Tips to Get Deep 360 Waves

To get deep 360 waves, you must understand the procedures you hair needs to go through to attain this depth. A lot of people get discouraged & think its impossible for them to get deep 360 waves. They think getting this kind of waves depends on your genes, they think you have to have ‘good hair’. Well that is simply not true, getting 360 waves has nothing to do with having ‘good hair’ You just need to learn to train your hair to form waves. Also another thing people have myths about is that you need a good hair relaxer or hair kit to get deep 360 waves. That’s not true either, getting 360 waves involves a certain set of methods & techniques which get you 360 waves naturally.

You need a very good moisturizer when you are getting waves. Moisturizer helps to tame your hair stands, so that they can be stretch out more easily. Also moisturizer helps keep your healthy & give it that dark look you see with many wavers. Another thing you need is pomade, which works together with the moisturizer to ensure your hair is trained to lie flat. Eventually with time & proper brushing your hair strands will begin to form an s- curl, hence waving.

You will need to put all these together to form a method which works. Brush your hair in the shower for 5mins with the grain. Dry your hair put carrot creme, brush again with the grain for 5 mins, drag for the rest of the day. Just moisturize & brush as you find fit during the day.

Before I got 360 waves, I diligently searched everywhere for the right methods & techniques to get 360 waves. Just like most people I fell prey to people’s ideologies & myths on how to get 360 waves. I was so desperate & I was more than willing to try anything, any product. But all I was left with was damaged hair & still no waves. There are different kinds of waves & there is 360 waves. To get waves , you need to understand the formation process of 360 waves. And also how to get the right hair cut to blend in with your  method.

Source by Mundus Jones

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