11 Hot Tips For Lasting Longer in Bed

Ever wanted to achieve more sexual pleasure for you and your partner? Ever wondered how to last longer in bed as a man? Have you ever felt like your sexual patterns are preventing you and your lover from experiencing sex as blissfully as you know it can be? Does the prospect of having sex sometimes seem too daunting just because of a history of unsatisfying experiences? Changing your sexual patterns may be a burning issue for you, a passing curiosity or sometimes you know someone that could benefit from this information.
In any case I am sure you will find the following informative and interesting.

1. Slow down.

It may seem obvious, but the number one way to make sex last longer is to do everything slower. Breathing, feeling, foreplay, kissing and intercourse are all parts of the sex act that do not need to be rushed.

2. Give everything time.

Every moment in sex is worth experiencing completely. Let things unfold in their own time and you will be rewarded with richer experiences during sex and more learning and satisfaction from sex.

3. Deepen your breathing.

Our breath connects us to our body and its rhythms, as well as the rhythm of other bodies near us. Focusing on breathing also helps to quiet the mind and sooth any internal dialogue that may be interfering with our natural enjoyment of the sex. Here's a hint, try synchronizing your deep slow breathing with your partner's.

4. Let go of expectations.

Without expectations around sex, we are free to more naturally savour the experience … however it is! We can be more open to the experience and learn more as a result. Without expectations we free ourselves from disappointment.

Here's a trick … see if you can implement these techniques to improve your sex, without caring whether they work!

5. Focus on pleasure in sex rather than the sex act or outcome.

Regardless of certain ideas of sex perpetuated in the world, sex is not about the ending, it is about the whole experience. Getting the girl, having an orgasm, giving an orgasm … these are all important aspects of sex. But the most important element of sex is pleasure! When you start enjoying every moment of sex … it will go on as long as you want!

6. Increase knowledge of your body.

Take the time to understand what brings you pleasure and learn how to pleasure yourself better. Do not forget to share your new knowledge with your partner too. Read up about anatomy. The human body is amazing!

7. Increase knowledge of your partner's body.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and always be open to trying new things in bed. Explore every part of your partner's body like you have never seen or touched it before. Every time you engage in sex it is a perfect opportunity to expand your sexual knowledge. You can learn a lot about the human body by asking friends about their experiences too.

8. Reframe sex as a nurturing healing act.

When we attach shame and guilt to sex it is no wonder that it does not flow naturally. Adjust your mind around sex to reflect only positive aspects. Sex feet so good, how could a gift like this be anything other than healing!

9. Let go of performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is unnecessary. Be kind to yourself. Learn to forgive yourself if things do not go perfectly, and then learn to stop caring about perfect anyway.

10. Feel your body from within.

Our sensual experience can be deepened dramatically by focusing on our experience from within our body. Get out of your head and let your consciousness move to the center of your body.

11. Be present.

Do not let the mind wander or engage in pointless internal chatter. Do not let your fantasies and thoughts take you further from the experience at hand. Be in the present experience and the present moment. So there you have it. Any of these tips individually can start to impact on your sexual performance right now. If you learn them all, you will be a master of your body in and out of the bedroom. You will find how to last longer in bed, too. Do not be daunted if it takes a little time though … these are life changing techniques and may take a bit of practice.

And most importantly of course, enjoy yourself practicing!

Source by Mukee Okan

Canada & Australia Immigration – Tips to Get Your PR Visa Faster

It is very obvious that when you want to settle in vibrant countries like Canada or Australia, you are keen to have your visa processed at a faster pace. In case of the temporary visas, you can do nothing but depend upon the employer to complete his job related formalities. But, when it comes to processing of permanent residency visas, the ball is always in your court. Permanent resident visas of these countries are issued considering the points applicant can score under respective immigration system. These points are often affected by time, age, work experience, education, spouse skills etc., and these factors eventually effect the success of the visa application. To ensure that your process is smooth and at a faster pace, here are three most important tips to be followed.

Tip No. 1: Apply at the right time-

It may seem astonishing to read but time is certainly a crucial factor in PR visa application. Under the time factor, application can be affected in the following manners:

  • Age: At the time of your application, if you are young you are more successful. This is because these countries have a high demand for professionals who are young (preferably 18yrs-25 yrs). Hence, to settle in Canada or Australia by getting yourself a higher preference and also great career prospects, apply when you are in your most demanded age range.
  • Peak Months: According to research, the best time to apply for Australia immigration is in the months of February and July. These two months are considered peak time for submitting Australia immigration. It is said that often applications during these peak months are associated with higher success results.
  • Intake Periods: Several provinces or States migration programs of each country have specific intake periods of PNP/State nomination applications. Keeping the nomination applications ready before these intake periods often results in quicker intake, improving chances for a quick visa.

Tip No. 2: Boost your CRS Score-

You may be aware of the fact that Canada & Australia have an immigration system that operates through a points based structure. Candidate’s eligibility as well as success for an international permanent residency status majorly depends on how well he can score under the points based system. If you believe that your score is hindering the success of your application, here are some ways by which you can improve your points.

  • Improve qualification: To improve your score, the best and easiest thing you can do is improve your qualification. If you a graduate, a higher degree will eventually increase your score and preferences for selection. Likewise, any certification or diploma that boosts your nominated occupations will also be a good step towards a score improvement.
  • Enhance work experience: Highest work experience candidates get good points under Canada and Australia’s points based system. If you have a chance to improve your work experience before your application or while your application is in process, go ahead, work hard and update. This may eventually increase your score and chances for a quicker visa.
  • Re-attempt IELTS: To become an international permanent resident, applicants must prove their proficiency level in the English language. For this IELTS is mandatory. As an applicant, if your IELTS score is what is delaying the process or getting you less score, re-attempt your IELTS. The best suggestion for improved results is to go for an expert help in preparation for IELTS.
  • Include Partner Skills: If your spouse or common law partner is accompanying your immigration, it is best to include his/her skills in the application, provided that she/he is eligible. This is because PR visa applicants are allotted with additional points for partner skills and this eventually increases points.
  • Try State/Province Nomination: If you meet the eligibility requirements of a respective State or Province, applying for a State Nomination increase will increase your points and also boost your chance for quick visa success.

Tip No. 3: Get Expert Assistance-

Despite all your efforts, if you are still unable to fetch those great points to buck-up your process, then you may missing something that only an expert eye can catch. Get in touch with your city’s best immigration experts and get counseled about the aspects that will help you in your application. Since immigration experts are up-to date and have hands on experience in processing thousands of visa cases, they will help you analyze the loopholes of your case (if any) and show you ways towards a quicker success.

Source by Farheen Banu

Vastu Tips for Money Matters

Vastu Tips for Finance

When your financial movement is slow or stagnant, keep at least one light on throughout the night. Things will certainly brighten up. Light is yang energy, which speeds up things.

According to Vastu

Fish aquariums are wonderful for wealth. Choose the active, lively and healthy fishes and make sure that they are strong swimmers. Keep the water clean and aerated. Their constant movement keeps the energy of wealth also on the move.

Vastu Shastra says if the entrance to your apartment lies at the end of a long corridor, then the energy flowing of a long corridor, then the energy flowing towards it will be too fierce. Adding too much risk to your financial investments. Its effect can be softened with a plant placed halfway down the corridor.

Make your front door distinctive to attract wealth within. Paint it a colour that shows it is different from the neighbouring walls.

Vastu Tips for business

If business is bad, place decorative boulders or curved pathways or pebbles around the structure. This will increase the movement of financial energy.

Are you looking for more clarity in your financial life? Take a look at your windows, mirrors and your glass and crystal items. It’s amazing what clean windows can do for the balance sheet. Dirty glass restricts money flow.

Hanging crystals in your window activates energy. When the sunlight hits them, they produce the most amazing rainbows. Choose a window the gets direct sunlight. This will throw up a multitude of openings for your career growth.

Vastu Tips for money matters

If you find your expenses beyond control, place live plants or grains in the toilets, these keep the money from going down the toilet, because symbolically growing things reabsorb water energy and keep it recycling.

Hang a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It symbolically doubles your wealth and opportunities.

Vastu Shastra suggests that place a birdbath or feeder in the yard to attract wild life, which will increase the amount of energy around your home. Birdbaths and bird feeders are wonderful acts of cleaning up your finances and attracting prosperity from all directions.

Vastu Tips for prosperity

If money seems to disappear from your life, put some weighty or solid objects in the far-left corner of the room or house, plus extra light.

Need Increased prosperity? An energy boost? A fountain with the soothing sound of moving water is just the thing for you. Whether on a desk or in an important room, nothing attracts money and reliable luck like a water fountain, running water helps move positive energy through the space. However take care not to direct the water flow towards the exit.

Source by Diwakar Vashist

Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have special health and nutrition needs. They are eating for two people, for themselves and for the new baby that is growing inside their womb. So they want to be sure they are eating healthy foods. It is important for pregnant women to watch what they eat and drink. For example, doctors advise the strict avoidance of all alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

It is also recommended to take a folic acid supplement. Folic acid is included in any good quality brand of prenatal vitamins, as are other important nutrients such as B vitamins, minerals like calcium, etc.

If you are trying to conceive, experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy, or are now pregnant, you will want to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Your body will experience many changes as the months go by. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Fatigue is a common complaint of pregnant women. Your body is going through a lot of stressful work to create a human life. You are doing something totally amazing. And you deserve a rest, do not you think? Of course you do. So take plenty of breaks, sit down, even take a nap every day if you can.

You and your baby will need more calories during the pregnancy stages. Some doctors estimate that you will consume round 300 additional calories each day. Just make sure the added calories come from healthy foods, not junk food. It is normal to have some cravings, because you need extra nutrients, but these cravings can be less by taking prenatal vitamins. You body wants and needs added nutrition, to help your baby grow, so eat plenty of health foods such as yogurt, fruit, bran muffins, veggies, etc.

Stay away from cigarettes and from people who smoke them. Second hand smoke can be bad for you and for your developing baby. Also avoid chemicals of all kinds. Do not use, inhale or be around any paint, harsh cleaning compounds, bug sprays and pesticides, weed killers, or any serious chemicals such as those.

Get some mild exercise every day. Going for a walk is the best form of exercise. This gets your blood flowing and increases oxygen levels in your body. Do not do any sit ups or crunches or tummy exercises. And avoid doing any heavy lifting.

Talk to your nurse or doctor on a regular basis. Pregnant women are going through a special time in their lives and they have special needs, special eating habits, special vitamins, etc. Take extra special good care of yourself so you will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Source by Monica Nelson

Sex Tips: Erotic Games for Extra Fun

Any purveyor of sex tips will soon learn one basic fact: often couples need to forget they’re adults and add a little fun and whimsy to their sexual escapades. Erotic games are one of the most enjoyable ways of doing this. And adding playfulness to one’s sex life is also a part of good penis care; after all, even the most dedicated manhood can find itself in a rut, and that’s not good for its health.

Sex tips recommend variety.

Many sex tips emphasize variety as the key to keeping a sexual relationship moving forward, but that doesn’t mean a couple has to wait until they are feeling a bit bored with their routine to mix it up. Playing erotic games at any stage of a relationship can generate excitement and bonding.

But what kind of games might one choose? There are any number of options, including:

– 21 strokes. This is essentially playing the game of poker known as 21 or Blackjack. Players are each dealt two cards and may then ask for more cards if they desire. The goal is to reach 21 points or get as close to it without getting more than 21. In this variation, each player gets his penis stroked or her vagina rubbed by the other partner; the number of strokes depends on the cards they get. So if the man gets 20 and the woman gets 21, the woman strokes his penis 20 times and he rubs her clitoris 21 times. This can be an excellent game to initiate and guide foreplay. (Another variation – rather than stroking, the players lick or otherwise orally gratify their partner’s organ.)

– Nude charades. There are many ways to play nude charades, but this is a good one to try. A number of categories are decided upon. As each category is called, then players use their partner’s body to illustrate an object in the category. For example, if the category is “Fruits,” the female might take the male’s penis in her hands and mime peeling it like a banana. The male, in turn, might fondle the woman’s breasts in such a way as to suggest apples.

– 20 distracted questions. A variation on the familiar guessing game, the woman picks a noun that falls into the category of being either animal, vegetable or mineral. The man then asks yes-or-no questions to determine what it is. The difference here is that the entire time that the male is asking questions, his penis is being fondled and orally pleasured by the woman. The goal is to see if he can guess the answer before he ejaculates. Manual and oral stimulation can be performed on the woman as she takes her turn as the asker.

– I spy excitedly. In a regular game of “I Spy,” one player picks out an object (perhaps one that is red) and says “I spy something red.” The other players then have to guess what that something is. The rules are the same here, but in this version, the partner who is guessing has to overcome a little distraction: having a vibrator gently run across his or her genitals. As with the other guessing game, the goal is to make a correct guess before being sent over the edge of orgasm.

As is probably clear, the range of erotic games is limited only by the participants’ imagination – and most sex tips tell us that imagination is the key to a healthy sex life. But it also helps is a man has fit and healthy penis as well, and using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can definitely aid in penis health maintenance. Erotic games may get a little out of hand occasionally, resulting perhaps in some rough play that might cause de-sensitization of the penis. But using a crème with a neuroprotective ingredient like acetyl L-carnitine can help to prevent that loss of sensation. It also helps to select a crème with vitamin C, as that vitamin is a great help in terms of collagen production and penile tissue firmness. With a healthy manhood at hand, a man is that much more prepared for fun and games with his partner.

Source by John Dugan

3 Door to Door Sales Tips For Better Selling

Door to door sales is a tough business involving a lot of walking, talking and what turns most people off; Rejection. Being rebuffed time after time after time can really make this type of selling very hard and if you are the kind of sales person that thrives on success they may be so few and far between that this becomes depressing and not worthwhile. There are many door to door sales tips and tricks used by great sales people but the real building blocks for success come from motivation, planning and persistence.

1. Motivation Tips

Staying motivated from street to street, door to door and day to day is an ongoing challenge. It is said this sort of sales is just a numbers game, the more you knock the more chances you have to get a sales and while this is true it is only a part of the truth. If you knock unsuccessfully for too long it can get to you and the next call you will not be as lively or persuasive, having high motivation and energy throughout the day is essential for being persuasive and making each call count. The first thing you must do is not take any rejection personally, you are in an industry where you are selling to people who are not actively looking for your product and do not know you are coming, the conversion rate of sales is very low and you must expect this. Just think that every unsuccessful call has enabled you to get to the next call that may be a winner quicker! Another way to stay motivated is to keep track of sales but do not keep track of unsuccessful calls, only focus on positives not negatives and you will find success comes more easily, celebrate each sale, revel in it and stay on top of your game!

2. Planning Tips

While this may be a numbers game not all calls are equal so the adage of more is better is somewhat false. Good planning and research can help you to find the most profitable calls to focus on instead of just calling on whatever doors come your way. That also being said too much planning and too little calling is also a recipe for disaster. Choose your locations well for your products, some areas simply will not generate the same sales as other due to demographics. Also the time of day you call is important, calling at the wrong time can lead to a wasted call. You must strike a balance between numbers and quality of calls for a good sales conversion rate.

3. Persistence Tips

Persistence can be a double edged sword; I was once told that the difference between a good sales person and a great sales person is persistence. However later I learned that the difference between a great sale person and an annoying harasser is but small degrees apart. While you must be persistent in sales there is also the danger of following dead end too far and wasting time. If there is no chance of a sale why continue to try to make them come around? If you are pressing too hard you simple put people off, the art of listening is more important in this situation or even just giving up. That right, persisting when the outcome will not change is not good! If you apply your persistence where it can get results you will go far but you must prioritise calls and customers quickly or be stuck in dead end avenues. Having more time for more calls can often yield better results than simply trying not to take no for an answer! Remember that door to door sales is about quality and quantity, sticking with a low quality call means you have no quality and you are missing out on more quantity!

There are heaps of other small tips you can use from your opening to your closing to overall door to door coverage. Keep in mind these overall concepts for running your territory and you will be able to increase your overall sales however and more door to door sales tips will come to you in the process of your work!

Source by Michael Porteous

Tips On How To Improve Blood Circulation

Good circulation is important in preventing illness such as heart disease and diabetes. These conditions are so common that if you yourself do not have one of them, it's a sure bet you know someone who does. Prevention is key when it comes to blood circulation problems, so learning how to improve blood circulation should be a priority for anyone who wants to enjoy good health. Here are some basic steps to increasing the health of your blood circulation.

It is vital to keep your circulatory system flowing and this can be done with regular exercise. Doctors always tell us we need more exercise, but how many of us actually get up and do it? As you get older, inactive lifestyle habits can get in the way of exercise. Everyone knows what it's like to start a new exercise program and then get tired of it a few weeks or months later. Take your fitness level into account when crafting your own exercise program, and make sure that the activity or activities you do are enjoyable. If walking is your exercise of choice, appoint certain days and times to do this activity. Consistent exercise improves circulation and decrements blood pressure.

Is it possible to learn how to improve blood circulation without increasing physical activity?

Both your circulation and the overall health of your heart can be improved by the use of certain herbs. Use cayenne pepper to help strengthen and tone your capillaries and vessels. To reduce high blood pressure, try taking Hawthorne berries and rosemary. One way to lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure, and generally improve the health of your circulatory system is to eat garlic and onions. Consult your health care professional before taking any new herbs.

Blood flow can become better with improved body functions, which is the result of a proper diet. Improving blood circulation is most improved by an adequate intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is usually not sufficient in the bodies of heart and diabetes patients. A number of studies have evidenced that getting enough of this nutrient actually makes the body need less oxygen, break down clots, and jump starts the formation of clot-busting blood vessels. For foods with a lot of Vitamin E, look for avocados, nuts, and unrefined vegetable oil.

Cholin, vitamin B6 and inositol are key players in the fight for a healthy blood cholesterol level. You need to include an adequate amount of these vitamins for optimal circulation and strong blood vessels. Consuming a diet with adequate amounts of these vitamins has been shown to reduce medication requirements, lower cholesterol levels and incidence of heart attacks, as a clinical study of heart patients in the 1950s demonstrated.

Many people have successfully learned how to improve blood circulation through dietary changes and regular exercise. Remember to hold off on taking any new supplements or starting a new exercise program until you've discussed it with your doctor.

Source by Lee Dobbins

4 Tips for Scheduling Maintenance Dredging

Determine the Scope of Work

Anytime you require maintenance dredging, it’s important to establish the scope of work. This means identifying what they are dredging, what the size body of water is, and how deep the water is.

Additionally, you want to be specific as to what needs to be done once they are down there. They might need to remove the sludge from a certain area, bury pipe at the same time, or move the sludge to a specific location.

Whatever it is that you have going on, you need to identify it. The more details you can provide to a dredging company, the easier it will be. They will be able to establish what kind of equipment needs to be used. They will also be able to provide you with more assurance regarding the project.

Choose a Time that Works Best

You want to make sure that you choose a time that doesn’t interrupt your operations. This could be early in the morning, late at night, or even over the weekend. Depending upon the project, it might also take several days to complete.

While live feed cameras and such can be used, it’s also important to consider how visibility will change depending on the time of day.

Budget the Cost

The cost of maintenance dredging should be budgeted from the very beginning. This will ensure that you are able to follow through on the necessary service from time to time. Whether it’s done quarterly or annually, it should be a budget line item.

To ensure you budget effectively, contact a few companies. Explain the scope of work and get a cost work-up. Even if you don’t go with the highest-priced company, it’s best to budget that amount. It will allow you to have some flexibility when it’s time for the services to be carried out.

Find the Right Company

The right company will go a long way to making sure that there are no issues with the maintenance dredging. Take the time to compare a few companies in terms of their services, their guarantees, as well as their prices.

Should also be able to depend on a professional company to assist you with determining the best schedule for your maintenance dredging.

Following a few tips can go a long way to making sure you have all of what you need for the dredging to be performed. It’s a necessity within your operations. However, you need to do some research. Otherwise, the need for dredging can sneak up on you and cause problems because of not having a reliable company to turn to and not having the costs inside of your budget.

Source by Jeff Weigang

A Healthy Penis – 6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido Strong

There are many products that claim to increase libido and keep your penis healthy, however a healthy penis and strong libido are normally a reflection of overall lifestyle.

Many men look for miracle cures, when they should be looking at changes in lifestyle. These changes become even more critical as men pass the age of 40.

Lets look at 6 simple liefstyle changes that can help you

A healthy penis and overall health

The human body is a totally integrated organism, it is virtually impossible to have a healthy penis if there are health problems elsewhere.

Al healthy penis means, one without erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is not yet perfectly understood, and most studies are inconclusive if the causes are physiological or psychological, or both factors working together.

A healthy penis and testosterone levels

As men age, it is proved that the level of testosterone in the blood slowly decreases.

This is a main cause of libido drop and if libido can effect erections, it is then a cause of ED.

Check yourself, and see if any of the following symptoms apply to you.

Do you have sleeping problems, hair loss, become tired quickly, gaining weight, depression, become irritable easily, Sweating and flushing without physical activity?

So, if your testosterone is dropping, there is no way to have a healthy penis, and you must resort to the new generation of ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, and so on) which may work, and may not and have unpleasant side effects.

Getting an erection with an ED drug does not mean your penis (or you are healthy) Also, if your state of health has deteriorated, you veins and arteries are not open as they were when you were young, so your ED may be caused by a slowdown / breakdown in your circulatory system.

A healthy penis 6 rules for increased libido

For both levels of testosterone and your general state of health, you can follow the easy rules below.

You will be healthier, and it will show with a healthy penis and a more virile you

Rules 1, 2 and 3 are MUSTS!

1.If you smoke, stop now. Smoking damages every part of your body, especially the circulatory system, and introduces dangerous chemicals directly into the blood.

2.You need physical exercise, and every day. It is estimated that you need at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise daily as a minimum. To get testosterone levels up naturally, put yourself on a good weight lifting program. See your doctor first, and then ask a professional trainer to give you a special program suited to your body type, age, and physical condition. The testosterone levels will rise naturally. This is a proven fact.

3.Diet. If you are overweight, your penis will pay the price, along with your heart and every other critical organ. Eat plenty of fruits (in season only), and vegetables, lots of roughage (in the form of cereals), and meat sparingly. Your weight will drop naturally (without a formal diet) and you will notice your libido returning and your ability to satisfy it as well.

The next rules are SHOULDS; so keep as much to them as you can.

4.Moderate your alcoholic intake. Do not over-indulge in drinking. Hard liquor sparingly, and wines and beers with great moderation.

5.Find good vitamin and mineral supplements. It should contain most or all of the following: Vitamins A, B, B complex, C, D, and E. From minerals, look for Chromium, Selenium and Zinc. From protein, L-arginine. From enzymes, DHEA. From natural herbs, look for Damania, Dong quai, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Gotu kola, Horny Goat Weed, Hydrangea root, Pygeum, Sarsaparilla, Saw palmetto, and Wild yam.

6.If you are alone, masturbate. You need to ejaculate often, and through masturbation, the chemicals and reactions required for keeping your penis healthy are put to use. Done properly (as in the technique called jelqing) the result is, if nothing more, an improved circulation to the penis, and use of the prostate gland for more than just continence.

A healthy penis final words

Remember the state of your penis is a good indication of your own state of health. Follow the rules above, and at any age, you will find increased testosterone in the blood, better circulation, relief from many symptoms that may now plague you, and of course, a healthier penis.

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

10 Simple Home Security Tips

It's a good idea to think about home security, even if you are a renter or live in a condominium with a guard or in a gated community. Anyone can be a victim of theft, and if you are home when a burglar intrudes, the crime can escalate into something even more dangerous.

For the safety of you and your family, you may want to consider having a home security system installed, but there are also a lot of common-sense things you can do that do not involve spending a lot of money on fancy alerts or security cameras. Let's take a look at some basic tips:

1. Secure garage doors and windows

While most people have solid doors and locks for front and back home entrances, they sometimes forget that garage doors should be of good quality as well. This includes walk-through doors and the doors for cars. Older automatic garage door openings were reliably easy to hack, so if your model is more than 15 or 20 years old, you may want to upgrade to a newer system that employs rolling codes.

Most garages have windows, and because this area tends to be father away from your living area than other parts of the house, a broken window is less likely to be heard. You may want to consider upgrading your windows to use security glass or shutters, but at least make sure locks are secure. Also watch out for entry doors with windows in or next to them, as these can be broken to allow a thief to stick an arm through and unlock the door from within.

2. Lock detached garages and storage sheds

Even if you do not keep anything particularly valuable in your garden shed, realize that thieves can walk in and grab tools such as hoes, axes, and shovels which can be used in breaking windows to allow entry into your house. Also, unsecured ladders should be locked up somewhere inside, as they can allow burglars access to second story windows, which many homeowners forget to close and lock.

3. Keep windows and doors locked

Speaking of windows, it's a good idea to keep them closed and locked when you're not at home (and if you live in a high-crime neighborhood, you may want to keep them locked when you're there as well). Also keep doors locked, even when you are home. In addition to regular knob locks, consider adding deadbolts for extra security against having a door kicked down.

4. Do not tempt burglars

Got a big plasma tv? A fancy car? Jewelry? That's fine, but do not tempt people into crimes of opportunity by allowing these items to be easily seen by anyone passing by your home. If you have valuable cars in your garage, consider curtains for the windows so people can not see in. Likewise, do not place expensive (and portable) items right in front of bedroom or living room windows.

5. Keep your yard well lit

Burglars prefer to work in dark and shadows, since they're less likely to be seen that way, so make sure your yard does not provide thieves a place to hide. Install outdoor lights with motion- or heat-detecting sensors, so they will turn on at night when someone approaches the house. The backyard, front yard, and side yards should all have security lighting. (For energy efficiency, get lights with motion / heat sensors rather than units that simply stay on all night.)

6. Cancel deliveries when out of town

Nothing invites a theft so much as a house with no one home. If you are going out of town, do not make it obvious to passing thieves. Have the paper and mail put on hold (in most areas, the post office will hold mail for up to 30 days, and you can simply go to the post office to pick it up when you get back) or have a sitter pick them up for you. Automatic lights that come on at night will also help fool burglars into thinking someone is home.

7. Change locks when moving into a new home

Even if you're a renter, it's a good idea to have the door locks changed when you move into a new house or apartment. Unless you are moving into new construction, you have no idea of ​​knowing how many keys have been made over the years that fit your door.

8. Do not put your name and address on your keys

Keys get lost all the time, and you may think it's a good idea to have your name and address on your key ring (to help speed recovery), but all that really does is let the finder know where your house is, and now they have the keys that open the front door. They could call you and tell you they've found your keys and to meet them at such-and-such a place and even as you're heading off to meet them, they're back at your house, letting themselves in to steal your valuables.

9. Do not leave keys outside the house

To this day, a lot of people still leave spare sets of house keys under doormats, above door frames, under pots, rocks, etc. No matter how tricky you think you are being in choosing a concealing spot, a burglar can find it. Thievery is what they do for a living so of course they know all the tricks. If you're worried about losing your keys and not being able to get into your house, consider installing biometric door locks (these open your door with a thumbprint) or locks that open when PIN codes are entered.

10. Install a safety spy hole or "peep hole" at your front door

Even as a child, you were probably told never to open the door for strangers. This is prudent advice even for adults. In order to see who is at the door, consider installing a safety spy hole or peep hole. This makes it easy to see who's outside without them seeing in, and it's a reliably inexpensive home security upgrade.

As you can see from this list, there are a lot of home security precautions you can take that will make your house less of a target for thieves. In addition, they cost little or no money to implement, so what are you waiting for? Make your home safe!

Source by TC Thorn