10 Tips to Parents For Finding Quality Time

What are the 10 tips for finding quality time?

1) Help to avoid sibling rivalry by giving all the children equal amounts of attention. If one child needs attention more than the other try and involve them. If there is the arrival of a new sibling, give plenty of praise and attention to the others, keeping them involved and not left out.

2) If parents spend quality time together there is more unity when it comes to being consistent about rules and routines. There will be less opportunity for the child to play one parent off the other. Parents really benefit from time spent together without the children. Try and arrange some nights out or a weekend away together.

3) Share some chores so that one parent is not overburdened. Try and arrange it so both parents have some one on one time with each child every day.

4) Create boundaries that clearly show parents need their own time and time spent together as a couple that does not involve the child. Making rules that define acceptable behavior help to stop excessive sibling rivalry.

5) If sibling rivalry gets out of hand, deal with it immediately by taking clinical action.

6) Give some verbal warnings to the child first, allowing them to adjust their behavior before taking further action.

7) Allow your child time to prepare for the arrival of a new sibling. Answer any questions with simple explanations. Reassure them and be careful not to give them cause for concern.

8) If the children are not at risk of harming themselves or others give them time to settle any differences themselves before jumping in.

9) Give an older child some responsibility when introducing sharing activities. Keep them all involved to avoid any intense jealousy.

10) Take care of yourself by seeking out support when it is needed. Allow yourself some time to enjoy activities away from the children. Enjoy time together as a family.

Source by Hank Daly

Want A Cuckold Sissy Husband? New Tips On Cuckolding Your Husband!

So, you want a cuckold sissy husband? Most women struggle and fail. What I will do is give you some very simple – yet fantastically powerful – steps to help in cuckolding your husband.

Oh boy do I ever!

A husband must, of course, WANT to be cuckolded. Brainwashing is a no-no (I know… such a shame!). So get his agreement.

Rules, rules… and, you guessed it, MORE rules

Next up, lay down the new rules of your relationship. Your relationship has transitioned. You need new rules to govern it.

Half the rules will relate to feminization aimed at creating a cuckold sissy husband. For instance he is no longer allowed sexual interactions with you (unless you give them as treats). He may also be required to ACT more feminine, to agree to everything you say, to abstain from masturbation, and to dress as a woman.

The other half of the rules relate to YOU. You will have boyfriends and men in your life (and women, if you swing that way!). You will not kiss your husband or do anything sexual. You will not do the dishes or clean the house. So on and so on.

Sexual release

You have got agreement from him and laid down the rules. To make cuckolding your husband EASIER you must stop his sexual release. So, no sexual fun or masturbation. This will put him in a near-constant state of sexual arousal. It makes it easier for him to live within the new rules you established.

Last – but CERTAINLY not least – the “bull” boyfriend

You have done everything right. All that remains is to get yourself a “bull” boyfriend. This can be a man who you have either an emotional or a physical relationship with – or both. Generally, he is more endowed than your new cuckold sissy husband. This final step in cuckolding your husband will cement your new relationship and TEST it. Because if, after meeting with your boyfriend, your husband is still happy, then you know that you have succeeded.

Source by Davina Anderson

Five Tips For A Great Software Demo

Whether you need to close a sale, gather end-user feedback, show progress to your customer, or simply explain how your product works, sooner or later, you will need to demo your software product.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to perform hundreds of demos to audiences of various sizes. I’ve also had the chance to attend demos hosted by others. The following represent the top 5 tips I’ve learned over the last decade regarding demos.

Manage Your Audience’s Expectations

Have you ever gone to see a movie everyone raved about and walk out totally disappointed? More often than not, moviegoers feel let down not because the picture was bad, but rather because it was worse than they anticipated. It didn’t meet their expectations.

Similarly, if people show up to a demo thinking they’re about to see a finished product, they expect it to be virtually defect-free, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. They wouldn’t be impressed for example with a Web-based application that contains typos or JavaScript errors if they’re under the impression it’s going live in a week. However, if they know beforehand that you’re presenting a throwaway prototype, this same audience will be much more lenient. And they will gladly provide much-needed feedback to help you with your work in progress.

Managing your audience’s expectation is critical to a successful demo. If you want them to walk away from your presentation pleased, make sure you set the right expectations beforehand. Be honest with them. Don’t try to oversell your demo. Just sell it, and try to over deliver.

One Bad Apple Spoils The Whole Bunch

All it takes to screw up a demo is one person. If someone starts negatively critiquing every single widget in your application or constantly interrupts you simply because he/she likes to hear the sound of his/her own voice, your demo will be a disaster. It is your job to ensure that these bad apples don’t show up to your presentation.

Unless you’re hosting a closed-door demo, it’s very hard to control who will attend it. Omitting someone from your invitation list doesn’t guarantee they won’t hear about your demo through word-of-mouth and simply show up.

Here are a couple of ways to trick bad apples into not attending your demo:

  • Create a scheduling conflict for those bad apples. Make sure they are busy, or better yet, out of the office when your demo takes place.
  • Book two separate demos. Invite the people whose feedback you truly value to the first demo and the bad apples to the second. More often than not, each group will show up to the demo they’re respectively invited to. When it’s time for the second demo, go ahead and give it your best shot, or if you don’t have time, simply cancel it.

I’m well aware that these two tips sound like an excerpt from Scott Adams’s Dilbert And The Way Of The Weasel, but unless you feel comfortable telling your peers, superiors or customers not to show up to your demo, these two options are pretty much all you’re left with.

Do A Practice Run

I attended a demo last week hosted by the CEO of a local start-up. After meeting with him at a trade show, he managed to convince me that his company had developed a technology that could solve one of my client’s needs. I therefore agreed to give him 30 minutes of my time so he could demonstrate his product’s capabilities.

I didn’t need 30 minutes to realize I didn’t want to do business with him. All I needed was 30 seconds.

This guy couldn’t even log in his own Web-based application! He spent the first 10 minutes of the demo looking for a password.

Always do a practice run on the system that you’re going to use during the actual demo. You might know the application like the palm of your hand, but if someone else has access to your demo system, who knows what shape it’s in. They might have removed services, upgraded components or, as was the case with this CEO, changed the user credentials without informing you.

Unless you don’t mind looking like a fool, always do a practice run on your demo system before presenting to your audience.

Pay Attention To Details

The hundreds of demos I’ve performed over the years have taught me that people pay more attention to how the application looks than what it does. You software might be the solution to world-hunger but if a member of your audience notices a typo in your GUI, he/she will point it out!

Readers are especially distracted by readable content – and that’s a fact. Deal with it by carefully reviewing the text on your interface and in your graphics. If you don’t have the time to review and finalize the text, use Lorem Ipsum.

Lorem Ipsum has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, thereby making it look like readable English yet not distracting your readers. I now develop new prototypes strictly with Lorem Ipsum and add actual text when and only when I have time to write content that I know won’t become a subject of discussion at my next demo. I strongly advise you to do the same.

Point Out The (Obvious) Bugs

Software contains bugs. It’s that simple. Anyone who doesn’t agree with that statement clearly hasn’t worked in the software industry for long. Although we sometimes strive for defect-free products, reality is complex systems always contain defects – even when they’re generally available.

Doing a practice run before your demo will allow you to identify and resolve the showstoppers, and using Lorem Ipsum will deal with the nitty-gritty details that would otherwise distract your audience. But what about the other defects attributed to Murphy’s Law?

In the event that an obvious bug does display itself during your demo, point it out!

In all likelihood, your audience will have already noticed the bug. Any attempt to hide it will give them the impression that you’re not being honest. Consequently, they’ll start to wonder what else you’re trying to cover up.

Point out the bug, explain that you have a solution, confidently state that the fix will be implemented by a specific date, and move on. This sincere behavior will reassure your audience that (a) you’re not trying to sweep one under the rug and (b) the defect will be resolved by the time they deploy your system.

I’m not advocating that you go hunting for bugs during your demo. If you can circumvent them by any means, please do so. But if a defect does surface during your presentation, don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. The only person you’ll be kidding is yourself.


There you have it. Five tips for a great software demo.

  1. Manage your audience’s expectations
  2. Ensure that bad apples don’t ruin the bunch
  3. Do a practice run
  4. Pay attention to details and use Lorem Ipsum
  5. Point out the obvious bugs

Do these 5 tips represent all I’ve learned over the hundreds of demos I’ve hosted? Absolutely not! The hardest part about writing this article was probably limiting it to 5 tips. I could have easily thrown in 5 more tips such as (a) control the situation, and (b) always have a plan B. But the goal wasn’t to point out all the tips that can help you out. Only the very top five!

Source by Luc Richard

Knee Boarding Tips For Beginners – Deep Water Starts

Being new to the sport of kneeboarding it’s really hard to start off especially if you are a beginner. As an introduction to ‘boat-towed’ sport, a kneeboard is a great piece of equipment to practice with. The low center of gravity often makes it easier to get up on than a water ski or wakeboard, which both require standing up.

Here are two ways to do a deepwater kneeboard start, the belly start and the low buoyancy start.

The Belly Start

o The most common kneeboard start is the belly start or abdomen start. In performing this, you should put down your belly on the board with the strap laying forward and pointing towards the nose of the board.

o The nose of the board should be sticking out of the water. Place your one hand on the side of the board and the other hand grasping the rope and on holding the other side of the board.

o As the boat starts moving pull your knees ahead into the padded knee wells on the board. And as you do this, try not to bend forward, and keep your weight back.

o When you feel balanced, let go of the rope with your one hand, and with the other hand pull the strap up over your knees and tighten the strap to where it feels secure. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

The Low Buoyancy Start

o A low buoyancy kneeboard is one that is very thin, and while you are waiting in the water it will sink slightly into the water when you put your body weight to it. This allows you to go ahead to fasten yourself into the board before the boat pulls you up.

o It is easier if you adjust the strap to your preferred fit before you get into the water. This can be done on the swim platform or on a flat spot in the boat. You just simply get on the board and adjust the length to where it slides comfortably over you knees.

o After the strap is adjusted, jump in the water with the board. Apply weight to the board by pressing down with your elbows, and with your hands on the board in the same position as described in the belly start, pull your knees up on the board and below the strap.

o This start requires less effort when the boat is pulling you out of the water and also it requires a lot of balance before the boat starts moving. You need to balance yourself to keep the board from flipping over while you are strapped in it as you wait to be pulled out of the water. Balancing in the knee board can be best achieved by moving your arms back and forth in the water as if you were treading water.

o You should remain in that position; keep your balance with the nose of the board pointing slightly out of the water. As the boat starts moving bend back and you should pop out of the water with ease. This is the time to tighten the strap if needed. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

Source by Nicola Kennedy

How to Make a Woman Come Quick – Female Orgasm Tips You Cannot Miss

Do you wish that you could make a woman orgasm fast? Do you wish that you were able to give your woman pleasure that would drive her wild? Do you want to leave her speechless on a nightly basis? If so, you need to learn how to make a woman come quick.

Once you are able to master the female orgasm, you can make a woman do whatever you want her to do. You will be able to control her on a level that you never thought possible. Women love it when a man knows what he is doing in the bedroom so she doesn’t have to explain every little thing to him. Women want a man who is confident in his ability to give her pleasure. When you fumble around constantly, there is no bigger turn off and that is something that you need to fix. You need to be fluid with her and to be very smooth.

To make a woman come quick, you need to learn some of the psychological reasons behind why a woman feels pleasure. The female orgasm is far different than the male orgasm and men don’t know this. A woman needs foreplay if she is going to have an orgasm. A woman needs to have some sort of mental stimulation for at least 30 minutes before she is going to be ready to feel stimulation on her body physically. This means that you have to kiss her passionately and massage her body even, if that is going to be what she needs in order to feel aroused.

When you are able to give her foreplay, now you can make her come quick. The more foreplay you use on her, the better and the easier it is to make her orgasm. Once she is all revved up and ready to go, now you can start stimulating her. Using your fingers on her clitoris in very light movements will be exactly what she needs. Women need a light touch in order to orgasm. Never go too rough with her body or you are going to end up giving her pain rather than amazing pleasure. With the right amount of foreplay, she won’t be able to handle your touch for very long before she feels her orgasm coming on. This is how you get a woman to come quick in a way that you never thought you’d be able to. Once you make her feel this way once, she is going to want it all of the time and this is how you really get a woman in the mood for pleasure.

Source by Hugh Benson

Tips To Carry Off-Shoulder & Cold Shoulder Outfits With Ease and Elegance

Off-shoulder or cold-shoulder outfits are very much in vogue. They look great on almost every physique. Even the shyest girls are ready to take the plunge into this style trend. They are comfortable and elegant at the same time, making them the most loved outfit trend. If worn properly with the necessary precautions in place, these outfits can heighten your style quotient to several notches above the ordinary. But, God forbid! If not, they can ruin the entire day for you.

Here are some tips to carry those off-shoulder or cold-shoulder outfits with confidence:

Always pair them with the correct bra: Strapless bras are the most obvious choice for these outfits but there are more options that can help you rock these outfits with equal ease and confidence. For example, an adhesive bra can also work wonders with these outfits or if you are of the shy types, just go for a double strap (the decorative strap types) bra which will make you feel confident with the straps in place and no fear of your bra rolling down, and at the same time enhance your outfit's style.

Choose the right print and length: These outfits can go extremely wrong if the print and length is not appropriate. Always choose vertical prints if you are heavy at the shoulders or even at the waist. Likewise, shorter girls should not opt ​​for long off-shoulder or cold shoulder outfits as they will make you look shorter in the bargain.

Choose the right color: Not only are the prints and length important but choosing the right color for these outfits is also a must. Darker colors make you look thinner and taller. So, choose the color that suits you the best. Also, the bottom you are pairing with these off-shoulder / cold-shoulder tops matters a lot. Always keep in mind what you are pairing these outfits with and what is the color or the print style of the bottom. Color-coordination is a must to make these outfits look great.

'Bust' the style myth: It is not that all off-shoulder & cold-shoulder outfits suit everyone. The size of your boobs is another important criterion to be considered while buying these outfits. The heavier ones should opt for flowy silhouettes whereas, the tiny ones can opt for those super fitted or clingy outfits too.

No headlight situation please: Nipple-show is a strict no-no with these outfits. Always use nipple pads (they stick on) before opting for a dimming no-bra outfit. The cold weather or the AC should not ruin your look.

Bonus: Off-shoulder & cold-shoulder outfit option for winters: just pair your favorite top with a clingy high-neck woolen inner to rock this winter. You can also opt for off-shoulder coats (yes, like Kim Kardashian) for the cold months or can choose a woolen off-shoulder jumpsuit for the chilly season.

Whatever be your style with off-shoulder outfits just rock it with the correct tips!

Source by Sirat Panesar

3 Easy Tips to Ejaculate More Semen

Do you want to ejaculate more semen?

There are some simple and easy ways to increase your semen volume.

3 Easy Tips to Ejaculate More Semen

1. Increase Your Fluid Intake

90% of your semen is made up of seminal fluids. Sperm account for just 1% of the volume. The remaining include nutrients and minerals. As such, it is extremely important to ensure that you have enough of fluids and stay well hydrated.

Water is not the only liquid you can take. You can go fruit juices as well. Pineapple juice is a great option. Not only this, it is also proven to increase semen volume in men.

2. L-arginine

This is an amino acid that plays a very important role in maintaining sexual and reproductive function in men.

There are a couple of studies which show that l-arginine can help double your semen volume within a period of time. Not only this, it also helps increase testosterone production in your body. This is the hormone that controls semen production. Here, it can be great in boosting your semen volume.

Best food sources of l-arginine include animal protein, dairy, poultry, oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, brown rice etc.,

3. Sleep More

It may surprise you a little, but getting adequate sleep can be one of the most effective semen enhancer. This is due enough sleep helps increase the production of the male sex hormone Testosterone.

Have you ever noticed why you hard erection when you wake up after a full night sleep?

This is because your testosterone levels are at their highest level early morning after a night of peaceful sleep. Testosterone is released during REM phase of sleep. This is that phase of sleep in which you dream.

Higher testosterone levels ensure increased semen production.

So, try to hit your bed early and get enough sleep every night!

Natural Semen Enhancers

Such supplements are loaded with age proven herbs, minerals and amino acids that together work to boost semen production in your body. Some of the top notch supplements can easily make you produce up to 5 times more semen. However, you need to give them some time to produce real effects.

Besides increasing your semen volume, such supplements also boost blood flow to the penis and ensure rock solid erections. Another positive effect of increased blood flow to the penis is increased libido or sex drive.

Such supplements also help boost your sperm count which is great for your fertility.

Good quality supplements are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.

So, If You Want to Ejaculate More Semen and Heighten Pleasure During Ejaculations, Check out the Best Semen Enhancers Ever!

Source by Mark Bjorn

Tips to Select the Best Forex Trading Broker

Most people in forex trading use online trading. For forex trading, you need a platform that is provided by the forex brokers. The forex broker should offer the updated latest technology involved in forex trading. The forex market comprises neck-to-neck competition in trading over the world. The broker should offer the system that can perform all the functions related to forex trading speedily in real time from any place in the world.

The system should be easy, fast and without any limitation to a person. It should allow all functions for trade execution and should provision for tracking all activities through.

You have to take into consideration a couple of vital factors. It is important that you spend some time to explore the various forex trading broker systems available prior to making any decision.

The following are the important points to look for:

1. Demo Account:

The broker should offer a demo account, if you are a new trader. A Demo account can be used for getting a feel of the actual trading without much investment or risk before you actually start to trade on a regular trading account. You can use demo account to find if you feel confident and comfortable to trade Forex. You are provided with details and instructions that you need to follow. When you are confident on this account, you can switch over to regular account for trading.

2. Narrow spread:

A spread means difference between ask price and bid of any currency pair offered by a forex broker. You buy at the ask price and sell at bid. The wider spread implies that broker earns more. With a narrower spread, you can save more money.

3. Registration:

You should look for a reputed forex trading broker system that is registered with National Futures Association as Futures Commission Merchant in the USA or with Commodity Future Trading Commission in United Kingdom.

4. Forex Trading Tools:

The online broker system should offer you all important tools such as currency price charting in real time, tools for technical analysis, economic calanders and basic analysis commentaries. You need all these tools for your forex trading.

5. Limit/Stop Orders:

There is big competition among forex trading brokers, and they offer a guarantee on stop and limit orders. You should go into the minute details all the time to be aware of to what extent their guarantees stand. Is that only a NFP and how long is it valid?

Moreover, it is important to that the forex broker system gives you all supports and clears your doubts any time you need help about to the broker system. It is better to go for the systems that are easily accessible through phone, email, a forum or helpdesk support.

Last of all the forex trading broker system should concentrate of you risk management and money management. Besides, your own skills in these areas are most important.

Source by Elliott Pearce