Open House Tips for Realtors

1. Advertise! A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 92% of buyers use the internet to house hunt. Make sure your open house dates are available through Zillow. With over 130 million visits per month, Zillow is a great place to start.

2. Invite neighbors to a appetizers or a wine and cheese party at your open house. It’s a great way to network and prospect. Socialize and have fun.

3. Everyone who visited your open house is a potential buyer so create an automated nurturing email marketing campaign to stay in touch. Make sure to also follow up within a few days so you can reconnect and help with their home buying search.

4. Be strategic with open house signage. Sandwich boards are great, but also mix it up with signage that is legible from a distance of at least 30 to 50 feet. Place directional signs to advertise in a five block radius ro reach a wider audience. Add helium filled balloons to attract attention.

5. Depersonalize the property. Remove family photos, diplomas, awards and anything else in the home before the open house. By removing personal items, the home doesn’t belong to any particular group of people and visitors can see themselves in the home.

6. Clean and organize closets and other storage spaces. Buyers will open closets, drawers and anything else with a handle. Instead of an avalanche of boxes when they open the storage closet, make sure closets are clean and organized.

7. Target local homebuyers with online advertising. You can even target potential buyers according to zip code through Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and other online resources. With Facebook, you can add photos of the property and link to a landing page where more images of the home are available, plus a contact form to learn more.

8. Advertise by drone. Yes, drone advertising. Hoovy advertises open houses by attaching banners to drones and flying them in public places for real estate agents. Hoovy flies the drones at about 60 ft from the ground to be closer to the public.

9. Staging can help sell a home. Group your colors. Try to limit colors to just three per room. Keep larger items lower. If you have an even amount, take one away. Always keep quantities to an odd number as it is more visually appealing. Mix throw pillows and to create a spa appeal, add white towels to bathrooms.

10. First impressions are important. Simple updates to the entry can make a world of difference. Add a planter. If the door is worn, a good coat of paint can make a difference. A new welcome matt will make it more inviting. Sweep, clean cobwebs and remove anything worn.

11. In one study, 30% of people reported scented products as “irritating.” Skip the air fresheners and candles. Instead, encourage your seller to shampoo carpets, open the windows and let in the fresh air, deodorize appliances and toss throw rugs in the wash.

12. Experiment with lighting before your open house. Try opening shades and curtains, turning on different sources of light.

13. Advertise in small local newspapers as not every buyer is internet savvy. Many retirees read local papers and you’ll get a lot of mileage for your investment.

14. Consider a themed open house. If the home is Mediterranean design, consider presenting tapas. If it is a Spanish style, nachos may be perfect. Give your potential buyers a unique experience to remember the home.

15. Have handouts with your contact info ready for buyers to take. Mortgage Loan Breakdown and a glossary are two great handouts. Neighborhood information like local schools, grocers, restaurants and the “walk score” are great information. And attach your business card to every handout. Have a sign in sheet for visitors and capture their name, phone number, email and any other pertinent information. Follow up a few days later.

16. Email prospective buyers and invite them to your open house. Showcase the home in the email and include a professionally branded email signature. And offer to preshow the home. Why wait? Give prospects the ability to schedule time with you to tour the home early. Add an online scheduling link so buyers can set a time without fussing with the phone, call backs and waiting. After all, in this competitive market, the home could be pending by the time the open house arrives!

Source by Cherie Wentz Blehm

3 Tips to Get a Longer and Thicker Penis

Its perfectly normal if you are not happy with the size of your penis. Trust me, there are millions of men all over the world who are not satisfied with their current penis size. Penis enlargement has come off age and now you can easily enlarge your penis without even thinking of things like surgery, pumps or weights.

3 Tips to Get a Longer and Thicker Penis

1. Begin Jelqing

This is one of the most simple and easy technique of penis enlargement that is backed with enough clinical evidence. Such exercises stimulate growth by expanding the erectile tissue. Expansion of the erectile tissue enables it to hold more blood resulting in longer and thicker erections.

There are some great penis exercise programs online that can teach you how to do jelqs properly and with the help of video illustrations. Download one and begin Jelqing. Within a few weeks your would notice an increase in the size of your penis.

2. Do Not Forget Squeezing Exercises

Most women prefer thicker penises to longer ones since a thick penis can create more friction during intercourse and increase pleasure. Squeezes are the exercises that specifically increase the girth of your penis. You can perform a squeeze by gripping the base of your penis with one hand and the head with the other and applying a little pressure with both the hands.

Again good exercise programs can provide video illustration on how to do such exercises.

3. Pop Some Natural Pills

This is important and you must not neglect it. Such pills are essentially dietary supplements and work just the way bodybuilding supplements do. They speed up growth by providing your body with all the nutrients it needs in order to make your penis grow.

Natural pills are a blend of age proven herbs and other minerals, amino acids etc., that not only increase blood flow to the penis but also boost testosterone level in your body. Both of these play a crucial role in supporting penis growth. It is worth remembering that both of these are at their peak level during puberty when major penis growth takes place.

Thus, such pills recreate conditions similar to puberty.

Other advantages of having such pills include:

  • rock hard erections
  • increased sex drive or libido
  • better staying power
  • increased semen production and
  • reduce refractory period

Top notch penis pills do not have any side effects and come with a lot of free bonuses. Some of them come with free access to a good penis exercise program as well.

So, If You Want to Get a Longer and Thicker Penis, Check out the Best Penis Enhancement System that has been dubbed as the Best Male Enhancement Product in More than 7 Years!

Source by Tim Bryant

Marriage Advice – 5 Tips For a Happy Marriage

Marriage advice is easy and cheap, is not it? Just about anyone looks happy to issue marriage guidance. Yet statistics show that there are more unhappy marriages today than ever before. Kinda strange, do not you think? Unless you're on the inside looking out of a long term relationship. And then you know just how hard it is to see the big picture clearly.

Having been stuck inside an unhappy marriage for a long time, and then having the luck or good fortune to be helped to see reality, I hope these hard-earned tips can rejuvenate your marriage too.

Marriage Advice Tip 1 Communicate! That means listen. And talk. In that order. A marriage is nothing without communication. Communication means switching the TV off and sitting down and talking over your day. It means taking time out just to discuss things, events, feelings, news. And letting your partner know in a direct way when there is a problem. A marriage is enhanced by good direct communication.

Marriage Advice Tip 2 Be honest with yourself. You can admit when things are wrong. In a marriage it can be very easy to let yourself turn a blind eye to things and make believe that everything will be okay. Not likely. If it's bugging you, you need to acknowledge that fact and then either let it go, or do something to change it. Problems in interviews are like snowballs rolling down a hill – it's easier to stop them early.

Marriage Advice Tip 3 Do you know the difference between falling in love and maintaining a loving relationship? Not knowing that distinction is the cause of more troubled marriages than you'd imagine. Falling in love can be like drunk – it distorts you view of reality. The subject of your love can do no wrong and all different areas of your brain are impaired due to your preoccupation with them. And like toxication, this state rarely lasts for very long. Reality comes back daily, and you need to work together to maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Marriage Advice Tip 4 You get what you give – that's a fact, although the time scale might make it appear to be something less than a fule. But if you do everything you can to make your partner happy, the chances are they will try to make you happy. The more effort you put into making your partner understand how much they mean to you, the more likely they'll do the same for you.

Marriage Advice Tip 5 This is a biggie. Mending a relationship does not mean mending your partner. The only person you can change is yourself. Remember that that and you could save yourself a lifetime of futility and frustration. The fact is, you're both in this marriage, and so any issues or situations always include both of you. So any fixing has to be a team effort.

This marriage advice may sound simple. And it is. But for anyone caught up in the turmoil of an unhappy realtionship, it can seem impossible. The earlier you apply the principles, the better equipped you both will be to ensure a good marriage can weather the tough times. The links below lead to more great marriage guidance and advice.

Source by Glen Novita

How to Make a Girl Orgasm – Essential Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

I have a big problem with this article title.

Yes, the article that I wrote. The title "How to Make a Girl Orgasm".

I hate it. Want to know why?

Because you absolutely, positively, 100% can not MAKE a girl orgasm.

BUT – you CAN help her achieve orgasm.

As a consultant (of sorts) to many guys who are frustrated with their sex life – specifically, the lack of orgasms their girl has – there is usually one incorrect belief I have to "nip in the bud" before we can deal with any REAL issues.

Sex is a two-way street. It requires effort on behalf of both parties to achieve a desired result. Here, it is not your job to give her an orgasm nor her job to have one – it is a result obtained by both of you working together in harmony.

I'm not going to give you the tips in this article I usually do such positions, mindset gifts, techniques and so on. If you're looking for that, visit my website or blog.

What I'm going to talk about in this article is steps you can take to ensure that your girl does not have anything going on that would stop her from achieving orgasm.

Possible Problem # 1: She's Trying too Hard

Have you ever tried to grab wet soap, or something of a similar, slippery nature? Did you notice how the harder you squeezed it, the further away it flew?

Achieving orgasm is like that. If you focus on it, you're not going to get it. Instead, you have to just allow it to happen.

If your girl is unfortunately trying to have an orgasm, there's a good chance that's your problem right there. You need to tell her to relax, loosen up, and just enjoy the sexual experience – if she has an orgasm great, if not, who cares?

Do not pressure her or make her feel like you need her to have an orgasm. Tell her it does not matter to you – and mean it. And you know what? You've just doubled your chances of her actually having one.

Funny how things work sometimes, is not it?

Possible Problem # 2: She Will not Let Go

As you're no doubt aware, having an orgasm is a very powerful experience.

Imagine what the best orgasm you've ever had is – and multiply it by ten.

That's a girl's orgasm. It's much better for them than it is for us.

Because it's a more powerful sensation, it can be scary. Let's face it, when we have sex, we do not care about anything but the sex. Girls are constantly worrying and obsessing about how their hair is, how their makeup is, if they look fat, and so on. This means that sometimes letting go and having an orgasm is a frightening prospect for them. When you orgasm, you can not control things sometimes. You might make weird sounds, shudder uncontrollable, make funny faces or whatever.

Reassure her. Tell her that she's sexy and that she makes you really want her. Let her know you really enjoy it when she cuts loose and lets go. Hopefully she'll get the message and let you do your thing – and herself do her thing as well.

Possible Problem # 3: She Hinks Sex is Wrong

Society has brought many girls up to believe that if they are promiscuous, or enjoy sex, that they are somehow "dirty" or "immoral".

As I'm sure you're aware, nothing could be further from the truth. Good sex is an essential part of any relationship, and enjoyment of the act is crucial.

There is no easy fix to this, but you have to talk to her, and show her that you do not respect her any less because she enjoys sexual activities. I find the best way to do this is positive reinforcement – tell her you love it when she wants to try new things, suggest new positions, introduce some toys into the bedroom, whatever. Try and get her to let go of her strict beliefs and to allow herself to feel pleasure again.

Source by Daniel Scott

Tips To Creating Your Own Marketing Strategy

Developing and creating marketing strategy is an essential for any types and forms of business. If you do not have one, it is a must that you create one, your efforts, time and money are likely to be inefficient and useless.

You should create your strategy which focuses on making sure that your products and services meet what the customers want and needs. This is important in order to develop a long-term and profitable relationship with your customers.

The main goal of a marketing strategy is to identify and to communicate with what benefits of your business could offer to your target market. Quite genius!

In order to achieve those goals you have set in your mind, you will need to create a smart strategy which can respond to customers’ perceptions and demands.

Tips below could help you define your key objectives and goals in reaching your customers, on the other hand, this could help you identify which customers you should focus on. Smart list for smart and effective action.

  • Identify your Key Elements. The acknowledgment that your existing customers will fall into particular groups or segments is one of the key elements for a successful marketing strategy. Characterize them by their “needs” and “perspective”. Market research could help you identify these groups and especially their needs, address them in a more fruitful way than your competitors, this should be the center of interest of your strategy.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses. Your strategy takes account of how your business’ pros and cons will affect your marketing. A genuine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis could be a great start, to begin with. This one is a substantial idea to conduct market research on your existing customers, it will also help you to build a more genuine portrait of your reputation.
  • Developing your Marketing Strategy. Understanding your business’ pros and cons and the other external variables to consider, you could develop your strategy that engages to your own strengths, match them to the transpiring opportunities. These questions below could possibly help you develop your marketing strategy:
  1. What changes are taking place in the business’ environment?
  2. Are these opportunities or threats?
  3. What do I want to achieve?
  4. What are the customers’ demands and needs?
  5. How do I target the right potential customers?
  6. Which are the best way to connect with my customers?
  7. Is there something missing with my customer service? Do I need to improve it?
  8. If I change my products and services, could it be possible that it will be more profitable?
  9. How do I price my products?
  10. Which is the best way to promote my products?
  11. When can I finally conclude that my marketing is effective?
  • Tips and Drawbacks. Think about how you can get the most out of your existing customers before looking at new markets. It’s more economical and swift than finding new customers. Take time to think and consider, could it be possible to sell more to your existing customers? You could always search for ways of improving the possession of customers. Your marketing strategy document should:
  1. Examine the different needs of different groups of customers
  2. Focus on a market niche where you can grew rapidly
  3. Goal to put most of your efforts into the 20 percent of customers who provide 80 percent of profits

Avoid these:

  1. Makes assumptions about what customers want.
  2. Ignores the competition.
  3. Trying to compete on price alone.
  4. Relies on too few customers.
  5. Trying to grow too quickly.
  6. Becoming complacent about what you offer and failing to innovate.

Source by Chen Wang

A Guide on How to Perform Amazing Cunilingus – 3 Tips to Make You a Master of Oral Pleasure

Cunilingus is one of my favorite sexual moves for several reasons. Firstly, not many guys do it, and those that do are usually terrible at it. This gives me an advantage over any other guys out there, and makes sure that I stick in her mind for a while – putting me fairly high on any girl’s “black book” pretty much straight away.

Secondly, if you know what you’re doing, cunalingus is one of the easiest, most powerful ways to get a woman off that you could ever devise. Unfortunately, many men find cunilingus a foreign and strange animal, so to help them out I’ve written this guide in the hopes that it will allow them to give a woman amazing oral sex. So then, what exactly are the hot tips to giving a girl amazing cunilingus that will have her screaming for more every single time?

1. Be Gentle

You don’t want to know how many horror stories I’ve heard from girls who have had a gentleman try to perform cunilingus on her, only to treat the act like he’s a dog trying to lick the ketchup off a hot dog.

Guys, please, treat this act as it was intended – a slow, sensual rollercoaster ride of wonder. Remember that everything down there is quite sensitive, so there’s no need to apply extra pressure unless she asks you to. In fact, she’ll feel pretty much everything – some girls have said that they quite enjoy the subtle touches, such as a partner tracing the alphabet on her clitoris, for example. Ultimately, remember that small actions can create big differences, so be sure to treat the act appropriately.

2. Find It and Use It

Most guys who are unable to help their girlfriend achieve orgasm are making one very serious mistake – they are ignoring (or, at the very least, not paying enough attention to) the clitoris.

Don’t get me wrong here. No one’s asking you to focus all your attention on it, but please, make sure you give it a generous dose of lovin’. More importantly, when things get really hot and heavy (as in she’s getting close to climax), make sure you focus a lot of stimulation on the clitoris, as rhythmic clitoral stimulation is what is really going to get her off at the end of the day.

3. Try and Secure a Clean Workspace

If you’re not into it, she’ll know. And nothing can be a bigger deterrent for you than a vagina that is hairy and smells strongly.

Of course, bringing this kind of thing up can be very difficult, so try to ensure you are as tactful as possible about it. A good way to get around this is to suggest you both take a shower together as a form of foreplay, which will allow you to have ample opportunities of washing out her vagina under the pretense of heavy foreplay. And if you want her to trim down the hair, or shave it altogether, just ask her – though you might want to try mentioning that it will make things far more pleasurable and sensual for both of you.

If you can apply these useful tips, I promise you your experiences with cunilingus will henceforth be far more positive, and you will enjoy the act a lot more. And as a direct result of this, she will enjoy the act a lot more – and then her experiences with cunilingus will be truly awesome.

Source by Daniel Scott

Baking With Yeast: 12 Tips for Beginners

My mother was an excellent baker. She made cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes, and biscuits from scratch. But she never baked with yeast. "I do not use it because it's scary," she explained. Since my mother did not use it, I did not either, until I had been married for about 10 years. Although I expected to run into trouble, I did not, and my first attempt at bread baking was successful.

Just a few tips can make your efforts successful, too. You may want to start with something easy, like cinnamon rolls.

Before you start, keep in mind that yeast comes from the air and is alive. It's a member of the fungus family. According to an article on the Joy of Baking website, the word yeast comes from the Sanskrit word "yas," which means to seethe or boil.

King Arthur flour has posted a "Yeast Bread Primer" on its website. The primer is a bit long because it covers every baking step and includes recipes. As the primer explains, bread has only five ingredients: water, yeast, sugar, flour, and salt. The primer tells how to avoid two hurdles – proofing (activating) and adding water.

Warm water and sugar are added to yeast to wake up the mold. You may use tap water and, to make sure it's the right temperature, put some on your wrist. The water should feel warm, but not hot. After a few minutes, the yeah should start to bubble. If it does not bubble your water was too hot or the waist was too old.

Pillsbury has posted baking tips on its website, "Secrets for Baking with Yeast." What are some of the secrets? Checking the expiration date is one of them. An old package will not rise as high or may not rise at all. The article also gives measurement substitutions. One packet of dry yeast equals two and a half teaspoons of bulk yeast or one-third of a cake.

After years of baking, these are the tips I follow

1. Experiment with yeast and find the type you like best. I prefer the dry.

2. Use pre-sifted flour for a light product.

3. Do not scoop the flour from the bag or canister because this compresses it. Instead, spoon the flour into the measuring cup.

4. Measure carefully and level off the flour with your finger or a knife.

5. Humidity affects flour, so do not add all of it right away. Add some of the flour and see how wet or dry the dough becomes.

6. Knead the dough properly. I gather the dough into a ball and knead it with the palms of my hands, pushing it forward and turning it.

7. Check the consistency of the dough, which should be elastic, not sticky.

8. Butter the bowl or coat with baking spray before you put the dough in to rise.

9. Let the dough rise in a warm place, or your oven. I pre-heat the oven to about 85 degrees, turn off the heat, and turn on the light. The warm bulb is just right for rising.

10. If a recipe calls for steam, I put a pan of ice cubes on the bottom rack of the oven.

11. Slash the dough with a sharp knife (sometimes I use kitchen shears), so the steam can escape.

12. Coat the top of the dough with egg wash, or cream, or cooking spray before baking. Enjoy your culinary masterpiece!

Copyright 2011 by Harriet Hodgson

Source by Harriet Hodgson

How To Impress A Girl – In 5 Simple Steps

So how to really impress a girl? Seems like a tough question isn’t it? Well the true art of impressing girls lies in the simple fact that they are not impressed by anything which seems fake or unoriginal. Most guys tend to act or be like someone else just in order to impress girls but never succeed with it. The key here is to be an original as possible in order to impress your girl. Read on to find out some of the best tips on how to impress a girl and achieve desired results.

Don’t try to impress- Yes here it is the very big secret in front of you! The best way to impress a girl is not to impress her. Now you might be wondering how does this really work. Well when most guys try to impress girls they tend to become more unauthentic and try to show off with almost anything and everything. Girls are not impressed by such tactics and would end up putting you in the “Show off” category. The best way to impress a girl is to be yourself and let things happen automatically.

Natural talent works- If you thought that girls are impressed by money and material things all the time than you are highly mistaken. If girls are impressed by your money than they are probably looking for money and not you. The best way to impress a girl and retain your status is by the way of natural talents which involve the way you talk and present yourself. You need girls to respect you for what you are and not what you possess.

What do you have? – No girl would be impressed by you unless you have something which is different from the rest. Girls normally get hit on by several men everyday and almost all those men try to impress them with all they’ve got. If you are doing and following the same tactics as all those men than you would never succeed in your quest to impress girls. Show your true self while trying to impress a girl and try to be your best self. Don’t talk to her with the quest to impress rather try to do what you normally do. One of the best aspects which almost every girl demands and gets impressed by is intellectuality. Try to develop your intellectual skills. This can be done by the way to reading books and being up to date with the latest happenings. Remember being a good talker is the foundation of impressing almost any girl.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

Christian Sex Tips – 7 Tips For Better Sex!

Christian sex is a very important element to a Christian marriage. Here are 7 very important tips to experience amazing Christian sex each and every time!

  • Do it often!

Many Christian couples seem to refrain from engaging in intimacy often. The opposite approach should be taken! Engage in intimacy as often as possible as it is a celebration of the union between the two of you and should be a regular activity in your relationship.

  • Surprise.

Christian sex surprise is a highly erotic and exciting way to practice intimacy. Showing up in lingerie for your husband or buying your wife sexy lingerie are both surprise tactics to increase intimacy.

  • Sex Toys.

Sex toys are not banned from Christian intimacy. You just have to use common sense and choose something which is safe and enjoyable. A great intro into sex toys is simply using erotic oils or lubes for added pleasures.

  • Safety.

Your sex will be a sound, enjoyable Christian experience knowing that you are implementing safety. Safety in sex acts is an important aspect to maintain when engaging in intimacy.

  • Mutual Agreement with Sex Positions.

If there are certain positions which are uncomfortable or undesirable, then find alternative sex positions to engage in. This ensures an enjoyable and exciting experience for both.

  • Learn the rules!

If there are any questions regarding Christian rules that are bothering you or your partner, consult a Christian intimacy guide and discuss it together whether you want to allow certain positions or acts into your intimacy.

  • Oral sex.

Oral sex can be an incredibly exciting experience for both and a great way to spice things up tremendously. If there are any questions regarding the allowable nature of oral, research the differing views and come to a conclusion together.

  • Get a Christian Intimacy Guide!

These are absolutely great in providing tips and specific techniques for better sex. Plus they will answer all your questions regarding which positions or sex acts are allowable within Christian practice.

Source by Chess McDoogle

10 Tips On How To Sell Your Product

It’s not just about the product you know.

I realised maybe there was going to be a problem with my ability to run a decent business when I found that I was buying more products than I was selling! So I vowed to not buy the next product that I saw advertised, and stop to analyse why I wanted to buy it instead.

I used to think a good product sells itself. Well, it doesn’t. Others have sold the same products I tried selling with far greater success.

Here’s what I’ve learnt.

1. It’s all about marketing. Would you buy glue that doesn’t stick very well? What if you put the same product on the back of little pieces of paper and call them post-its? What about an anti-bacterial solution that isn’t strong enough to kill germs on furniture surfaces? No? What if the seller changed it to an antiseptic mouthwash that cures bad breath and called it Listerine?

2. Target your audience! You may win some new converts by trying to get as many people to see your products as possible. But if you have a limited budget, it helps to try to market to those who are already looking for your kind of product. Notice most ads have very positive, hyped up words that target hopes, dreams, greed etc? You are selling a want, not a need. You have to turn the want into a need.

3. Give a call to action. Do not let them just read the advertisement and move on.

4. Give a free gift, or bonus.

5. Notice most ads have very positive, hyped up words that target hopes, dreams, greed etc? You are selling a want, not a need. You have to turn the want into a need. Can’t expect to sell millions of products by saying please buy, you don’t really need it but have pity on me, I have 12 kids to feed. Please, please please. Help me.

6. Learn to face rejection. I hate this part. I’d really rather not even try. But then, I’d have failed before I’ve even started. Oh, and learn why you got the rejection and how you can change that into a yes, rather than blame the grumpy lady who told you off.

7. Articles are to entertain first, not to provide information. You have to write what the customers want to read, not what you want to write. They can find information very easily these days.

8. Sell yourself. It’s all about you. The seller. You make the product look good and convince people why they need it too. Your reputation is at stake as well. I always thought a model’s job was to look good. It isn’t. I learnt it from America’s Top Model. The model’s job is to make the product look good.

9. It’s all about building up a relationship. Robert Kiyosaki uses himself to teach his lessons and sell his products. People buy Rich Dad Poor Dad because of him. He always said he was a best-selling author. Not a best-writing author!

10. Keep bugging them. Get an email contact or something. Send regular updates. Eventually they will buy something. Don’t spam though. Turns people off. And if emails keep bouncing, it may be an abandoned account. Don’t waste your time.

Source by Karen Cheong