Seven Money-Saving Tips for Affordable Pet Care

You want to keep your Fido happy and healthy as always. Isn’t it true? Right. But spending at arm’s length may be also not possible for you. And, you are always on the run to save few bucks wherever possible. As per the data collected from different sources, the estimated expenditure of every pet owner is around $1500 a year for each of their pet, and that too varies depending on the size of the pet. However, there are ways applying which you can easily save a little more on every necessity of your furry pal.

Go through these tips and see how much can you save on your pet as well as keep your Fido in good health.

Make Half-Yearly Or Yearly Vet Visits Compulsory

Normally, pet parents in order to save money most times miss vet visits. But when it comes to health whether it is you or your pet, it is crucial to have a health checkup at least once or twice a year. Your vet may give vaccination necessary for the prevention of certain diseases in your pet. They can also diagnose for any of the problematic health conditions in your pet. Therefore, a yearly visit can save huge bucks by keeping your pet in good health. Missing vet appointments may sometimes lead to a development of some chronic diseases, which could have been preventive in a case of regular vet visits.

Don’t Skip Preventive Treatments

Pet parents are least aware of the importance and benefits of the preventive treatments. Mostly they only prefer to treat their pets when they see that the furry pal has been infected with parasites in which flea and tick infestation is most common. Many times due to lack of preventive treatments like Heartworm Prevention and Flea and Tick Treatments, pets are badly affected and sometimes the situation even turns out to be worst. They suffer from health complications and when infected with diseases such as heartworm, they are even at the risk of losing their lives. Therefore, it is better to treat your pet with flea and tick treatments as well as heartworm preventives in order to protect your furry friends from preventive diseases.

Ensure Proper Dental Hygiene

Most health conditions are the result of poor dental care. Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly boost his overall health. In lack of dental hygiene, there is a build-up of tartar and plaque leading to periodontal diseases. Moreover, the bacteria in the gums travel through the blood to the various vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys and badly infect them. This can even end up into emergencies. To avoid such critical situations, it is always in the favour of your pet and your budget to provide proper dental care.

Regular cleaning with Pet Dent Toothpaste and Toothbrush along with Pet dent oral rinse can help your pet dental health to be at optimum.

Look For Affordable Pet Supplies And Food/ Treats

People get swayed away by those big advertisements of pet supplies and pet food on those local pet stores, that pushes you to buy only certain brand of pet supplies or pet food and treats for your furry pal from them. In reality, you can get these high-quality pet supplies and top brand pet food and treats from online pet stores at cheaper rates. Normally, these neighbourhood stores sell pet items at higher prices whereas same supplies you can purchase at affordable prices with big discount, and at some stores like Pet Care Supplies or Budget Pet World, you can even get Free Shipping for any of your pet products.

Be Watchful For Signs Of Something Wrong

Pets are a bundle of joy and happiness, and they are least vocal to tell you about their pain or what health difficulty they are undergoing. That’s why it is paramount to be always watchful to look for any suspicious signs that can direct you that there is something wrong with your furry pal. While grooming, move your hands all around your pet’s body to find about the existence of any lumps or warts. Part the fur and check for the presence of ticks. Look for flea dirt or flea eggs in your pet’s surroundings. Notice the movement of your pet, whether he is swift in his movement or taking a time to get up or jumping. Whether he is limping or reluctant to walk. This can direct you that whether he has got some injury in his leg or may be facing a problem of arthritis. At the notice of any unwanted signs on your pet’s body, consult your vet for further diagnosis or treatments. This greatly lowers the vet bills due to treatment of diseases in advance stages.

Keep Your Pet Moving

A healthy pet is always in a good shape and fit and fine. As to keep yourself in proper shape you exercise daily, it is also imperative to make your pet exercise. A regular exercise helps to keep your dog healthy and fit. Keeping your pet moving, not only keep his weight under control but also boost immunity, digestion, mood and behaviour. A tired dog gets a good sleep and stays happy. This is a good way for you to keep your furry friend in great health.

Bonus Tip:

Grooming your dog at home is also a great saving. Taking your pet to spa or grooming salons can be quite expensive, however shampooing, brushing fur, trimming hair and clipping nails at home save you few bucks.

Having a family of four dogs, I always look for cost effective pet supplies. Working on these steps, I have seen that I can save a little extra on pet products and provide the best care to my pets.

Source by Eugene Hix

SodaStream Tips and Tricks

SodaStream home soda makers are gaining popularity all the time. Here I address some of the most common questions and issues that arise when using a SodaStream for the first time.

Cold water holds gas better than warm water, which is why SodaStream recommends always using cold, refrigerated water when carbonating. The problem is that different refrigerators are different temperatures. So one person may be using water that is 36 degrees while another is using water that is 45 degrees. You will run into troubles carbonating water that is under 40 degrees. The water and CO2 will freeze at the tip causing a blockage that will prevent your water from carbonating. Those who keep their refrigerators extra cold will want to use some room temperature water mixed in with the cold water. You are ideally looking for somewhere between 41 and 45 degrees. Not sure if this is a problem for you? Look at the tip of the SodaStream (the part that goes into the bottle) immediately after using it. You will see very small bits of white ice in this area if the temperature of your water was too low.

The biggest complaint I hear is regarding the carbonation of juices. Many people don’t realize that you can only carbonate plain water with any home soda maker. The flavorings are added after carbonation. This means you can’t take pure fruit juices and carbonate them. Instead you must mix the carbonated water with the juice. This makes for a watered down juice that is not all that fizzy. It is hardly the tasty, healthy alternative to soda you want. Luckily, there is a very simple solution. Buy frozen juice concentrates at your local supermarket. Mix them with the carbonated water. This way, you are not diluting the juice flavor or the carbonation.

There is another option to get fruity flavors other than those offered by SodaStream. Flavored syrups, intended for pancakes or waffles, make a great flavor addition.

Many people want tonic water or club soda rather than plain sparkling water, especially when making alcoholic drinks. You can make club soda by simply adding pinch of salt to your carbonated water. Tonic water is a bit more complicated. It traditionally has quinine as well as a sweetener. Quinine is a bitter compound which is used to treat malaria. Most people don’t stock their pantry with this item. You can add a splash of bitters to the carbonated water to replace the quinine. Three tablespoons of agave syrup per liter mixes well and will give you the slight sweetness found in tonic water.

My next tip is for the small percentage of people who only drink one or two fizzy drinks per week. Soda flavors can easily be mixed in a glass rather than the bottle. This way, if the left-over water in the bottle goes flat, you can recharge it before mixing up your next glass.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get the most out of your SodaStream!

Source by Heather Krasovec

7 Effective Tips on How to Look Beautiful in Your 50's

You are in a party with all the party ingredients such as happy people, champagne, sounds of fun, people walking here and there and you love all of this. Suddenly you are shocked when someone calls you, "Aunt, where is the bar please?" and in your 40's you should not be called as an "Aunt." What is wrong with them? You may think. However, the truth is as straight as a lamp post that you look older than your real age because you do not care about your skin. Read on to read these fantastic skin care tips.

These are the do's and don'ts to maintain a natural, healthy and glowing skin for 50+ age group.

1. Just Quit Smoking

Smoking can harm your skin, and it is suggested to quit it asap.

2. Say Goodbye to Sunbathing. Avoid sunbathing especially between 10 am to 5 pm Alternately; you should wear a hat, pants, and sunglasses too. Freckles and age spots link directly to sun exposure.

3. Make a habit of wearing Sunscreen: The winning formula enterprises of 7% of zinc oxide along with both UVB and UVA protection every day. It will provide wrinkles, which are harmful to your skin.

4. Do a regular checkup of your Skin

It is almost mandatory to do a skin check up on a daily basis for symptoms of skin cancer etc.

5. Pacify your Skin. By using a humidifier and moisturizing soaps and lotions, you can soothe and pacify your skin.

6. Use balanced diet and keep your body Hydrate. A body without water is few to many skin issues. Try to eat nutritious and healthy.

7. Anti-aging products help immensely. When you are over 50, these Anti-aging products can be your real support. They are responsible for producing collagen (which is unhealthy skin cell structure) also, use anti-allergic creams for a glowing skin.

Finally, A Quick Check List for Women in 50's to have a Natural Skin Care

• If you are going to Mist, then doing Moisture is mandatory. You can not skip one and go straight to use water.

• Use a sponge for applying sunscreen, if you get irritated by the itchy feel of sunscreen.

• An effective antioxidant for skin is Jasmine extract. Most dermatologists recommend it.

• Reduce use of liquor as it can easily damage your skin tissues.

• Always double clean your face. If you wear much makeup, then you should wash your face at least twice.

Healthy skin is a God's gift, and you should take care of it to look beautiful forever. It does not matter what age you have, all it takes is a direct approach to taking care of your skin. Like John Keats said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

Source by Kashif Ali

11 Minimalist Mindset Tips

Here are some things you should focus on if you are looking to get into a more minimalist and mindful lifestyle.

1. Take some time to go through EVERYTHING you consider yours.

When people lean towards minimalism, it’s often because they feel as though they have more things than they use. Perhaps they are experiencing clutter and mess on a daily basis, or they simply recognize how consumerism has adversely affected their lifestyles. If you feel bogged and weighed down by your possessions, you should take a day (or as many days as you need) to sit and take note of everything you own.

What are these items? How long are they meant to last? Are you a hoarder of certain items, such as makeup or memorabilia?

Gather your items and categorize them by what you use daily and what you use only on occasion.

The “occasional use” pile is huge, huh? I know mine was.

So, why do you have these things if they aren’t good for daily use? Are they things that can be borrowed or rented? Are they simply unnecessary? Then, what is your attachment to them? Do they have sentimental value of some sort, or are they just cool items you’d rather not get rid of? Overvaluing insignificant items is a problem that vehemently hinders the true growth and contentiousness of each individual.

Your first goal should be to get rid of things you know you are holding on to just to have them. It might help to create a physical list of everything you have and start crossing off what you want to (or know you should) part with. If you find it hard to part with something you know you don’t necessarily need, devise a plan to live without it for an extended period of time. Have friends or family hold these types of things for a year. If you can live comfortably without said items for a year (or more, it’s up to you) then you can go ahead and get rid of said items.

2. Give what you can away to those who might need it, sell the rest.

Mindfulness is key. Could the items you are giving away affect someone else’s life in a positive way? Hand it over!

Of course, what you do with your items is up to you, but I live by the philosophy of “The energy you put out, is the energy you receive.” By positively affecting someone’s life in some way, you won’t just be doing something good (cleaning up your life via minimalism) for yourself, but you’ll be extending that energy to those around you, which is a wonderful thing.

3.Sell what you can

Many of out useless items have some sort of monetary value. There are countless nonconsumer oriented things you can do with money (like travel!).

4. Function over aesthetics

A lot of the things we have, we decided to buy because of its aesthetic value. Beauty runs this world, and how many times have you seen a “better”, “updated” version of something you already have and found yourself wanting it? Even if it functions almost identically to the version you currently own?

Alternatively, what if it offers something that you don’t really need, but it would be nice to have and it looks cool anyway?

With minimalism and mindfulness, we stop placing unearned value on items that solve problems they create.

“But, How can an item solve a problem it creates?”

Here is an example. The apple slicer is a lovely invention. It cuts each piece of the apple evenly while removing the core of the Apple consistently every time. However, is the apple slicer a necessary item to have if you plan to enjoy your apples? Absolutely not.

5. Multifunctional tools are your best friend.

Are you the type who loves to live on the bare minimum and explore? Anela Luna, a designer, created a coat that turns into a tent. This concept was originally intended for Syrian refugees, however, the concept is great for the more adventurous of minimalists.

For the less adventurous who still find minimalism worth incorporating, items like the Lenovo’s latest laptop/tablet hybrid, the Lenovo Flex, are a perfect way to begin. Items that combine the functionalities of multiple other items in the same families are ideal. The Lenovo Flex item alone is a laptop, tablet, and library (Kindle app), all in one.

Basically, any one item that can do multiple things is worth looking into to see if it fits into your minimalist repertoire.

6. Get handy

If you can’t find something, see if you can make it! If you are looking at this article then you have some kind of internet access. Which means you are one of the many that have an unlimited access to information, tutorials, bartering websites such as, so nothing is out of reach.

Can’t find the bags you want? Maybe learning leathercraft so you can create something that is both durable and tailored specifically to your needs is the way to go! Remember, you only need to hold onto things for as long as you need them. For example, buy the leather craft tools, learn leathercraft, make what you need, then sell the tools or gift them to someone who might need them.

Get Creative.

7. Be patient with yourself.

We live in a consumerist culture. Before we understand the concept of money or even know what it is, we are told how to spend it. Understand that your desire to live a more minimal and mindful lifestyle might require a bit of an adjustment period. Maybe you were all gung ho about being minimal until you realized your own way over 100 things. It’s alright. Most of us have been accumulating things our whole lives. My mother still has blankets clothes and shoes from my infancy. You aren’t alone. You also aren’t alone in this transformation

8. Understand what type of minimalist you are aiming to become.

As I mentioned before, there are MANY types of minimalists.

Some decide to live with 50 items and forsake the ownership of a vehicle and a permanent residence, opting to travel the world. Others simply want to clear the clutter, in all its forms, out of their life. The term “minimalism” is just an umbrella term, and figure out where underneath that umbrella you fit will be a good place to start when figuring out what to rid yourself of.

9. It’s never strictly physical

Don’t just shed material excess. Shed excess from all aspects of your life. Anything including relationships, emotional baggage, f ear, negativity. Minimalism and mindfulness mean only focusing your energy on the aspects of life which allows you to grow or bring you a sense of peace and happiness. People turn to minimalism because they believe that underneath all the physical and nonphysical baggage, a calm, grounded, bliss awaits. Going through your life and riding yourself of people and situations that are not conducive to your happiness is key. Whether that be a job change, relationship change, new groups of friends, new habits, new locations, whatever. Whatever you need to be the best version of yourself, you deserve.

10. Surround yourself with people who reflect your ideas.

Remember, you can’t declutter and destress your life, bettering both yourself and your funds in the process if you are best friends with a shop-a-holic who is neck-deep in credit card debt. People who reflect your values are the people you should spend time around.

11. Share!

Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with others who share your journey, or who are where you want to be. You can find all sorts of minimalist tips and hacks. You can even share your own! Having a community is important, online or in person. A supportive network of people will help smooth over any growing pains, trust me. Support also helps you keep your head in the game.

Use minimalism to break free of boundaries and clear obstacles. Think simple.

Source by Ashley Fullwood

Quick Tips to Boost Engagement on Your Social Media Pages

Before you plan your next post, start using these easy engagement tips to set your pages on fire!

Read on for our favorite social engagement ideas to boost everything from page likes, post likes, comments, shares, followers, to full-blown stark raving mad fans!

1. Instagram – Boost Engagement & Conversions

50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, the app has continued to grow in popularity since being purchased by Facebook in 2012. Making Insta ideal for communicating your brand’s message using visual content – however posting pimped up images is only one part of the equation. If it’s engagement you’re after (and it is… ), it’s important to pimp up the captions that go with those awesome pics!

I’ve curated the main tips below; if you’re after the real nuts and bolts see Aaron’s full article at Social Media Today.

Write With an Authentic Tone of Voice – Instagram users aren’t expecting a serious tone of voice – they’re generally using the app in their free time to look at cool visuals and be entertained.

Include a CTA (Call To Action) – 65% of top-performing brands post on Instagram feature products. Directly instructing people to check out your product or make a purchase can work well on this platform.

Utilize Hashtags – Instagram posts with a minimum of one hashtag generate 12.6% more engagement than those without. Also, I like to use this quick link shortener tool for posts on the fly!

Include Emojis – Almost 50% of captions and comments on Instagram contain at least one emoji. While there’s a range of emojis at your disposal, the most popular one is the heart.

Mention Other Instagram Users – It’s important to remember that Instagram is a social network. Brands that relentlessly self-promote with little regards to community never do well.

Place Important Content at the Beginning – In a user’s Instagram feed, captions are cut off after the first few lines. To see the entire post, they have to click the “View More” button – which they won’t if the first few lines are unappealing.

2. Facebook – Boost Engagement, Leads & Sales

Explore 11 of the most effective strategies for enticing your Facebook Followers to get enthusiastic about your page and start encouraging likes, comments, and shares with their closest friends. Facebook is the perfect platform for small businesses to build a relationship with their customers and many are outperforming their big-budget competitors by employing a personalized social media approach.

I’ve curated the main tips of Andrea’s case studies below; if you’re after the real nuts and bolts visit Social Media Examiner for her full article:

Move Your Audience to Action – Litographs came up with a fun idea to create temporary tattoos of sentences from Alice in Wonderland. They invited 5,000 people to join the world’s longest tattoo chain. This kind of idea is a great way to mobilize your audience and make them part of something special.

Host a Facebook Party – Mamavation is a website that teaches natural wellness and nutrition and champions GMO-free food and products. They have held fun Facebook parties to give away gift certificates and discounts to people who engaged with each post.

Show Personality – Through a Dog’s Ear is a small 7-year-old company that makes music to help calm anxious dogs. Their Facebook page is filled with personal photos of the founder and her dogs.

Incorporate Humor – Cool Mom Picks is a website that curates gifts, gear, tech, and resources for moms. They have great video tutorials and they bring together interesting finds in blog posts. They also use humor and show some personality in their posts.

Have Fun – think about using Facebook as it was originally intended: a social site where you let people know what you’re doing. Author Erica Spindler does a great job of getting personal and having some fun. Share things that you find funny or you feel are important for people to know.

Be Responsive – Make it a habit to respond to comments and your messenger inbox quickly.

Create a Facebook Event – If you have events on Facebook, re-share them, post in the events to get more visibility and encourage people to join them.

Post to Your Page and Profile – David Newman of Do It Marketing uses his Facebook page and personal profile to market his business, which helps speakers get more opportunities. He’s connected with many speakers personally, so it makes sense for him to get extra traction by posting about his business on his personal profile. If you occasionally share your business page posts on your profile, you can extend your reach.

Invest in Videos – Videos are huge on Facebook and Learn Cake Decorating Online uses them effectively on their page. They have a featured video and regular quick videos that get lots of views and engagement. The company also uses the 22Social app to give away a free video class to build the email list and then offer a membership to people who sign up.

Provide Great Local Content Realtors sometimes find Facebook a challenging place to market. Posting images of houses is great, but Realty Austin offers great local content, too.

Go Behind the Scenes – Getting personal on Facebook is a great tactic, but so is giving your community a sneak peek at something no one else can see. The Celtic band Barra MacNeils literally takes people behind the scenes during their shows.

3. Twitter – Boost Engagement & Attract Followers

Social Engagement on Twitter helps to build and nurture a relationship between you and other industry peers and experts. Hearting, retweeting and commenting on each other’s quality posts build peer relationships and industry street cred for your small business. Clicks on content you post can drive traffic directly to your site, increasing leads, visitors, and sales.

I’ve curated the main tips below; if you’re after the real nuts and bolts visit Adesspresso for Ana’s full article:

Engage with Other Users Content – If you want other users to engage with your content, a good way to start is to always interact with their first. Like, respond to, and retweet your users content when you can, and following them can also help.

Retweet Other Users’ Tweets – You want to do this early and often. I’m singling out retweeting as engagement because this is what most users value the most; not only are you liking their content enough to confirm it, but you value it enough to share it.

Keep Your Tweets Brief – We are all forced to keep our tweets relatively brief automatically, with Twitter limiting our posts to 140 characters. This is challenging enough as it is, but limiting our posts just a little more can actually increase engagement.

Share a Variety of Links – If you want to get clicks to your site, the best way to do so is to put links in your Tweets. Also, I like to use this quick link shortener tool for posts on the fly!

Respond When Someone Tweets to You – This is particularly challenging for large brands or brands that have a large amount of engagement (even if it’s just when major content goes live), but doing your best to respond in some way when a user tweets to you can go a long way.

Know Your Peak Hours – Just like with Facebook, there will be certain times of the day or days of the week when more of your users will be active on the site or more likely to engage with your content. By being able to find those peak hours and posting them, you’ll get more views and you’ll be more likely to increase engagement and clicks on your post.

Use Twitter Ads – When you’re looking to best engagement quickly, Twitter Ads are a good way to do so, especially if you don’t have a lot of followers or followers that often engage with your content. Twitter Ads do cost money (and are more expensive than Facebook Ads), but they can still help increase engagement when you need it. Promoted tweets work best for this purpose.

Always Provide Value – Social media, for many, has become an environment where many users will share every thought that pops into their heads. While non-brand users can get away with letting the world know that they can’t decide if they want a coke or a lemonade, brands definitely cannot.

Always Use Hashtags – Hashtags are an essential part of Twitter usage; just like with Instagram, you pretty much expect a Tweet to come with at least one hashtag attached to it. Not only do hashtags offer the benefit of helping a relevant audience find you when they search the hashtag you’re using, but they can also increase engagement.

Share Images – Images are an important part of social media; this is particularly true when we’re limited to 140 characters.

4. LinkedIn – 5 Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Content on LinkedIn

Fast approaching 400 million users, LinkedIn has become more than just an online resume platform. Learning how to use LinkedIn marketing tips is essential for any small business. LinkedIn is still drastically underutilized making it an easy opportunity to make a splash if your target market is hanging out on this professional platform.

I’ve curated the main tips below; if you’re after the real nuts and bolts visit LinkedIn Business for Pearce’s full article:

Keep it concise and prompt an action – Drive higher engagement by keeping description copy <70 characters and feature a call to action. Keep in mind that copy will get truncated on the desktop after 100 characters and likely adversely affect your engagement rates.

Don’t just report the news, analyze it – Yes, your audience wants to stay up to speed on industry news and trends. But they also want to know the impact it will have on them. On top of reporting key industry news and trends, take it a step further and offer key insights, takeaways, and your unique perspective.

Repurpose compelling 3rd party research – Creating great, in-depth content is time and resource intensive. Find a 3rd party source that is already developing the type of content that aligns with your audience’s interests.

Use the power of video to tell your story – YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare videos play natively within the LinkedIn newsfeed. This allows you to engage your audience without disrupting their experience. It also allows you to tell your story in a much more vivid, creative format.

Professionals are people too – While it’s always an effective strategy to aim to create content that helps solve your audiences’ business challenges, keep in mind that they are also people too. Human interest stories help prove your brand in an engaging, less overt way, as well as diversify the type of content you are publishing.

5. YouTube – Boost Visitor Engagement & Channel Subscriptions

Using YouTube to market your small business, involves creating videos with content your target market will find engaging on some level (entertaining or educational) are the most common formats. While social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have a strong focus on creating, posting, and sharing different types of content, creating content for YouTube means you’ll be investing your time in video production and video production only. Learn how to set up and create valuable and engaging content on your YouTube channel to attract an engaged fan base of subscribers to your business.

I’ve curated the main tips below; if you’re after the real nuts and bolts visit bplans for Briana’s full article:

Set up your YouTube channel – Setting up a channel couldn’t be easier; in fact, if you already have a Google account, you technically already have a YouTube channel, even if you don’t know it.

Add a banner and create a trailer – Before you start focusing on putting out video content regularly, it’s important to make your page on YouTube visually appealing.

Create videos that show off your brand – Is your brand serious and formal? Prank or joke-style videos are probably a bad fit. On the flip side, if you’ve built your brand tone around a light, conversational style, don’t create video content that feels stuffy or overly professional.

Post your video’s on your blog – With YourTubePlayer you can easily generate and customize YouTube embed codes from the video ID or URL with options like autoplay, loop, hide controls, eliminate related videos and much more.

Focus on informational videos, how-to style content, video series, or vlog content – If you have a product or service, feature videos of your product in use. Similarly, if you offer a service, show how your service benefits customers. Informational videos are a great place to showcase your product or service in “the real world,” to give customers a sense of what’s in store for them if they buy from you.

Feature client testimonials or other customer feedback – When brainstorming what kinds of content you can feature on your new YouTube channel, you may want to look to your satisfied clients and customers. What can they say about your business that would make a valuable addition to your video content?

Pay attention to title keywords – Much of your organic traffic will be search-driven. That is to say, if someone is searching “braided updo tutorial,” and you just happen to have those keywords in the title of your YouTube video, there is a higher chance that searchers will find your video.

Subscribe to similar channels and interact with them – One of the best ways to get your YouTube channel out in front of a potential new set of viewers is to leave a thoughtful comment on other YouTuber’s videos (ideally, on a YouTube channel that produces content similar to your own). Hopefully, your comment will be upvoted by other viewers, increasing its visibility and therefore potential clicks back to your own channel.

Interact with your viewers – Once you start getting engagement on your own videos, make sure you are reciprocating! Respond to your YouTube comments in a thoughtful way that makes it clear you are tailoring your response to each commenter. Make sure you avoid responses that sound canned or insincere.

Include a call to action and track your success – What is your goal with creating YouTube videos? Is it to increase brand awareness, build up a more comprehensive social media presence, drive viewers back to your site? There are plenty of different goals you could have, and be clear what they are early on. Including a call to action in your YouTube videos is a great way to push people to take the steps you’d like them to take that coincide with your chosen goal.

Finally, remember the goal here is to create a raving fan base. In order to capture and convert all the traffic, your highly engaged posts have generated, you will need a responsive Lead Capture Page.

Source by Danielle Paphitis

11 Tips For Better Erections – How To Get Better Erections?

Erectile Dysfunction can be prevented. Yes! You heard right. ED is more a preventable condition than a disease that you have to live with. Here are 11 great tips to help you prevent ED and have a better sexual life.

1. Watch your eating habits: It is very true that what is good for your heart is also very good for your penis. The same bad diet habits that lead to accumulation of plaque in the arteries of the heart and cause heart attacks also lead to blocking of the arteries in the penis and lead to ED. A Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, heart-healthy fats (olive oil and nuts), fish and red wine are known to be associated with lower risks of developing ED. It might seem surprising to you but dark chocolates are known to boost blood flow to the penis. So you can afford to indulge in dark chocolates once in a while!

2. Keep watch over your weight: Being overweight or obese poses you at risk for Diabetes and this in fact leads to neuropathy. Neuropathy affects the nerves that supply the penis resulting in ED. Diabetes is also associated with elevated Cholesterol levels and this can block the penile arteries.

3. Keep track of your blood pressure and Cholesterol levels: Elevated blood pressure and Cholesterol lead to arterial damage including arteries of the penis resulting in ED. Monitor your blood pressure and Cholesterol levels regularly.

4. Avoid alcohol: If you have to drink then do it socially or moderately. Excess alcohol consumption leads to liver damage and this results in reduction of Testosterone (male sex hormones) levels and nerve damage thus affecting erections.

5. Get regular exercise: A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for ED. Swimming, brisk walking and moderate weight-lifting will keep your body toned, spirits high, reduce anxiety and stress – all of which are good news for preventing ED. Avoid riding bicycles for long as this puts pressure in the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) and causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves in this area.

6. Do not rely on Kegel’s exercises: Contrary to popular belief Kegel’s exercise do not seem helpful in avoiding ED. They are definitely useful in men and women suffering from incontinence but they have no role in preventing ED.

7. Check your Testosterone levels: It is physiological for Testosterone levels to fall after the age of 50. A low sex drive, lack of stamina, trouble in arriving at decisions and erections that are spongy to feel are all signs of Testosterone deficiency. Get your levels checked and address the issue immediately.

8. Avoid anabolic steroids: Often used as drugs of abuse these drugs wreak havoc on the testicles by shrinking them and reducing the ability to make Testosterone.

9. Stop smoking: Smoking causes profound damage to the blood vessels in the body and the Nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the penile arteries (also arteries in other parts of the body) leading to loss of erections.

10. Say no to risky sexual practices: Always ensure that you penetrate your partner only after her vagina is fully lubricated. Also if the lady is on top and comes down hard on a penis that has not penetrated yet such a movement can profoundly damage the penis. Make sure that the penis does not slip out while thrusting. And if your partner does any movements that seem to hurt the penis ask her to stop immediately.

11. Avoid stress: Stress increases the levels of Adrenaline which is a powerful hormone that reduces the calibre of arteries. Try to ease tension and feel better emotionally and this is a big boost to your sex life.

Source by Rajgopal Iyer

Buying Tips for Soccer Cleats

If you love soccer, what you need to keep in mind is that your soccer cleats should be of high quality. While playing, it’s your feet that play the most important part. Therefore, we suggest that you buy quality footwear. As a matter of fact, what you wear can make it easy or difficult for you to move here and there on the playing field. If you have been looking for a way to get your hands on the best pair, we have a few tips for you to achieve the same purpose. Read on.

Go Light

Make sure you purchase a cleat that is the lightest. Lighter ones let you run faster. Moreover, they don’t make you feel as tired as heavier versions. So, if you happen to be a forward and you are going to do most of the attacking, we suggest that you go for a light shoe. On the other hand, if you are a defender, we suggest that you go for a pair that is a little heavier. The reason is that heavier soccer cleats offer more protection.

Make Sure It Fits You

You should make certain that your soccer cleats fit you well. Also, you should try them on and ask the manager for permission to kick a ball for a bit so you can have a feel for them. Ideally, the maximum space between the shoe end and your big toe should be half an inch at most. If it is more than that, you may get blisters. And you may not want to end up in bed for a week because of the blisters. So, it’s a must that you buy a pair that fit you well. You can’t compromise on this at any cost.

Playing Field

If you play most of the games on a wet field, we suggest that you buy those with synthetic uppers. What does this mean? This means that the upper part of the soccer cleats should be made of artificial fibers. Actually, synthetic uppers tend to absorb less water compared to the leather ones. Aside from this, you can get those that are designed for ground, indoor fields and turf. However, if you can’t afford more than one pair, make sure you go for ground soccer cleats.

They Don’t Make the Best Player

Keep in mind that a costly pair of soccer cleats with high-end features can’t make you the best player. It all boils down to your natural talent, hard work and practice. As a matter of fact, some of the best players from Chile or Brazil kicked off playing in the streets or on the beach. With a quality pair of soccer cleats, you can have an edge over your opponents but it’s your hard work, smartness and talent that will beat them.

So, if you have been looking for a great pair of soccer cleats, we suggest that you keep these tips in mind. Hopefully, you will be able to get your hands on the best pair.

Source by Shalini Madhav

Sexy Tips to Get Intimate!

Intimacy should be fun, exciting, and certainly sexy, for both you and your partner. Here are 4 surefire ways to bring sexy back to the bedroom and ensure intimacy is the best it can be!

1. Lingerie Surprise!

You can automatically jack up the temperature ten-fold by surprising your partner with a revealing, sexy, lingerie outfit. This can make a huge difference between a night of mediocre intimacy, and one of excitement and thrills. It’s one of the easiest ways to kick start a sexy and erotic evening.

2. Pleasure Toys!

Pleasure toys or sex toys can include everything from ticklers to lotions and oils. Erotic oils and lotions are a great and easy way to become intimate with one another. They break through many barriers and allow both you and your partner to become much more touch orientated than you would be otherwise.

3. Setting Sexy Up!

This method works very well, and involves setting the mood before intimacy is to occur. This really can make all the difference and definitely can escalate intimacy further. Setting sexy up can simply involve taking your partner out to a special restaurant, or else preparing a special evening at home, going out of your way to jack the intimate ambiance up as high as possible. All this setting up gives you a big reward in the end: an unforgettable, sexy and intimate night!

4. Learning Sexy Tricks and Tips!

The best surefire sexy method is simply learning new sex tips and tricks which will please your partner beyond belief. This can be accomplished by reading a sex tips manual which will outline literally hundreds of new ideas, techniques and tricks that guarantee intimacy satisfaction like never before. Any serious lover should definitely research all they can when it comes to sexy tricks and tips!

Source by Chess McDoogle

10 Tips to Help You Maintain Good Health

As we all start to get a little bit older, we begin to realize that maintaining good health becomes more and more of a priority and less of an indulgence. Why? The easiest answer is that as advances and improvements in medicine occurs, our quality of life begins to improve. And with that, our lifespans are also positively affected and they get increasingly longer. That's great news for all of us! We're living longer so we get to enjoy our friends, families and hobbies longer.

But the trick to this hinges on one small thing- our health. Living longer is great but if it's not done with good health, then we start to question the effectiveness or necessity of better medicine. The good news is that it is not difficult to make the shifts needed to improve and also maintain your good health. Here are the top 10 ways to help you maintain your good health:

1. Get plenty of quality, restful sleep. Most adults need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep but some feel rested on as few as 6 hours while others will require 9 hours. The number of hours is important but not as critical as the time you go to bed. Every hour of sleep before 12 midnight is worth twice that of each hour past midnight. You will feel a big difference if you sleep from 10 pm to 6 am versus if you sleep from 12 am to 8 am.

2. Drink plenty of clean water. Water is critical for the healthy functioning of our bodies and is intimately involved with every single organ and every single process of our bodies. Without it, our bodies will become sluggish and slow both inside and out. Aim for at least 10 full glasses of water a day, more if you plan on drinking caffeine beverages or plan on being outside in warm or hot weather.

3. Engage in some kind of exercise or movement based activity that gets your heart pumping. Cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training of any kind is a necessary factor in maintaining health as it keeps the body strong, fit and flexible to take on any challenges you throw at it. Aim for a grand total of 30 minutes minimum of exercise each day, either in one bout or spread through the day.

4. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Be creative, use variety and find a way to add these nutritional powerhouses into every meal. They are nutrient dense, minimalist on the calories and are full of flavor as well as fiber. Focus on the dark, leafy greens especially for heart health, digestive system fluidity and for plentiful energy.

5. Find and eat an adequate amount of protein, leaving room for that protein source to fit into your lifestyle goals and physical needs. Decide for yourself if you need animal or non-animal sources of protein or both. Most active adults need about 45-60 grams of protein per day. This will change dependent on activity level as well as age itself. Picture one egg, that's approximately 16 grams of protein. A half cup of beans, about 7 grams of protein.

6. Maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Healthy relationships will improve your quality of life in a big way. You will know that they are healthy if you feel encouraged, supported and loved as opposed to beaten down, exhausted or emotionally drained. Decide for yourself if someone or something should remain in your life and in what capacity it will be in.

7. Have something to live for, something that helps you to feel alive, vital and a part of something bigger than yourself. This could be a career, volunteer work, your spirituality, your creativity, absolutely anything. You could be active in sports, games, in your family, whatever it takes for you to feel needed, special and valuable.

8. Go to the doctor. Get regular check-ups. Just do it. Know what you're dealing with and allow yourself to be proactive.

9. Leave space for forgiveness, not only for others but also for yourself. The fastest way to let yourself become unhealthy or to feel not quite yourself is to wallow in feelings of sadness, anger, despair and pity. Let yourself be human, allow space for mistakes- yours and others- and be strong enough to let go.

10. Fill your fun quota every day to overflowing. Use that fun as a way to do something purely for yourself, to cut down on stress and create memories that you'll look back on with fondness.

It may seem like being healthy is a daunting task but in reality, it's just about being alive every single day. It's about being fully alive in every moment and doing the things that make your body feel good, make your heart feel alive and make you feel grateful every moment of every single day.

Source by Annette Nack

5 Solo Travel Tips – How to Pay Less for Luxury Lodging

For tours, “single supplements” are generally added over the per person rate for pairs and couples. Lodging is less clear. In most of the world, prices are a so-called “rack rate” or by the rooms based on double accommodations. As the number of solo travelers has increased, travel providers have added some better pricing options. While we all work to build a more level playing field, here are our 5 updated tips for luxury lodging at better prices.

1. Modify your searches for booking engines. Manually convert “one room” to “one adult”. In Europe, the good news is that such solo prices for lodging are common. Once you change from 2 to 1 adult, prices may drop 40%.

2. For short trips, vacation mid-week. When everyone else is back-to-school or back to work, you can take advantage of reduced traffic discounts.

3. Consider ways to save on meals. I found a great room rate at a 5-star Nordic hotel. However, I skipped the $110 dollar dinner on-site for a trip to a local deli for about $10.

4. Check out pre-season deals. These are most common at ski resorts. The fabled Lodge at Sun Valley (subject of a classic film) has had really reduced rates just prior to the Dec. 22 holiday influx.

5. Don’t bypass the famous names assuming they are too costly. One great such option is the 5-star Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. They now offer a solo priced room. (Always check the size to see if it is a standard/double room or a smaller single room.)

Look for our updated solo travel tips so that your next trip will be your best!

Source by Elizabeth Avery