Cold Weather Riding Tips

Most of us in the northern parts of the country will ride outside as long as we can, before the temperature goes below freezing and the snow arrives. Here are some tips to help make your cold rides more enjoyable. Please note that these riding tips are not for Winter riding . They are meant for temps between 32f – 43f (or 1c – 6c).

Things to consider when biking in the cold:

  • It is easy to Overdress . Its easy to put on to much gear when heading out for a fall ride. We all do it. Its cold at the beginning, but keep in mind you will soon be burning energy and producing heat. You want to avoid overdressing, because not only will you be sweating and uncomfortable, but once you decrease your intensity or stop for whatever reason, that warm sweat will quickly become bone chilling. If possible, strip off a layer before you sweat, or unzip your top layer.
  • Wear a good base layer . Without your just out for an easy spin through the park, sweating is almost unavoidable. You want to wick away as much sweat as possible using a good base layer. Two popular materials used in base layers are polyester and Merino wool. You want to stay away from anything made of cotton, as it DOES NOT do a good job of dealing with sweat.
  • Leg warmers . In my experience, leg warmers are warm enough when riding in these temps (32f – 43f, or 1c – 6c). If after a ride you notice that your knees are very cold to the touch, you are risking the chance of getting sore knees (in my experience, but this is not scientifically proven). I recommend getting a pair of insulated bike tights to avoid problems.
  • Make your helmet fit over your hat . Do not try jamming your helmet over your hat. More often then not, you will have to make adjustments to your helmet to fit it over your toque no matter how thin your hat is. Try taking out the helmet padding if it helps. You might also need to adjust the length of your helmet strap.
  • Hands and feet get cold the easiest . Invest in good gloves and a set of thermal booties and / or toe covers. Cycling specific gloves are recommended because they have the insulation in the front to block the wind, and are better suited to grip your handlebars so you do not slip. Tip: Wiggle your fingers every few minutes to keep the blood flow going and they wont get cold as easily.
  • Experiment and keep track . Until you find whats comfortable for you, write down what you wished on each of your rides and what the temperature was. If you were to warm, strip a layer or replace your jacket with a windbreaker and wear a long sleeve jersey or arm warmers underneath. There are many combinations you can experiment with.

These are just a few tips I use to help keep me warm during those chilly rides. For more tips and help on cycling, visit the Cycling Destination page at

Source by Andrew McWhirter

Tips to Improve Flexibility

To improve flexibility in martial arts is to do stretching exercises. The myotatic reflex is what every muscle is subjected to this can be sudden or extreme change. The myotatic reflex will tighten and then attempt to shorten to shorten when a muscle lengthens beyond a certain point. During stretching exercises this the tension you feel.

The myotatic reflex prevents and in some cases strains and tears. Your muscles could overextend and tear easily if it was not for the myotatic reflex. The downside to this is that you can not fully use you body.

When you are stretching the myotatoc reflex your muscles will find a new limit but this must be slow and consistent. it is best to set stretching goals so if you overstretch and injure the muscle you will have to start over at a lower level.

There are three types of stretching:

Static – This is a controlled stretch. A position is held for ten to sixty seconds. This is to extend to feeling slight pain. During this exercise concentrate on relaxing target muscles and breath deeply.

Dynamic – This is to move the muscle through full movement. This increases flexibility but should be done with caution. Focus on maintaining a correct dynamic stretch, smooth, even moves that do not shock the muscle. Examples of dynamic stretches are knee rises, leg rises, arm circles, and trunk circles.

Ballistic – This is a type of bouncing exercise and is moving pressure to stretch muscles. As this involves the myotatic reflex this can cause muscles to tense rather than relax. There is a high risk of injury to ballistic stretching.

As with any exercise it is best to increase blood supply to improve flexibility. Then move to joint loosening exercises followed by dynamic stretches to the get the muscles moving freely. If you are working only on flexibility, do static stretches next. Do some light static stretches at the end of every workout to relax and refresh your muscles.

Source by Steve Goodfellow

Tips On Yoga Practice

Always focus on the breath because if you are practicing asanas (postures), vinyasa (movement), pranayama (breath control) or dhyana (meditation), it is the focus on the breath that extremely brings you to peace. This is the goal and the aim of yoga practice.

When practicing standing postures always focus on 'pada bhanda' the foot lock, that is to say make sure the muscles of your feet are constantly engaged and connected the ground. This keeps your leg muscles engaged as well as keeping you rooted and connected to the ground.

'Moola bhanda' or the root lock should always be engaged in your yoga practice especially in vinyasa as activating moola bhanda helps you move fluidly. It also helps you keep steady in asana practice.

Practice at least two hours after a meal and ideally wait two hours after practicing and before eating as this keeps your stomach empty and your practice light. Also during twists your stomach will be empty to allow for movement of the internal organs.

Eat a healthy diet free of too many fats (foods that are bad for you are known as tamasic foods in yoga) as these foods make you sluggish. Try to have vegetarian foods that are high in protein such as organic tofu, beans etc These will help keep your muscles strong for asana practice. Also have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (foods that are pure such as fruit and vegetables are known as sattvic foods in yoga) as these will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as regularly keeping you light for your practice.

Think about which chakra you are bringing into balance with which asana, for example when in sarvangasana (or shoulder stand) you are bringing your throat chakra (vishuddhi chakra) into balance and so focus your attention here. In the warrior (virabhadhrasana) poses you are bringing your manipura chakra at the solar plexus into balance so focus your awareness on this.

As you breath in, think the sound 'so' and as you breath out, think the sound 'ham'. According to yogic philosophy, the breath has its own natural sound. Our natural sounds are known as bheej mantras. The in-breath has the bheej mantra of 'so' and the out-breath has the bheej mantra of 'ham' and so by focussing on these sounds as we breath we bring our mind and breath into balance and natural rhythm.

Do not push yourself beyond the pain threshold. Yoga is about listening to your body and bringing it into balance, not about pushing it too hard and injuring yourself. You can relax into postures and allow yourself to develop flexibility and strength, but recognize your limits and enjoy your practice. You will always want to come back and continue your practice when it is something you enjoy rather than something that causes pain to yourself. So remind yourself constantly why you started yoga practice – to enjoy, to feel relaxed, to de-stress and to move towards a higher form of consciousness.

Never make your practice competitive. You can be inspired by others, but focus on yourself. Do not look around at others. Yoga is about developing yourself, listening to yourself and working at your own pace. You can only connect with others when you are content with yourself. You can not connect with others when you are competing with them. Let others inspire you to improve your practice. Focus on your breath, remain relaxed or help others with guidance when they need it, but do not bring stress into your practice by competitiveness. Remember yoga is about relaxing and finding inner peace.

Source by Namit Kathoria

Eye Care – Tips

As you grow older there are lots of health issues that come up. The aging process weakens all the organ and tissues. Your skin is the only place you can see the changes and often we are worried about. Other than skin the organ where you can symptoms of aging is the eye.

One of the important signs of aging is that you will not be able to focus on things right in front of you. Surely you will need to use reading glasses at the age of forty and above for a better eye sight. Eyesight issues are unavoidable just like taxes or your boss.

As you grow old, your eye needs more amount of light compared to teens. The sun provides the same amount of light from the time of existence. The issues is therefore not with the light at all, it rather because of the eyesight becoming dull.

Apart for bad eyesight, as you grow old you may also face color blindness. There will be issues differentiating some colors, usually shades of green and blue.

The skin around your eye is also vulnerable to the aging process. In fact, this will be your

first sign that you are getting older. Dark circles and wrinkles around your eye will make you look older and distraught than you really are.

And if you are really bothered about the aged looks and want to get rid of the dark circles and wrinkles, it’s high time you get some special treatment done. As the skin around your eye is a very sensitive.

Remember this is not only people, who are aged. Few tips to keep your self and your eyesight young:-

o Guard your eyes by wearing sunglasses from the harmful Ultra Violet rays. Buy a sun glass that gives 99 to100 % UV protections.

o Do you know? Doctors discovered that people who smoke have a more chances of having eyesight issues. So do quit smoking.

o Eat more fruits and vegetables especially green vegetables. They have inhibitors that absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays and keep your eye function better than ever before.

o Work on your weight. Reducing your weight takes of most of the health issues. Overweight causes hypertension, stress and high cholesterol levels. This in turn will reduce the flow of blood to your eye.

Also keeping your eyes attractive is something that makes you feel more confident. Contact lenses which are of different colors can make you look much beautiful. Lenses are now available in different colors and hence make you look perfect for the occasion.

Source by Kannan Dashna

Buying Carpet : 10 Tips That Works For You

With all the new types of carpet on the market when it comes to buying carpet it can be a bit of an overwhelming task. Be sure to check out the performance characteristics to make sure the type you are looking at will stand up to your expectations. The wrong choice will not last as long and you will disappointed. Follow these 10 tips to buying carpet that works for you.

1. Twist

Look at the twist in the individual yarn pieces. Several twists may give you good carpet. The number of twists will affect the performance and the density of the pile. Do not confuse density with the height of the pile. Pile height has nothing to do with performance.

Generally the more twists in the individual yarns the more spring in the carpet. Remember the more spring the more footprints that will be hidden. However if you are looking for vibrant carpets you will have to trade off the spring because the more vibrant carpets do not have that crimped texture.

2. Stain Protection

You should look for stain protection , soil protection and static guard. Most home owner only clean their carpet once a year so you will want a carpet to perform well over a three year period. Carpets should be cleaned at least twice a year but if you have a heavy traffic areas you may have to clean them as often as 3 or 4 times a year.

The carpet industry has introduced some amazing carpets with stain protection, soil and static protection these new products are better than ever before.

3. Reputable Dealer

Always buy your carpet from a reputable dealer. Look for a quality and customer service oriented dealer with a special carpet section. Make sure the dealer stands behind the products he sells.

4. Look then Look Some More

Look at all the different types of carpets that are available to you. Also look at the various under pads available for the carpet. Don’t skimp on the under pad. Just because it’s not visible doesn’t mean it’s not important. A cheap thin under pad will not do your new carpet any good and will shorten the life of your carpet. An under pad that is too thin will only fall apart under your carpet and damage the carpet over it.

5. Professional Install

You should have your new carpet installed by a professional installer. The dealer will either have their own installation crew or they will be able to direct you to someone they recommend.

6. Prepare The Floor

Remember the floor you place the carpet pad and carpet on will have to be prepared to protect your investment. The better grades of carpet usually need a better grade of underlay or carpet pad.

7. Choosing The Right Carpet

The color and texture will affect the look of the room and lighting conditions will affect the look of the carpet. If the carpeting is smooth or even surfaced it will have a velvety look or plush look like you would want in a formal dinning room. Use an oriental or a tapestry weave style to give a formal look to any room.

To help a room look lighter or brighter a more lustrous carpet fiber should be chosen. Remember a smooth luxurious carpets will show footprints and vacuum marks. If you like this look than ask for a luster fiber but if you do not like the look be sure to tell the sales rep that you do not want lustrous carpet pile.

You can get carpeting in a uneven surface where the looped pile is a bit uneven so it looks to be tailored. By combining different piles at different heights you will get a sculptured look. This look can also be duplicated by the color or the carpet being varied colors. You will find that some carpets get this look by carving on the surface of the carpet pile.

On the sculpted carpet the incoming light strikes the uneven surfaces of the pile at different angles. This type of carpet shows no footprints. The low densely packed carpet is the best for wear. Because the carpet loops are not cut in a low densely packed carpet it will wear longer than a cut pile carpet will. The taller the pile the more sound absorbing capabilities the carpet will be. Remember that high pile carpet is not good for high traffic areas. These fibers will be trampled and will be harder to clean.

8. High Traffic Areas

The basic pile or low loop is a good performer in a high traffic area. You will often see this type of carpet in offices. It wears like iron and cleans up easier than a pile carpet. The chunky look of Berber will have a level loops and have a chunky look. The wear factor is good but not as good as level loop carpeting but it will hide the dirt better.

9. You Get What You Pay For

Remember as like all things in life you will get what you pay for. A low quality carpet is a low quality carpet. Be aware and select the carpet you need and like. Just because it looks like a good deal at the time, you might not think that when you have to change the carpet in 3 years instead of 10 or 20 years. So shop carefully!

10. Guarantee or Warranty

Find out what the guarantee is on the carpet and what the guarantee covers. Does it just replace the carpet or does it also cover installation. What will void the warranty and what is not covered. Know before you buy.

These 10 tips will have you choosing the right carpet for the room in no time. Your room will have a brand new face lift and look awesome!

Source by John Murray

How to Get Your Girl Off Tonight!

Getting our woman to orgasm is so important for a healthy sexual relationship. If good sex is missing from our relationship for too long, we could be at risk of our woman going elsewhere for pleasure. I would like to share some tips with you that will enhance your sexual life to a whole new level.

If your goal is to get your woman off tonight, there needs to be some sexual anticipation built up. This can be achieved by some simple dirty talk. Give her a call and tell her what you are going to do to her when you see her. This will immediately start to build up some sexual tension.

The next thing is to create a romantic setting. Turn the lights low and put on some music. Woman get excited when they see all the trouble you've gone to, to create the setting for a romantic evening.

Once you begin to fool around give her oral pleasure while stimulating her clitoris simultaneously. This will get her wet and ready. The next thing to do is stimulate her G-spot. If you do not know where this is, it can be located by sticking your finger inside the vagina with your palm up. It is on the top of the vaginal wall and is a few inches inside. It can easily be identified by its rough surface.

The best sexual positions to stimulate the G-spot are with the woman on top or down on all fours (doggy style).

For multiple orgasms the G-spot and clitoris should be excited concurrently. If you can master these female hot buttons, you will be the stud every woman wants. If this still does not work for you, It is either because you are not big enough or your not long enough and you should find a way to improve your size and sexual stamina … hope this helps!

Source by Joseph Grass