Tips To Last Longer In Bed

At some point in their lives men will need to find ways to ensure that they can last longer in bed during sexual intervention. Hopefully these tips to last longer in bed may just be of use to you at some point in the future.

1. As you begin to feel the first telltale sensations in your penis such as heightened sensitivity and energy that if you carry on what you are doing then you are going to explode. But no longer do you need to panic! So many men are pushed over the edge right to the point of ejaculation because they mentally begin to panic and think that they are about to orgasm. However instead of thinking that you are about to blow instead calmly say in your head "so I'm close to ejaculation now it is time to use an arousal step down technique". So you can now move on to the next step which will help you to last longer in bed.

2. You will find that the most sensitive part of your penis is the top of the shaft and more especially the head. In order to decrease the stimulation it is feeling without actually stopping the action you should slowly and deeply thrust into your partner. It should be as far as you can but only as far as that is also pleasurable to your partner. Next you need to gently grind your hips and wiggle your pubic bone against her vagina. But doing this you are temporarily decreasing the stimulation to yourself which will enable you to last longer.

By using this technique you are more able to control your urge to pop without having to stop sex and also providing your partner with some extra sexual stimulation as well.

Another tip for helping you to last longer in bed is to do with breathing. Many men are unaware that by breathing properly they can help develop ejaculatory control. By taking a few deep breaths you are not only helping yourself to relax but it also helps to calm the arousal and tension that you will feel which often is the signs leading up to premature ejaculation. So take some time and practice deep, easy, relaxed breathing techniques which will help to relax your entire body.

Above we have provided you with just a couple of tips to last longer in bed but there are plenty of other methods such as desensitizing creams.

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