5 Safety Tips on How to Deal With Fire

Many people died or get seriously injured because of fires every year. However, these can be prevented by having fire precautions and following some fire safety tips. Fire detection devices play very important roles to help prevent and control fires.

We should not take too lightly the importance of having fire precautions and fire detection system in your homes and buildings. Fire is powerful enough to cause us loss and devastation. The only way to protect our family is through proper prevention and early fire detection.

Below are the top five safety tips that you need to keep in mind in order to handle the wrath of fire effectively.

– Install a smoke detector and fire alarm. – They can detect unusual smoke earlier before you can possibly smell or feel the flames. They will warn you immediately so you can save your home and possessions, ask for help early, or escape in time. Change the smoke detector’s batteries at least once a year.

– Have fire extinguishers and fire blankets readily available. – They will help you put out small fires easily. Just make sure that your extinguishers are regularly checked and tested by the proper authority.

– Evacuate the place when needed. – If the fire is already too large to handle, you need to get out and escape. Use your escape route plans calmly.

– Learn how to manage smoke. – To prevent much smoke inhalation, leave the burning place slithering on your belling or crawling on your knees.

– Think of your life’s safety. – When you get trapped inside a room, close the door and stuff the spaces around the door to prevent smoke from entering. If there is a window, go there and ask for help. Do not ever think of jumping off the window and end up risking your life. In case you are already outside and wanted to save someone who is trapped or you want to save your things inside the burning house, do not even think of it. Let the trained personnel to handle those things. Just stay in a safe area and wait for the authority’s advice if it is already safe to reenter the building.

Fires can strike anytime and anywhere when least expected. Without fire detection device like fire alarm, even a small mistake could turn into a major disaster. Always prioritize your family’s safety. Every room should have at least one fire exit. If your room is on the second floor, install a ladder that you can drop from the window in case of fire emergency. Most importantly, you need to stay focus and do not panic so that you can think of the proper safety tips that will keep you safe in times of troubles like this.

Preventing fire from getting worse is not possible without early fire detection. Better invest in helpful and life saving things like this rather than lost all your possessions in a matter of minutes just because you underestimated the possible damages fire could bring.

Source by Jason A Turner

5 Important Tips To Help You Keep That Hard Erection

It is easy to get a solid erection when you were years younger. Without knowing it, you have taken this gift for granted. But when age starts to catch up, you will realize that your erections get a bit softer. Even if you manage to get your penis hard, it may not be sustainable.

When age catches up with you, it can be a painful experience. You will feel pain affecting your ego. Your male ego gets a beating because you can’t perform in bed. But you don’t have to throw in the towel. There is hope for you, yet.

Consider these 5 crucial tips:

1. Dump those tight briefs – it is a known medical fact that tight underwear can affect your erection strength badly. Blood simply can’t flow well into your penis and you know how important blood flow is to a hard erection, don’t you? Wear loose underwear or boxer shorts if you can.

2. Avoid smoking or drinking – studies indicate that hard drinks and smoking are both no no for your sex life.You will lose your libido as time goes by. Worse still, your erections may weaken and get softer too.

3. Bring out the running shoes- and exercise regularly. Although you may have heard or read this a thousand times, it still won’t hurt to listen to it one more time. Exercises not only burn fats and calories but also improve blood flow and overall sexual health for you. Besides, being fit and healthy will make you look years younger and more attractive to women.

4. Eat only good, wholesome foods – this is a commandment. Unhealthy, junk food can never be good for your health Junk foods are bad for your sexual health. Get the drift? Healthful foods like lean meat, fruits, vegetables, etc ensure that your sexual system functions at its peak. This includes hard erections, sex stamina

5. Try herbal erection remedies- they are for your own good. These pills are made of FDA approved herbal ingredients and are a convenient way for you to strengthen your erections. What’s more, you can even increase your semen volume with them

For your own sake, please take note of the above pointers. Having a weak erection is definitely an embarrassing thing. It is no good for your ego and self esteem, to say the least. So don’t pretend it is nothing to worry about.

Source by Gary T

3 Tips to "Force" a Woman to Orgasm in 2 Minutes!

Hey, listen up! If you want to be known as a god when it comes to sexual intercourse, then you will need all the skills and abilities that you can get for you to make any woman orgasm very quickly. It is very important that you stamp your authority in the bedroom by being better than all the other guys that she has had sexual intercourse with or else she would just go back to one of them.

Now make sure you continue reading so you can find out about 3 amazing tips that you can use right away to give your woman an orgasm very quickly.

Now here are the 3 tips that you can use to “force” any woman to orgasm in 2 minutes.

Sex Tip #1: Talk Dirty – It is Called Mental Foreplay!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of words. Did you know that so many women get wet in their panties just by reading romance novels with no nude pictures in them? Now that’s to tell you the power of words. Some men can get their women turned on with their vagina’s dripping with vaginal juices and moaning for a penis inside them by just using words.

A lot of women have insecurities and are needy when it comes to sex. So it is your duty to talk a little dirty to your woman so that she is in the right mood to have sexual intercourse with you. Be imaginative! Tell your woman in different lines how sexy and beautiful she is when naked and how much you want to put your penis inside her vagina.

Sex Tip #2: Use Lots of Foreplay!

Foreplay is very important when it comes to making a woman achieve orgasm. A sex survey conducted in 2005 revealed that about 76% of the women interviewed said they prefer foreplay to penetration. I am sure you prefer penetration to foreplay. So the only way to balance it is by giving your woman lots of foreplay before you mount her.

Give your woman oral sex before you penetrate her. Try giving your woman a couple of orgasms by oral sex alone. If you are good at oral sex, then you are rest assured that your woman would keep coming to you for more every time, which means more sex sessions for you!

Sex Tip #3: Take The Lead! Be Dominant!

This one is a must. When it comes to sex, be a real man and take charge of the sex act. A lot of guys try to act too sensitive during sexual intercourse. This is why so many women complain that their lovers are not “man enough” and act like “sissies” whenever they are having sex.

Being dominant is very important. It shows your level of confidence in your abilities. This does not mean you should start controlling your woman like a slave. Just make sure you are not asking her what to do and how to do it when you are having sexual intercourse.

Do you know that women prefer big penises to small or average ones? In case you do not know, now you know. 8 out of every 10 women prefer big penises to small or average ones and your woman might be among the 8 that love big penises. Women prefer bigger penises because they give more sexual pleasure than small ones. Women achieve orgasms easily when having sexual intercourse with a man with a big penis.

Are you interested in getting a bigger penis? If you are interested, then the safest and most affordable option to you is a combination of natural penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills. This is the combination that I used to increase my penis by 2 inches in length and 1½ inches in thickness.

Source by Temitayo Olatunde

Online Christian Dating: Tips for Safe Dates in Singapore

First meetings are wonderful–yet, even though Singapore is a safe place to live and you are sure the other person is a Christian, don’t lower your guard just yet. Use the following guidelines:

1. Meet in a public place

Meet for the first time in a crowded, public location, like a coffee shop in one of the bigger malls like Nexx or a restaurant in a busy location – never ever meet someone in a remote region. In other words, it would be better to meet at the hawker centre in East Coast Park or somewhere on Orchard Rd than going for a hike in a secluded area in Bukit Timah.

2. Tell someone about your Christian date

Let a friend or family member know about your plans. Tell them when and where you’re going and make certain you have a mobile phone with you. Ask your friend/family to call you at the time you’re supposed to meet up, and stay on the line with them until your date arrives…if something seems sketchy, politely ask them to give you a moment while you take your call outside, and just leave. Even if things are fine, you may also want to have your friend call you again in an hour, or arrange to call them back when you get home after the meet-up. The great thing about Singapore is that we’re on our mobiles all the time, so it won’t seem terribly strange to your date if you are taking (or making) calls.

3. Tell your Christian date that your friends and family in Singapore know all about your plans together

Let the person know from the start that there are people who expect to hear from you at a certain time, and that they will expect you to check in at the end of your date. If after explaining that it is for your safety and your date is uncomfortable or mocks you, then it’s a red flag. Call a waiter or go to the nearest counter personnel and ask them to call you a cab or simply call your friend/family to get a ride. Again, this is why it is good to be in a public place, and spots like Parkway Parade have a busy taxi stand right outside the front door.

4. Stay sober

While it might seem like you’re being too cautious, it is better not to drink on the first date, because you don’t want to do anything that would impair your judgment and cause you to make a decision you could regret. We know that many Christian singles here on the island are aware of this, but it is worth mentioning. Also, never leave your drink alone with a new person, and never take a drink from someone unless it is directly from the waitress or waiter’s hand. You may, therefore, want to steer clear of Zouk and save the clubbing for another time.

5. Arrange for your own transportation for the first date

Just in case things don’t work out, you need to be in control of your own transport – no need to get into a car together at this point. Yes, he’s probably a really nice guy and just being a gentleman like 99.9999% of people would, but it is better to be careful. One exception for travelling together would be if you’re both riding the bus or taking the MRT. Nevertheless, if you’re from the East Coast or Pasir Ris, for instance, you may not want to venture as far north as Woodlands, where you may not be familiar with transport links…again Christian dating means practicing a little caution.

6. Listen to your hunches

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. And if you haven’t met him before, and you know at the beginning of the date that something doesn’t seem right, then give yourself permission to leave without an explanation. With so many people living here in Singapore (5.18 million as of September 2011, according to Channel News Asia), there are probably going to be plenty of people around you if you followed step 1. Listening to a hunch also pertains to suggestions like ‘Let’s go to Geylang or Johor’…you may want to differ with your date at that point.

7. Don’t tell him where you live

If you want to see him again, arrange a second date and go from there, but never give your address until you’re sure he’s one of the good guys. This means not even telling him the name of the condo or HDB block…I know, I know, that may seem overly cautious, but it is always better to be careful, even in a safe nation like Singapore. You can tell him general things, however, like that you live in Tampines, Bishan or Jurong, but leave it at that for now.

Well, that is all we have about safe dates for now, but we hope these precautionary measures are helpful. And remember, there are plenty of online Christian dating and relationship tips at DivineIntro. Sign up, upload photos, fill out a profile…it is all free.

Source by Dale D Previ

Car Buying Tips

If you are interested in buying a used car, remember that buying the cheapest one you can find, does not mean that it is always going to be the best, nor are the expensive ones. Below are a couple of tips that might be able to help you make the most of purchasing a used car.

When you go looking at used cars whether they are from a dealership or being sold from someones yard, you should always consider the over physical condition of the car. The condition of the car is going to let you know tons of things about the car. It will let you know how well the maintenance was done on the car and if it was mistreated in any way. Beside from the actual look of the car, how well is the car running? If you get to drive the car make sure to take it some where without the salesmen being with you so you can do a quick once over and see if anything is going to need to be fixed.

The best thing about buying a used car is the fact that sometimes you can get a reliably nice car, for a nice price. You should be pretty skeptical of getting an extremely nice car for very cheap as you never know when it could have been stolen. Believe me it happens quite often. If the car checks out okay with the owner having all the correct paper work then it should be legit. If you are still wondering why in the world the car is so cheap, be careful as the car could have some kind of major defect that could end up costing you tons in the end.

Mileage is a huge thing when it comes to buying used cars. Try to find out where the car was used such as if it was run in the city mostly or on the freeway more. In this case the city miles are going to be the hardest, meaning the car was run pretty hard. The best kind of car to buy when it comes to wanting to get a car that will last for a while is to get one with the least amount of miles along with the least amount of city miles.

A good used car is going to have maintenance records. You should take the time to check the tires, test the brakes and look at the fluids in the car.

Look at the make, model and year of the car compared to its price. You can look online to find out information on what years are the safest and most durable for the car. If the year and make is a pretty good one then you should be getting a good deal if the other things check out okay.

There are many things that can either make or break buying a used car. You should make sure that you consider all options before purchasing the car. Make sure that you look the car over and over until you are one hundred percent sure that the car is in good working order. Buying a used car can mean getting a car that is going to last for years to come, it can also mean buying one that will break your wallet.

Source by David Eddy Jones

10 Tips To Reduce Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches must be one of the most debilitating illnesses on earth. If you are a sufferer you will know what I mean. The frequency and severity can vary from person to person but many people still loose 2 or 3 days a month to migraine. Yes, that is lost money in your pay cheque or lost quality leisure time with family and friends.

That intense throbbing pain usually at one side of your head and often accompanied by nausea and/or vomiting completely knocks many people of their feet. The lucky ones may get some warning a few days before such as cravings for certain foods like sweets and chocolate or general lethargy. In such cases if you can recognise these warning signs it may be possible to eliminate the cause or start treatment before the onset. Other people will have what is known as an “aura” for a short time before the migraine kicks in. The most common symptoms of the “aura” are flashing lights in front of your eyes or zig zag lines disrupting your vision. More disturbing symptoms which can occur are numbness down the side which is effected my the migraine or speech difficulties i.e. slurring etc.

There are many triggers which can bring on an attack. In this day and age probably the most common cause is stress in the work place, the feeling of being constantly placed under pressure can cause great anxiety thus fuelling the migraine.

Certain foods may also be to blame such as cheese, chocolate, alcohol – red wine in particular, and processed or canned foods which often contain monosodium glutamate. On the other hand lack of food can also act as a trigger.

Strong smells such as perfume, paint, stale smoke or being in a stuffy atmosphere often contribute.

To be truthful it takes more than one of these factors to trigger an attack and the combination is unique to each individual.

Before you can think about how to tackle the symptoms, prevent or reduce the severity of attacks it is important that you work out what the combination of factors is that may bring on the headache. Try keeping a diary of foods consumed, dates when you felt under increased stress, and so on to gradually build a picture or pattern of events leading up to attacks.

For women (who incidentally are more likely to suffer from migraines than men) it is important to keep track of your monthly cycles as hormonal changes in the body before and during your monthly period are often the trigger. The contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy can also sometimes increase the occurrence of migraine.

So, you have established the cause what do you do now?

There are a great many “over the counter” drugs designed to relieve the symptoms, both pain and nausea, however in sever attacks these may not be enough. Prescription drugs from a doctor may be more effective and can usually be tailored more to suit individuals.

However, lots of sufferers these days would rather not take drugs but rather try other methods usually aimed more at prevention rather than cure.

There are a few things you can try. Here are some examples:-

1. Try different methods of relaxation for instance; yoga or meditation, going along to one of these classes may turn out to be fun! Alternatively you can teach yourself these techniques using books or DVDs

2. Ensure you get enough sleep most people need between 7 and 9 hours per night.

3. Take some form of exercise for example walking or swimming – nothing too excessive because too much exertion can bring on a migraine!

4. Set aside at least one hour a day just to do something you enjoy which will relax you such as reading a book, watch your favourite television show, do some gardening – fresh air can work wonders after a day at the office!!

5. Eliminate foods from your diet completely which you have established act as triggers for the headaches. Have some fun trying out recipes using alternatives.

6. A gentle massage can be very effective and other more alternative treatments appear to help in some cases such as acupuncture.

7. If you have an attack try lying in a darkened room and place an ice pack at the back of your neck – for others a hot water bottle may be more effective.

8. Apply gentle pressure to the painful areas of your head and if possible sleep.

9. There are herbal medicines that can be taken as preventative measures such as feverfew and butterbur or supplements containing magnesium and vitamin B2. If you suspect or are pregnant or breast feeding do not use any of these items without professional advice.

10. The most important thing to remember when trying to prevent or reduce migraine attacks is to eliminate one or more of the contributory factors – the triggers.

Source by Kenneth Snodin

Bonsai Tree – Tips to Choose the Best Plants

Choosing plants for your garden seem to be an exciting feat. However, looking closely on the decision making, you will realize that it is turning to a confusing and often very difficult task. Plants and flowers have a way to get into you and looking at them and even their seeds you imagine that everything says "Pick me! Pick me!"

It is important for you, before buying the best plants for your garden to decide what type of garden you want to have especially when you have little space. Do you want to have a flower garden? A herbal garden? Or maybe a vegetable garden? This decision is the ground and foundation of your decision in choosing the best plants for your garden.

Once you have decided on what type of garden you will have, it is time for you to buy your seeds and plants from a reputable plant nursery. Here are some tips on choosing the best plants:

  1. If it can not, do not. Plant nurseries especially reputable ones will guide you in choosing your plants. They will ask you specifically about the size of your yard and the type of soil. If hey advise you that a certain plant can not survive the type of circumstance your garden has, do not buy that plant. You will only be shedding money away and be frustrated overtime if the plan can not grow ever.
  2. Watch out for blemishes. As you will pay for some good sum of money for your plants, the plant you are taking home should have the best qualities. Look out for spots and blemishes on the plant which are target zones of fungal plant diseases and other plant sickness.
  3. Best plants stand straight. Choose plants that stand upright and not leaning. A leaving plant may be a sign that it is weak so, not able to support its own weight.
  4. In buying flowers, choose those who still have undeveloped buds. A full bloom flower always is the most attractive and appealing. However, the length of its life is almost ending. Budding flowers mean that their life is just starting.
  5. Do not buy plants with add- on. This means that you should avoid buying plants with weeds around it. Even if you will pull them out later, chances are these weeds have already sapped a lot from the main plant. Recovery of plants from "weed attack" is difficult.
  6. Ask questions. Do not hesitate to ask questions from the people in the plant nursery, if they are reputable and good enough, they should be able to answer all your questions.
  7. Read the plant information. To help you choose if a plant is best for you given the profile of your garden and the amount of time you are willing to spend, read the attached information the plant. Most plant nurseries provide their clients information cards about a certain plant.

Choosing the best plant for your garden is easy if you have a clear and concrete plan and track to follow for your garden.

Source by Betty D. Jacobs

5 Tips For Finding a Good Camping Water Filter

Purified drinking water is something we can take for granted in our homes. However, when going camping, water quality and purity should be one of the most important things to consider. The mountain-fresh spring water rushing down the creek may look pristine, but could very well harbor dangerous micro-organisms that could put a major damper on that camping trip. Protozoa such as cryptosporidium and giardia, as well as many other parasitic eggs and larvae can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or a trip to the hospital. A quality camping water filter is a definite must-have item to avoid sickness, and to ensure a safe camping experience. Here are some tips on finding one:

1. Do not skimp! Portable water filters range from $ 25 to over $ 300. A good rule of thumb is to spend at least $ 50 on your water filter. At this price range, you will be well protected. It is not worth risking your health to save a little money.

2. Pore-size counts. Find a filter that has a pore-size efficiency of less than 0.4 microns – small enough to filter out any potentially harmful bacteria.

3. Make sure it is easy to clean. Some water filtration units are unnecessarily complicated. Get one that is easy to clean and you will thank yourself later for it.

4. Be sure you can easily find filter replacements. Filters will always get clogged up. This is a good thing because it means it is doing its job. Over time, however, they will become less effective at filtering.

5. Think portable. When hiking or traveling, a smaller water filter will be easier to carry.

If you have an upcoming camping trip, please remember that drinking water is one of the most important things to consider. A high quality camping water filter is essential to an enjoyable and safe time in the great outdoors.

Source by David O Reilly

Penny Stock Wealth – Investment Tips You Should Follow!

What are Penny Stocks? Penny Stocks are very low cost stocks that are usually under $ 5 a share. There are times in which Penny Stocks can trade for under $ 1 a share. With these trades being so low … is there such a thing as Penny Stock Wealth?

Like in all stock trading there are risks involved in investing. This type of investing can carry a higher risk than many other stocks. Unlike other stocks they tend to have wide fluctuating prices. When investing in stocks many take the safe route and invest in more stable companies. This type of investing is not for the fault of heart. If you are a true risk taker, this type of investing may suit your needs.

These stocks can yield very high returns for very little investment. Before you invest, I would advise you to do some due diligence. Try to find out as much as you can about the company you are going to invest in. Sometimes this can be very hard in regards to Penny Stocks because many of these companies are brand new to the market. However, your time and research can yield you great results.

Some investors may be worried about the particular reasons why these stocks trade so low. These prices do not always mean these companies are inferior. In fact, a lot of them are quite vibrant young companies with bright futures.

When investing, your portfolio should be diversified. Penny stocks should not be Ruled out as a source of creating wealth. This type of investment strategy is definitely a tool that should be used in creating more wealth. For more information about other creative wealth solutions please visit my site HERE .

Source by Benjamin Knight

Effective And Affordable Tips To Whiter And Brighter Teeth

You can not have a better accessory than a beautiful, pearly white smile. Gorgeous, white teeth can really make a huge difference to the physical appearance of a person. Even if you are not born with genetically good looks, a great set of even, white teeth can change all that and can multiply your charm ten-fold. That's why if you must invest in any self-improvement project, getting whiter and brighter teeth should definitely be one of them. But not everyone is blessed with such a wonderful physical trait. In fact, a lot of us are struggling with our yellowish choppers, wishing we could go back to our younger days when they were still all nice and sparkling white. For those who smoke, this can even be a bigger problem.

For sure, you can get whiter teeth through expensive dental treatments. However, not everyone can afford them. Moreover, there are also those who are not too keen on having to spend on much on something like that. So are there any other alternatives to getting a more beautiful set of dentures? You might be surprised that some methods are pretty simple enough and not to mention way cheaper. Let's try to discuss a few of them and sometimes you can try them out and see if they actually work! First off, the kind of diet you have can have a really great influence over the color of your teeth. If you incorporate a lot of crunchy fruits and vegetables, you are helping to clean your teeth even while you're eating.

How is this possible? Well, crunchy fruits and vegetables have enough abrasiveness to clean tooth surface without posing any harm to the enamel. This means stains in between your teeth will be quickly removed, too. It's has more or less the same effect as flossing. Speaking of flossing, this is the second alternative to whiter looking teeth. Flossing, on top of brushing your teeth three times a day, is a very effective way to get rid of staining. It can be very nasty if food particles get stuck in between your gums for a long time and develop into a tooth decay problem later on. Even if you have bleached teeth, flossing is still highly recommended.

Third, you would do well to talk to your dentist and consult him on the appropriate whitening toothpaste to use. There are really toothpaste products that can produce highly satisfactory results when it comes to making your teeth become brighter. In particular, try to look for products containing hydrogen peroxide. A toothpaste which contains this ingredient can definitely do the job for you. Hydrogen peroxide has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe bleaching agent. Even your dentist will tell you that this is safe and effective ingredient in whitening products.

Last but certainly not the least, try to refuse from activities that will leave a more or less permanent stain on your enamel. One very good example would be smoking. Another would be indulging in too much sweets or beverage that can cause discoloration. Some common examples are tea and coffee. If you must drink them, do so at a minimum and brush and floss immediately afterwards.

Source by Donn Caughey