50 Tips to Become a Better Classical Musician

1. Subscribe to blogs and news about your instrument.

2. Know who are the top players of your instrument (dead and alive).

3. Know all the major concertos.

4. Perform a solo recital at least every 2 months (Gigs don’t count)

5. Learn about other musical genres (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country,etc.) and try to understand their musical forms, chord progressions, and after that try to arrange something for your instrument.

6. Learn improvisation.

7. Try to compose your own cadenzas.

8. Go to Music festivals.

9. Make friends with Concertmasters, Conductors, Composers,Arrangers, Manager of salsa groups, jazz musicians and any other music group around you.

10. Schedule an audition as a substitute at the nearest orchestra or popular group.

11. Always be on time.

12. Bring all your equipment: stands, music, extensions, plugs,etc.

13. Dress accordingly to the occasion, if in doubt dress nice.

14. Try a different path in the music business other than performing: compose, arrange, conduct, work as a luthier, manage a symphony, etc.

15. Teach as much as you can: it would not only bring money but it will also remind you of the basics in your instrument, things you will need for the rest of your life as a performer.

16. Play every gig available no matter how much they pay, especially early in your career, you would be surprised how many contacts you will do: this will lead to future gigs!!

17. Always be making friends and tell them what you do: they will spread the word for you.

18. Have a Facebook account and make groups and fan sites.

19. Same with twitter and other social networks.

20. Build your own website.

21. Participate in music forums.

22. Practice sight reading, is easier to do this with friends, read quartets, duos and trios often.

23. Practice you excerpts!: Wake up at 3am and play Don Juan or another difficult excerpt and play it without warming up or anything! Its an awesome feeling.

24. Play an audition to friends and teachers before the real thing.

25. Become a member of music societies, clubs and unions like the American Federation of Musicians.

26. Subscribe to Music Magazines.

27. Attend as many concert as you can, it will help you with your music interpretation, style, etc.

28. Know the score of the pieces you are playing: solo, chamber, orchestra,etc.

29. Try to build your own sheet music library.

30. Try to build a music library with CDs and DVDs.

31. Listen to the pieces you are working on (chamber,solo, orchestral, etc) at least once a day.

32. Know the composers of the pieces you are working on (style, period in time, life,etc.)

33. Practice at least 4 hours a day, 6 or more for competitions.

34. Learn Sibelius or Finale.

35. In moments of frustration call a friend and tell them how much you love music and how much you don’t want to quit, explain to them how hard is the business of music and how hard you are willing to work.

36. You might want to learn German or Italian.

37. Sharpen your skills of transposition.

38. Learn the basics of piano.

39. Study music and physics, the simple stuff

40. Listen to other music genres you are not interested and learn from them. Find something good about it.

41. Know the major works of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and all the great masters.

42. Learn orchestration.

43. Classical Music for Du-mmies- Its a great source, I learned a lot of things i didn’t know, cool book!

44. Practice your scales every day; this is key.

45. Don’t waste your time in music theory class, learn all about harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, etc. This helps understand the music better, it will be reflected in your playing of course!

46. Help organizing someone’s recital or music event, one day you will need them and you will also have the experience as well.

47. Join your church music group.

48. Prepare your self for competitions (international or local)

49. Blog about classical music.

50. Wake up early for practice marathons with your friends.

Source by Cesar Aviles

Top 10 RV Buying Tips

10. Establish a budget prior to starting your search so you’ll have a clear price range in mind. Be realistic. Don’t forget to factor in fuel and insurance costs.  New Class A motor homes can range between $75,000 to over a million dollars, so it’s important to know your personal financial limits.

9. Identify your family’s personal space and activity needs and find an RV type that can accommodate these. Virtually all RVs have multiple floor plans available which help customize the RV to sleep as little as 2 to as many as 8. Consider if you would like to tow your RV with a truck or other vehicle, or if you would like a motorized RV such as a motor home. Many RVers who drive motor homes bring a smaller vehicle in tow.

8. Look online to find RVs for sale from dealerships and private parties near you. A lower price could be worth the drive. When you search at an online classifieds site, broaden your zip code search to include an area farther out than you think you might drive.  A lot of RV dealerships offer special packages which fly you out to buy the RV and then you can drive it home.

7. Research NADA values to make sure you are being offered a fare price. Nada Guides is the most commonly suggested RV pricing guide, but pricing varies widely depending on the extra features the RV has included.

6. Inspect all the nooks and crannies of a potential RV to ensure its quality and cleanliness. The little things could become real headaches later.  Most new RVs are covered by factory warranty the first year. But watch out for details in your warranty such as the requirement that you return the RV to the manufacturing plant for fixes.

5. Use a reputable escrow firm to exchange goods between you and the seller to avoid scams.  RV Search recommends Escrow.com to help prevent fraud and insure a smooth transaction.

4. Consider renting an RV similar to the type you would like to buy and take it on a short trip. Then you can truly see how it meets your family’s needs. Cruise America, Freedom Roads, and El Monte RV Rentals are three great places to start your rental search.

3. Find out if the vehicle comes with a warranty and if so, what it covers and for how long. This can be a real money-saver on unexpected repairs. If not, consider purchasing an extended warranty such as Continued Service Plan by The Good Sam Club.

2. If more than one dealer in your area has the RV you want, get price quotes from all of them. The more they compete for your business, the lower the final price you pay. Just like buying a car, don’t be afraid to haggle the price.

1. Find a trusted, qualified RV mechanic to check the vehicle over before you buy it. You don’t want to find out after the fact that it needs major repairs.

Source by Christina Bullock

Ibiza Travel Tips

If you are traveling to Ibiza this summer then you are in for a treat: this is an island with everything from the top nightclubs and elegant dining, through to stunning beaches and a rich cultural heritage. But with so much to choose from what should you do? This article takes you through some of the highlights to help you plan your trip.

Ibiza Town has a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its medieval section known as Dalt Vila. Along with that there is the harbor, which houses a very impressive collection of yachts. The bars and restaurants are high quality, and when it comes to shopping there are plenty of boutiques offering that something special. So I would definitely put Ibiza Town on your list of places to visit.

There are also some less visited areas, that many tourists do not bother with: the salines saltpans and northern Ibiza. It would be a mistake to overlook these sites. The saltpans have a rich history: they were developed by Phoenicians, and were the main industry in the island during the years of the Armada. Salt was a major trading currency in those days. Up in northern Ibiza you will find the least populated part of the island. It has many pine forests, pretty villas, and stunning cliff top views that the average tourist does not visit.

Of course, there is also the club scene. The hippest club is something that is always changing so the best thing to do is head to Sant Antoni and see which establishment has the longest lines of people waiting. Savannah is always a safe bet if you like electro-house, and it is open until 4am.

Source by Frank Billet

Safe Sleeping Tips For Babies

If babies could talk, they would tell you that sleeping is probably one of their best pastimes during the beginning months of their life. Sleeping is essential too, since it helps in the growth and development of the baby. However, sometimes a lot of problems like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other such mishaps can also happen. These mishaps can be avoided by practicing safe sleeping.

Sleep accidents claim thousands of tiny lives each year, since you need to make sure that your baby has safe sleeping habits. Even in the hospital, you need to keep an eye on the way your baby is being put down to sleep. When arriving at home, a crib is the best way to make sure your baby sleep's safely. However, before you actually allow your precious darling to sleep in a crib, you need to make sure that the crib is safe.

To make sure your crib is a safe sleeping environment, first, be sure it is placed in a draft free area. Then a well-fitted cotton sheet on a firm mattress would be next. And always placing your baby on his back since this reduces the risk of suffocation or SIDs.

People tend to swaddle their babies in a lot of clothes especially during winter. A better idea would be to keep the room temperature at about 68 degrees and dress your baby the same as you would dress your self for the conditions.

Be careful not to over dress, this could cause over heating. The sleepwear clothing should be of the type that is close fitting. Eliminating the frilly clothes with all the extras that are not made for sleeping. Any type of accessories the baby has worn during the day, such as jewelry or bibs should be removed.

You may have seen many movies where the baby is made to sleep with a soft toy such as a teddy bear or has a lot of toys in his bed. This is not safe sleeping, it's just a movie. In reality, these toys can cause suffocation. Therefore, you need to keep your baby's crib free from all sorts of stuffed toys, blankets, pillows and any soft bedding.

Parents often give pacifiers to their babies. This is believed by many doctors to help reduce SIDS. The correct pacifier should be chosen for the baby's age. I personally would choose a orthodontic pacifier. These are made to decrease the odds of the baby having an overbite when they are older. Nothing should be attached to the pacifier such as ribbons or yarn. The dangers of strangling or choking on them is real.

There are times when parents may place the baby on their bed to sleep. You should not do this mainly because the baby could fall off or could roll over in the covers and suffocate. This is often done when people are visiting relatives. This is where a little planning ahead is necessary. Prepare yourself, bring along a playpen. If the playpen is not feasible, using your car seat would be.

There is no such thing as too much safety when it comes to your baby. The above tips on safe sleeping may help you to feel a little more knowledgeable and allow your baby to have the comfort he needs.

Source by Janice B Hall

Tips for Improving Bad Credit

Do you suffer from bad credit? There are many options you have to help improve your bad credit. The first thing you need to do is stop spending more than you make. This is often the hardest thing you can do. Sometimes jobs are not enough to cover the bills let alone provide us with food during the week; even if at all possible you need to get rid of the credit card debt you may have. There are assistance programs you can apply for if you are not making enough to pay your monthly expenses. You may also need to look at your monthly expenses and reduce those that you can. This can mean getting rid of cable, satellite TV, or even the Internet until you have a better paying job. Once you have your monthly expenses under control you can look at places such as Lexington Law.

Lexington Law is one of many companies that can help you remove items from your credit report. These items must be paid off, and be older than a year. It will take a while before all the bad credit reports on your credit history can be removed, but hiring a company like Lexington Law is about the only way you can improve your bad credit.

Just writing to the credit agencies and the companies on your credit report will not remove them. They will just place the bad items back on your report. Those companies that offer to fix your bad credit in no time are another area to stay away from. Yes, they may get bad items removed, but in six months the items will be back on the report. When you are on the road to mending your bad credit you may decide to keep your credit cards with no balance on them. Having this credit line will help increase your credit score as long as you do not have a balance on them.

Source by Angela Amerson

Tips to Be a Good Video Game Tester!

Video game tester is one of the most demanding job profiles in today’s scenario. It has created a craze among all generations of people to earn some fast bucks without the need of any educational qualifications. But there is one major qualification that a wannabe video game tester must possess and that is s/he must be a game freak.

For a beginner, it might be quite tough to get into the profession but with a little research you can get easy access to video game testing jobs. And once you get access to it, getting a job as a game tester is a child’s play. This is one such job profile where an average game tester can earn as much as $ 40,000. Though it does not require any qualifications but it is no different from any other jobs.

To be a great game tester, there are some steps which you must be aware of. Get to know these steps to equip yourself with the qualities of being a great video game tester.

1) Before you go ahead with your job, make sure to go through the guidelines and the procedures to be followed minutely. This will be helpful in shedding more light in the type of work you are going to perform and what are the things expected from you. You will be required to give them your feedback as per their instructions. Deadline must be met strictly and a standard format must be followed while submitting the assessment.

2) Keep in mind that being a game tester involves more than playing it for fun. You will need to adopt different strategies in order to examine every aspect of the game. Be alert while playing the game and try to figure out even the slightest problem that you noticed while playing the game.

3) Make sure to take down notes, as you continue to test the game. These notes are important as you will have to make the report based on these notes. Always make it a point to be concrete and describe in detail about the bugs and glitches that you have come across while playing the game.

4) Every bit of information that you collect is valuable and will be helpful for the programmers to rectify the problem. In any case if you ever come across a bug then try to recreate it and find out the reason behind it. Make sure to give each and every detail of the bug like its location, level, character and other related information. Also take note of any errors like misspelling, discoloration, error in graphics and music/sound.

5) If you complete the assessment of the game well before the deadline then make it a point to start playing the game right from the beginning. This way you will be able to ensure that you have not missed out on any part of the game. Prepare your final report and include all the information that you have collected no matter how small it may seem. Your report must be well organized and professional.

Also it is important to know that the type of games that you play will determine the type of companies for you to apply. With these tips handy, you can be a go getter and move on to become one of the most successful video game tester.

Source by Greg C Lucas

Tips to Stop Using Marijuana

For a drug that is supposedly harmless, marijuana can be cunning, baffling and powerful. The fact is that for many marijuana abusers they find that they no longer want to continue using the drug. Unfortunately, they find the quitting process to be much more difficult than they originally imagined.

If you are looking to stop smoking pot, here are some tips that will allow you to see your problem for what it is and finally do something about it.

1. Admit to yourself that you have a problem.

One of the largest dangerous of marijuana use is that its abusers do not ever realize that anything is wrong. They see a multitude of consequences all around them as a result of their marijuana use and they simply think that they have been unlucky. The fact of the matter is that the legal and financial problems associated with marijuana can and do go away when a person stops smoking. However, before a person can do anything about the problem, they have to admit that the problem exists.

2. Change people, places and things

Old using buddies maybe friends from childhood but, if both of you are not ready to quit smoking pot, then your friendship might need to have the brakes applied to it. The fact of the matter is that it is not fun to be around people who are high when you no longer smoke weed. So, inform your friends that you will always be their friends however, for your own good, you are going to need to take a break from the friendship.

3. Adopt a new hobby

Most marijuana users have not idea how much time they spend smoking pot until they actually quit. Most ex pot smokers find that suddenly have a lot of unaccounted for time on their hands. In this type of situation it can be very easy to become tempted to just smoke once. However, when a person is recovering from a marijuana addiction, there is no such thing as a single smoke. It is a risk that you must not take. So look into exploring some of your other interests. Consider joining an interest group or club with people in your area that share one of your hobbies.

Believe me that quitting smoking pot can be a very challenging experience. There will be many temptations and many situations when you will become discouraged. If you abide these tips and follow a program with all of your heart and soul, you will find that the road back from marijuana addiction can be very rewarding.

Source by Carlo Crabtree

Tips To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony

So you've set the date, chosen your venue and booked your Celebrant, but what kind of ceremony would you like?

Did you know a civil wedding ceremony can be as individual as you are? Apart from the mandatory legal requirements, you can tailor your ceremony to reflect your personalities, desires and to help set the tone of the day.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is what sort of ceremony would you like? Would you like something very simple and straight forward, something casual and friendly, something outrageous and fun or something traditional and formal?

Here are a few examples of things you can include to make your ceremony your own.

Is there anyone you would like to know who can not be there? Whether they are logistically not able to make it or have passed away, you may wish to remember them. Tomorrowmore, is there anyone special to you that is there, for example parents or close friends or family you would also like to recognize?

What about your relationship. How did you meet and what do you enjoy doing together? Have there been any unforgettable times or funny stories you would like to share? What do you love about each other? Have you overcome any challenges together? What do you love about your family and friends? If you have children, what do you love about them? These personal details really create an intimate and unique ceremony and your guests love to hear your story!

You could include a meaningful reading or a poetry piece and have one of your friends or family read it.

You could include a ritual symbolizing the joining of two individual lives into one, or the merging of a family.

There are certain legal vows which must be included, but apart from these you may wish to write additional vows which are significant and meaningful to you.

The music you choose can also make a great impact on your ceremony. Would you prefer your favorite tunes played from your iPod or CD, or would you prefer live musicians? Usually it's a nice idea to have some background music playing as your guests arrive and then choose two or three songs for the arrival of the bride, signing of the register and the processional.

Your Celebrant will be able to offer suggestions and guide you through this exciting process, but just remember that this is your day and you can have the ceremony of your dreams!

Source by Elizabeth Wilkie

Tips for Successful Online Dating

Here is a list of useful tips that you should follow in order to receive the results you are expecting.

1) Choose good photos.

Your first primary step while using free on-line dating services is to upload nice photos. The photo is the first thing that the opposite sex gets attracted to. Many free on-line dating web-sites claim that uploading a nice photo is 50% of your personal dating success. Keep in mind that the picture of you must be 'clear'. It must show well your smiling welcoming face as well as the whole body. Regularly people prefer to see you in natural environment, no studio photographs. Upload photos of regular size instead of too small or too big photos.

2) Make sure to fill in the boxes with important information

All free on-line dating web-sites require you to feel in basic questionnaire. You can state there your interests, hobbies, personal values, etc. If you do not want to fill in all of the information boxes, pick the ones that you really like and are willing to share with others. Keep in mind that your ability to open up to people points out that you will to meet new people, to build new love and friendship relationships. You have the option of filling in the necessary minimum which is nickname or name, age, residence area, height, weight, preferred characteristics of your perfect match. It is important but necessary to mention your education level, profession, and add description of your perfect match.

3) Move on from on-line communication into real-life dating

Having long-time online dating or communication experience is nice but there is 90% chance that this relationship will never become real. Instead of spending long hours in chat room with the one you like, go on a real-life date and find out on your own if this is the right person for you. By keeping your new acquaintance within cyber space, you lose a chance to meet this person one on one. Always think in terms how you restrict yourself from being loved.

4) Create an intrigue while using free on-line dating services

When you go on-line while using free on-line dating services web-sites, it is wise to create an intrigue. Be smart, leave out the details of your personal life while talking about things you enjoy most. It is also cool to leave some unique life story details for later like a first date. Be spontaneous and funny. If you want to share some problems, hire a psychologist. Otherwise, just be yourself and keep yourself a bit mysterious it always keeps the opposite sex attracted.

5) First date – the key to successful relationships

The key to successful relationships is your willingness to love and to be loved in return. When you get this special feeling, you find yourself thinking over just one amazing person. You get these sensations of butterflies in your stomach and everything around you is just perfect. Everybody knows the importance of the first impression, but it is just the point when everything is getting started. It is nice to spend up to 12 hours on the first date, although it is also nice to go on a second date, third date and so on. Do not worry to spoil the first impression. Just make your best to come to this date looking and feeling your best. Smiling, flirting question asking this is what the first date is all about. It is important to choose a nice place for a meeting, some place where you feel comfortable. Take it easy! Instead of trying to jump into the whole relationship turmoil try to take it easy and enjoy the romance of every moment that is given to you right now. And let the future unfold all pleasant surprises that are ahead of you.

Source by Bill Jager

Beginners Golf Tips

At one time in my life I was an avid golf fan. To be honest, I resembled the phrase, "Duffer". My hope is that in beginner golf tips you will have an opportunity to view golf as I did, recreational, relaxing, and yes, even aggravating!

The first thing to understand is that golf is a game that anyone can play. If you have the mindset to go out and enjoy it, you will indeed have an advantage over others who play strictly to win! Beginning golf is like any other endeavor, there is a learning curve, so enter with an open mind and above all else, have fun!

Before you even hit the fairways there are a couple of beginner golf tips that will help you. First and foremost is knowing what your own limits, and strengths are. If you are just starting out, you certainly do not need to spend several hundred of dollars on equipment. The time may come when you feel that level of confidence in your abilities, and your desire warrants upgrading the tools of the trade. I suggest however that you first discover if you indeed have the passion and the patience before investing too much of your hard earned money. As I stated earlier, golf is a heck of a lot of fun but it can also be very aggravating.

There are many basics to the game of golf. Unlike many other sports, you can play golf alone. When I played, back in upstate New York, I would go out many mornings at 6AM. The dew would still be heavy and the greens would be slow as rush hour traffic. I was the only one on the course at that time but that did not prevent me from playing 18 to 36 holes. My point, the game will put many obstacles in your path but you always have options.

I hope this will give you a brief sense of how much fun, and aggravation can be taken from the game of golf. To experience the exhilaration you only have to begin! My only wish is that I would have continued to play, and while in the sand traps, occasional pray! I hope you have found this article on beginner golf tips to be of some help in your quest to become an avid golfer. If you have found this article to be helpful or at least useful you can view many more free tips below.

Source by Alan Gottlob