Three Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

It's that time of year again – time to clean out the old closet and bust out the warm weather clothes that have been tucked away for so many months. An overstuffed, overwhelming closet is a situation that many of us encounter come spring. It's easy to get a headache just looking into the depths, let alone actually going through the process of sorting it out. Putting off cleaning your closet out, however, will only facilitate the problem into becoming larger – and who does not want a freshly organized space when the warm weather rolls in? It will be as big a breath of fresh air as those tulips popping up in your front yard. Here are some tips to help you tackle the problem without getting in over your head.

1. Take everything out, and sort it.
Yes, you read right: take every single thing out of your closet. You will sort out everything that comes out, but the first sorting job will be into two simple categories – the "throw away" pile and the "keep" pile. This is the point in the cleaning process in which you really need to be honest with yourself and cut the strings of sentimentality that is keeping your closet a den of things unused.

2 Start with your clothes.
Because our clothes make up the majority of our closet's contents, it is a great place to start. Look at each piece you pick up. When was the last time you wore it? If it's been a while, why do not you wear it often? If it is a piece of clothing that does not fit well (and you have no reason to believe you will be the size to wear it anytime soon), put it in the "throw away" pile (which hopefully will be in that case a "donate" pile). If it has had tags on it for months, there's a very slim chance you'll end up wearing it. Consider it a sunk cost and move on with fresh ideas of what you should incorporated into your wardrobe.

3 Make sure every object has a place.
So often, our closet becomes the place for things that do not have a place. Ask yourself, however, if you really want, or better yet need, something that does not fit in with your daily living? For that collection of wine corks that you've been saving for sentimental reasons, sometimes you should decide on a use – such as using them to decorate a table or some other crafty project. In this case, design a place for crafting supplies and include these corks. If you really have no idea what to use them for, it's probably best you just pitch them. Take a photo and let it go! Having a designated place for everything will keep your closet from collecting unsortable items the rest of the year.

Always remember to just breathe! Spring cleaning may seem like a real bear, but it's still just a closet!

Source by Onaney Barrino

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