How to Stop PE – 3 Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Knowing how to stop PE can literally save your marriage and I can testify to that. Before I had any kind of control over ejaculation my first wife walked out on me for another man, presumably one who could satisfy her needs. That’s what made me search for a way to last longer during sex.

Here are three ways to stop PE that work, some better than others.

1. The quick fix is what I used first basically just to give my dwindling self esteem a kick up the backside. These quick fixes come in many forms from sprays to patches. Of all of them the spray is the fastest way to avoid early ejaculation because one quick blast of this chemical numbs your penis to stop sensitivity which in turn makes you last. The bad points are the cost and the fact that a new lover can look at you a bit funny when you have to spray yourself before sex.

2. Another way to stop PE is by doing natural delay ejaculation exercises. These come in many shapes and forms with the best being the age old squeeze technique. This entails either having intercourse or masturbating until ejaculation is close then stopping and squeezing the tip of your penis. When the feeling has gone it’s safe to continue. This “trains” your penis to ejaculate when you want it to.

3. Possibly the best way to stop PE is to use an ejaculation trainer, which is a full mental and physical long term fix for any ejaculatory problems. Yes it takes time and a fair bit of effort but at the end of it early ejaculation will be a thing of the past.

That’s a few things I did to stop PE and I hope you have the same success that I did.

Source by Michael Harradine

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