5 Top Tips To Win More With Any Lottery

Here’s 5 top tips to bear in mind next time you complete your lottery playslip. They won’t increase your CHANCES of winning – because ONLY more entries can do that.

BUT they can significantly increase the AMOUNT you win when your numbers do come up.


Because all 5 lottery tips are based on avoiding the way a lot of other people pick their numbers. If you pick lottery numbers the same way as most people do, then when you hit the jackpot, you share that prize with everybody else who picked the same numbers.

That can turn a jackpot pool of millions into a prize of just thousands! It happens all too often – so please don’t let it happen to you.

Here’s those quick tips for making sure that your lottery jackpot is the life changing sum you are looking for:

[1] Don’t pick numbers that have already won, especially not from recent draws. Many players believe that winnings numbers are somehow lucky and therefore more likely to come up. Of course that isn’t true, but a lot of people do it.

[2] Don’t pick numbers based on an arithmetic sequences, such as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, or 01, 11, 21, 31, 41, 49. People like number patterns – you would be stunned at how many people pick this way every single week.

[3] Don’t pick numbers according to a ‘tip’ service. Just imagine how many other people will use the same numbers!

[4] Don’t pick numbers purely according to family birthdays. Enormous numbers of lottery players choose the day of the birthday of family members when selecting lottery numbers. But there are only 31 days at most in a month – which means an awful lot of people pick all their numbers in that range.

[5] Don’t make a pattern on your playslip. Diagonal or straight lines in any direction, star shapes, boxes, zig-zags etc. You might think who else would do that? The answer is anywhere from tens of people to tens of THOUSANDS of people!

The easiest, fastest way to pick better lottery numbers, is to pick them totally at random. So pull scraps of paper out of a bag. It won’t guarantee NOT picking a ‘bad’ set of numbers, but at least there’s a good chance you won’t be sharing your lottery millions with a hundred other ‘lucky’ winners.

Are you ready for more tips on how to win more often when playing the lottery?

If so then read below for a free report that uncovers the biggest mistakes most lottery players are making, and how you can avoid them.

Source by Martin Waterhouse

Sex Tips – Tips For sexual Satisfaction And Better Sex

I have six sex tips for you.

1. Explore your wife's sexual potentials

2. Tease your wife. Anticipation makes the act even more pleasurable.

3. Explore your wife's fantasies

4. Listen to your wife. Give more than you take.

5. Do not play by any rules. Create your own world. Do what works for you. . . what excites
and satisfies your wife.

6. Mind your wife. Understand her body language. Be there when she needs you.

The six sex tips above are all you need to satisfy your wife sexually and to enjoy better sex.

You will notice that these sex tips do not say anything about sex positions or even the procedure or method of sexual intervention, as most experts do.

The reason is simple.

Sexual positions and 'special methods' of sexual intercourse suggested by sex experts are not the things that lead to sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction and better sex are emotions that your wife feels after sexual intercourse. They have nothing to do with your sexual positions. In fact, many 'state of the art' sexual positions recommended by sex merchants are far from practical.

Do not waste your time. The six sex tips above are really all your need to satisfy your wife sexually.

Look at it this way.

Your wife is your customer. To keep her coming again and again, you need to satisfy her yearnings, her wishes, her wants and desires. And more importantly, you need to see things from her perspective.

No matter how well intentioned you are, you will not satisfy her sexually if you do not listen to her and see sex from her perspective.

Remember. . . she is your customer. And the customer is king.

Follow the six sex tips above.

  • Offer her what she asks
  • Listen more than you talk
  • See things from her perspective
  • Tease her
  • Break the rules
  • Explore her fantasies
  • Live for her
  • Be present when she needs you,
  • She will love you for it. And. . . she will keep asking for more.

    That's sexual satisfaction. Never again will you have to worry about her looking

    Source by Samson Itoje

    How to Increase Blood Flow to Your Penis – Tips to Achieve Harder Erections Naturally

    Erection quality, as I'm sure you're aware is absolutely dependent on good penile blood flow – physiologically speaking at least. If for some reason that blood flow becomes impaired then at best you're likely to suffer from weak erections and at worst, complete erectile dysfunction. But what regulates penile blood flow and how can you increase it naturally to maintain harder erections? Well … these are the questions you'll find answered below.

    Clearly, maintaining the health of the arteries which supply the penis with blood is fundamentally important. Several studies have shown that atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries caused by the build up of fatty plaque on the artery walls) can first manifest itself if the penile arteries. The penile arteries are of course, more susceptible to the effects of atherosclerosis simply because they're comparatively small – in other words, it's easier for them to get blocked. The resulting effect of any arterial build up of plaque in these arteries will naturally lead to a reduction in inspection quality.

    So the first, pretty obvious piece of advice is to watch your diet. Most importantly, limit the levels of scheduled fat entering your body by reducing your consumption of dairy products, red meats and fried foods. Saturated fats play a key role in clogging the arteries because they raise levels of LDL – the 'bad' type of cholesterol. LDL is basically public enemy number one when it comes to arterial health. So to start with, if you want harder erections, cut the fat.

    To actively improve penile arterial health, you should also check out ellagic acid – a polyphenol antioxidant derived from pomegranate. A number of studies have reported that ellagic acid improvements circulatory health, and therefore increases blood flow to the penis, by actively helping to slow or reverse arterial plaque build up.

    In fact, a recent pilot study published in the International Journal of Impotence research gives an insight into the potential of ellagic acid for the treatment of poor erectile function. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Los Angeles involved 53 men suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The participants drank a daily dose of 8 fl oz of pomegranate juice and after four weeks, 47 percent of the men reported hard erections. The researchers stated that these 'statistically significant' results suggested that ellagic acid had potential as a natural alternative to drugs such as Viagra in the treatment of ED.

    It's also been suggested that ellagic acid helps to maintain harder erections through another physiological mechanism – by increasing blood levels of nitric oxide (NO). NO is a chemical messenger essential for a multitude of physiological processes, including the maintenance of normal erectile function. The penile arteries secret nitric oxide during sexual arousal, which instructs the surrounding tissues to relax, thereby allowing the arms to expand. By doing so, NO plays a key role in increasing blood flow to the penis. Like many things, NO levels decline with age and can therefore be a contribution factor in the development of weaker erections.

    Another compound that may help to increase nitric oxide levels is the amino acid L-arginine . The body uses L-arginine and oxygen to produce NO; and supplementation with this amino acid has again been shown to help improve blood flow to the penis and thus promote severe erections. In a double blind, placebo controlled trial published in the British Journal of Urology, sufferers of erectile dysfunction with abnormally low levels of nitric oxide showed significant improvement in the quality of their erections after six weeks of supplementation with L-arginine.

    So if you want to improve blood flow to your penis look after your arms and help your body to maintain healthy nitric oxide levels.

    There are many other natural pro-sexual ingredients that can also improve blood flow to the penis. Just a few include ginkgo biloba, ginseng and horny goat weed. What's more, when combined in the right quantities, these ingredients are known to interact with one another to produce very powerful effects.

    Source by Gary Marshall

    20 Top Tips To Writing Effective Surveys

    Writing surveys is easy; or is it? The truth is that writing surveys is easy but writing effective surveys is more difficult. The following are twenty tips that if followed will help you write more effective surveys.

    1. What is the purpose of the survey?

    Surveys are conducted for many reasons. By phrasing the questions and structuring the answers surveys can be used in a multitude of ways and for a variety of reasons. When compiling a survey do not loose sight of its purpose.

    2. Title the survey

    The survey title is a golden opportunity to immediately summarize a survey's objective and grab the attention of invited respondents. Respondents are going to invest time in completing the survey so make them feel that their investment is worthwhile.

    3. Do not make the survey any longer than it needs to be

    Every question that is asked should be asked for a reason. Focus on 'need to know' questions and minimise 'nice to know' information.

    4. Use plain English, avoid jargon and acronyms, maintain consistency and do not ask questions that may result in ambiguous answers

    Care must be taken in words a question. If a question is not clear then there is every chance that respondents may interpret the question differently to that intended by the publisher making any analysis of the data meaningless or at the very least misleading.

    5. Avoid long questions

    Try to use short sentences wherever possible. Long questions tend to cause responses discomfort and can lead to a higher level of incidents where respondents abandon a survey.

    6. Ask one question at a time

    Avoid confusing the respondent with a question like 'Do you like football and tennis?'

    7. Avoid influencing the answer

    It is important not to load the question. 'Should irresponsible shop keepers who sell tobacco to children be prosecuted?' is unlikely to have any value.

    8. Ensure that the answer format used allows the respondent to answer the question being asked

    Allow the respondent to answer how they really feel or they may be less included to complete the survey. As a last resort consider the benefit of including a "Do not know", "Can not say" or similar response option.

    9. At the same time that you compile the survey consider, when the survey is complete, how the compiled data is going to be analyzed

    If a question is asked that allows a text text open ended response appreciate that such information is likely to be difficult to score and / or summarized. Consider grouping answers. For example "How long have you worked here?" – 'less than 1 year', 'between 1 and 3 years' and 'more than 3'.

    10. Ensure that the questionnaire flows

    When asking questions group the questions into clear categories as this makes the task of completing the survey easier for the participants.

    11. Target your responses

    In some cases you will want to target a specific group, in others a cross section. If you can not easily control the responders consider including questions / answers that will allow you to filter out respondents who do not fit your target profile.

    12. Allow the respondent to expand or make comments

    Giving the respondent to make additional comments will increase their satisfaction level and will also give valuable feedback on the specific questions and / or the survey as a whole. Remember though for a large sample collection it may be difficult to analyze free text open ended responses.

    13. If the survey you are conducting is to be confidential ensure that your pledge is upheld

    If you have assured the respondents that the survey is confidential ensure that the individual data is not to be shared with anyone and the information is not going to be used for any other purpose. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times and any identifying information destroyed after the survey is complete.

    14. Weigh up the benefits of allowing respondents to be anonymous or identifiable

    If your responses are to be anonymous then appreciate that you will be able to follow up or match "pre" or "post" surveys. However in some cases allowing people to remain anonymous will allow people to respond without possible peer pressure.

    15. Give careful consideration to the best response format

    It is good practice to maintain a consistency in the format used for responses. Keep in mind that when analyzing the data radio buttons are easier to analyze than check boxes that offer the respondent multiple responses. Do not use a check box if a radio response would do.

    16. Give the respondent an idea of ​​how much time the survey will take.

    Respondent drop out can occur if the survey appears to be a stream of never ending questions. It is good practice to give an indication as to how long the survey is likely to take so the respondents can choose the best time to complete the survey.

    17. Inform the respondents of the survey end date

    Encourage responses to complete the survey as soon as possible but advice responds as to the surveys end date so that they have the opportunity to schedule the necessary time.

    18. Pilot the survey

    Before publishing a live survey publish a small pilot survey to check for questions that are ambiguous or confusing and to ensure that the survey is aesthetically pleasing.

    19. Before publishing the survey proof read the survey several times

    Check and check again that the survey is grammatically correct and makes sense. If possible get someone else to proof read the survey before you publish, if no one else is available then take a break before checking again.

    20. Remember to say thank you

    To complete surveys respondents need to invest their time and should be thanked either in a covering letter, at the end of completing the survey or in a follow up letter. You may even want to consider incentives such as a prize draw or reward.

    For more information please visit http://www.SurveyGalaxy.com

    Source by Martin Day

    How To Grout Tile – 7 Sure-Fire Tips For Success

    Do you know how to grout tile? There are a few tricks of the trade you need to know before you tackle your first tile project. Follow these 7 sure-fire tips for success when grouting tile.

    # 1. Use wall tile grout where the gap between tiles is 1 / 8th inch or less. For larger gaps, use sanded floor tile grout. If you use the wall tile grout on larger gaps, it can shrink and crack when it cures.

    # 2. Before mixing the grout, check it is a fine powder without any lumps. If you find lumps, do not use the grout. It means there has been some water or water vapor penetration that reacts with the grout and it has gone bad.

    # 3. Do not use liquid acrylic modifiers. In theory, these make your grout more durable. But they are more trouble than they are worth.

    # 4. The single most important thing with grout is to mix it with the right amount of water. Too much water will result in a crumbly, unstable grout when it has cured. Too little water and the grout will not fill the gaps between the tile properly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

    # 5. Once you have your grout mixed properly, never be tempted to add additional water if it is starting to get hard in the bucket. This can ruin your finished grout. It's much better to mix up a fresh batch of grout.

    # 6. When you are wiping down the grouted joints with a sponge, make sure all excess water has been squeezed out of the sponge. If the sponge is too wet, it can ruin your grout.

    # 7. When learning how to grout tile, it's worth setting some spare tile on some plywood so that you can practice the process of grouting before applying grout to your new floor or wall tiles.

    Source by Steve McIntyre

    Top Tips on Choosing the Best Chiropractor

    Before starting chiropractic treatment, it is a good idea to arrange a telephone interview or ask for an in-office consultation to learn more about the chiropractor, the clinic, and the techniques offered. Sometimes, the chiropractor will request a personal consultation to discuss such details.

    For most people seeking chiropractic care, it is important to feel comfortable and have a good relationship with the chiropractor and the clinic. This can go a long way in gaining a positive treatment experience. Consider the things that would make you feel most comfortable and use these as part of your judgment. This may mean how long you have to wait for appointments, how easy it is to get hold of your chiropractor or the location of the clinic.

    Answering your own questions is also a crucial part in the decision process. Some things you may want to consider asking include:

    Is the chiropractor friendly and polite?

    Do you feel comfortable talking with the chiropractor?

    Does the chiropractor fully answer all of your questions?

    Does the chiropractor listen to your explanation of symptoms and treatment preferences?

    How many years has the chiropractor been in practice?

    If it makes you feel more comfortable, you may also want to conduct some background research on the chiropractor. It is your body; you can take as long as you need to decide on which chiropractor will be treating you.

    Selecting a health care professional is something that should be done with care. Do not feel under any obligation to be treated by the first chiropractor you interview – some patients speak to several chiropractors before finding one best suited to treat their problems.

    Remember that the chiropractor’s role is to recommend the recommended course of care for you, and it is your decision whether or not to accept those recommendations. You should never feel like a chiropractor is pressuring you into a treatment or payment decision.

    Before selecting a chiropractor, you should be aware that there are many different chiropractic techniques. Some chiropractors perform joint manipulation with their hands only, while others use various instruments. Also, some chiropractors use quick but firm manipulation, while others have a lighter technique. Think about the kind of techniques you prefer. Do you like the immediate feeling of relief after the “joint popping” type of spinal manipulation or do you prefer something a little more subtle?

    The more you know your own requirements, the better you will be able to choose a suitable chiropractor.

    Some questions you may want to ask include:

    Which chiropractic techniques does the chiropractor use and why? Most chiropractors are experienced in a range of techniques and will choose the one or ones best suited to the patient and his or her condition.

    Does the chiropractor use his or her hands or an instrument for the chiropractic manipulation?

    Will the chiropractor listen to your preferred techniques and work a treatment plan around that?

    When choosing a chiropractor, the bottom line is that the better the relationship between you both, the better the outcome of the treatment. So take your time, absorb the facts, and make sure you are happy with the decisions you make.

    Source by Robert Finn

    Marriage Counseling Tips – 7 Ways to Handle Conflict in Marriage

    How do you handle arguments that lead to heated exchanges with your spouse? Do you value being right over maintaining the quality of your relationship? And how long do you stay angry after you've had a fight?

    How you answer these questions offers a clue into how secure your marriage is. Unfortunately, too many married couples let unbridled confrontations tear the fabric of their relationship.

    Every couple has misunderstandings, miscommunication, and disagreements. It's human nature to see things from your own perspective. And it's easy to forget that your spouse's perspective is just as valid as yours.

    Here are some couples marriage counseling tips when preparing for talks about emotional issues with your partner:

    1. Take time to center yourself emotionally by sitting quietly for a few minutes. You may take deep belly breaths and count your out-breaths to keep yourself focused in the present moment, or you might meditate or pray during this time.

    2. Notice any negative "chatter" in your mind and replace it with a positive statement, such as "Each time I really focus on listening intentionally to my spouse instead of jumping in to criticizeize, I'm improving our working relationship." Or "I know that we can resolve this problem about how to handle our difficulties."

    3. Expect to be able to get along, talk respectfully and courteously to each other, and find creative solutions to problems. You influence what happens in interactions with others by your expectations about what you think will happen. In other words, you often get what you expect.

    4. Suspend judgment and criticism so that you're prepared to really hear your spouse. Resolve to listen so deeply that you can understand the fears and concerns that are layered beneath her (or his) surface words. When you can identify and understand her deeper concerns, you're more likely to find an acceptable solution.

    5. Make sure that you speak to your spouse with words that are respectful. Avoid profanity and refrain from personal attacks on your spouse. It's quite different to say "I really do not understand what you're saying?" instead of "This sounds like another one of your idiotic ideas."

    6. Be willing to look at your own position and admit it whenever you are wrong. This takes humility and critical self evaluation. But it will buy goodwill with your spouse. And it could set an example that he (or she) may decide to emulate.

    7. Do not carry around resentment after an argument. Try to respectfully express your feelings and then let them go. Then try to reestablish closeness as soon as possible. Make an effort to make up by focusing on what you do agree on, and on what you like about your spouse.

    Source by Lee Hefner

    Anal Orgasm Tips – Secrets to the Back Door Pleasure

    Up until recently, anal sex remains a subject of taboo. Many people think it is disgusting or associate it with being gay. However, similar to oral sex, it can be an enjoyable activity for both men and women, whether you are gay or straight. If you are intrigued by the idea, read on as we reveal how to boost anal orgasm effortlessly.

    #1. Watch your diet

    A lot of people think that anal sex is dirty and messy. This can not be further from truth! If you keep healthy bowel movements and maintain basic hygiene, it helps to boost sexual confidence and enhance anal orgasm. So make sure you consume fair amount of fiber in your daily diet and engage in regular abdominal workout.

    #2. Mr. Clean

    Cleanliness is crucial to anal orgasm. Prior to sex, take a hot shower with your partner. Make sure clean the anal canal thoroughly. Note that some harsh detergents are not suitable for anus, so be sure to use mild wash like castile soap, olive oils and adult wipes.

    Tip: after the shower, help each other to shave off the hair around the anus. The shaved areas will become more sensitive and respond better to slight stimulation.

    #3. Lubricants

    Anal sex can be painful due to dryness. In reality, anus is not capable of producing fluids like genitals. Thus, it is important you apply quality lubricants around anus to boost the sensation.

    #4. Start with fingers

    Contrary to popular belief, anal sex doesn’t not equal to penis penetration from back. It involves any stimulation technique on anus to trigger sexual pleasure. When your partner is relaxed, massage her whole buttock to arouse her. Then, gently stroke your lips in around her perineum. Although this trick seems incredible simple, but it can reap amazing anal orgasm when done right!

    Source by C.Y. Lai

    3 Tips to Get a Rock Hard Erect Penis Naturally

    Do you experience getting a hard erections?

    Erectile dysfunction is more than enough to put any man under a lot of stress. It is the most disturbing sexual problem in men.

    However, there are some simple ways to get harder and longer lasting erections.

    3 Tips to Get a Rock Hard Penis Naturally

    1. Boost Blood Flow to the Penis

    Reduced blood flow to the penis is one of the most important causes of erectile problems in men. Regular exercise can help increase blood flow to the penis. This is why you must hit the gym at least 4-5 days a week.

    Besides this, there are certain foods that can help increase blood circulation in your body. Foods that are rich in essential fats not only unclog your arteries but also keep them well oiled to encourage better blood circulation. Such foods include olives, avocados, fish like tuna, salmons etc.,

    2. Boost Nitric Oxide Production with l-arginine

    Though most men are not aware of this, it is not possible to get a hard erection without enough nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide ensures muscle relaxation in the penis so that blood vessels can expand and more blood can flow into the erectile tissue resulting in a hard and firm erection.

    Nitric oxide production in your body declines with age and leads to erectile problems.

    L-arginine is the amino acid that helps increase nitric oxide production naturally.

    Food sources of l-arginine include red meat, dairy, poultry products etc.,

    3. Natural Erection Pills

    Last but not the least, natural erection pills are a great way to boost sexual potency in men. Such pills combine various herbs and other nutrients in a potent mix to ensure rock solid erections.

    Such pills not only enhance blood flow to the penis but also boost nitric oxide and testosterone production in your body. This gives a boost to your libido and also ensure rock solid erections.

    Some of the ingredients used in such pills include ginseng, ginkgo, maca, muira pauma, tongat ali etc.,

    However, the top notch pills include certain ingredients like Bioperine and Pomegranate 70% ellagen to ensure faster and better results.

    Such pills do not have any side effects and this is why most men prefer having such pills in place of prescribed drugs. Over and above, they not even require a prescription and this can save you a lot of embarrassment.

    So, If You Want to Get a Rock Hard Erect Penis Naturally, Check out the Best Erection Pills Ever!

    Source by Tim Bryant

    Rap Tips – 7 Quick Tips For Rappers

    Below are 7 essential rap tips for those interested in learning to rap. These tips are essential for rappers at any experience level!

    Tip 1. One of the best rap tips is to listen to all styles of rap including east coast, west coast, and south. It will benefit you to have a well-rounded background of the different kinds of rhyme schemes, terminology, flow structures, and deliveries of all different styles of rap. Pay close attention to the elements of each style. Listening to music closely is probably THE single most important rap tip to become a better rapper.

    Tip 2. Increase your vocabulary. Come across an interesting word that you don’t know the meaning to? Look it up in a dictionary! If you do not have a dictionary and thesaurus, go out and invest in them. Find out an arsenal of similar words with your thesaurus to keep your raps fresh. Study the dictionary from time to time to learn new impressive words.

    Tip 3. Make lists of rhyming words. This can be a greatly beneficial rap tip for your writing process! Make lists of words that rhyme with each other, including single words and groups of words. Always add to your list whenever you discover new words that rhyme in some way. Keep the list at hand when writing raps and refer to it when you need some quick ideas. This is a great rap tip to overcome writers block too. When you see lists of rhyming words, it will spark new ideas and enable you to move forward.

    Tip 4. Experiment with different ways of beginning the writing process. If you are having trouble beginning writing your rap verses, try writing the hook (chorus) FIRST. Make sure your hook portrays the main idea of the song you are writing. Once you have the hook idea finished, writing the verses can be a lot easier!

    Tip 5. Practice your timing. Here is one of the great little rap tips that I have used in the past. First, find an instrumental beat to rap to. Make sure it is something that you can vibe to and feel comfortable with. Now, start freestyling over the beat EVEN IF YOUR LYRICS DON’T MAKE SENSE! Just rap random words and attempt to make them rhyme. Come up with different kinds of flows and focus on nailing your timing. You see, this exercise isn’t about your words, it is about working on improving the accuracy of your rhythm and “flow” to the beat.

    Tip 6. Learn tricky verses from your favorite rappers, and practice them. Come across an amazing but tricky verse from an aspiring rapper? Learn the words (this should be easy to do because you probably listen to the song frequently anyway) and try to push yourself to imitate it. Start slow and piece by piece until you can rap the entire thing. This rap tip will help to build your memory, timing, stamina, and possibly speed (if it is a fast verse).

    Tip 7. Record yourself often. If you do not already have it, invest in some recording equipment (a cheap mic and recording software will do). Record yourself rapping so you can listen to what areas need improvement. It is very important to hear yourself as you sound to others so that you can analyze your faults and become a better rapper!

    I hope this rap tips article was of use to you! Good luck and look out for more rap tips coming soon.

    Source by Timothy R Adamek