Last Longer in Bed – Tips For Men

Are you embarrassed about not being able to perform in the bed or tired of premature ejaculation that results in a poor performance in bed? You're not alone. 30% of the men face the same problem and it is curable! You can last longer in bed with some simple tricks.

End your embarassment in bed. with some simple tricks you can last longer in bed during intercourse.
These tips will surely make you last longer in bed if you practice them well. Learn How to Last Longer In Bed with our unique methods.

1. Breathe Slow. This sounds simple but really helps to boost your performance in the bed. Shallow breathing will make you last longer.

2. When you are about to finish, STOP. Relax for a minute and start again. This start-stop-start therapy has been recommended by ancient Chinese masters and if practiced well, you can certainly last longer in bed.

3. Relax your body. Take your time, there is no need to hurry. If you suffer from pre ejaculation it is likely that you will find it hard to relax during sexual intervention. If you tense up the muscles around your penis, you will ejaculate much faster than if you relaxed those muscles. keep this in mind!

4. You can also opt for last longer condoms. These condoms are designed in a special way to adjust the friction between the penal and the vagina in such a way, that make you last longer during intercourse.

Try our methods now. Last Longer In Bed We have had a success rate of 97% in past 3 years! These are some methods that will make you last longer in bed during intercourse. When you practice our methods in the right way, Success is guaranteed.

Source by Ron Chad

Internal Cleanse Tips

If you're interested in completing an internal cleanse to improve your health, you're in the right spot. In this article I'm going to go over some internal cleanse methods, the benefits of internal cleansing, as well as a few important internal cleansing tips so you can get the most out of your internal cleanse.

First of all, there are several ways to complete an internal cleanse. These include:

  • Diet cleansing
  • Enemas
  • Herbal pills or powders

In this article, I'm going to focus on my favorite way, which is herbal pills or powders. I like herbal powders because they're a quick, safe, easy and effective way to cleanse without having to completely change your diet or starve yourself. Plus, I really dislike enemas.

But let's move on to the benefits of internal cleansing. Some of the noteworthy benefits of internal cleansing include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Relief of constipation
  • Less bloating, gas and flagellation
  • Improved skin complexion
  • Increased energy levels and overall well being
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Weight loss
  • No more protruding belly

As you can see, there are many great benefits of completing a good cleanse. But what is the best way to detoxify your system? In my opinion, as stated above, herbal colon cleansing pills work wonders. If you want to find the best colon cleanse products, you have to do a little bit of research. My best suggestion would be to go through forums and find out what has worked for other people, then go get that product and give it a shot.

Also, it's important to make sure that you pick a herbal colon cleanser to suit your body. For people with sensitive digestive systems, a smaller dose may be necessary, so be sure to consult your physician or contact the product manufacturer before completing an internal cleanse.

Source by Colin D. James

10 Tips to Date a Cougar

There are many reasons a Cougar can appeal to you. When I think of a Cougar, Samantha off "Sex in the City" comes to mind, she plays a vivacious, sophisticated woman with a sexual libido that rivals rabbits in spring.

Although her character is fictional who she ports is not. Women at older ages are more attune with there needs, needs and desires.

While Men's sexual stamina is slowing down, Women's desire for intimidation is coming into full bloom. It seems like the worlds cruel joke to have such a wide gap in the ages of sexual maturity but it true, while guys are thinking about sex in there 20's, women are hiring there peak in their 30's or 40's.

This age gap gives a perfectly logical reason why cougars exist but there are other reasons as well.

Men are not the only ones that get mid-life crisis. Women want to feel young again too but instead of buying that corvette or going skydiving, they look to a younger generation. There are many appeals to dating young. Most younger men do not have any strings attached, a youthful personality, and are more willing to try new things.
Revenge can also be a reason; do not be surprised if your new cougar is recently divorced, like recently divorced professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. When word got out that Hulk Hogan had found a girlfriend that could pass as his daughter it was not long after ex-wife Linda Hogan had found a 19 year old boy toy of her own.

So what are the best tips for getting and keeping a cougar?

1. Treat Her Like A Queen –
Treat any women like a queen and she will be flattered and curious. Pay her compliments, open doors for her, notice the details. Did she get her nails done? Tell her you love the color.

2. Do not Ever Tell Her She is a Cougar –
It's another double standard term label put on women that can be offensive. When men go after younger women its ok, but when women does it, watch out! She's a "cougar".

3. Move to the City –
Places like California and New York see Cougar Dating as the newest hot trend. Think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, a very hot couple.

4. Do not Make Her Feel Old –
Just like the feeling you get when a waiter ask you for an ID when buying alcohol you want to replicate that feeling again and again. But do not be fake about it, like saying she looks like Cindy Crawford if she does not. Tell her you love how smart she is, or how amazing her legs look in those jeans.

5. Dating Sites –
These are exceptional places to find Cougar Dates, browse for your cougar in comfort of your house and let them come to you.

6. Give Her New Experiences –
Most women are looking to do things they never did when they were younger, whether that is shooting pool at the billiard, going to a concert, or playing mini golf with friends.

7. Do not be to Needy –
Older women are independent and do not want a guy controlling there life.

8. Make her Feel Young but no too Young –
Beer Binging and Halo War parties are out of the question. She does not want to feel like she stole you from the crib.

9. Let Her Rule the Bedroom –
She is probably way more experienced in this department, let her show you what she knows and what she likes.

10. Same Expectations –
Make sure you are both on the same page before getting into a deep relationship. Is she looking for a casual relationship or long-term. This is important to know so you're both wasting your time.

Source by Barbara Curtis

Routining Your Magic – Tips

Hi, Everyone … Routining Your Magic for the most part is not really that difficult but can be at times a frustrating task. In this article, I'm going to try and give you some tips that might take some of the mystery out of this sometimes daunting task.

1. Before you even try and put a routine together. Make sure you know your material while you are blindfolded, and hanging upside down on a fiery rope. "LOL" I know sounds a little harsh but this is where most magicians fail. How can you focus on a routine if you can not manage your techniques? "Food for Thought"

2. Never use a mirror while you are practicing, I know you were always told "make sure you practice in front of a mirror" But hey this is 2007, get yourself a video camera it does not have to be anything fancy .. $ 200 and your good to go.

The best investment you can make. Now why a video camera you ask … one major reason when you look into a mirror you are really only seeing one perspective. A video camera catches what an actual audience would see. Plus your not starting into a mirror, your playing to your imaginary audience. This in turn, will give you more freedom.

3. Now comes the fun stuff … Given the amount of time you have put into your magic & your repertoire. "Get ready for this" you should at least have 6 basic sets ready to go at any time. And of those 6 basic sets, you should have 3 to 5 routines each.

The reason for this … is quite simple. Say you are at a party performing your tricks, and it's a pretty close knit party (people on top of one another.) Well, think about it you just performed an effect that blew this guy away … He runs to tell his buddy you have to see this … "or worst yet decides he wants to follow you around for awhile." So you can see where I'm going with this …

4. Another Tip, try and change up your sleights a little … "your method of operation." Not only does this keep you polished as a performer. But the main purpose is that it keeps your audience off balance. And that's what you need to make them feel like they have just witnessed real magic.

5. And finally, an Example Routine Structure:

You should always do your sets in 5 to 6 effects no more. Your opening effect should be surprising and very quick, to get there attention. And it also doe's a great job in establishing you're a magician. Your second should be just as amazing, but a little longer of a routine. The third should bring them down to earth just a little bit. The fourth, effect should send them running … "and this should be a longer routine.
The Idea is to leave them wanting more … And if you have done your job right of course they are going to want an encore, and this is where you let them have it … with your strongest trick.

I hope these tips on creating a well structured routine. Demystifies this whole deal of routing, your act. "And puts, you on the right path." If you want to get more into routing and also learn how to get your magic business off the ground … Visit my lens for an example of the Formula I use to set up my routine. And continue to use this formula on every new act I come up with.

Source by Frank DiPiazza

Horse Betting Tips – A Newbies Guide to Online Betting

If you are a newbie at online betting, then you will be after some direction and guidance? The best Horse Betting tip is only a few minutes away. Its simple with a little research.

  1. Do your research
  2. Find a good system and
  3. Stay focused.

Who you take guidance from depends on your circle of friends and acquaintances, to the level of guidance they can offer you. Tips from your local cabbie or your aging window cleaner might seem generous at the time, but would you act upon them? Your friends on a boozy night in the local pub may have suggested excellent Horse betting systems, but would you actually trust them? And more importantly would you act on their suggestions? The answer to some of these questions at some point will probably be yes! And you will have backed horses and won and on other occasions lost based on the advice given to you.

As a newbie to online sports betting you may find calculating the odds quite tricky whether its fractions or decimal, what do the numbers actually mean? To what type of bets do you place, doubles, singles, Tri-cast or trebles, placed or to win. So many different permutations it can be daunting. However help is available. Most online bookmakers have pages within their websites explaining the rules of betting and how the odds are calculated. This for newbies is a good starting point. It will also guide you through your first bet.

There are hundreds of online bookmakers, many you will already be familiar with such as Ladbrokes, William hill, Bet Fred, Bet 365, Coral and betfair. Its not my position to discuss which of these bookmakers if any, offer the best value to you but to offer you these as examples. A quick Google search with the key phrase “online bookmakers” or more specifically “horseracing today” for example will return hundreds of different bookmakers web sites. This would be a good starting point to help you see what is on offer.

Another good point of reference is Wikipedia. Just type the search term online gambling in the search box within Wikipedia to reveal a whole host of valuable information regarding gambling and online sports betting, although slightly Americanized with its content and references the principles can still be applied anywhere. The Wikipedia information is quite hard going but does offer links to bite sized chunks of information that can be easily digested stage by stage, you may want to bookmark this in your web browser so you can easily recall the information at a later date.

Now that you are more familiar with the different bookmakers you will have noticed that most of them offer free bets and incentives to open accounts, some even offer free horse betting tips. All the free money offers from registered bookmakers are genuine and can range in value to new account holders, from £25 worth of free bets (no deposit required) to £200 matched deposit. Let me explain. A matched deposit of 100% up to the value of £200 means if you only deposited £10, then the bookmaker would only deposit £10 into your account for free. On the other hand if you were to deposit the full £200, then the bookmaker would match it and place £200 in your account. Sometimes conditions are attached to the “free money” so please read the terms and conditions for each site carefully, so you’re not disappointed.

All these types of offers make opening an online account more attractive and there is nothing stopping you from opening many different accounts with various different bookmakers thus taking advantage of the “free money” and “cash bonuses” available. You may even find that some of the bookmakers offer other types of gambling accounts which interest you, like Bingo, or slots or even online casinos, within the same bookmakers’ website, all offering cash incentives. If you are a newbie to online gambling this is one horse betting tip I can’t recommend enough.

Take advantage of what is available online. If possible try to organise all your betting transactions online to help maximise you profits from the bets you place. Once you are up to speed with the betting terminology and the online betting process after some careful background research on Wikipedia and Google and you’ve found maybe a few desperate bookmakers offering you very generous bonuses to open an account you are now in a position to start placing bets.

Find a good Horse betting system and staying focused are two other Horse Betting Tips I mentioned earlier and in further articles I will go into more detail but in brief its simple. Find a betting system that works for you and one you can understand, backed by the research you have conducted into horseracing gambling and online sports betting there are many available, some free.

What I would recommend is you take your time selecting the right one. Look for systems that offer testimonials and have a proven track record, or even a money back guarantee. If it sounds too good to be true it generally is. As an example Bob Rothman has published a book on his system called ‘The Racing Success System”‘ in which he completely explains the concept of value betting and money managements, and there are pages of formidable looking tables to help you decide what the right odds are. However, Rothman believes the true professional must be “as disciplined as a soldier with himself, he must be made of steel. “Gambling is the hardest game in the world to make a living at. The usual state of affairs is that you lose more often than you win, but when you win you get much more, so that overall you show a profit.” “The professional gambler has to learn to live with disappointment without allowing it to cloud his decision making ability”. Source: Horse racing pro, “how to beat the bookies and buy a gold Rolls Royce”- London Irish news May 10th 1990.

This is just one example of Horse betting systems, in this instance of “value betting”, a term you will have come across in your Wikipedia research highlights a profitable system for the long term professional gambler but not without its pitfalls, that’s why my third Horse betting tip falls here. Stay focused, as Bob confirms the professional gambler has to learn to live with disappointment but by staying focused to the task and the system you will overall profit. Remember, do your research, find a system and stay focused.

Source by Paul A Turner

Branding – Tips for Developing Your Company's Brand

Building a brand is a necessity for any successful business. There are, however, suggestions that can assist you in getting the most out of your company's brand.

Create something original. You may think that everything that is anything has been done before, but that is not true. Possibilities for developing an original brand are endless. Moreover, customers want to see something new and different. In addition, there are serious legal consequences for stealing or borrowing from an existing brand. Make your brand your own.

Remember the concept of continuity. The public must be exposed to your brand over a period of time before they begin to form associations in their minds. When they continue to see your image, logo, and company name, they will start to remember and begin to become aware of your brand.

Consistency is essential for building a brand. Spend some time during the invention process fine tuning the way you would like for your brand to appear. Seek professional opinions and assistance for the design concepts. When you focus on your desires early on in the beginning, you can avoid having to make changes later. Stay consistent with your logo and brand. Consumers need to see the same visual images to make those connections to your company. Select the colors, fonts, pictures, and messages that you really want and then work to promote your ideal brand.

Promote your brand through promotional products. Giving away promotional items like yardsticks, CD cases, pens, back scratchers, and ice scrapers serves many purposes. The more exposure you create for your brand, the more likely people are to remember it. And, studies prove that the public is more likely to do business with those that donate promotional gifts than companies that do not.

Use word of mouth advertising to your advantage. People talk about businesses they interact with regardless of whether the experience was good or bad. Work this concept and encourage people to talk highly of your business. Hold drawings for major prizes whereby customers register to win through signing up on your web site. When mailing promotional material for existing customers, send a few free items instead of just one. Promotional products get passed on to other people. When imprinted flashlights, screwdrivers, water bottles, and beverage can holders move from one household to the next, you can be sure that your advertising is spreading with the items. This stirs conversation and individuals begin to ask about your work and the quality of it.

Change only when it's necessary to maintain your image. While a good brand that is working well for a company can function for years, even decades, some brands over time need to be tweaked. Styles, attitudes, and trends change. Rather than playing with a brand's image over months or years, do an assessment after a length of period of time. What in society has changed that could have been reflected in your brand? Is it fashion, money, ingredients? Try not to scrap the entire brand, but maybe work on updating a portion of it.

Show your creative side. Formulate a slogan, a picture, or a theme that really catches the public's attention. Use humor. Tug on the heartstrings. Demonstrate an artistic uniqueness. Ponder your company's image and generate something that will support your intentions.

You must protect your brand. After you have spent the time and effort to create the brand that you are proud of and feel passionate about advertising, safeguard it. Speak with your attorney. Take the steps required to register it as a trademark. Importantly, this enables you to maintain your brand legally. You, then, have the power to decide how your brand will be used. Also granted to you are the rights of defending your brand from the possibility of it being stolen.

Use specificity. Throughout the history of advertising, many brand names, after time, became watered down to encompass the gamut of similar products. Consider that Kleenex is used by many to describe tissue. Aspirin used to mean a specific product as well, not just pain reliever in general. While it is in some way an honor that your creation has the potential to become so widely known that people throw your terms around loosely, you should maintain the exclusiveness of your work. Aim to distinguish your product from other like products through your verbiage, quality, and packaging.

Building a brand that works takes time. Following the proper marketing techniques that have been established over time can speed your process. In the end, it does not matter how big or small your business is. Any company has the potential to market a brand and make it a success.

Source by Rick Sheldon

Tips For International Moving

International moving is quite common nowdays not only for businesses but also for families. This is because moving overseas due to better job prospects or higher education abroad or simply settling down to some other place is something that we do all the time these days. Also there are those people that move only for a few years due to them being sent for work by their companies. While years ago international moving was almost unheard of and it was something very difficult to organize, nowdays it is quite a standard thing that most people will go through at least once during their lifetime.

When you have to move to another country, one of the first things you need to find is a reliable international moving company. You have to decide which company you go for based on the quality of their service and the rates they provide you with.

Another thing you need to make your research about is related to the actual place where you move. If you move to a big city in another country, you have to learn more about the way people live there and about the lifestyle you will be surrounded with in your new place. Knowing about the type of culture you are moving in will help you adjust faster in your new location.

For example you need to learn about the modes of transportation used in the new place. Will you need a driving license or you have full public transportation around the city? What other papers will you need in the new place? You can ask your moving company about all these things as a professional company should be knowledgeable about these and can give you guidance as how to obtain every paper that you need in the new place. Some of these companies can actually handle everything for you directly, without you lifting a finger through it all. Of course this might cost you more, however you can this way avoid any hassles of doing everything on your own.

Source by Nancy Davies

Horse Bathing Tips

Those of you that own or have owned a horse or horses can attest to the fact that keeping their horse or horses clean on an everyday basis can be quite the undertaking depending on your situation, but when they roll in their stall! AAAAAAHHHHRRRGGGG!

Horses will roll! This is inevitable. Whether it's in their stall, in the dirt or in the sand, whether to scratch themselves or to stretch their legs or to realign their muscles and bones, this is going to happen from time to time and there is nothing you can do to stop it . So, when you're lovely stead lies down or rolls in its stall, call in the fire hose.

Of course this is worst case scenario but you will be faced with this task eventually and it can be quite nasty so you will need plenty of shampoo, some big sponges, a bucket and a shedding blade, also I would recommend shampoo types that condition the skin as well as their coat in this situation.

Fill a bucket with warm water and apply the shampoo according to the directions on the bottle. Now, using a big sponge, sponge down your horse's hind quarters and girth area. Work your way down the length of their body, working from top to bottom. The face is tricky because every horse acts differently about this. I use a smaller sponge and work slowly and gently. Rinse their coat well with clean water. Next, use a shedding blade or sweat blade to wring the excess water from their coat to speed the drying process.

When you are finished with the waste removal you will want to put on some kind of coat conditioner to restore the natural oils you striped from their coat. There are a plethora of coat conditioners, mane and tail detanglers, whiteners, hoof polishes and other horse grooming products out there designed specifically to make your horse look its very best.

Source by William R Reynolds

Increase Breast Milk By Some Easy Tips

Breast feeding provides many health benefits for both child as well as mother. Breast milk contains just the right balance proportion of nutrients for the baby. No infant formula can match all of the nutritional benefits of a mother's milk and it can not adjust and change according to the change and age of child. Some mothers are unnecessarily worried about their milk supply but some time mother's milk supply is really less to demand of baby.

Some easy tips to increase breast milk are:

The important thing is to feed baby as frequently as possible allow the baby nurse on demand rather than on a set schedule.

Drink enough fluid. It can be water milk or juice of any fruit it is also a good habit to fill a glass of water to drink while your baby is nursing. Drinking sufficient fluids will not make woman produce more milk, but is important in replenish lost fluids.

Nursing requires about an extra 500 calories per day. Women because of fear of obesity after delivery takes fewer calories than their demand required for body at this time makes them fatigued and anemic. Women should reasonably choose best food like vegetables, fruits, milk and low fat things in their diet during this period.

Stress can negatively affect milk production so try to take proper rest and relax whenever get opportunity. Massaging breast also increases milk.

so there is nothing to worry about decrease milk supply just have adequate fluid, good food, proper rest and give feed frequently to baby will solve problem.

Source by Dr.Tabassum Patel

Tips For Busy Moms And Dads

Parenting is as much a learning business for us as traveling through childhood is for our children.

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs that nature has provided us with. Being a parent means not only being sensitive to each child and each situation; it also calls on us to stretch our imagination as we respond to the constant challenges our children present us with. Children can be demanding, difficult and defiant! No advice can possibly make you get it right every time, but a few points kept in mind would take you a long way in dealing with daily discipline.

1. The miracle of touch. Out of the five senses touch is considered to have healing qualities. Whether it takes the form of hugs, horseplay or simply holding hands on the way to school, loving physical contact provides a simple and almost unconscious way of showing you care.

2. Keep the fun alive. With all the commitments at home and work, most parents forget the word "fun" aspect of parenting. Young children love jokes and being silly. The familiarity of special words, pet names and silly voices always manage to brighten a child's day.

3. Flexibility helps! Parents sometimes expect too much of children. They ten to forget that children have a vantage point that is above three feet lower that an adult's! bending down to get a child's eye view of a situation can save most upsets, accidents and mishaps.

4. Good manners go a long way. Little children do not always know or remember "the right thing" to say in every situation. They should be encouraged to use the terms such as please, sorry, thank you etc where appropriate. It's amazing the difference the right words can make. They can often help from the right attitude too.

5. Children need limits. Being cool helps but children also need to learn the difference between what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and understand that behavior has consequences wherever pleasant or unpleasant. Idle threats should be avoided at all times and always mean what you say.

6. Being in charge does not mean being a tyrant! Parents often forget that children are individuals and tend to mold them into ideal persons that they want their children to be. Although there are times when "because i said so" is appropriate, more often than not it is better to give a reason for what you have said. Even adults make mistakes and children have reasonable ideas. In such situations parents should apologize in the same way we expect our children to apologize us.

7. Check your "dont's" No one likes a lot of negativity. It sounds like nagging. Too many "dont's" can hinder a child's natural instinct to explore. Without it is a life and death situation of something that will harm the child in some way, avoid using this word. Always check wherever you are using it for your convenience or for child's safety. Good behavior should be rewarded with praise, encouragement or a hug rather than sweet treats or money.

8. Children should be children! Parents often make the mistake of expecting children to be mini adults and have the way they want them to behave. Children are naturally clumsy, forgetful, and accident pron. Therefore they should never be punished for pure childishness. Bad behaviors should be deal with justly and the punishment appropriate to the crime. Naughty is sometimes prompted by boredom or a feeling of neglect. At such times the solution will involve providing a stimulating activity for the child or giving him attention.

9. Being "in control" is not really "controlling". Children do not need to be "Controlled" but when they kindly misbehave parents should be "in control" of the situation. They should effectively manage and guide their behavior. Often the expression on your face or the tone of your voice will be enough to deter all but the determined little ones. Yet there are times when just a stem face or a word would not do. Then appropriate and tangible action is required.

10. "Spare the rod" but do not spoil the child. Children's behavior sometimes calls for sterner measures than just a small punishment by way of forbidding what he likes to do or sending him to the room. Deliberate, repeated defiance and purposely hurting another child are situations that need to be dealt with immediately. A well timed smack can be most effective way of correcting this type of behavior. A controlled smack (on the hand, leg or the bottom) will help your child associate this unacceptable behavior with unpleasurable consequences and deter him from repeating it. make sure he understand what he did wrong and encourage him to say sorry.

However, by your words and actions let your child know that although his behavior may have been unacceptable, he is always loved.

Source by Abdul Hakeem