4 Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding

We all know that vinyl siding is a great choice for one's home due to its low maintenance and longevity. But that does not mean that it is totally without basic maintenance needs or steps to be taken to see that it looks its best. Some of the common issues one might deal with are cracking, puncturing or possibly pulling away from the house.

Thankfully, these proactive measures do not take a great deal of skill or a toolbox full of special tools.

Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding

1. Be sure to keep any shrubbery around the home trimmed back so that the branches can not poke or scratch the siding. Failing to do this will result in the coating on the siding being scratched, nicked or punctured thus making the siding impossible or mildew and mold.

2. No matter what type of siding you have on your home. It is important to take time to clean it, at least once a year. With vinyl, you can do this by using a soft scrub brush, soapy water, and a water hose for rinsing. Yes, you can use a power washer but be sure to keep it at the lowest setting and take care not to use excessive force.

3. In the event that you do discover dents, punctures or scratching, replace the piece as soon as possible. Be sure in doing this, that you use a siding removal tool so you can avoid damaging the surrounding pieces of siding.

4. Make time to clean your gutters- especially during the spring and fall or after a heavy storm as this will help keep the siding clean and prevent risk of damage to the siding.

It is also worth noting that while most people opt to have vinyl siding in a color they like, it you purchase a home with siding in a color you do not like, it can be painted. It will take two coats of 100% latex paint and the paint will need to be re-applied every two years in order to always look great.

Maintaining your vinyl siding is not a full-time job, but it does need the occasional repairs or cleaning. Do not just assume that your home's siding is a one and done aspect of ownership. Take time through the year to ensure that your siding will last as long (if not longer) than you were promised at installation. If you are new to vinyl, then be sure to talk to a local siding company and find out what they recommend for your particular type and style of home siding.

Source by Janet Slagell

How to Debate – Tips and Tricks

"Ignorance is no argument" – Baruch Spinoza

The first round of the QDU took place last week, and I am involved in a team (fortunately we won). Seeing that this is a world wide activity I felt that I should write some basic tips for debating, as I realize how hard it is when I first started. I have been debating for 5 years and hopefully I can pas my experience on to others.

I'm not sure if different countries have different types of debts, but Australia has a system where there are 3 people on each side who take it in turns to argu a point.

(1) – You are always right – no matter what you really believe, if you want to win then you have to know that what ever you say is correct and your opposition is always wrong.

(2) – Strong central argument – after you make each point link it back to your teams case. This makes the whole team look more prepared and gets big marks.

(3) – Rebut – if they have an incorrect fact, rebut it. If they do not link back to their teams case, rebut it. If they give an example that has no relevance, rebut it. Remember, the opposition is always wrong.

(4) – If you need more time, summerize – a good summery not only gets good points, it also increases your time. If you go under time you lost points and the same events if you go over. Try to find a balance.

(5) – Never insult the opposition – no matter how much you want to, do not! If you want to upset something, do it to their argument. Do not use personal attacks if you want to win.

(6) – Have passion – believe in what you are saying and you probably will win. Speak from the heart, but also use logic and academic research.

This is not so much a guide but just some helpful tips, so that you can earn maximum points. If you still have some query's, then post a comment below.

Source by Russ Egan

5 Foreplay Tips for Women

Foreplay is an important part of sex for both men and women. However both sexes approach sex quite differently and it is certainly true that foreplay is generally more important for women than men. In saying that, here are five tips that will help improve your foreplay and give you a wonderful sexual experience:

  1. Start the foreplay outside of the bedroom. For women, far more than men, sex starts in the mind and emotions. So find opportunities to 'get sexy' long before you hit the bed. This can be watching an erotic movie together, texting 'dirty', changing naughty emails and of course, when you are together, lots of touching and flirting. One fun idea is to go out for dinner to a nice restaurant and playfully touch each other under the table. You might be amazed what great fun this can be.
  2. Communicate your wishes and needs. Men are not mind readers and women can be harder to read than men. So tell him what you like (and do not like). Communication does not need to be just verbal though. Guide him to your pleasure spots. Slow him down or speed him up according to what gives you the greatest pleasure.
  3. Get your man to warm you up first. Men often do not realize that it takes women longer to get aroused. Explain this to your partner. Also let him know that it will definitely be worth his while to get you fully turned on!
  4. Warm him up with oral. If you're in the mood for sex but your man is not, warm him up with a great blow job! This may seem counter intuitive to you, but going straight for the jewels should get him 'up' and awake. Do not go all the way though – just enough to start him wanting to put his attention on YOU.
  5. Let him know that for you the foreplay can be the main event. For men the orgasm is the 'goal' of sex (it's all in the biological wiring). Although it's obviously important for women too, it's not essential to have satisfying sex. Let your man know this, and make him aware that the focus on the foreplay is actually more important. The irony is that once the pressure is off you to have an orgasm it becomes more likely that you will.

Foreplay for women has as the most important elements communication, time and relaxation. These foreplay tips should help you and your partner have more satisfying sex together.

Source by Michael J Andrews

Golden Tips for Your Teen's Safe Online / Offline Activities

You've to install a powerful parental app that could easily control your teen's device including access and usage of online / offline websites, apps, and games. That's the bottom line.

With the ever increasing technology, hi-fi techs, 3d games, and online access is now so easy to kids, teens, and youngsters that the need of Monitoring and Tracking is a must for almost every parent out there. Many threats could hinder your teen's way,

Online and Offline Dangers for Kids

1. Inappropriate content online

2. Adult sites

3. Banned commercials and sites

4. Immoral and unethical things on the internet

5. Suicidal games and terrorist threats online

& Bullying, scams, Fraud and much other hazardous issues that could mislead, misguide and harm your kids and teens.

Smart Kids-how to monitor them?

It is a matter of grave danger that due to the generation gap; parents are sometimes unable to really have clarity in understanding what's going on with their teens and kids. They can not beat the technology and the cell phones and tablets these kids have- So, if a parent would want to check his or her kid, the smart kid can easily minimize the harmful website or close the app in the blink of a second . THEREFORE, the need for an app which can control your kid's phone through your device is essential and vital for every parent to have.

There are many such apps in the market. We will discuss them one by one, their pros and cons.

Best parental Control Apps in the market


My top of the list is familyTime. I'd give it a 5 star as it has all the required features to monitor your kids. It has geo-fence to keep track of your kid's location, daily screen time limit, family map, family pause and funtime and timebank features. You can control your kid's device with a single tap.


This app has fewer advantages as compared to other apps. Too many bugs and lesser features make it an app to PASS. I would give it a 3 star.


Nortron is the oldest parental control app in the market. It is a good app with many nice features. However, some new apps have replaced it with new features and much more customized parental control app.

Parental-dash board on a parent's device

It is like your control room. A web-based dashboard will be loaded once you install the app. You can control your kid's app usage, see the location, restrict his timings, set screen time limit, daily time limit and have a sound sleep knowing that your teens are safe and happy.

Source by Kashif Ali

Sensual Massage Tips – Tips for Intimate Massage

Partners in discomfort must rub each other the right way. Intimacy should not be a timed event. An idea approach to enhanced foreplay is through erotically sensitive massage to heighten and arouse the erotic senses for a tour de force in a sexual encounter. The primary aspect, among many sensual massage tips, is to realize and comprehend that such an arousing and intimate experience is to be languorous, lengthy and erotic in nature. An expansive amount of intimate contact and nudity is inclusive of such a level of eroticism.

Preparation, including the initial sensual massage tips, incorporates a few accessories to accommodate the erotically massage. Enhance and supply the setting for where inconvenience will take place with the following items, as appealing scented candles, incense of a conclusive fragrance, CD player, CDs of a romantic variety, clean towels, a clean flat sheet and massage oil of a variety that suits both partners.

Sensual massage tips , in regards to setting the mood and tone, should be adequately arranged. The first tips, among others, are to lock the door, close the blinds or curtains, and turn off cellular phones, phones and pagers, all, in order to provide an uninterrupted environment. Secondly, within these initial tips, is to prepare the surface, be it a bed, sofa, or actual massage table, for the massage, by providing rolled towels for the purposes of neck and knee rests.

Another option, in this same vein, is to implement extra pillows, slipped into clean cases that will laundry easily.

For the third tip, amid such preparations, is to spread the clean flat sheet over the massage surface, again, whether it is a bed, sofa or massage table, in order to guard against stains from the massage oil. In the progress of this type of massage tips, flood the room with sensually enhanced lighting. Eliminate the use of glaring lights. Use sheet fabrics to drape over accent or floor lamps to set a passionate mood. Place and light the candles. Set out and light the incense.

Should one not wish to incorporate incense into the scene, a room freshening spray is an acceptable alternative. Conveniently set out cool water for purposes of hydration. Within handy reach, also set out the massage oil, along with a couple of extra towels for wiping. Prepare and set up the CD player, with the CDs ready to play. Lastly, among these preparations in this sequence of this type of massage tips, both partners should shower; shave, as appropriate, and trim nails.

For the following sensual massage tips is to begin with each partner communicating, intimately and passionately, about the erotic connotation of this type of massage. As a prequel in massage tips to the actual concentration of the massage, being by kissing, touching each other's face, and gazing into each other's eyes, all, in order to establish the connecting process. Proceed then to climbing atop the surface on where the sensually erotic massage will occur. At this point, the rolled towels and pillows should be arranged to comfortably accommodate each partner.

Amid the preliminary sensual massage tips is to engage in gently and softly stroking one another bodies, or, with one partner stroking the other body, with only the fingertips. Begin at the back, then slowly progress up to the shoulders, and on down along the arms, then to the buttocks, further down to the thighs, and, eventually, all the way to the calves. Lightness of stroke is the key in this beginning phase of the massage.

Now it is at the point that the sensual massage tips incorporate the usage of the selected massage oil. A partner, or both partners, if it's a mutual massage, will pour approximately two tablespoons of the oil into the palm of a hand, and then rub both hands together, in order to even distribute the oil, as well as to warm it, for the purpose of massaging. Again, begin at the back, using long and deep stroking.

At this point, it is necessary for the partner or partners involved to inquire of each other as to the intensity of strokes, to determine if such stroking is too hard or too soft. It is important to keep the hands in contact with the other partner at all times through this stroking process. Among enhanced this type of massage tips calculate your time amid each and every stroke, and develop a sensitive and rhythmic manner. Vary the stroking, from glidingly long strokes to deep and short strokes.

Source by Dr John Anne

Tips For Best Table Shuffleboard Skills

If you have ever played table shuffleboard, you have probably realized how fun it can be. Many bars and restaurants or family fun centers have table shuffleboard and there are games that up to eight players can play. While typically, two or four players might play most of the time, there are all kinds of variations on the game, making it a popular tournament game, played individually and as teams.

There are a few tips for table shuffleboard skills that include three main objectives you can use to win the game. Well placed weights, attacking your opponent’s highest scoring weights and blocking your own weights are tactics that the most successful players have learned to master. Of course, getting your weights the furthest down the table is the main objective.

You get the most points for the weights that make it to the overhanging four point position and if your opponent knocks it off, it still gets repositioned as long as it comes to rest in that scoring position. On cushion shuffleboard tables, learning how to use corners can protect your weights, especially when they have made it into the highest scoring zone.

Attacking your opponent’s weights that are in the highest scoring zones can be a tactic that you have to practice. You can prevent them from scoring if you learn how to knock them off without knocking them into higher scoring zones. Once you have mastered table shuffleboard, you will also know that your opponent will be trying to attack your weights so you need to block your highest scoring weights to protect them. You want to practice placing your next weight behind your leading weight so that it is protected from your opponent touching it. Be careful that they aren’t too close together or they can both get knocked off.

Another technique that can improve your table shuffleboard skills is learning to play with both hands because sometimes, you will have a better chance on one side of the table versus the other. Some people will shoot straight from the center of the board but many players learn how to side-wheel on Longboard shuffleboard models. To do this, your third and fourth fingers of your shooting hand act as a guide and balance on the side edge of the playing surface, which gives you better accuracy. Some players will use the thumb and forefinger to use an English backspin, which can increase your chances of the weight staying on the board because it puts a braking action on the weight.

There are table shuffleboard skills and tactics you can use whether you shoot first or shoot last. When shooting first, the best tactic is to shoot your first weight down the rail, as far as you can and then if that one remains safe, place your next one down the opposite rail so it will split your opponent’s counter-attack. Think about bowling pins when you are placing your weights in position. The center ones are the easiest ones to hit.

When you are shooting last, the hammer shots should aim at hitting your opponent’s weights every time they are placed, while keeping yours on the board in scoring positions. When you are playing table shuffleboard, some of the best table shuffleboard skills and tactics involve offensive tips as well as defensive moves.

Source by Harry W Walters

5 Tips How To Win The Lottery

We have 5 tips on how to win the lottery. We know you’ll be interested – everybody dreams of winning the lottery one day. The lottery brings out some kind of instinct in people; it allows ordinary people to become rich simply over-night. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often, but the lottery is one thing that makes these kinds of special events possible.

Good, helpful tips on how to win the lottery are always hard to find, especially for free. This is because most people simply want to cash in on their secrets, although to be honest I don’t quite understand how people can pay for lottery winning tips. Surely if someone knows the secret to winning the lottery, they aren’t going to give away their secret for a few dollars? We know we would much rather win the lottery using our own knowledge than share the secrets.

Here are some of the best tips for people actually interested in winning the lottery. These pieces of advice work because they have intelligent reasoning (as often people’s thoughts and judgement gets clouded when the excitement of the lottery hits them), and because they have facts to back them up

  • Don’t go looking for lottery ‘tip’ services. The lottery is a draw of randomly generated numbers, these numbers are always random so no ‘tip’ service will help you to win the lottery.
  • Don’t pick numbers that have some kind of meaning to you, such as birthday dates. Most lotteries go from numbers 1 – 46, how many uncles do you have that were born on the 46th day of the month? Think logically when choosing your lottery numbers.
  • Don’t pick lottery numbers that have won previously. This is a bad idea, the lottery is random and the same numbers aren’t simply going to come up again and again, as the draws are random.
  • If you want to choose your lottery numbers properly, try and get a program that randomly generates numbers 1 through to 46 (or whatever numbers are in your lottery draw). Or you could simply write all the numbers down on small pieces of paper (of equal sizes) and put them into a hat. By drawing them out at random you are imitating the lottery draw system – that the numbers are drawn at random.
  • Join a lottery syndicate. A syndicate is basically a group of people who club together to purchase lottery tickets, and then share any of their winnings. 1 in 4 lottery wins are won by a syndicate, and you have a far greater chance of winning a life-saving amount of money on the lottery than by simply playing on your own.
  • Be sure to follow all of these notes on how to win the lottery, but also be sure to remember that it is a completely random draw. Try and choose numbers at random, and be sure to join a syndicate if you can find one to join.

    Source by Harold Tutt

    Tips – How to Find a Husband

    It can be frustrating when you are ready to settle down but have not found the right man yet. One of the keys to finding a great guy is to get out there and start interacting with new people. Here are some tips on how to find a husband and some ideas for where you can start looking for Mr. Right.

    Chances are that your future husband is not going to just stumble into your house or apartment, so one of the most important things you can do when you are trying to meet someone is to get out of your house and start participating in activities. If a friend invites you to a party by all means go with them. Feel like kicking back and reading a good book? Take it to the park or the local coffee shop to read. Throw a party or have a barbecue and ask everyone you invite to bring a friend or two. You never know who you may meet when you are out doing things so try to be as active as possible.

    Also consider heading to events where you know there will be a lot of men. For instance, you'd stand a better chance of running into a lot of new guys at a baseball game than at a figure skating contest.

    Another thing that is really important when you are looking for a husband is to keep an open mind. A lot of times we get stuck in a rut only dating people what we feel fit the mold we have created in our minds for what our husband should be like. Often times there are some really great guys out there who might not quite fit your mental mold of the perfect man. Be sure to give these guys a shot, too, since you never know what you might discover about someone or who you might really click with on a date.

    If you do see someone who catches your eye, introduce yourself, smile and make eye contact to let them know you are interested. Guys are just as afraid of rejection as women are, so be sure to make yourself approachable and to let him know that you will not shoot him down if he tries to talk with you.

    Source by Kathy Northland

    Tips To Organize Living With Multiple Pets

    A family with a lot of furry members is really a heavenly abode with lots of enjoyment every day. However, with it comes – greater responsibilities, as the pet family requires a lot of care and efforts to keep them all fit and fine, maintaining their overall wellbeing. Whether you have to take care of two kitties or a pack of four dogs or a whole farm, you need to take care of each vital thing ranging from food, preventive medicines, and litter boxes to beds and toys.

    Here are a few tips that fully aid you in organizing your day to day activities for taking care of multiple pets. Following the tips, you can definitely have time for yourself along with having a quality playtime with your furry pal.

    Arrange for Multiple Beds

    Having multiple pets in your home means a special place to provide all for a nap. Get beds for each and every pet in your home. Multiple bed will discourage pets from laying or bouncing on sofas.

    Protect Furniture

    It is crucial to cover your furniture. Tiny dog ​​or cat hairs are more likely to get easily stick to the furniture. Cover them with fleece blankets and throws on tables, chairs and couches to keep pet hair to minimum. Additionally, when it comes to your car, it's good to cover the seat in order to keep that mud away in case your dog must have bought it from the dog park.

    Keep Food in Air-Sealed Containers

    Different pets mean different requirements of various kinds of foods. To easily recognize the food, it is better to label the plastic bins for different food types. Ensure to store them in a pantry or in a kitchen counter shelf. Keep it away from damp place and check that it is not accessible to your furry pal or either to your children. Ensure that you keep the feeding place well organized and mess free. To avoid fights among your pets, maintain a feeding schedule.

    Separate Feeding Locations

    You are wrong if you are thinking that there is no need for separate feeding locations for your multiple pets. It is to avoid food hostility as dogs and cats are quite territorial so try to feed pets in different rooms. Some pets may go along well, but if it seems there is some tension, then it is better feed them at separate places. This helps to avoid unwanted accidents.

    Keep A Folder for Pet Records

    Do not mess your pets' medical records. Organize different pets' health records including vet visits, adoption papers, vaccination cards, microchip registration, licenses and pet insurance policies in different folders for various pets. It would be quite helpful in case of any emergency.

    Provide Litter Box for Each Cat

    Cats are inclined too much towards cleanliness. They are too picky about clean litter boxes. Provide each of your cat a separate litter box, which they are sure to appreciate. If you want them all to use litter box, then it is better to provide them each a separate one.

    Stock Up First Aid Kit

    Always have your pet's first aid kit in handy. With so many pets in the house, there can be accidents at some times. Providing them first aid will greatly cut on the vet bills. The important things that your pet's first aid box should include are Gauze of various sizes; scissors; first-aid tape; wound disinfectant; antibiotic ointment; eye wash solution; hydrogen peroxide; cotton balls or swabs; cortisone spray or cream; thermometer.

    Parasitic Preventive Treatments

    A home with multiple pets means that there is a huge probability of spreading disease due to fleas, ticks or worms from one animal to another. Missing treatment of flea and tick infestation or heartworm preventive for a few of them is of no use as gradually they too will be infected by the infected animals, and the cycle of recording infestation will continue. Treating all the pets in the household will deploy the occurrence of parasitic infestations.

    Multiple pets means taking various responsibilities and providing the best care. Always keep a stock of essential medications including preventive treatments along with proper food and nutritional supplements. This ensures a great health and happiness for your big family of humans and four-legged companions.

    Source by Eugene Hix

    Tips For Increasing Penis Size

    Here are some very informative ways with personal insight on how to increase penis size. This instructional article is rare in that not only will you learn a few of the most popular exercises for getting bigger size, but you will also learn a few ways you can increase your size very quickly (within minutes).

    Let’s start out with a few ways for how to get a bigger penis almost immediately!

    1. Hot towel or rag. What this does is increases penis size by forcing increased blood flow to the shaft, thus engorging it and creating a much larger size than you would normally have. This is an excellent way to get quick size gains. I’ve found that using this technique right before having sex gives you a lot more confidence. You arrive in the bedroom with a much larger than normal member, and you haven’t even achieved a full erection yet. Here’s how to use this technique:

    • First, get a hand towel or small towel and run it under hot water for a few minutes. Now make sure it isn’t too hot. This towel will be going on your penis, so obviously you don’t want to cause any harm by the towel being too hot.
    • When it’s just right, wrap the towel around the penis and keep it there for a few minutes.
    • Now, remove the towel and determine whether or not you want to do another round with the hot wrap. If so, you’ll want to re-heat the towel again.

    2. Shaving or trimming the pubic hair. This is a very effective and fairly easy technique. Guys are AMAZED at how much larger they become once they get rid of most of their existing pubic hairs. It really does make a difference. Now, on a personal note, I don’t like shaving down completely, and really, this is not necessary. You can simply “trim down” the pubic hair which directly surrounds the penis. Some guys think they need to get some sort of smooth as can be shave, but this isn’t the case, and in my opinion it’s a bit overkill. You just need to trim the surrounding area of the penis.

    Here’s how to do this:

    • Take a small pair of scissors and simply snip away at the hair. Now you can also use an electric razor or an actual shaving razor. In any case, obviously you want to be extremely careful. You may accidentally get small nicks, but these can be preventable by taking extra time and precaution.

    3. Exercises to increase penis size. There are exercises you can perform to get a bigger penis. The good thing about these are that the results are permanent. The bad thing is that exercises take a while to work. What I’ve learned with exercises, is that consistency is the key. Sticking with a good routine and regularly performing the required exercises.

    Here’s how to do exercises:

    There are several different exercises but here are the main two which I’ve researched as being the most effective.

    • Jelqing. This involves working the tissue of the penis by stroking it with your hand in a slow, controlled, and deliberate fashion. Each stroke is performed with one of your hands, and then you alternate and do a stroke with the other. Put your thumb and forefinger together to form a circle. Wrap that circle around your semi-erect, lubricated penis and starting at the base perform your stroke up to just before the head. Now repeat with the other hand.
    • Stretching. This is another hand exercise which is often done alongside or in conjunction with jelqing. With stretching you simply grasp the penis gently and outstretch it, then hold it in that outstretched position for a few seconds. Then release and repeat for a number of reps.

    Source by Chess McDoogle