgages you should speak with a mortgage broker.

Source by Angela Amerson

Eight Tips For Better Barbecue

Do you like to cook outdoors using a barbecue grill? Most people fire up the grill – be it gas or propane and start cooking. Well. here are eight tips that will help you make sure that what you cook tastes as good or even better than you or your guests expect.

1. Make sure the cooking grates are clean. Use a brass wire brush to clean any debris or residue from the cooking grates. If the grill is dirty, heat the cooking grates first and then apply the brass wire brush before you start grilling.

2. Preheat the grill with the hood closed for at least 10 minutes. If you have a gas grill, turn the burners on high. For charcoal, all of the briquettes must be shining red. The temperature should reach 500 degrees. This will heat the cooking grates so any items to be grilled will be seared properly.

3. Never put oil on the cooking grates directly, especially when the cooking grates are hot. Apply any oil directly to the food. This will prevent sticking and add flavor to the food.

4. Manage the heat in your grill. For food products that will cook quickly (such as steak), put them over direct heat. For items that cook slow (ribbs) put them on a portion of the grill without direct heat below. Items cooked slowly will take longer but will be juicier and more succulent.f you want to cook items longer.

5, Keep the hood closed as much as possible but keep air flowing. On a charcoal grill open the vents for the proper air flow. Gas grills get air from below the burners so it is not a problem. The proper air flow will keep the cooking grates hot. Keeping the hood closed will also trap the smoke when the grease juices and fats vaporize in the grill. A constant temperature will speed up the cooking time. keeping the hood closed will provide a more constant cooking temperature

6. Allow the food to caramelize and brown on the grill. Do not constantly turn the food. You should only turn food one time on the grill.

7. Occasional flare ups are normal for grilling. Manage the heat. If you have many flare ups, move the food to indirect heat until the flare ups subside. Once the flare ups have stopped, move the food back to direct heat and finish cooking.

8. Adjust the cooking times and temperature dependent upon outside conditions. Most recipe times and temperatures are assuming outside ambient air at sea level and seventy degrees. If you are cooking in the winter when the outside temperature is low, you will have more heat loss and need to cook longer. Likewise if you are cooking at a higher altitude, the charcoal and gas will burn at higher temperatures.

Implement these eight tips and you will have more success with your barbecue grill cooking.

Source by Edward Grace

Tips on Interior Decoration

Are you thinking of hiring an interior decorator? Well, you can be your interior designer yourself. You just need to be creative. That's all. This will save you pretty bucks and you will be able to give your flat or apartment a design which you like. I am going to give you some tips which you can apply in your own home. I am in fact an interior designer. So, you can totally trust on my tips.

Firstly, always remember that you are decorating your home. Always keep it spacious and as open as possible. Many people fill their flats with highly decorative items to boast of. You will like a highly decorated room only in a hotel. You would wish to always live in such a decorated apartment but after a month, you will regret it. There will be less space for you to walk and everything will look clumsy in your house.

Secondly, use quality materials. Do not compromise in the quality of the furniture of your house for you will have to make use of it for many years. Remember that the expenses relating to the decoration of your house is a capital investment

Many people say that constructing false-ceilings makes a home look heavy. That's absolutely wrong. I strongly recommend you to construct simple false-ceilings with fascinating lights. This gives your house a very amazing look. Use tiles in some walls of your flat. I would recommend you to use tiles near the entrance or near the main gate of your flat so that any of your guest could see the tiles before entering your house. The next place where I recommend to use tiles is the wall in which your LCD is attached. Basically, tiles give your flat a modern touch.

Construct your shoe rack outside your flat if possible. Not talking about extra large flat, poor construction of a shoe rack inside your flat destroys it's beauty as it is broad and will usually block someone's way through the entrance. So be careful while constructing the shoe rack. It is best if constructed outside. If not, then choose a location which will not block the way through the main gate.

Choose a medium color for your home. Either choose a very dark color nor choose a very light color like light blue. Avoid using red color. Use attractive wallpaper to decorate some of the walls. But do not overload your walls with wallpapers.

Source by Deval Khandelwal

Victorian Garden Shed Plans – Tips

The garden can be a wonderful place of repose and retreat, especially when you've followed professionally designed Victorian Garden shed plans. Victorian gardens are one of the most popular and beautiful garden designs. when following a good plan the best place to start would be with the colors you would like to use. This step is the most important element of the Victorian design. The colors are typically vibrant and passionate and range around vivid greens, rich dark browns, and a contrast of light yellows and golds.

Next to the colors you will need to come up with the pattern for your walls, ceilings, and floors of your shed. you should go for something complex and mesmerizing such as vines and flower motifs crawling along the edges of the ceiling, possibly in dark reds, with blue and green backgrounds, and shades of cream and tan for the foreground. you may even want to consider finding a plan that includes trellises which are support beams and rails, which are usually over your doorways, around your pillows, or possibly the ceiling a nice affect would be lining up with your walk way from your house to the shed.

Finally you should know that when you get to the ground work the most important factor will be the lawn, which should be so finely bladed grass that it looks and feels like velvet. when planting your flowers you could use them as a fence around your Victorian garden shed. Along with the atmosphere of your good set of Victorian garden shed plans you might also want to consider a bird bath or fountain for a little extra affect.

Source by Steve Branson