Love Making Tips For Valentines Day

Valentines day is a huge day for having outstanding sex, so you definitely want to be prepared with a solid arsenal of love making tips. Here are some ideal lovemaking tips for the big day.

1. Slow and Romantic! Yes, this definitely applies for love making, and will make a big difference for having amazing sex. You want to differentiate this evening from the others. Taking your time during sex is a big turn on and will show how romantic you are treating this evening. Here’s specific ways to slow down the pace:

  • Extend foreplay. Play out your foreplay as long as possible.
  • Kiss all over. Not just the lips, but also the neck, the body, inner thighs, get creative!
  • Slow thrusts. Make sure your actual sex is performed with slow and controlled thrusts. This ups the romance level big time and conveys the idea that you want this special day to last as long as possible.

2. Oral Pleasures! Talk about a good day for getting oral! If oral pleasures is something you practice only on occasion, well, now’s the occasion! If oral sex is a mainstay in your sex life, then add some variety by doing the following:

  • Slow down the pace. Go extremely slow and give total concentration and attention to your lover.
  • Use flavor oils or lubes. This really can separate this evening of oral from your standard oral evening practices.
  • Mix things up with intimate edibles. This can be ideal for Valentines as sweets are a romantic fit for this intimate day of romance.

The key to love making tips for Valentines is making sure you add in some variety which separates this evening from the rest. Enjoy yourselves, have fun, get creative and be romantic!

Source by Chess McDoogle

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