Alcohol Addiction Causes, Treatment and Tips

There are many methods to take steps to correcting the significant issue of Alcohol Addiction, review these suggestion listed below. The majority of major Alcohol Addiction plan will consist of some form of these methods.

Meditation classes
Yoga and physical workout routines
Activities like tennis, basketball and table tennis
Art sessions including activities like painting and sketching classes
Alcohol dependency counseling sessions
Religious and spiritual lectures and classes
Weekly or monthly chats with the family members of the addict

More recently, alcohol addiction has become one of the most common problems that destroy the life of people all over the world. Every year a substantial number of people fall subjects to alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab centers are the only places with all kinds of facilities that provide patients the direction and support they require to beat this disease. Most alcohol rehabilitation centers are state-of-the-art facilities and are part of a large campus with many offerings. At the alcohol rehabilitation facilities the doctors are sent a weekly report of the patient's improvement and the activities that they are participating in. Based on these reports, doctors make adjustments in the treatment that is being provided to patient to overcome habitual introxication and life-style changes.

Although you will find plenty of rehabilitation programs for alcoholics on the Internet the most effective places to begin is at Alcoholic Anonymous. All these support center have a tons of facts and provide a solid support system.

The Symptoms of alcohol addictions could have masked and sometimes mistaken. Just because someone displays symptoms of alcohol addiction it does not mean that is the case. The presence of a few of these symptoms can unavoid a number of other problems based on stress and depression.

What ever the cause may be you might want to pay close attention and if the symptoms persist or several of them occur concurrently this should signal a red flag that should not be ignored. One of the most critical changes is a significant change with the individual's appearance, personality and habits.

Alcohol Addiction Behavioral Signals

Mood Swings:
Almost all mood-altering drugs produce a broad range of mood swings, euphoria and depression. A user may be passive and withdrew one minute and angry or hostile the following.

Personality changes:
A typically energetic and outgoing person turns into chronically depressed and uncommunicative.

Blaming or claiming to be persecuted or victimized.

Overly Self-Centered:
Usually has to have their own way and will do anything to have it.

Strained Communication:
Unwillingness or accessibility to explore issues or worries

School and Work Troubles:
Excessive tardiness, absences, decline in grades, drop in job performance, can not meet deadlines,

Failure to turn in assignments and take tests or sometimes suspension or expulsion.

Anxious Habits:
Chronic jittery, jerky movements, fearfulness, compulsiveness and talkativeness.

Physical alcohol symptoms associated with Alcohol Addiction

Change in overall look:
Sudden gain or loss of fat.

Very poor physical condition:
Lack associated with coordination, stumbling, shaky hands, dizzy, consistent "function down" condition, Chronic fatigue, intermittent heartbeat.

Changes in routines such as loss of hunger, increase in appetite.

Bloodshot or perhaps watery, consistently dilated pupils.

chronically inflamed or runny nostrils.

Rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction also focuses on offering programs to eliminate the chance of relapse. Relapse is not rare among alcoholics who have participated in rehabilitation program. Nonetheless, new strategies to rehabilitation for alcoholics have been designed and in cases of relapse associated with alcohol addiction that they re-join the program. The cost of these programs can sky rocket, often times you have the families and court systems paying for the treatment.

However when selecting alcohol rehabilitation center you should not let the price tag be the only deciding factor, less or more expensive does not guaranty anything. You should always visit various alcohol rehabilitation centers in your area and talk to the patients along with the staff members. This provides you a much better idea about the various activities which are being carried out, treatment method and accommodations.

Invest some time and find the right rehabilitation center for you, this will make a world of difference in your treatment and or recovery.

It is important to recognize the alcohol addiction and the physical behavior to determine whether the person is alcoholic or not. There are extensive underlining psychological and biological factors that affect a person and may lead them to become an alcoholic. In order to manage and beat the addiction treatment must encompass the whole person.

Source by Lourdes Amil

Cancer Caregivers From a Distance – 5 Proactive Tips

Long distance Cancer Caregivers envision the future to stay ahead of the developing situation. Being proactive will help reduce problems and dangerous situations.

1. Inspect the living quarters for safety issues. Plan repairs for items needing attention. If your loved one is elderly or becomes weak from their condition, this will become more of an issue. Price and plan for installation of safety items, if needed.

Bathroom concerns to be examined include:

  • Bathtub or shower seats
  • Grips on the bottom of the tub or shower for stability
  • Grab bars in bathroom by toilet and in tub/shower
  • Is a walk-in shower needed?
  • Repair leaky faucets and pipes to avoid wet, slippery floors

To avoid falls and injuries, assess the following trip and fall hazards:

  • Loose carpet and linoleum tiles
  • Worn stairways
  • Electrical cords in dangerous places

2. Provide Lifeline for medical emergencies and falls, if necessary.

  • Provides a bracelet or necklace to be worn by the individual.
  • Provides a call button for emergency assistance.
  • Provides an orderly in-place “system” for obtaining assistance during medical emergencies when the patient can’t get to the phone to call for help.

3. Will your loved one need someone to manage their medications?

  • Assemble a list of current medications and instructions.
  • If your loved one is elderly, can they open the medication containers without assistance?
  • Do any medications need to be cut in half or quarters?
  • Local pharmacies have pill-cutters you can purchase at a small price. (Depending on their age and condition, your loved one may need help with this.)
  • Assemble a list of possible neighbors or acquaintances who may be available to assist with cutting and dispensing medications, if necessary.
  • There are a number of devices available to assist with the dispensing of medications.
  • Prepare a week’s worth of medication in pre-labeled pill dispensers, if your loved one is well enough to keep track of when they are taking the meds.

4. You may need to determine your loved one’s financial situation.

  • This can be a delicate matter. Handle it with care.
  • Explain your need to know. You don’t want your loved one to think you are after their money.
  • Where are the important documents kept?
  • Can your loved one self-pay?
  • Will your loved one need financial assistance?
  • Do you know the whereabouts of your loved one’s financial documents, if they become very ill?
  • How will the bills be handled if your loved one is temporarily not well enough to deal with this?
  • When are the bills due each month?
  • Does anyone have the Power of Attorney, if necessary?

5. Does your loved one have any special insurance?

  • Health insurance
  • Long-term Care plan
  • Cancer plans, sometimes called “Cancer Insurance”. Some of these will provide specific funds for a caregiver to travel to be near the patient. These plans are completely independent of health insurance.
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Being a long distance Cancer Caregiver is not without challenges. Facing the future with planning and preparation help the caregiver and the patient feel more confident and in control. Cancer Caregivers operating from a distance will want to learn to deal with their challenges in a positive and proactive way.

Source by Susan Brownell

Abdominoplasty – Tips to Heal Faster

Abdominoplasty is called as tummy tuck in the scientific terminology. It is a serious surgery and requires immense care to be taken. If you had this kind of surgery recently than you might require a huge time before you come back to normal. Below are listed down some tips which if followed will almost help you to get back on the track soon.

Taking a good care of yourself is the most important thing that you must do. You might not be able to even remember the first few days after your surgery and this is often caused by the anesthesia given during surgery. You can look forward for some friends or relatives who can drive you home and attend you there. One may even opt for a special recovery hotel intention for the plastic surgery patients and these types of hotels are especially equipped to cater to your needs.

Another important task to remember is about having your pain relieving medicines on time and this will help you to heal fast. During the period when your anesthesia starts to be disappearing, you may feel the high intensity pain and your pain relieving drugs will be the ones which will help you to keep a tab on this. Most of us stop taking the pills as soon as we feel relieved from the pain which actually means the drug is working fine and must continue the next dose. An interesting fact is – the patients who experience less pain are intended to heal faster and since you must take your medications on time.

We all know the fact that the antibiotics which are given after surgery are highly potent ones and needs to be taken at the regular dose or may erupt the resistance in the infecting microbes and hence ineffective for the next time. Apart from this the risk of getting an infection after a tummy tick surgery is so high that one has to check his body temperature on regular intervals so as to avoid getting one.

You need to not only follow the doctors' instructions very closely but also have to visit him after your surgery and he will give you the bandage change instructions and bathing precautions. This will not only help you to recover faster but also to avoid any possible infection.

Source by Devendra Kumar Yadav

Running Tips – Motivate Your Running With Disassociation

Experienced runners who want to run faster must associate with the process of running. This is one of the most effective running tips to focus on breathing, form and feelings during the running process. They monitor signals from every part of their body, which in turn allows them to run their harder.

However according to coach David Virtue, association is not the best approach for beginning runners. When beginner runners associate, they usually experience thoughts that tell them to stop running because it hurts their bodies and it is not fun. It will draw their attention to reasons why they can not succeed at running. If they associate too much when they run, they will focus too much on negative input such as breathing difficulties, slowness and clumsiness, or pain in their legs.

To better succeed and gain more experience at running, beginner runners need to disassociate – to use their minds to override the negative feelings and concentrate on different, more positive thoughts instead.

John Martin Ph.D., a psychologist at San Diego State University, conducted an experiment where one group of beginning runners concentrated on how their body felt while running, while another group paid more attention to external thoughts and images. He discovered that the second group showed better attendance at the weekly schedule training sessions, and they continued to train longer after the sessions ended. His results indicate that disassociation is the most effective strategy for stimulating beginning runners.

To practice disassociation when you are running, pretended that everything you hear and see is playing on a big DVD that you're watching at home. Pay attention to interesting and appealing sights and sounds – pretty flowers, unusual cars, beautiful landscapes – and let them flow through your mind. If you are running with other people, you can mentally latch onto the other runners and notice their clothes or running styles or shoes.

This technique of disassociation is one of the best running tips to help you open your mind to your surroundings. It helps beginners to dwell less on the negative stimuli they are experiencing and focus more on the positive aspects of the experience. This technique also works for experienced runners who wish to relax, slow down, and run for a longer period of time.

At first, you may find it helpful to verbalize what you have just noticed. After a while though, you'll find that your mind takes over by itself and starts to feed you interesting scenes from the environment around you. The process will start to happen automatically. And the beauty of these disassociative thoughts is that they will help you to really notice and appreciate the beauty of running.

Source by Andre Kaokane

Financial Travel Tips

Traveling with money abroad
Taking cash on holiday has its pluses and negatives. An obvious draw back of cash is that if you lose it, its gone, and that is that. The reality is that we all need to take at least some cash with us before we go so that we can pay for food or taxis when we arrive

If you are thinking of getting foreign exchange you do not need to worry about the bureau de change commission but you do need to keep an eye on the exchange rate. What ever you do shop around. Buying foreign exchange from your bank or at the airport will mean you will probably pay over the odds.

As the exchange rates vary you must do your research. In order to get the best deals go online and find a deal. When you compare exchange rates online on a comparison site make sure you check the charges.

The advantages and disadvantages of travelers checks
If you are going to the back and beyond travelers checks are probably not a very good choice. Taking cash or a credit card gives you a greater deal of flexibility as you do not need to go to a bank. American dollar traveler's checks are probably the only exception as they are a widely accepted form of cash payment in the US.

Load before you go debit cards
A prepaid debit card is a useful option when going overseas. This card is already charged with currency before you leave the country. All you do is withdrawal or spend as you go.

The benefits of the prepaid credit card are that you can get one what ever your credit rating and they are far more secure. If you lose a card the issuer please cancels it and sends you a new one.

Should I take my debit card?
Debit cards are what most of us would normally take on holiday. Most of us have one, little thought and planning needs to take place, and your bill arrives in your bank statement the following month with all the rest of your purchases.

The only problem with taking your debit card abroad is that it's not the cheapest option. The typical rate is about 2.75% to 2.99% which is relatively high. Whilst withdrawing cash out in the UK it will cost you up to 3% abroad.

Using a credit card abroad
Just as debit cards, most credit cards will charge you about 3% but there are some exceptions. Certain cards will not charge you any fees on foreign transactions. Some will not even charge you for foreign transactions. The good thing about most credit cards is that you will be protected for any purchase above £ 100. So if your turkish rug suddenly catches on fire at least you will be covered

All the above assumes that you payoff your balance at the end of the month so that the interest charges do not cancel out the gains made on the foreign exchange rates. Most of all keep your money safe. Try to blend in and try not to look like a tourist.

Source by Paul G Tom

Meditation Tips- Learning to Meditate

In today's hectic world, learning to meditate can bring a sense of calm and inner satisfaction. The practice of meditation is a gateway into your inner consciousness, resulting in an enhanced awareness of your own existence and your overall relationship to the cosmos.

Whether you are looking to answer the age-old question, "Who am I and why am I here?" or simply to implement simple relaxation techniques meditation may just be the answer for you.

Although there are hundreds of established techniques how to meditate is really up to the individual. You can pick and choose among different schools of thought and find a technique that best suits your personality. However, despite meditation there are many different cultural contexts, there are certain general facets which transcend the boundaries of any one specific culture.

According to Eastern philosophy, to meditate means to think on the eternal, or rather to expand your consciousness until you are at one with the cosmos as a whole. Transcendental emotions like grief, euphoria or even love can fade away, but the universe is forever. Sometimes, with practice, learning to meditate can bring you in closer attunement with the very root and purpose of existence itself.

Even if you are not interested in the metaphysical implications of meditation, meditating has undeniable health benefits. Learning to meditate can have positive effects on stress induced sickness such as heart disease and high blood pressure. In conjunction with traditional Western approaches to medicine, meditation can target the root causes behind stress-based conditions by calming and clearing the mind.

Source by Jamie Lynn

Your Magaluf Holiday – Tips Before You Book

It’s nearly always sunny in Magaluf, which is located on the Spanish Island of Majorca – and that means you can enjoy the resort every day of your stay. This is the place where welcoming guests and knowing what they want has been practiced for more than a half century, resulting in hospitality that is beyond compare.

Imagine the cleanest, white sand beaches, warm, sunny days 300 days out of the year. Picture clear, turquoise water and entertainment options that span from a non-stop, sizzling nightlife to a multitude of choices for wholesome family fun. You’ve just imagined your holiday in Magaluf.

Whether you’re under 25 and with friends, a little older and with your spouse and children – or even a well-seasoned traveller enjoying your second wind – a Magaluf holiday is one you will never forget and will definitely repeat.

Just 15 miles from Palma Airport, Magaluf is easy to get to by taxi, rental car or bus. When you arrive there are a variety of excellent hotels and apartments available to suit every taste and budget.

Your only challenge will be trying to choose between the seemingly never-ending assortment of things you can do while a guest in Magaluf. There are the nearby water parks; Marineland, Aqualand and Western Water Park – that provide amusement for those of every age. Banana boat rides, a pirate adventure show, a bungee rocket for true thrill seekers, or go-kart racing, kite flying, horseback riding, scuba diving, wind surfing and jet skiing – are all just a few of the options that will be available to you in Magaluf.

If it’s a scorching nightlife you’re after, you’ll find Magaluf’s is addictive. Just start your evening at the Punta Ballena Strip, for everything from dance clubs to rave clubs, cabarets to a casino – and an endless selection of bars catering to every music preference. All this will be yours for the taking on a sun soaked Magaluf holiday.

Source by Laurence James

Golf Tips For Beginners

Golfing is not an easy game but there are some helpful tips to improve your overall golfing fun.
If you practice these techniques your game will get better.



Golfers usually approach a chip shot near the green without knowing what the shot will do. A chip shot is defined as a shot near the green that is suppose to roll farther on the ground than it is in the air. "KNOWING" This is the first part of the equation.

There are many techniques to accomplish the shot; The most reliable way to chip is to treat the shot as a PUTT WITH A DIFFERENT CLUB. This allows you to use a motion with less moving parts. This shot is easily reproduced since it is the same motion at all times.

What you want to do is fly the ball onto the nearest portion of the green, usually 3 to 6 feet and let it roll to the hole. Now that you have the motion of the chip established, selection of the club is next.

The EXECUTION part of the equation is next. Now that you know the chipping motion is the same as a putting motion, you only have to select the right club. By selecting the right club, the motion does not change. Here is an approx graph for gaging the shot.

Pitching wedge 1: 1

9 – iron 1: 2

8 – iron 1: 3

7 – iron 1: 4


Choke down on the club just above the shaft. Move your hands away from your body to get into a putting stance. Rest the club forward on its toe. This discourges the club from digging into the ground during the shot.


Your stance should be narrow and slightly open (left foot should be slightly back and toe should be open 20 – 30 degrees) Your weight should be slightly on your left foot. The ball should be positioned slightly back of center towards your right foot. You can also use your putting grip, which will discourage the hand motion. For left hand golfers, just reverse the procedure.


Make a motion like a putting stroke, the club should be swung with the shoulders. At impact the hands stay stable as the upper body rotates to a smooth finish.

You do need to practice the shots to see how you clubs and greens react to your new motion. This KNOWING + EXECUTION = RESULTS

I hope this will improve your game.

Source by Dave W Schneider

17 Dropshipping Tips

  1. Are they integrated with eBay? This will make your job a whole lot easier if you are looking to have an eBay store or auction.
  2. Do they offer data feeds? Save yourself tons of time and frustration …. try to go with suppliers that have a data feed so you can easily bulk upload their resources onto your site. This will get your dropshipping business started almost instantly!
  3. Are they a "blind" dropshipper? A blind dropshipper will ship the products under your companies name, NOT their own. If they do not blind dropship …. what is the point?
  4. Does the supplier allow you to use their pictures and descriptions? If the answer to this question is no, you are not using a legitimate supplier … so RUN!
  5. Do they offer price guarantees / matching? Although Doba claims to do this, many people have stated otherwise. Price matching is good … but you do not have a good chance of finding it.
  6. Do they offer brand name products? What do the people want? Give the people what they want … and the money will come. If they do not offer name brand products, then how do they compare? Will people on eBay buy your nameless sneakers for the same price as the other guy selling Sketchers? Do your homework …. do not just jump on the first good supplier you come across.
  7. Do they offer educational training or multi media sources? Again — our FAVORITE source, OneSource, offers a tremendous training package to help you get your business started. This is a great asset to you, and you should look for sources with this tool.
  8. Do they offer a toll free number with customer service support? If you have a customer with lots of questions, who is willing to buy, but needs a few answers …. or a customer with a shipping issue, or WHATEVER, you must call them to get your questions answered in a reasonable amount of time. If email is the only means of communication … you may want to check them out of RipoffReport or bbbonline . Chances are good that they are a scam and not a legitimate company.
  9. Do they offer sample products for you to test? Some companies will do this … but it is not a necessity. Just make sure you can see pictures or order a product yourself.
  10. What type of payment methods are acceptable? You will want to know if they accept credit cards, PayPal, cashiers check, or what? Some companies will only do one or the other.
  11. Do they have a good reputation with the BBB? Always important … for your safety and your potential customers.
  12. How quickly is the order fulfilled? 2-3 business days, 4-5 business days, 1-2 weeks …. VERY IMPORTANT when selling on ebay especially.
  13. How much do they charge for shipping and are there dropship fees? These are factors you will have to take into consideration when calculating the cost per item … that is, if you want to make a profit!
  14. Is there a minimum order requirement? If yes, is it reasonable? If no, GREAT!
  15. Does the supplier offer true wholesale pricing? You can figure that out by doing research on a few of the items they have listed. If you can find them for much cheaper … then the answer is No.
  16. Are their products readily available and in stock? They should dislodge this information on their FAQ pages, and if it is not listed, contact them. You really have to know this especially for eBay.
  17. Does the supplier offer a back order system? Again …. if doing eBay, you want to know these answers, otherwise you will get VERY bad reviews by customers, and may potentially get kicked off.

Source by Patrick Nivrag

Golden Retrieve Puppy Training Tips

Who can resist the instinct of engulfing a cute, little, innocent faced, koochy-poochy Golden pup at the very first sight? Golden retriever pups are irresistibly adorable and sweet. But anyone who owns a Golden pup would know what a store of energy and vigil lies behind these cutie faces.

The Golden breed is a power house of energy and it is highly active and curious. And the little ones of the breed are, for sure, no different. Lack of proper training of your Golden Retriever puppy can easily lead a Golden pup into an uncontrollable and unruly adult with an unpleasing temperament. So training and controlling should begin from the very first day you bring your pup home. This may sound harsh, but it is necessary if you want to enjoy happy moments with a happy dog. Proper training will not only help you but will also help the dog to manage itself better.

Most important thing that you need to do in your golden retriever puppy training, is to house-break your pup. Once the pup has done 'it' inside the house, it will be difficult to train it otherwise. Here, you should follow a schedule of taking it out for emptying its bladder after every meal and at regular intervals. Do it regularly, at the same time and try to make the pup excrete at the same place every time. It will not take long for this to develop as a habit with the pup. Goldens are very intelligent and learn quite easily. It is believed that a pup needs to empty its bladder after as many hours as the months of his age. You can follow this rule to set a schedule for your pup.

In order to set its bowel movements right, you will have to feed your pup properly with prescribed food and according to a healthy schedule. It's advisable to feed a Golden pup thrice daily up to 10-12 weeks of age. After this you should switch to twice daily plan. With the growing age, increase the quantity of food gradually by 1 / 4th of a cup at a time. Increase the quantity only after the pup starts finishing the food entirely within 20 minutes. Increase until you reach a level that is sufficient for a grownup dog. Your doggie should never be over fed and it should never be over-weight. Goldens love to put on. Make sure that you are always able to feel its ribs while rubbing through its sides. Use only the food brands recommended by vets. Train your pup to have its last meal in the evening (not night). This will allow time for an after meal trip outside and the pup will be able to hold through the night.

Also, your pup should know that it should finish the food in time. Allow it to be with the food for specific, pre-decided minutes, ie 20 or 25. Take the bowl away, even if it's not empty, after that specific time.

Disciplining an energetic and active Golden pup is a task. Again, a regular and same schedule every day and your Golden's innate sharpness will help you. Begin with training it to understand basic commands like 'come', 'go', 'stay', 'no', etc. Engage it in short 10-15 minute sessions. Long sessions will not help. A pup has a short attention span. A good idea is to go for 2-3 short sessions daily.

Along with this, it is important that your pup knows what is allowed and what is not. Reward it for good behavior and obedience with a big hug or an occasional treatment. Show your dislike for every wrong doing. Goldens always want to please their masters. So your pup will refuse from doing what you do not like.

Here's the golden rule: hold yourself from pampering your pup with 'those extra bites' or 'allowed misbehavior' and mold it into a gorgeous, graceful and truly golden golden Retriever.

Source by Nelson Williams