Tips For Housebreaking Your Puppy

Are you looking for tips on puppy housebreaking? The very first thing that you need to immediately do is buy a crate that is big enough for your puppy. Your puppy needs to have enough space to move around and get comfortable in a sleeping position, but giving plenty of room will defeat the purpose of putting your dog in the crate because it will leave accidents in small corners.

During the day, you need to try not to lock the puppy in the crate for too long for puppy housebreaking, and never use it to punish the puppy. Some people use the crate for punishment, but that is animal cruelty. Crate training should just be completely for puppy housebreaking. Your puppy hates to sleep on pee or manure so they will not leave a mess in a spot that they will sleep in.

Puppies or much different compared to adult dogs as they have to go handle their bathroom business more often. When you take the puppy out of the crate, you should immediately take it to a puppy training pad or outside. This will build up a habit for it to go handle his business in proper locations.

The next step is that you will have to get into routines with the dog so consistency is key. You want to make sure the puppy takes care of business at the same time almost every day so it will get used to the timing and patterns. When you take the dog out to get busy, you should also use the same door to do this every time.

Most puppies will give you signals that it needs to go to the bathroom. Some dogs like to sniff around the floor and go around in circles. Some will even make wimpy noises to let you know that it needs to go immediately.

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