Castle Age Guide and Tips

Castle Age is a time-based massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game hosted on Facebook. You get to quest in a lore-rich world, team up with friends to fight monsters such as dragons and hydra, and even invade and duel thousands of other Castle Age players! The following is a guide and tips on the various Castle Age stats and the many actions that you can take in the game.

Player Stats

In Castle Age, you are able to complete quests, battle other players and fight dangerous monsters. Which stat you focus on will determine how good you are in each of those areas. Everytime you gain a level and complete quests, you will be given points that you can allocate to whiche stat you choose.

* Attack – This determines how effective you are at fighting other players and dealing damage to monsters. Focus on this stat if you are interested in player-player (PVP) action or monster-slaying.

* Defense – High defense makes you more effective at defeating other players who attack you, and also causes monsters to deal less damage to you. Generally useful to prevent losing health and gold all the time when other players attack you.

* Energy – Doing quests requires energy, with the more advanced quests requiring more energy. Focus on this stat if you want to do more quests, then elearning experience and gaining gold and levels faster. Energy regenerates at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.

* Health – This determines how much of a beating you can take. You will take damage each time you fight other players and monsters. High health will allow you to take more damage before you become too weak to fight. However, healing to full health is pretty cheap, so this stat is not too important. Health regenerates at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes.

* Stamina – It costs 2 points to increase your stamina by 1. Each stamina point allows you to fight another player or attack a monster, since a high stamina means you can fight more. Fighting is also a good source of experience points, and killing monsters gives you the chance of collecting strong items. His stamina is a fairly important stat to focus on. Stamina regenerates at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.


One way of seeing the world of Castle Age is by questing. You are able to explore the world from the lowest level Land of Fire through to more treacherous areas. As you progress, the quests become more difficult to do and have more requirements you need to meet before you can attempt them. Each quest requires a certain amount of energy, and usually have other requirements you have to meet before you are allowed to attempt it, such as a specific hero you need to employ as well as specific combinations of units and equipment. In addition, each "Land" or level of quests has an "end boss" quest that rewards you with powerful heroes, equipment and magic when you complete it.

It is a good idea to plan ahead and look at the requirements of a couple of quests beyond the one you are currently trying. If you know what heroes and which units are required, you will be able to save up enough gold to buy them when you've completed your current quest, therefore not wasting any time between quests. In addition, some quests have very high energy requirements. Knowing how much energy you need in the immediate future will also help you plan your stat allocation accordingly.


Battling enemies fighting with other Castle Age players, whether it is via a full-scale invasion or a duel between your top generals. You earn battle points each time you defeat an opponent. The more battle points you earn, the higher your battle rank; and certain ranks allow you to hire or summon powerful units, items and spells.

Do note though that you gain more battle points defeating opponents with a higher level and rank than you. There is also a battling restriction while you are lower than level 80. You will only be able to battle other players in the same 10-level bracket as you. After level 80, it's a free-for-all and everyone is fair game.

Invading another player involves huge armies battling each other. Therefore it is the option of choice for players with lots of friends playing the game and hence a larger army. Each army member will use one of your items and spells to face the other player's army. If your army is big enough, your generals will also join in the fight.

Dueling involves sending your best general against the other player's general. These generals will be equipped with the very best items and magic in your arsenal. As such, this is the option for players that do not have that many friends playing the game.

Whether you are inviting or dueling, your attack stat is naturally important if you are the attacker, and the defense stat is critical if you want to win fights that other players start. In addition, stamina is important if you want to start a lot of fights.


Fighting monsters is the third style of play in Castle Age coupled questing and battling other players. These monsters are summoned by players once they meet certain requirements. Bosses such as Gildamesh the Orc King and Sylvanas the Sorceress Queen became accessible once you complete the major of quests in their relevant regions. Other monsters such as dragons and hydra can be summoned once you have collected all the prerequisite alchemical ingredients.

Some of the lower level monsters can be cooked on your own. However, the majority of them will require teamwork as you recruit other players to fight with you. Monsters such as the region bosses and dragons can be bought by the summoner and other players in their army. The World Hydra works a bit differently, and can be attacked by any Castle Age player who happens to stumble upon them.

These monsters have a set time limit in which they have to be killed, otherwise they will flee. If you manage to kill a monster, you will have the chance of collecting rare items, units and magic from it.


Heroes or generals are the backbone of your army. Each quest will require a specific hero to lead your army in order to complete it. In addition, your heroes will lead your army in battles with other players, or be your representative in duels. They will also be the ones fighting the monsters. (It's a tough life being a hero!)

There are various heroes with varying degrees of power in attack and defense. The more common ones can be hired in town, but the most powerful ones (including demons and demi-gods) can only be accessed via the Oracle with favorable points, which we will discuss later on.

Units, Items and Magic

When you're in town, you can spend gold to hire units and buy equipment to prepare for battle. Each quest that you complete will have a certain number and type of units that you are required to have. Only when you have hired those units will you be able to attempt the quest.

Units and equipment are critical when you are fighting. When inviting other players, the more powerful units you have, the more chance you have at successfully defeating the other player. In addition, when you are dueling another player or fighting a monster, your best equipment in each "body slot" will provide damage bonuses for you and keep you from taking damage.


Although Castle Age is all about questing, fighting monsters and battling other players, the bit that is most crucial to your success is your economic machine. You will need lots of gold to hire heroes and units and equip them with good items and magic. In addition, the more powerful of these units and equipment have an upkeep, costing you gold every hour.

Doing quests, attacking other players and fighting monsters all provide you with some gold, but you will need to invest that hard-earned cash into land that will generate hourly income for you. Do note that the more of each land type you buy, the more expensive it becomes. It pays to check the return on investment for each land type at all times to determine which piece of land is of the most value.


Demi-Powers are deities or gods that can aid you in your struggles. There are 5 demi-powers, each of which has a unique role and can provide you with powerful benefits when you ask for their blessings. For example, Malekus is the demi-power of war, and you will gain 1 attack point each time you pray to him. In addition to these stat boosts, praying to the demi-powers will also unlock exclusive quests and provide you with powerful items and magic.


This is where the most powerful heroes and items can be obtained. Every month, there will be an exclusive hero and their related equipment that can be bought using favor points. In addition, there are "treasure chests" available where you can spend favor points and gamble on what you will receive. It could be a common piece of armor, or it could be the most powerful general in the game.

These favor points can be a bit difficult to come by. You start the game with a few favorite points, and you have a chance of approaching them each time you kill a monster. You can also earn favor points each time you complete offers and respond to paid advertising in the Oracle section of the game. Another option is that you can buy the favor points outright using cash.

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Tips for Becoming an Actor

Many young people aspire to become actors and actresses because of the fascinating lifestyle that these people normally enjoy. In addition, this is a well-paying career and it mostly involves doing what one loves. Most young people however ignore the fact that this is an industry which is tough to penetrate so a lot of study & hard work is required. Truth of the matter is that the best actors and actresses are usually the ones who are constantly learning so that their creativity levels can be boosted immensely.

Becoming a successful actor is quite possible provided you follow the essential steps that are required. The first thing that you need to do is to enroll for acting classes and ensure that you learn everything being taught there. Moreover, your local theater can also be useful since these are avenues that usually host workshops and seminars for actors & actresses thus helping them sharpen their skills. You may also want to go for college acting which is deeper and will take your creativity to greater heights.

In order to be involved in acting, you have to be a fan of plays & movies. Ensure that you spend a substantial amount of your time watching these since this is a great way of learning from the best what to do in certain scenes while acting. There are numerous acting techniques that professional actors normally use and this is why you need to read as many books as you can so that you can be more diverse. Practice these techniques consistently for efficiency during acting.

Once you have covered the basics, now it is time to go for auditions. The best way to find auditions is to browse the internet so that you can find opportunities that are in your local area. Additionally, you also need to go into your local theaters since advertisements are usually placed in such areas. There are numerous agencies that work with actors in order to help them get work so ensure that you research adequately so that you may find the most appropriate to work with.

All in all, it is important to build your character and a brand for yourself as an actor so that you may be able to stand out from the clutter. There are many aspirants out there with a similar dream like yours so you must ensure that there is something extra about you which will give you an upper hand.

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Scratch Card Fundraising Idea Tips

A scratch card fundraiser is quick, easy, and profitable. It is simply the most profitable fundraiser product available today! This fundraiser can create awareness to your business with a winning technique that is an inexpensive way to generate pledges while creating an incentive through the fundraiser. Your scratch card fundrasier are perfect for schools, charities, organizations, and more.

When planning your fundraiser there are some important steps to account for before implementing your fundraiser to reach its maximum profit capabilities. The first thing you want to do before any fundraiser is to set a goal for your group to reach. Setting goals can give you a target to aim and as humans we all have this built in mechanism that drives people to perform better when they are presented with a goal to reach. The best way to reach your goal is to write it down and track its progress. As your group sees the goal getting close subconsciously they will want to work harder and faster to get to the goal. Once the goal is clearly defined you should next set a deadline to reach this goal. Deadlines will keep your fundraising group on track and motivated. Finally if possible give away incentives to the people in your group who perform the best and raise the most money. Competition is another human trait that is in all of us and can help drive your group to reach its goal within the deadline.

Below are some ideas intended to increase competition and help get your participants motivated.

  • Every participant who completes a card is entered into a drawing for cash prizes or other merchandise.
  • Everyone who completes a Scratch card receives a prize, for example a cash prize, movie tickets, or a Blockbuster Gift Card.
  • Offer a prize to the individual who raises the most money, or completes the most cards.
  • Offer something great to the person who reaches a specific goal in a shorter period of time. Tested to work time and time again.

A scratch card fundraiser will draw attention, create excitement and increase profits for your school, organization or charity. Scratch cards are a great fundraising idea for anyone.

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Insurance Tips For Mothers

The most important thing to a Mother is the protection of her beloved family. As Mother's Day swiftly approaches, take a look over some top tips for Mum's across the country when it comes to protecting their family finances.

• Tip 1: Have you considered a policy which pays an actual income, rather than a lump sum?

Family Income Benefit works the same as life policy, but rather than pay out a lump sum, it pays out a regular income from the point of claim, until the end of the policy. It can potentially result in nearly double the amount of money being paid out in comparison to a lump sum policy – and cover often works out cheaper for women.

Have you thought about Income Protection? This is vitally important and often should be considered above life insurance and ASU. Rather than pay out at death, IP pays out when the policy holder falls ill and is unable to work, alas replacing their salary. This policy is also available to house-persons who do not work, or work less than 16 hours per week.

• Tip 2: Do not rely on state benefits.

Do not overestimate the amount of state benefit you or your family would receive you should fall ill or die. On Incapacity Benefit, a 30 year old woman approaching approximately £ 35,000, would be enticed to receive just £ 61.35 for the first 28 weeks – working out to £ 245.50 per month. However, she should take on a policy with Friends Provident for £ 24.80 per month, she would guarantee herself a monthly income of £ 1500, potentially until the age of retirement.

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Women Entrepreneurs – Tips For Success

Who said it was not possible to become a female entrepreneur and join the successful legion of women entrepreneurs? There are several opportunities to work for yourself as a woman entrepreneur whether it is online or starting a business from your home. In order to have success with this opportunity, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip # 1 Confidence

As a lady, the deck is stacked against. Most people do not think you can win. But to the entrepreneurial women out there seeking to join the ranks of women business owners, understand this: When it comes to free enterprise, facts and stats just do NOT matter!

The first thing you must have is faith and confidence in yourself. There are going to be a number of people out there telling you that you can not succeed and hoping you will fail so they can say "Well, I told you so." There is a lot of competition to face in virtually every niche imaginable. But if you believe in yourself and have faith, you will do everything in your power to find success.

Tip # 2 Make A Choice

The next thing you have to understand is that you have choices. There are several opportunities to pursue as a women entrepreneur. Professional women and women of influence take time to consider their options wisely. With so many options to choose from, you have the ability to get involved in something you have a passion for and knowledge in.

One of the most difficult things entrepreneurs face is balancing their time and using it effectively. You will be given an endless amount of freedom by working for yourself. It is up to you to manage this time and avoid the numerous distractions that will be in front of you. Stay focused and keep your mind on the goals you have set for yourself.

In order to have success as a female entrepreneur, you have to be willing to devote a great deal of time and effort in marketing and advertising (or at least devote money to experts who can market for you). You can not sit back and expect people to come to you. You have to diversify your marketing techniques and apply several different methods to find what works best for you.

Tip # 3 Cross The Finish Line

The last tip to help you find success as an entrepreneur is to set goals and then pursue them. It is vital you write out goals for you to work toward to give you something to strive for. As soon as you have set your goals, it is then up to you to pursue these goals. Just writing out goals will not do anything for you unless you work hard to achieve them.

There is a plethora of women entrepreneurs succeeding in the world today. While there are several qualities and characteristics that make up a successful entrepreneur, there are some things you can do to help yourself out. Take the tips listed in this article into consideration as you pursue your dream.

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Tips Before Buying Insurance

Searching for insurance online has become not only the quickest but also the most effective way to buy your car insurance. Whenever you go online you will have tons of insurance companies struggling to win your business over. You have more choices than ever before. With so many choices the only problem that arises is choosing the right company to buy your insurance from. Online all the companies will look great and each one of them will promise more services and better rates than their competitors but it is entirely up to you to do your research on them and evaluate them against each other and then pick the one that most suits your needs. With online insurance you have a tremendous choice to choose from. You should take your time looking at all the different online companies as regards to what they offer and more importantly the company history. It is not advisable to go with an insurance company that does not have a very long insurance history as that would automatically mean that the company is new in this business and teething problems will be inevitable. Choosing online insurance also saves you a lot of time and you can search multiple companies within the same day rather than go and meet each one of them. More over you can shop anytime of the day you want rather than regular office hours. In most cases, different companies will be able to give you quick insurance quotes while you are on the net. This will prove a good reference point when you are choosing between different companies.

Second choice in buying insurance is that you go through a local exclusive agent of a company. A lot of times people do not fully understand the type of insurance they are buying and they might end up paying for something that they might not need. Going through a local exclusive agent can eliminate this problem. A local exclusive agent is primarily linked to only one insurance company and they are will know all the products being offered by the company inside out and they will also have extensive company training. They can identify the best product that will suit your needs rather than make you run in loops.

Third choice is the local non-exclusive agent. The advantage with a non exclusive agent is that since they will be selling the product from different companies, so they can tailor the best product for you from these companies. Once they know your demands and needs, they will be able to identify the right company with the right product for you.

No matter what source you go to get your insurance, you should always choose insurance with a secure and trusted insurance company and who has proven customer service. Also you should fully understand the policy before you go ahead and sign it.

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Tips to Building Custom Built Barns

There are many options for you to consider when you want to get a barn that will act as a stable for your horses; there are modular barns, prefabricated barns, prebuilt barns and shed row horse barns to consider. However, if you want something special for your horse, you could consider getting a customized barn.

The many barns available on the market come with almost the same designs and concepts. Nonetheless, if you have the money and manpower, you can easily think about getting yourself custom built barns.

Before setting about building your customized barn, you have to determine how much money you can spend and the amount of time you have to build the barn. Work it out so that the barn is ready for protecting your horse in wintertime. Once you have decided on the amount of time and money you can spend for the barn, choose the right contractor for the job.

Choose a contractor that understands horses

The contractor that you choose should not only be a reliable and fairly well-known, but should be one that is well versed with the habits and quirks of a horse. It is only if the contractor knows the horses habits that he will be able to create the custom built barns as per the requirements of the horse.

Ventilation is important for the barn not only for air circulation but also to cool it down. Horses tend to produce lots of heat and they require a constant flow of air in the barn to keep them cool. In a poorly ventilated barn, there is a potential of bacterial growth on walls, bad smells as well as health and respiratory problems developing in the horse.

Whatever you decide to implement in your barn, it is important that you keep on discussing the plan with the contractor, and are kept up to date with the developments in the building of the barn. This is the only way you can be sure that the barn will be built according to your specifications.

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Tanning Tips

It is not really easy to get the perfect tan and this is the reason why a vast number of people counter problems while tanning their body. Deficient or limited comprehension can be phrased as the most common source of tanning deficiency for mutually natural in addition to artificial tanners. There lies a great difference between tanning under the sun and tanning inside a tanning bed. Different attention is required by both of them in particular standpoints. Here, different tips are available for both of these methods.

The tips that are presented here would be useful for all so as to steer clear of the detrimental effects linked with tanning and all together your skin will obtain a really good as well as a harmless tan. Following these tips would let you get the perfect tan what would be accredited by all for sure !!

Outdoor Sun Tanning Tips:

– Before you step out to go sunbathing, ascertain that your skin is clear from any ingredients of makeup creams and cologne liquids that would make your skin more disposed to sunburn.

– It is very important that you moisturize your skin with SPF lotions prior to and subsequent to the tanning sessions. Moisturizers put a stop to the disproportation diffusion of the UV rays. Make sure that you do not just rub on the lotion to amplify protection, but let some noticeable quantity of the cream or moisturizer stay on your skin.

– Let there be a sufficient gap of about two days between every single tanning session. This time is required so as to let the melanin to generate in substantial amount.

– The exposure time under the sun should not be more than about 25-30 minutes and it would be better to tan before 10 am given that the force of the sun remains temperate at this hour.

Indoor Tanning Tips:

– The most important equipment in this case are the lamps of tanning booths. Make sure that you get a lamp with low UVB rays for enhanced tan. The UVB bulbs with little strength offer a darker long-term tan.

– The tanning session in this case should not be more than 10-15 minutes.

– Dampen the skin with creams that have DHA (dehrdroxy acetone) on top of SPF (sunburn protection formula). The DHA augments the tan and the nutrient appendages keep your skin shining brighter.

– Do not tan absolutely naked. As an alternative protect sensitive areas of the body that are typically not showing to UV radiations.

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Tips To Buying Bridal Headpieces

Getting married is once in life experience for a woman and so is wearing a tiara. It is that, pretty important that bridal tiaras are worn in the right manner. This can ensure that the experience becomes memorable. Here are some tips for wearing them in the right manner.

One the most important considerations for wearing bridal tiaras is that these should match the wedding dress. These should gel pretty well with the gown or any other dress to have maximum impact. Otherwise, these may look odd and may even end up ruining the overall appearance.

At the same time, the tiara should not divert attention to itself. It should complement the dress and the choice should be made keeping this point in consideration. It bought to be used as an accessory, highlighting overall beauty of the bride and her dress for occasion. It should help in drawing attention to the face of bride.

There are certain designs of tiaras that are suitable for specific face types. For example, an oval face does not blend well with a tiara that has got a peak. A balance should be made between the height of the face and size of the tiara. One may seek help from an expert dress designer to get matching design of the same.

On similar lines, a tiara should blend well with the hairstyle of the bride. Every hairstyle has a specific matching hairstyle and may not look good with others. Getting advice from a hairstylist is necessary to know which one will blend well with the hairstyle of bride. A mock run can be made to have an idea about the looks.

Another way of getting idea is to look for the way celebrities or royals sport these. This is mainly because royals tend to have much more experience than everyone else in this regard. One may take inspiration from photographs of royal weddings and see how princesses supporting these. At the same time, one should not end up copying the design or else, risk getting thumbs down.

Women may spend a lot on bridal tiaras but still has to do some effort for wearing them right. It is necessary to ponder a lot about the above specified factors to look gorgeous on the wedding day. Complements the dress by wearing a smile and being confident while walking down the aisle. This can go a long way in enhancing the overall appearance.

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Ten Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the newest trend in the money market that contains the elements of computer science and mathematical theory. Its primary function is to secure communication as it converts legible information into an unbreakable code. You can track your purchases and transfers with cryptocurrency. Following are the top ten tips for investors to invest in cryptocurrency.

  1. It’s Just Like Investing in Commodities:

Investing in cryptocurrency is just like investing in any other commodity. It has two faces – it can be used as an asset or as an investment, which you can sell and exchange.

  1. Buy Bitcoin Directly:

Buy Bitcoins directly if you do not want to pay the fee for investing or if you are interested in possessing real Bitcoins. There are a lot of options all over the world including, BitFinex, and BitFlyer from where you can buy Bitcoins directly.

  1. Only an Absolute Minority Uses Cryptocurrency:

Today, Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency in the world of investment. In the United States, only 24% of the adults know about it, and surprisingly only 2% Americans use it. It is good news for the financial investors as the low usage represents a fruitful investment for the future.

  1. Usage is Growing:

The combined market cap of the cryptocurrencies is more than 60 billion American dollars. It includes all cryptocurrencies in existence including hundreds of smaller and unknown ones. The real-time usage of the cryptocurrencies has gone up, showing a rise in trend.

  1. Usage is the Key Criteria:

As an investor, the usage must be the key for you. The demand and supply data of cryptocurrencies exhibits a decent investment opportunity right now. There exists a strong usage of the currencies for facilitating payments between financial institutions and thus, pushing transaction costs down meaningfully.

  1. The Market Cycle:

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is in euphoria. It is the point where the investment may not appear as a golden opportunity to you but the values will go higher from here. Businesses, governments, and society across the globe will soon be considering cryptocurrencies.

  1. It will Solve Problems for You:

Money is to solve problems, and so is the cryptocurrency. The bigger problem it solves, the higher potential value it gets. The sweet spot for possessing cryptocurrency is that it provides access to money and basic bank functions including paying and wiring.

  1. Crypto to Money:

Today, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged to conventional paper money. Therefore, the lock-in risk that existed a while ago is gone now.

  1. Create Your Portfolio:

Since cryptocurrencies are exchangeable, they have become another way to build your portfolio. You can now store cash in the form of crypto and exchange it for cash anytime you need the traditional money.

  1. Read the Right Resources:

‘Everyone and his uncle’ becomes a guru during any hype. Be very skeptical while selecting reading sources and people who do cryptocurrency investment.

Source by Muhammad Suhail