Tips On How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Permanently

When you tighten up your muscles during intercourse, for whatever biological reason it causes you to ejaculate sooner. This means that it is very important to stay calm and relaxed during intercourse because if you find yourself getting too excited you will more than likely start tensing up your muscles and increasing your pace which in return will result in premature ejaculation.

One of the best methods for dodging this is to focus on your breathing pattern or think of something that will take your mind off of the situation. If you learn how to block out certain thoughts that may trigger you to ejaculate early, you will ever get to the point where you can actually ejaculate on command just by thinking a certain way.

It really goes to show you the true power of the mind when you can fix a physical problem of yours just by thinking certain thoughts. Another cause for premature ejaculation is masturbation, the reason for this is because if you masturbate enough times through your life you will eventually make it a habit for your body to ejaculate after a certain amount of time of masturbating or intercourse.

The best way to correct this is to stop masturbating and instead just wait until the next time you have intercourse with your partner. There are certain precautions that you can take before that course will also help stop premature ejaculation.

First is meditating and clearing your mind of any tempting thoughts and relaxing your body as much as possible. This will help you enter the right mind state you are going to want to be in when you are having your special moment with your partner.

You want to make sure to eat foods that have high serotonin boosting properties because serotonin helps you control premature ejaculation. Eating proteins before intercourse is not a good idea because it blocks off the production and release of serotonin and that will result in premature ejaculation in some cases. Almonds are a great food to eat before intercourse because they are packed with nutrients that boost your serotonin levels very and they taste good! With enough practice of keeping relaxed during intercourse you will see enough improvement to double or even triple your time you can last during intercourse.

Some men are even able to get to the point where they can ejaculate on command with enough practice. Remember that the problem is actually a lack of self-control and it is not something that a pill or lotion can cure for you. Only you can help yourself when it comes to stopping premature ejaculation.

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