6 Tips To Make Your Small Business A Success

1. Planning – Planning is the first step towards making your business successful. Start with a business plan. If you write a good, detailed plan it will carry you through the business.

Research how other similar companies function. Determine what makes them good and what needs improvement. Then, pattern your own company based on this information.

2. Delegation – One of the hardest things for new managers or business owners to do is give up control. Learn to distinguish between the things that can be delegated with those that can’t.Communication with employees is also key. Involve employees in understanding the business and what is happening or going to happen. One good way to provide this is through a monthly newsletter or email.

Keep control of the important decisions or those that you have the most understanding of. However, give your employees a chance to shine by providing them the opportunity to take control of some tasks. When delegating be specific about what the task is and what the expected outcome is. Provide any assistance as needed but let the employee find a solution.

3. Communication – Good communication is important to any business. This includes communication with employees and customers. It also includes a good telecommunication and computer plan.

For example, a T1 or T3 voice line can provide superior communications with customers and provide a high-speed connection to the Internet.

4. Organization – Keeping things organized is important to maintaining a good business. Have a plan in place to allow for basic things such as cleaning, vacuuming and garbage disposal. Utilize space wisely.

If your office is one where clients will meet you should take care to keep common areas clean and organized. Provide plenty of file cabinets for maintaining files and keeping clutter out of sight.

5. Customer Service – Companies that don’t meet or exceed their customer’s expectancies fail. Take care to listen to what customers want. Strive to have you and your employees make every effort to provide excellent customer service. Always provide service with a smile and no matter what happens don’t allow you or your employees to engage in arguments with customers.

Good customer service is catching so as the boss be sure to maintain a positive customer attitude which will foster good customer relations for your employees.

6. Employees – Starting with the hiring process, employees are the key to a successful business. Attitude is important as is dependability and caring about the business.

The hiring process should start with a work description for each position you wish to fill. Be realistic about wages. If you want high-quality people you will need to pay for them. Provide training if and when needed. Treat employees with respect and dignity. If a problem does arise handle it privately. Your employees are a direct reflection of your business.

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