How to Satisfy Women in Bed – 7 Tips to Help You Make Your Woman Happier in Bed

Women naturally have reservations when it comes to telling what can really please them during lovemaking – probably the reason why men want to know how to satisfy women in bed. If you are one of the men who are looking for answers on how to satisfy women in bed, you sure are a step ahead in making yourself a good lover.

True, many women may not feel like being the first to tell you what she wants in bed but you can actually find some techniques in making her say that, and of course, you can find some tips from women who are vocal about it.

Here are seven tips that you might find useful in your quest for an answer on how to satisfy women in bed.

1. Focus on making her feel loved. If you want to seduce women, attract her, please and satisfy her in bed – you have to start with her emotions. If a woman feels loved and being cared for, she would most likely be more satisfied in bed. For women, being loved and making love are connected so learn how to give love to be able to please your woman more in bed.

2. Set the mood. A woman’s mind can be easily distracted and it can totally block her mind of enjoying lovemaking. Bills, problems at work, matters about the kids, errands to run – these can draw her attention away, but you can so something about it. Get her complete attention by giving her a gift, playing her favorite music in the bedroom, cuddling her at the sofa or writing her a note or email of how you want to please her. Flirting with your woman is a good way to set up a mood for lovemaking – and be romantic.

3. Make her feel relaxed – at least at the start. Learning how to satisfy women in bed starts from making her feel relaxed at the start. If she is tensed, it may be difficult for her to reach orgasm. A sensual massage can be a good way to ease up the tension.

4. Build up the sexual tension by exploring the woman’s body. Foreplay is one key on how to satisfy women in bed. The sight of your naked body does not easily arouse a woman but running your hand through her hair or caressing her face can be a turn-on. Learn to find new ways of making foreplay longer. This will not only please your woman, it will also help you last longer in bed, which can be a satisfaction for you and your woman.

5. Explore effective oral stimulation. It probably does not need more explaining, but this is one good way to give a woman orgasm.

6. Ask her what she wants. If you want to know how to satisfy women in bed, then ask her. Make sure you ask her in your sexiest voice. Of course, most women do not easily talk about it. Learn to talk dirty. It can be a good technique to make your woman say what she really wants.

7. Ladies first – a rule that will not only make a woman feel special but it is also one great way to please them in bed. Women takes a longer time to reach orgasm than men, so if you want know how to satisfy women in bed, focus on giving her orgasm first before you think of your own. Unlike men, women can still enjoy lovemaking even after orgasm.

Source by Carolyn Anderson

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