Knife Maintenance – Five Easy Tips

Knife collecting is fast becoming a popular hobby, and learning how to properly care for your knives is vital to keeping them attractive and useful. The five easy knife care tips below will help all knife enthusiasts keep their collections in tip top shape.

1) Keep each knife dry. Use a clean cloth to wipe off fingerprints after each use and periodically apply quality oil or wax to protect the blade from rusting.

2) Get in the habit of inspecting your knives. If you notice tarnish spots or red oxidation, clean the blade quickly. Stains may be removed with knife polish. High carbon steel blades will develop a natural blue gray patina that actually protects it from rust. Stainless steel blades, on the other hand, are not rust proof so keeping them clean and dry is especially important to maintain their quality and usability.

3) Store all leather sheaths and knives separately. Leather tanning agents can react with your blade and cause rust. Quality leather oil will keep sheaths moist and flexible.

4) Check folding knife blades to ensure they open and close smoothly. Oailing the joints every now and then will keep the blade moving easily and prevent the lock from jamming.

5) A sharp knife is a safer knife. Regular use of knife sharpeners will keep your knife edges properly maintained and help to avoid accidents from a dull blade.

Taking care of your knife collection will extend its value and allow you to enjoy your knives well into the future. Happy Hunting!

Source by Michelle Alexander

Credit Tips – How to Make You Credit Worthy!

Take care of your credit now, when it’s not too late; meaning, your credit score is satisfactory, or better, and you can manage your debt level. When and if financial problems arrive, a high possibility in today’s recession, you’ll be much better positioned to deal with them. Your standing with the financial institutions and lenders will be good enough, to get approved for an emergency loan, or to secure bridging funds. Below, you’ll find practical advice on how to protect your credit standing in 2009 and beyond.

Time Costs Money.

Remember – time costs money. I mean – the law of finance says what the dollar is worth today is always going to be more than what it is worth tomorrow. For example, if you put $1000 into a savings account that has 8% interest. In a year, it is worth $1080. If you spend that $1000 today, your money will buy more than what you can buy with $1080 in a year’s time. The other side of this is – if you spend $1000 on a credit card at 18% interest a year, assuming there are no interest rate rises you will pay back $1180. Always consider what your financial decisions will cost you in the future.

Get Rid of Credit Card Debt.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of overusing those credit cards and can become such a burden if you let them control you. The best way to get rid of credit card debt is to get rid of the cards. Seriously, one by one pay each one off, close the account on each one until there is only one credit card. And, reduce its limit so it is easy to manage. Using plastic credit is borrowing against the money you earn in the future. This puts your financial future in a high risk category which can have long-term negative effects. The other thing is when you gamble with your future earnings you are paying interest on money you do not have yet. Some cards have interest rates of more than 20% over a year.

If you live like this how can you ever expect to get ahead? You will live week to week, month to month under the pressure of rising debt. You may feel hopeless if you have more than one credit card with various levels of debt on them. Just remember, everything you pay on that card above the minimum payment is a little step closer to financial freedom. Always pay extra on the credit card with the highest interest rate and pay the minimum amount on the others until each one is paid.

If you are already in credit card debt, be patient and follow these tips:

  1. Always remember that paying something helps you get the debt paid. The more you pay at a time, the less interest you pay each month.
  2. Always pay more on your credit card than you spend on it each month. If this is too hard, leave the credit cards at home and forget you have them, and only buy what you can afford with cash.
  3. Be patient – you can not earn money as fast as you have already spent it. It takes time and personal discipline to get out of credit card debt.
  4. Take a look at your interest rates, and try and negotiate a lower interest rate with your lender. There are some that will reduce their rates up to 8% so it is always worth the cost of a phone call to ask; or visit your bank manager and talk to them face-to-face.
  5. Consider transferring balances from credit cards with high interest rates to a card with lower interest rates. Be careful if you do. Make sure you check out the small print. Low interest rate offers are usually for only a limited time and the interest may go up beyond what you are already paying. Also, the low interest rate may only apply to the amount that you transfer. If you start using the card to buy goods, check what the interest rate is on what you spend – it could be more than 20%.

Debt Consolidation Can Help Set You Free.

Consolidating your debts gives you one monthly payment that may even be lower than your current monthly payments. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with so many creditors, all the different rates and the time that it takes. Just consolidating your debts does not make them go away so don’t go out on a spending spree because you have extra money. Use that money to make extra loan payments so you reach financial freedom more quickly.

Remember, the reason your interest rate is lower is because your loan is over many more years. If you add it up – you will pay a lot more interest over the term of the loan than you already were, so put every spare cent towards paying it off.

Do Not Mess With Your Credit Rating.

Your credit rating is an important asset throughout your life. Whenever you apply for a loan, the prospective lender checks your credit rating to assess you as a financial risk. The better your credit rating, the less of a financial risk you are and the lender will offer lower interest rates. Make sure you keep a close eye on your credit report, especially if you are having trouble keeping on top of your debts.

It is much easier to stay out of debt than it is to get into it. Is the fear and uncertainty of being tied to your debt really worth it?

Source by Sig Booker

Great Tips to Prevent Divorce in Your Marriage

Life is full of challenges and facing a challenge in your marriage is not an unusual situation. If you are in a fist in your marriage and it looks as if your matrimony is heading towards divorce, the tips in this article is the solution you have been waiting for. Its not too late to mend your marriage no matter how damaging it may seem right now. All you need is to believe that you can bring back the first love and start experiencing the blissful moments you had with your spouse in the past. The very important point is absolutely not to quit too early in putting a stop to divorce before its in its final stages.

1. Begin all over again – Begin with a fresh start. Remember when you first met and everything was great? Each of you seemed to know what to do. The relationship was everything you wanted, right? Become re-acquainted. Get to know each other all over again. Begin by wooing each other like you did back then. Think a minute on those special moments. Think about those moments again.

2. Celebrate your love life! – Plan for special days in romantic ways. Make a note of very special days. The ones that belong just to the two of you; your first date, when you first made love, when you moved into your home, the day you got married, the day of the proposal. Plan something really special.

3. Show affection! – There is great healing in your power of touch. Hold hands. Kiss in your car. Give your partner a massage. Spend time holding and caressing. Give your partner an extended hug every day; one that lasts several minutes. Purpose to touch each other every day.

4. Find the aid of marriage counselor if need be. There are experts in this field who could lead you both to see things truthfully and to mend the trouble area in your matrimony. No matter how deep down the pit the situation might be, these qualified personnel can help you both to manage the matter and very possibly save your marriage. It may not be an expensive consultation, but make sure it is executed prior to deciding to apply for a divorce.

5. Fun, fun, fun! – Kick your heels up and play like a kid again. Tell your partner you want to enjoy what he or she enjoys and then spend the entire day together. Make a commitment to do this regularly.

As simple as the advice above may sound, it can perform wonder if applied in faith. Take action on them now and you'll be on track to stop your divorce. You will definitely still have an opportunity at saving your marriage if you do not give up. Divorce is a very hard time for everyone to deal with. It can be very hard on a person emotionally and physically as well, therefore, make it a commitment to stop it in time.

Source by John Adeyemo

Turntable Buying Tips

You want to listen to your old vinyl records, but you need a turntable. If you have an old record player, then you are all set. Otherwise, you will need a turntable. If you are buying a new or used turntable, then you will need to check your amplifier first to see if you have inputs labeled “PHONO.” If you do not, then you will need to buy a Phono Preamp ($$). If you try to connect the turntable directly to your amp, then you will be very disappointed in what comes out of your speakers. The Phono Preamp is the component that will bring the music to life. It is connected between your turntable and your amplifier. Now you can enjoy listening to your vinyl.

New Vinyl owners may want to consider the Project Debut III turntable; Old Vinyl owners should consider Rega P3. Please consider buying a quality turntable. If you skim, then your vinyls will get worn faster and could get scratched. Protect your investment. Needles have come a long way over the past 10 years. Before you buy a turntable, check out the cartridges that will fit your turntable. Write down which ones will fit and keep the list in a safe place. This will save you lots of time when it comes to replacing your needle or cartridge.

Thinks to consider prior to playing vinyl. Clean your record of any dust particles and fingerprints. This will add a longer life to your vinyl and needle. Never clean your record while it is on the turntable. Last 3 is a good product to consider for wet cleaning your vinyl. For dry cleaning, consider an Audioquest record brush.

Source by Hania Niklas

Online Dating – Tips For Success

Online dating seems to be the best alternative today for trying to find that one perfect match. There are too many paid and free internet dating sites to choose from and typically people will join more than one to maximize their exposure. What follows are some tips for your online profile, as well as some horror stories of my own so you don’t feel like you’re the only one have a terrible experience! Just keep in mind, you shouldn’t take online dating too seriously – for every one guy you’ll actually end up meeting in person, you’ll have another 30 duds to sort through.

Keep your profile simple but honest. If you’re a smoker, say you’re a smoker. If you hate chewing tobacco, list it. Why waste either your time if the guy is going to have a habit you find repulsive (or vice versa)?

Don’t go on a religious or political tirade.

Give a glimpse of your personality – playful, serious, life of the party, shy and timid – it will not only give a clearer picture of you but will help others know how to approach you.

Pictures should be no less than six months old! Do not post pictures that are thirty pounds old, show you with an Ex or show yourself in a compromising position. Head shots are a must – the picture of you fifty feet away near the world’s biggest ball of yarn is not a good profile picture. Let them see your beautiful blue eyes and pearly whites.

Don’t go on a tirade about how online dating sucks. If you have an attitude about it, why are you online? Why would anyone want to approach a woman with a chip on her shoulder right off the bat?

Punctuate your sentences. A period, a comma here and there – lovely ways to write a complete sentence. This isn’t a massive text you’re trying to send, it’s a profile, an introduction to you. Allow the reader to pause, ponder and enjoy your “About Me” rather than wonder if you’re an eighth-grade drop-out.

Be active – if a guy sees you haven’t been online for a week, he’s probably not going to email you because he’ll assume you found someone. You, on the other hand, will be angry that you haven’t had any responses. Online dating is a two-way street.

Keep a sense of humor – you really will get at least 20 duds for every decent guy you meet online. Keep your chin up, don’t get discouraged and feel free to make a game of it. I call it “going fishing.” If I happen to catch someone, great! If not – the joy of fishing is you can always throw him back into the lake.

That being said, it is quite an experience sometimes….proof follows: “Sharpedressedman” [mayday – ZZ Top fanatic] – no picture available [FYI to men – no picture means you’re scary looking to a girl doing the online dating thing], lives in Akron. “A few extra pounds” and 39 years old. Interests are “play pool watch nascar wrestling read stephen king books.” [wow – diverse]. Description of a first date: take my lady to a italian restaurant ordr some wine go to the movies and dancin at club afterwards.”

This was copied directly from his profile so this is how he wants the world to see him. His email to me? again, typed verbatim:  “how did u spent ur weekend last week? i seen ur picks of u and wowww thee very beautifull and adoring would like u and i be friends and get to know one another better i have my own place an apartment off of manchester road by youngs restaurant i like it get lobely at times im single lets se what happens with u and i after we chast a long while”   No I did not respond because I wouldn’t even know where to start.

It gets better…… Rick aka shepp88. Rick emailed me on Tuesday and again two days later. First message “Hi your very pretty I would love to get to know you write ask anything. Write me back.”   Now to be honest, I generally don’t check online dating emails daily (I know, I just told you to stay involved but I try to check it every couple of days). On Thursday, he sends this “Hi your beautiful I would love to talk hear more about you just write me if you like and ask anything.” Remember what I said about punctuation?

He’s 39 by the way. He’s not the scariest looking guy I’ve ever seen but not one I would chummy up with at a bar. He’s wearing a Tesla t-shirt (ok, yes, I love the 80’s but rarely do I wear T-shirts advertising big hair bands – by the way, it’s also pristine aka perfectly preserved). He lives in Struthers, Ohio (which the site helpfully informs me is 39 miles away). Average body type, salt and pepper (and feathered by the way) hair, Catholic and is not sure of his politics. REALLY? You don’t know your political persuasion huh?

Ok, let’s keep reading….doesn’t disclose his occupation, he is divorced, does not have nor does he want kids. OK – so let’s see his intro: “hi im 39 yrs old no kids. i am honest ,caring and a good guy who needs a good women .from age 26 to 45. i also love my family very much my parents and brother and sister and her 2 kids.i love music I and metallica is my fav.also motley crue.alice in chains,.i also love movies drama mostly.i love law and order too all of them. I have been hurt in the past but im not giving up.mostly for being to nice.” 

I’m sorry but when reading your profile introduction requires a cipher, I stop right there.

Source by Samantha Joy Tavo

10 Quick Tips For Online Dating

If you've never tried online dating, you might have noticed that it's been surging in popularity. Online dating is no longer reserved for the creeps and the weirdos – it's gone mainstream, and if you've been struggling in your dating life, it may be time for you to consider it. Here are 10 quick tips for online dating that should help you get started.

1. Post lots of pictures on your profile. You want to demonstrate that you have a social life and that you're a normal person, and pictures are good visual evidence.

Stand out. If you can, dole out a few extra bucks to make your profile stand out – many online dating sites offer this kind of feature.

3. Send out plenty of messages. Try "casting your net" with plenty of local women or men by sending out a healthy amount of messages. But never spam – it's not really all that more effective than writing new messages to each person.

4. Capture their attention. When you send a message, do not make your subject line as simple as "hello." Believe me, attractive women who receive a lot of messages will probably not find this line too interesting.

5. Make your life sound interesting. In your online dating profile, you have to consider what makes yourself interesting, and then communicate it.

6. Do not brag. Bragging is easy to see through; so do not brag online.

7. Show, do not tell. Do not tell her you have a BMW – include a picture of you driving in it.

8. Have personal standards. If you do not like smokers, make it known upfront. Do not make exceptions just to increase your amount of dates.

9. Be casual. It's tempting to get fancy online, but casually ask for her phone number. When you call, do not put too much pressure on yourself.

10. Move things forward. Do not just exchange e-mails, keep the interaction moving forward towards a date.

Source by Jerome McKenzie

Great Sewing Tips

Starting to Sew?

So as you know sewing can be a frustrating when you first start off. The many struggles of making things look professional, jamming your machine and learning how to make items and clothing, were just a couple of my obstructions along my journey. These things made me want to give up sewing from the very start. However, thanks to a lot of videos and sewing articles on the web, I pushed through and learned that I absolutely enjoy it! That is why I am here to encourage you to keep sewing and learn as much as you possibly can. Although you will have many mistakes in sewing, you will learn a lot from them. Think of your mistakes as constructive criticism on yourself, because of them you now know what you need to do to fix the problem.

Sewing does not always have negative effects it also has those moments where you are incredibly happy about the outcome. Especially when it is something you just learned to make like a purse, bag, or blanket. These are the times that make you love it, you feel good because after all that hard work of slaving over your sewing machine and getting stuck by needles, it was all worth it because you came out with a pretty good product. So I am here to give you great tips to keep you going and strive to be the best at what you do. I'll cover 10 tips that I wish I knew as a beginner to help me on my sewing journey.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the right supplies

Many times I have started a sewing project and I did not have the right supplies to finish it. It can be very annoying. You have to stop what you are doing, find out what store is selling the item and go buy it.

Tip 2 Watch sewing videos and read sewing forums

So there is nothing better than getting help online. There are multiple free videos and forums are all over the internet to help you, it's awesome. A lot of times I learned things from watching YouTube videos and getting advice from others who were making the same items and sharing their knowledge, it was awesome.

Tips 3 Practice, practice and more practice

There have been so many times when I wanted to give up. It can get pretty tough, you start off with an idea and the item you want to make, and you get towards the end and you mess up. Maybe you sewed the wrong seams together or cut the wrong piece and you get so upset. Instead of getting mad and saying I am not doing this anymore, stop and say "there are going to be mistakes but I will get better," trust I am a living witness. I could not even remember how many times I have messed up on a project and brave up, my best advice is to stop your project and step away for a couple of hours and do not start again till the next day. It gives you some time to breathe and rethink everything, start fresh.

Tip 4 Start making simple items

Many times we like to start sewing things that a pretty hard to make. For example, you see this item on TV, say it's a purse. You think that's awesome I'll make one, though we really do not think about how hard it will be we just jump right into, then in the process you find out it's way too difficult for you to figure out. So, it's always good to start off with something simple like a tote bag or a cosmetic bag, these are simple and easy and do not take long to make.

Tip 5 Try making patterns first

It's awesome to buy patterns from the store. Walmart and others provide sewing patterns that give you instructions on how to make a variety of things purses, bags, clothes and etc. Using a sewing pattern gives you an idea of ​​things that you'll need to look and pay attention to when you make your own product. You tend to remember things when you have done them already; it also makes it easier and causes less frustration because everything you need to do is put into instructions.

Tip 6 Try joining a sewing groups or classes

Joining a sewing group or being around others that sew helps you in so many ways. You have different levels of experience and what you do not know they probably will. You learn new and interesting things that makes sewing fun and you get to express how you feel, with others that share the same interest it's pretty neat.

Tip 7 Beginners do not buy expensive fabrics

When you start sewing try sticking to cheap fabrics at first. As a beginner you are still learning and you do not want to waste money or nice fabrics until you've not mastered but have a pretty good grip on how to make the specific item.

Tip 8 Have your own style, be unique

Starting off I wanted to start sewing but I found myself things that were not unique. I would see the styles that everyone else was making and starting to do the same. Remember your style is different from everyone else's. So do not be afraid to step out and be you.

Tip 9 Clean up those edges, get a serger

These are pretty good tools, they help making those frayed edges look clean and perfect. This is especially nice for blankets and seams.

Tip 10 If everything fails go to the web

When your machine jams or stops working for no apparent reason, make sure you first read your manual. If you still can not fix the problem they suggest you go to the company for help. I would suggest that you go to the web first. Many times you find things that you can fix on your sewing machine from the web and they are pretty simple.

Source by Ashley Mckinzie

Tips to Prevent Adult Acne

Acne can strike anybody even way past adolescence. Acne is no laughing matter as it can really affect your very well-being and even leads to depression if left untreated. So, don’t take it lightly or try to brush off the matter. Acne is really cruel but fear not, if you’re more attentive to your diet, habits and skincare routine, it can be contained. Over time, acne would be nothing but history. Here are some tips for you to follow to beat adult acne at its own heartless game:

Tip #1: Always use non-comedogenic skincare and makeup

Learn to read your labels and check out the ingredients of your products. If one of its top 5 ingredients are pore-clogging, discontinue use immediately; no matter how much you like that product – that is if you’re really prone to blemishes. The top 5 ingredients are usually present with the most amount in the product. However, any pore-clogging ingredients around the end of the list of ingredients are present in minute amounts, mostly negligible.

Also remember, even your hair products could actually cause acne. Do check out the ingredients in your sunscreen and just about anything that you use on your face. When you’re having a breakout, try to reduce as many products you use on your face as possible to avoid any reactions between products. Keep to a minimal and simple skincare routine.

Your acne could probably be the cause of a skin reaction/allergy to certain ingredients in your product.

Do you wear makeup when you hit the gym? Well, if you do, you’re upping your chances for clogged pores, especially when you’re doing heavy exercises and sweating alot. Therefore, when hitting the gym try to use as little makeup or best, none at all.

Tip #2: Hands-off Policy

Try not to rest your face on your hands, you may be transferring bacteria from your hands to your face unknowingly. Also, wipe the surface of your mobile after use. Sometimes, you will find that your acne is flourishing in areas that are in contact most with your hands or your mobile, or even where your hair rests. Just gotta take note of how your acne patterns are like and you can learn to break the pattern.

Do not squeeze or pick at your acne. You’re most definitely transferring more bacteria deeper down your skin. That’s very bad news as there will be more inflammation and possibly even scarring. You will find that those acne that you let alone without any squeezing always heals faster than those you’ve squeezed.

Tip #3: Don’t let sweat stick around for long

Rinse off as soon as possible after a heavy work out. Physical activity heats up the body, causing perspiration to mix with surface skin oils. Together, they trap substances in your pores. If you cannot afford a quick rinse, then towel off the sweat and change into fresh clothes as quickly as possible. Sweaty, tight-fitting clothes are even worse. They usually result in bacne or other acne on your body parts.

If possible, you should avoid wearing tight headbands or hats that rub against your skin. If you wear a helmet or any other safety gear with straps, be sure to wash the straps frequently to reduce bacteria.

Tip #4: Don’t overwash your face or use harsh scrubs

A common myth that acne is caused by bad hygiene should be booted out immediately. Acne is not caused by a dirty face. Therefore, vigorous face washing doesn’t help and instead will cause more trouble. When you overwash your face, you’re stripping off natural oils from the skin and this forces your skin to produce excessive oil and sebum which will increase your chances of clogged pores.

Instead, stick to a simple skincare routine of washing with lukewarm water with a mild cleanser that targets blemished skin, and then a light toner for blemished skin and follow up with a mild non-oil based moisturizer. Also, pat dry face instead of rubbing your face dry. You wouldn’t want to provoke those inflammations further. Gentle is the key

Skip the exfoliants and other face scrubs. Your skin is volatile and inflammed, you do not need to provoke it further. It may prolong and increase your inflammations. Just stick to a normal skincare routine and it’s suffix

Tip #5: Don’t stress out

Stress actually stimulates the over production of the hormones, cortisol, which leads to over-production of oil in your sebaceous glands. Too much sebum leads to more blemishes. Therefore, you have to try to limit stress in your life as much as possible

Try to exercise the stress away or I listen to music as often as you can. Meet up with close friends and have some kind of communication with people you are comfortable with, does wonders to reduce stress

If not, get a good massage, indulge in a bubble bath and then have a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well really helps to rejuvenate the skin and aids in skin cells turnover.

These tips sound simple but they actually do make a difference to your acne’s condition. Try to incorporate these healthy habits little by little and you will see the difference. Try to adopt these acne tips and wait for about a month or two to see results. If your acne gets worse or doesn’t show any signs of improvement, seek professional help.

Source by Chantal Terry

Helpful Tips for Flower Girls

Inviting flower girls to your wedding is a common practice to make the event more special. What is a flower girl? Typically, a flower girl is a young girl aged between four to eight who has an appropriate affiliation to the bride and groom. She could be a niece or a family friend who follows the bridesmaids with a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle. But on the day of your wedding the least you want is your girls becoming impatient and restless. So here are some useful tips to ensure that the day goes smoothly.

How to Select Your Flower Girl
Because it's important to you and your big day, you might as well make a careful choice between several possible candidates. You can not have two or even three flower girls which will make things easily out of control and avoid choosing someone who is too young because she will be confused and sometimes scared. As a general rule, it's best to have girls' ages four as above. An older girl will be more suitable for such a job as reader, or junior bridesmaid. Of course, each child is different and you had better consider their individual personality and maturity level as well.

Preparing Your Flower Girl for Her Role
One of the practical ways to make her understand better what she will do is to buy her a book that will explain clearly how to be a flower girl. In that case she will be nervous, you had better seat her parents on the aisle so that she can see them when she walks down the aisle and during the ceremony. Make sure she uses the restroom before the ceremony in case of some unimaginable accidents. Some weeks before the wedding day, you should talk to your flower girls about the events that will take place before and through the wedding day in order that she knows what she will deal with. Then she will not be nervous to make any mistakes.

What She Should Wear
Usually, a flower girl is dressed in a mini-version of the bride's dress, or a white dress with a sash that matches the bridesmaid's dresses. But it's not a set rule. You can choose any beautiful dress that matches the wedding but make sure the dress is comfortable and not too long in case she will trip down the aisle. If your flower girl does not like dresses, you can choose a formal pants outfit for her. The outfit for the children should be comfortable and the children like to wear it. You also need to make sure the children wear comfortable shoes.

Before the wedding, you might as well invite all of your children involved and their parents to attend the rehearsal. Let the children practice walking down the aisle several times so that they will feel more comfortable of their role on the big day. Ask the parents of the girls to make sure their children are well rested before the wedding. A good night's sleep the night before or even a nap during the day can help little ones get through the day and your wedding will go smoothly.

Source by Sara Agnes

All Natural Hair Growth Tips

Are you worried because you are losing your hair? Do you wish that there was something that you could do to turn back the tides of time? If so, do not fret! There are solutions available that can help you start re-growing your hair. You can always waste tons of money on expensive things that do not work, but there are better options available. You can use a few all natural hair growth remedies and be on your way to freedom.

Here are a few tips that you can use to combat this irritating condition.

  • Brush your hair gently with a soft bristle hair brush. Hard bristle brushes are too coarse and can damage you.
  • Massage flaxseed oil into the scalp for 30 minutes. Flaxseed oil is known to promote healthy hair growth by increasing circulation of blood to the scalp.
  • Avoid overusing hair care products which can permanently damage your hair. Gels & mousses can cause a greasy buildup to accumulate in your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after shampooing. Apple cider vinegar is known to reduce the buildup in your hair and kill off bacteria.
  • Refrain from using blow dryers. Blow dryers can have a detrimental effect on hair growth.
  • Apply olive oil to your head at night. Olive oil helps to reduce the production of DTH hormones which are known to cause hair loss.
  • Eating healthy is not only good for your body, but for your hair as well. Eat a high protein, low carbohydrate and a low fat diet to promote hair growth.
  • Try not to become overly stressed out. Stress can often cause significant hair loss.

Now that we have covered natural hair growth remedies, it is time to move on to yet another power player in the hair growth remedies industry. I give you the one, the only – Biotin Hair Growth!

You may not know how Biotin hair growth works, however Biotin deficiencies are one of the biggest causes of hair loss. The lack of sufficient biotin in the body can cause head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes to fall out. Biotin is a vitamin B that the body uses in the production of energy and helps your hair to grow stronger. Biotin is great because it is a way to promote hair growth without requiring surgery. You can get biotin by eating foods like eggs and beans. Biotin is also available in topical and oral form for purchase.

There are many solutions available to you for combating this problem.

Source by Harry Donovan