7 Sure-Fire Tips For Potty Training Toddlers

There seems to be a widely held impression, past down from generation to generation, that potty training toddlers is arduous.

Follow this practical plan and you will be able to go from all those diapers to dry in days. But only if you are prepared not to be side-tracked by other distractions during this period and able to give your focus to toilet training.

1. Evaluating Your Child’s Readiness

Does your toddler have the required verbal understanding? This includes being able to understand and carry out simple instructions.

Does your toddler show signs of wanting to do more things for themselves such as pulling up their own pants?

Is your child’s bladder and bowel control adequately developed? For instance, can he or she go for two or three hours before wetting their diaper?

You really must not go on to item 2 until you are confident your toddler can handle being toilet trained.

2. Let’s Go Shopping

You want to make this trip to the shops as much fun as possible for your toddler. So what’s on that shopping list?

You should get:

  • An anatomically correct doll (a boy doll if you have a son, a girl doll if you have a daughter);
  • Potties (yes it’s best to have two or three around the home so there is always one close at hand when it’s wanted);
  • Underpants, preferably vibrantly colored. It’s even better if there’s a picture of one of their favorite cartoon characters on them. Diaper or training underpants can be a practical solution for any trips out but make sure you treat them as real pants not diapers;
  • a wall chart and stickers.

Remember to let your toddler have a say in the purchase choice.

3. Toilet Train The Doll

Silly as it may seem, you potty train the doll. The doll is a great teaching tool, it should not be seen as a toy. You will be using the doll to model correct behavior.

4. Celebrate The Doll’s Success

Each time the doll correctly uses the potty it is praised and a sticker is placed on the wall chart that records the doll’s progress. And when the doll has been potty trained it gets a party.

You want your toddler to realize that being potty trained is a happy, fun experience.

5. It’s Farewell to Diapers

Put your toddler in pants. There’s no retreating back to diapers even if there are two or three accidents along the way.

6. Give Your Toddler Plenty Of Fluids

The more your toddler drinks the more they will need to urinate. So they should get plenty of practice in using a potty.

7. Ask Your Toddler If They Need the Potty

If they say no that’s fine. With all those drinks they’ll soon need to go. Quiz them again a little later.

If they have a little accident you must not let your child see you are angry or disappointed. Just tell them they’ll do better next time. Take them to the potty and have them sit on it for two or three minutes. Give them fresh pants to put on. At short intervals take them back to the potty for a total of ten times. This will help to build muscle memory. Very soon they will urinate in the potty.

A little food for thought. It is not just what you say, it’s how you say it. This is certainly true when it comes to teaching a toddler new skills.

Source by Penny Crane

Beauty Tips

An adage says that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Another adage says “Beauty is skin deep”. There are so many things to say about beauty. There are so many things to do to become beautiful. You do not have to limit yourself from the charm of enhancing looks. Being beauty conscious causes no harm. You can have helpful beauty tips up in your sleeves.

Being beautiful can create a healthy and happy perspective in life. You try to see things in a more positive regard. Eventually that beauty in you and radiates from within. Soon, everybody can tell you are getting prettier and blooming like a dainty flower.

We live in a very competitive world. We are living in a jungle of different types of cunning and vicious characters that devour the society. The possessions of a beautiful face a glowing skin and a well trimmed body can boost a person’s confidence. It will make you feel confident when you deal with other people. It is a must that a beauty tip is there to keep things handy.

Being beautiful needs you to pamper your body. A natural body glow is one of the true secrets of staying beautiful. The glands must be stimulated to generate that natural glow of the skin through the secretion of natural body oil like sebum. It helps locking in moisture. You can try dry brushing the body to activate the glands. A home made mix rock salt, sugar and olive oil can make your body glow.

You need to keep your body moisturized. Your hands and feet should keep an ample level of moisture in the body. File you nails and apply your most favorite nail polish. A refreshing foot spa is a smash. You will be getting rid of that callus and dead skin and you will leave your hands and feet glowing.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Your eyes allow people to see the real you. The eyes provide a way on how people will see your innermost ardent and sentiment regarding things, people and ideas. You need to get rid of that eye bugs and dark areas under your eyes. You can use cucumber to keep your eyes from getting tired. You can also use a spoon from the fridge. After all your night rituals, you can apply those spoons from the fridge to your eyes. In these ways you can get rid of that tired eyes. A cucumber and cold spoons can relieve tired eyes.

After pampering the body, you can now look for the bet beauty and make up tip. The best thing to keep in mind when doing make up is that, you have to be natural as possible. Always keep in mind that being hygienic tops all the beauty tips you can find. You must choose the right set of make up for you. Choose the best colors that fit your complexion. You must also check if the make up is hypoallergenic. Otherwise if you are allergic to make up, you might mess up your skin or worst suffer hospitalization from anaphylactic shock.

Source by Junaid Ashraf Mianoor

Tips to Prolong Intercourse – Have Longer Lasting Sex Today

Having longer lasting sex is something most guys wish for but usually for the wrong reasons. They want tips to prolong intercourse so they can become a sexual stallion, the last thing on their minds is what a woman wants in bed. Women are not that bothered about longer lasting sex, all they want is for you to last long enough to satisfy them.

Here are some tips to prolong intercourse so you can please your woman in bed.

1. Condoms that make you last longer.

If you already wear a normal sheath for sex then consider one that has a tip filled with a delaying cream. You will not notice any difference apart from the longer lasting sex. However if you don’t usually use a condom then there is no need to waste money on special ones because a normal run of the mill condom will do fine. As you are not used to wearing them the tightness around your penis and the removal of over stimulation will prolong intercourse.

2. She has needs as well.

Women have sexual needs just as much as you do. Imagine if your woman had sex with you and reached orgasm before you ejaculated then stopped. How frustrated would you be? Well that’s how she feels when you can’t prolong intercourse for long enough for her to climax. The solution is to give her an orgasm before having sex, use whatever it takes, toys, fingers or tongue. It doesn’t matter how, just make her happy and then penetrate her and see how much longer you last now you are not under pressure.

Of all the tips to prolong intercourse the best is the simplest, just cater for her needs and the rest will take care of itself.

Source by Michael Harradine

7 Tips for Effective Reading

I wonder if you remember the day when it was claimed that by 2000 we would be in the world of the paperless office. The truth is managers and leaders now have more than ever to read. As well as traditional stuff like letters, meeting papers and circulars, we now have e-mail and a whole host of on-line stuff. Given that time is always an issue, how can managers and leaders become more effective readers?

Tip 1: Distinguish between total understanding and overall impression

In some cases it will be essential to have total understanding about the topic in the material you have to read. For example, if you are in the Finance team and there is a change around accounting regulations, a detailed level of understanding will be important. On the other hand if it is about production processes and you are in Finance, an overall understanding might be all that is required.

Each time you have to read something, make sure you get clear on whether you need total understanding or an overall impression.

Tip 2: Set a time limit

Most people can only read for short periods of time without a break, usually about 45 minutes. Make a habit of setting a time limit for how long you will allocate to each reading session to maximize your overall effectiveness.

Tip 3: Ask yourself what you already know about the topic

Sometimes the topic that you are reading will be completely new. Most of the time the topic will be at least familiar to you. Chances are you will have read something similar or complimentary about the topic.

To help inform your reading, ask yourself what you already know about the subject matter.

Tip 4: Read with a purpose

It is easy to fall into the trap of reading something just because it is in front of you. The alternative is to ask yourself what the purpose or goal is from reading the item. Is it:

o To gain information

o To inform a decision

o To get a different perspective

When you are clear on your out it is much easier to focus your attention on what matters.

Tip 5: Skim through first

A useful technique is to skim through the document first, focusing on the headings, sub-headings and conclusion to get a general feel about the content of the document.

Tip 6: Read summaries first

Most reports or long publications have a one page summary. In printed articles in professional magazines, a summary of the key themes is often given in a small box. Start with these summaries first.

Tip 7: Make notes as you go

Capturing notes as you go is an extremely effective way of keeping focus. Mind maps or checklists are particularly useful ways of capturing what you might need to refer to in the future.

Reading can become a very time consuming task but by making a few simple changes you can significantly improve your overall effectiveness.

Source by Duncan Brodie

Home Remedy For Constipation – Tips and Suggestions

In this article we will not only look at what may cause constipation but also some different types of home remedy for constipation treatments that you may wish to try.

So what causes constipation?

Often constipation can be caused by the kind of diet you have and the type of lifestyle you lead. People suffering from constipation will not be drinking enough water but plenty of tea or coffee. They will be eating lots of refined and rich foods along with irregular eating habits can lead to constipation. Tea can be dehydrating and it is not the same as drinking water.

Below we provide you with a number of different home remedy treatments you may wish to try in order to help alleviate your constipation if you should be suffering from it.

1. Try drinking a glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon or lime in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.

2. Integrate raisins, figs, dates or prunes into your diet. Children love raisins and dates.

3. Why not trying chewing a few sticks of liquorice (mulathi) each day as this is a natural laxative.

4. Before you go to bed, put 3 teaspoons of psyllium husk (Sat Isabgol) into a cup of warm milk or water and drink.

5. Substitute white rice with brown rice and have a fiber cereal in the morning. Many taste very good.

6. Try and eat at least 350 grams of grapes each day. The combination of the properties contained in the grapes, namely cellulose, sugar and organic make it a natural laxative food. By eating grapes you are toning up your stomach and intestines plus can relieve the most chronic types of constipation.

7. Try eating some bael fruit. This is regarded as the best of all natural laxatives and it can also clean and tone up a person’s intestines. Using it regular for 2 to 3 months will even help to get rid of old accumulated faecal matter.

If you find yourself suffering with constipation then why not try a few of the home remedy for constipation treatments that have been suggested to see if you can cure it through natural foods readily available.

Source by Dee Cohen

Razor Burn – Seven Tips On How To Prevent It

Razor burn is caused by hair that is pushed back into the follicle. It can become inflamed and then develop into an ingrown hair.

Use these seven suggestions to minimize the risk of razor burn:

#1 Use a clean, sharp razor each time

#2 Always shave in the direction of the hair growth

#3 Shave after your shower

#4 For some using a shaving oil or gel rather than a cream helps avoid clogging the pores (For others a cream works better -experimentation may be needed)

#5 Avoid passing the razor over the same area numerous times

#6 If razor burn appears, apply an aloe-vera based cortisone cream twice a day to soothe the skin and reduce redness.

#7 Use Ingrown Hair Treatment to treat or prevent ingrown hairs when shaving and eliminate razor burn.

Additional shaving tips:

  • Avoid shaving when first getting up after sleep as body fluids make the skin puffy making it more difficult to shave the hair. After 20 or 30 minutes the skin becomes more taut so the hair shaft is more exposed making it easier.
  • Don’t stay in the bath too long before shaving. The skin will shrivel after eight minutes or so making it difficult to get a smooth, close shave.
  • The more repeat strokes over an area of skin the greater risk of irritation. To remove stray hairs which are not removed after one or two passes with the razor, use a pop-up trimmer.
  • Always wet the hair first for at least 3 minutes. Hair absorbs water which makes it stand up making it easier when shaving.
  • Wet hair also reduces wear on the blade. Shaving after taking a shower is an ideal time.

Source by Mike Jones

The Mystery Method – Tips For Meeting Women

For men out there who are looking for tips on how to pick up women, I ran into an intriguing method called the Mystery Method. It was developed and popularized by Erik Von Markovik, who also goes by the name of Mystery.

Von Markovik claims to have been a late bloomer, not hitting puberty until the age of 16 and not losing his virginity until the age of 21. Frustrated with his loneliness and inability to meet women, he set out on a study to learn how to be successful. After years of research and thousands of approaches, he developed his method of seducing the other sex.

He classifies people by two values, their S and R value. “S” stands for the survival value and “R” stands for their replication value. Women tend to evaluate men based on their “S” value and men judge women for their “R” value.

The largest principal behind this is that all people gravitate to a person with a higher value. We all want a mate who we feel is above our level. Once people pin point a potential target that is “above their level” their emotions and adrenaline appear to get the better of them.

They just aren’t themselves for a variety of reasons. How many times have you found a man or woman who you really wanted to get to know and then couldn’t figure out why you came off as a stammering fool when you approach them?

An example of this is a very attractive woman, who would possess a very high “R” value. She is quite used to men being interested in her, and she’s also aware of the fact that they tend to have difficulty interacting with her.

When she meets a man who appears not to be emotionally affected by her, it confuses her and she starts to believe that he must be of a “higher value” than her and she begins to desire him. It’s based less on her physical attraction to him and more on an intellectual level.

The Mystery Method works off of these foundations. It plays upon this human nature and breaks the approach into a three step process. It claims if these steps are followed properly, success is bound to happen.

For the sake of our example, let’s use the example of a man going after a woman.

Step 1-Attraction

  • The man begins a conversation with the woman.
  • His focus is to portray his value to the woman and highlight his strong “S” value.
  • He portrays a growing interest in her through the conversation while downplaying anything to do with her looks.

Step 2-Comfort

  • The man works on establishing a trust and general rapport with her. This is the most critical stage of the entire process, and it can take many hours or in some cases even days to play out.
  • Von Markovik claims it can be accomplished in as little as 3-9 hours.

Step 3-Seduction

This deals with the escalation to physical contact, and it includes the “Last Minute Freezeout” in which the man withdraws from the sexual encounter with a line like, “you’re right, we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

I’m not sure if this method is fool proof or not, but Von Markovik does have a tremendous reputation in the industry. If you’re interested in finding out more about this method, feel free to check out his book, The Mystery Method.

Source by Jim Mcmenamin

Eight Precious Tips to Help You Learn Piano by Yourself

Piano as an instrument is an inspiring delight to play. For some people, it is a hidden hobby and for some a persuading career. Be it any reason to lay your hands on the piano, now it is possible to become good without years of practice in expensive piano lessons but at the comfort of your home. With basic knowledge of piano notes, keys, chords, and lot of practice one can self-train oneself towards becoming a pro-pianist.

So, now you have decided to go for it alone, here I will walk you through some basic pointers to consider:

1. Choice between piano or keyboard to start with for a beginner:

The most effective and affordable way to start are Electronic Keyboards. The keyboard should be with 88 weighted keys. The weighted keys build hand strength and respond more like the keys of an acoustic piano. Most electronic keyboards do not have weighted keys. If a keyboard with 88 weighted keys is still out of your price range, we recommend that students use a keyboard with at least 61 keys.

2. Familiarize oneself with basic piano knowledge:

Can be either 88 keys digital piano or 61 keys digital piano. Usually for a beginner, 61 keys piano keyboard is enough to cover maximum number of songs. Keys are organized in a distinctive 12-note pattern that repeats across the entire piano key layout. White piano keys are called naturals because they make a natural note when pressed. Black piano keys are called accidentals because they make a sharp or flat note when pressed. There are seven naturals on the keyboard namely C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

3. Schooling yourself with major keys and chords

Start with playing and familiarizing to differentiate the tones i.e. the middle tones (middle of piano), flat tones (left black keys), sharp tones (right black keys), bass tones (low sounds) and high tones (high sounds) by listening to them. The basis step is to study the 8 major keys and to be able to identify the sound each one creates. Songs are mostly composed of variation of chords and the chords are composed of same notes. Identifying these notes is the major step towards identifying a song. As for starter, one should focus in getting accustomed to the basics chords, its location in the keyboard and its sound.

4. Notice the patterns

All songs are composed of musical patterns. Chords repeat themselves often in a steady beat or rhythm. If you can identify the patterns that you hear, it is much easier to play a song that you hear. You’ll be able to learn which chords are combined with others.

5. Mastering finger placement

In order to really play, one has to know with which fingers to play the keys with. Following any instructional video or book follow the pattern of numbering the fingers. With practice one can master the finger placement.

6. Use various instructional books and internet

You can use instructional books and online sites like You-tube as your tutors to learn how to read music, play basic scales, chord progressions and then simple songs.

7. Practice is the key to success

Play with sheet music to get better at sight reading, fingering and playing. Plan on practicing about three to four times a week for about a half hour. Don’t move on to the next lesson until you’ve mastered the previous lesson. Listen to songs. Then practice humming them and see if you can duplicate the song on your piano or keyboard. Or, select a song that you like and using the techniques that you’ve learned, attempt to play it by ear. Becoming a good piano player requires lots of practice. You’ll need to practice at least three times a week

8. Last but not the least, you can also go for online tutors

Since it is a costly affair, for additional support for tuning up your basic knowledge one can also opt for online piano lessons. Using this method alongside would help you avoid bad habits which are difficult to unlearn.

Myths to keep an eye for before starting:

Learn to read music is the sole way to learn a piano

Everything is not just about placement of fingers

Practicing a single song repeatedly

What are you waiting for! Tune up your piano and have fun playing!

Source by Kreezel Villanueva

Sex Tips For Christian Men

Here are some great sex tips for Christian men who want to improve their life of intimacy with their partner. Sex is a great gift and it should be focused strict on in relationships. Improving it, making it better, achieving better satisfaction from sex, should all be of high priority for the Christian male.

Here are sex tips for Christian men that will greatly improve your sex life:

1. Learn to Last Longer.

This is a common problem with all men, not just Christian men. It has to do with longing long enough during sexual intimate so that your loving partner can reach orgasm. Great sex is all about both partners being satisfied. Women tend to take longer to reach climax, so it is important for the man to learn how to last long enough so that he satisfies his partner while being satisfied himself. There are exercises and even guides available for men to follow in order to avoid suffering from premature sex.

2. Learn the "Rules".

A hot topic among Christian couples are the rules relating Christian sex. What positions are allowed? What techniques are not allowed? There is some controversy over these issues, but there are ways to find answers and come up with solutions. The best way to go about it, is to get a Christian sex or intimacy manual and go over the "rules" of what is considered allowed and not allowed. Arm yourself with this important knowledge, so as a Christian man you will be able to explain to your partner why it is okay to practice this position, while this other technique should be avoided.

3. Learn Different Ways to Please Your Partner.

Variety is the spice of every sex life, and should be a strong factor in a healthy Christian sex life. Again, the best way to learn different Christian safe sex skills is through a good Christian manual which will show you everything you need to know about having great, enjoyable and pleasantasive intelligence.

Source by Chess McDoogle

Making Your Penis Larger and Thicker – Five Important Tips to Consider

Making your penis larger and thicker is absolutely possible using natural methods, whether you are currently endowed with four inches, eight inches, or anywhere in between. The manufacturers of all the pills, potions, and gadgets on the market want you to think that they and they alone hold the answer to the male enhancement conundrum, when the truth is that you hold the answer in your own two hands. That is because your own two hands, and some discipline and determination, are all you need to make your penis longer, stronger, and more powerful.

That said, here are five things you must keep in mind when beginning any type of male enhancement or penis enlargement routine:

1. You are probably not as small as you think you are. Studies show that the average penis size of a grown man is about six inches long and five inches around. The massive pieces of flesh you see protruding from the bodies of adult film stars like third legs are the exception and certainly not the rule. With that in mind, know that you do not need a nine or ten inch penis to be considered well above average.

2. Girth matters at least as much as length. While a long penis that extends up past your belly button certainly looks impressive, numerous surveys have reported that women claim penis girth is the key ingredient to a pleasurable sexual experience. This is due to the fact that the most sensitive nerve endings in a woman's vagina are located less than four inches inside her, rendering penis length unimportant from a technical standpoint. A penis with a large girth, however, is more easily able to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse.

3. Penis enlargement pills and potions are garbage. That is all that needs to be said about that. The three and four inch gains that the infomercials claim are ludicrous. A three to four inch loss in your wallet's thickness, however, is possible and even reasonably with these methods.

4. Stay away from male enhancement surgery. Not only is the success rate staggeringly low, but the risks of permanent penal damage are through the roof. Even if your penis is on the small side, is not a working penal better than nothing at all?

5. Natural methods really do work. All you need to make your penis grow are your own two hands and some willpower. Forget about the "miracle cures" and study up on natural male enhancement methods. You will be glad you did when you are pleasing your lover with a big, thick, impressive penis!

Always remember, "if it is meant to be, it is up to me!"

Source by Gregory Phillips