Techniques and Tips For Great Foreplay

Take a guess at the reason that 70% of the women in the world have never had an orgasm during sex. Really, take a shot. I'll wait.

If you said knowing the right positions, or having the rightized member, or even knowing how to use the clit or G spot, I have bad news for you.

You're wrong.

You see, I talk about this kind of stuff with women every day. Although my business is based around teaching MEN how to give their female partners mind-blowing orgasms, I have a lot of female friends. And since they know what I do, they're always asking me questions about why their current boyfriend is crap, or telling me about their latest encounter.

Over the years, I've noticed one particular point that is worthy of mention in this article:

In literal about 99.5% of these cases, these women were experiencing a lack of sexual pleasure because of one reason, and one reason alone:

The guys they were with just did not know how to give them great foreplay.

Look, I'll admit, being a foreplay master is not the easiest thing to learn, and it's pretty much impossible in this small space I have here. However, I will give you some tips and techniques for great foreplay, which will hopefully get you started and help you understand the key principles behind good foreplay.

The whole point behind foreplay is to have a more pleasurable sexual experience (for both of you, but especially her). Foreplay heightens the sexual experience, makes everything feel better, and helps you "sync" with your partner in such a way that you are far more likely to be able to "read" her and give her exactly what she wants.

Foreplay should be used as an excuse for you to explore her body and find out what she likes and does not like. Does she enjoy you biting her neck? Licking her earlobe? Slowly exploring the palm of her hands with your tongue? Biting her elbows? As strange as any (or all) of these may sound to you, I have had partners before who have found one (or more) of these specific examples incredibly powerful.

You see, not only are you getting her hot and ready for the "main event" (although that's important too), you are also finding out her likes and dislikes which will enable you to give her more powerful orgasms more often during sex. I went out with a girl once who had a real thing for me biting her shoulders. I did it once when we were having sex and she went ballistic.

Having said all that, here's a few key tips for great foreplay that every man NEEDS to know to be able to send his woman through the roof:

  • Do not be overly concerned about getting to the main event. Sure, sexual tension is fantastic, and we all want to get down to it, but make sure you appreciate the foreplay as well, as its just as important and, if done correctly, pleasurable as the actual sex.
  • Getting head, going down on her, fingering her, and doing a "69" are all part of a heavy foreplay experience. The more exciting you can make things, the better. Try talking dirty to her, experiment with tying each other up or blindfolding each other, or anything else you may want to consider.
  • Pay close attention to her and her reactions. If she moans or has a quick intake of breath, you're probably doing something right. Try and figure out what exactly caused her to do that, and file it away for future reference. Try doing this while you're having sex (if possible), and watch her come harder than you have ever seen her come before!
  • A key part of foreplay is building sexual tension and excitation. Therefore, you can always try to be a bit "naughty" in public. I'm not at all suggesting you should do anything illegal or even something that's inappropriately for the situation, but if you guys are watching a movie in a darkened theater, you could always try lightly running your hands across her body. If you are chilling together on a park bench, whisper dirty things into her ear. The possibilities are only limited by what you feel comfortable with and what is appropriate for the situation.

Remember though, great foreplay is not an absolute science – a true foreplay master knows that any techniques or tips are only useful when used appropriately in the right context. There are several writings on the subject, such as my own, that can teach you more about when and how to use these tips for maximum effect. For example, a good "rule of thumb" is that foreplay should last for about fifteen to twenty minutes. However, some girls I have been with have needed longer, and for some twenty minutes was far too long. In addition, every girl is different on every day … so it is important to realize that these techniques and tips for great foreplay are only really a guide, rather than a bible.

Having said all that, here's the largest and most important tip about having great foreplay: have fun, relax, enjoy it, and do not be hung up on a certain exit. All that matters is you both have fun and enjoy it, and even if it did not go as well as you hoped – there's always next time.

Source by Daniel Scott

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