Stain Removal Tips

Stain removal can vary greatly in difficulty, from excluding easily to nigh impossible, depending on several important factors, including the object the stained, the agent causing the stain, the speed at which you can begin to clean the stain and the environment around the stain . Because of all of these factors, every stain is different, and may require slightly different techniques. Most of them, however, can be bested by using some of the basic stain removal tips found in this article.

Using Water and Saliva to Remove Blood:

Blood stains are notorious for being almost impossible to completely remove once allowed to dry. Simple cold water, however, can reverse this process and make the stain as fresh as if the blood had been spilled only just now. This method, however, is most useful for washable fabric and other materials that can withstand an extended soaking in water. Simply submerge the entire stain in cold water, and wait for 1 to 2 hours. When the stain is removed from the water, the blood will have loosened its hold on the object, and be more than willing to come out with the proper encouragement.

Fresh blood stains can easily be ousted by using the saliva of the person whose blood caused the stain. Enzymes in the saliva break down the chemical bonds of the protein contained in the blood and starts begin to dissolve the stain. This method is useful for both fresh blood stains and those made fresh by soaking as described in the previous paragraph. The easiest and most practical application of this method is to insert a clean, dry cloth into the person's mouth and keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the cloth is thoroughly drenched in saliva. The cloth can then be used to blot out the blood stain until it is completely gone.

Breaking Down the Sugar in Coffee:

The main cause of coffee stains is sugar. The sugar in the coffee adheres to the item its touching and causes the unsightly black and brown stains. There is, however, an easy method to break down the sugar in coffee and release the bonds, making the coffee stain removal easy. Pour boiling hot water over the stain until no more coffee can be lifted from the stain. Wash and dry as usual afterward, and the fabric should be clean and ready to wear.

Hairspray Removes Lipstick:

Lipstick can leave a telling stain that can get some people into trouble. It also leaves an unattractive mark that can be embarrassing if seen. There exists, however, a cosmetic that can battle lipstick stains, called hairspray. The simple product, found in most homes, has a chemical make-up that starts to break the lipstick, if applied properly. Begin by spraying a thick coat of hairspray on the stained area. Take a bar of hand soap and rub hard on the afflicted area for several minutes. Then take the fabric and launder it normally. When removed form the drier, the stain should be gone completely.

Lemon Juice for Ink Stains:

Due to recent innovations in pen development, ink stains are far less common than in the days of old. Malfunctions, however, do occur and when not in possession of a pocket protector, some serious ink stain removal may be required. Lemon juice is a surprising remedy to remove ink stains. Begin by running cold water on the stain until the water runs clear with no more ink being removed. Make a paste out of one part lemon juice and one part detergent and apply it to the stain. Let it sit 30 minutes, and wash and dry the shirt normally. Repeat is the stain remains.

Source by Ashlee Shabel

Tips for Home Brewing Perfection

Many beer enthusiasts are interested in brewing their own beer at home. There are many different products that can be purchased for this goal. Using these tips can assist you in brewing the perfect beer. You will find that there are a number of different types of beer to brew at home. Some people choose based upon their own favorites. Others select beer brewing kits that are intriguing and fun.

Most of these kits are reasonably priced. The internet has become a great tool when it comes to home brewing. It is possible to take on this endeavor without a kit. There are many great sites on the internet that offer information for this process. Through these sites brewers simply arrange their own ingredients.

Sites talk these amateur brewers through this process. It is important to read information about the different ways to brew. The more research that you do, you will be prepared for this process. Following these tips can be very beneficial to your experience with beer brewing.

Use high quality ingredients

Ingredients are important with any type of recipe. This is true as it relates to brewing beer. You will need to find high quality ingredients for your brewing. Cheap ingredients will reflect in the overall taste of your beer. Some of the most popular ingredients for this project include oats, hops, dry malt, liquid malt, yeast, and crushed grains. The essential amounts needed are determined from your specific recipe.

Researching the topic

As stated earlier there are many different websites for beer brewers. These sites answer a lot of questions. They also serve to instruct brewers in this process. You will discover that there are actual software products for brewing beer. These are some of the most elaborate sources of information. They also provide step-by-step approaches for people to use.

Cooling process is important

Not many people know how important cooling is in the process of brewing beer. Brewers must prepare and accomodate this step in the process. It is important to quickly cool the beer. Some people opt for immersion cooling techniques. This particular step will reflect on the color and clarity of the beer product.

Fermentation control

One of the other important parts of brewing beer is to control the fermentation temperature of your beer or wort mixture. Attached thermometers are available for this step in the process. They help brewers to continuously monitor the temperature of their mixture. This is an essential part of presenting the best product.

Glass fermentation products are better

Many believe that glass products are better for fermenting beer. These are objects that are easier to clean in this process. They also provide a better oxygen layer for the brewing process. The components you need for each step of this process will prove important to the finished result.

Use a yeast mixture

Yeast is one of the critical components to the beer brewing process. This yeast can be added directly to your mixture. Many brewers, however, think that a mixture of beer is a better option. This mixture is made with dried malt extract, water, and yeast.

Source by Walton Gripp

Travel Planning Tips


Are you taking a summer vacation this year? Have you started preparing for your trip? Although there are a lot of preparation advice and tips you can find in the Internet, most of them are really hard to go by. This is because everyone has different vacation locations. You are encouraged to keep your destination in mind when preparing for your vacation.


You must take the climate into consideration as it may affect your trip. You need to prepare appropriate clothing no matter where your vacation destination is. You are advised to prepare for the worst such as an umbrella and raincoats a great addition for your summer clothing.


You are always encouraged to have the proper forms of identification no matter where you are traveling to. Besides that, you are advised to bring along all health insurance and auto insurance cards. This information will come handy should you need care or get into a car accident.


Each year millions of individuals and families flock to beaches. It is important that you bring along the appropriate clothing and especially sunscreen. Many do not realize the dangers of sunbathing without sunscreen. You will need to make sure that you have beach towels and plenty of water on hand too.


When camping, you will need to determine where you will be sleeping. You have to make sure to stock full of supplies if you are camping with an RV. But if you plan on camping outdoors, make sure that you have your tents ready to go and that all of the pieces are accounted for. If you plan on fishing, boating or hiking, you will want to bring the appropriate gear with you. Many campgrounds are in secluded areas; therefore, if you forget something, you often have to go without.

Source by Beng Wai Tee

Tips on Potty Training Puppies

Potty training is the most important part of training a puppy. Basic training like obedience training and potty training should start as early as possible but always keep in mind that young pups do not have control over their bowel movements so that should not be a cause of worry. Here are some potty training puppies tips you can use especially when starting up with it.

1. Dogs make habits out of their routine easily. If you let them run all over and do whatever they want to, they will learn it. Once a habit is formed it is reliably hard to break them, so get them to learn at an early age, letting them know what is right and what is wrong. Once you get them into the right habit things will be a lot easier.

2. Learn about dog behavior. We humans learn things differently and expect the same from animals too. Dog's behavior is very much different from ours which makes up for a big communication gap. If you can not make a puppy understand what you want him to do, it will be hard to train him. Good trainers can make them do complex things just because they know about the behavior of these animals and can communicate with them easily through different techniques.

3. Always be persistent with your efforts. While training your puppy, it may seem that repeating a thing once or twice is enough and anything more than that might get you frustrated. But you have to be patient with them. Different breeds have different responses but foundations are the same.

You should know these basic tips even before you start with potty training puppies. You can train the puppies yourself quickly and easily, click the link below to know about the details.

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Six Tips to Prevent Bullying

1. Stop Enabling. Parents must leave their egos out of their parenting and stop defending their child's unacceptable behavior. You are not helping by rationalizing or living with delusions regarding your child's behavior. If the facts are clear and the verdict is in, you must seek professional help for your child rather than pretended the problem does not exist for it will only get worse due to your negligence.

2. Establish Clear Expectations. By establishing clear expectations of desired and acceptable behaviors, a child is provided with a road map or blueprint to follow and in most cases will do just that. Without a clear sense of direction, any muddy road becomes tempting.

3. Set Boundaries. Kids are curious. They will test boundaries to define their reality and thus establish a sense of security. If you are not consistent in what is acceptable and what is not tolerable, you are creating confusion and then more anxieties which leads to more testing. Tough love builds good character.

4. Teach and Experience Compassion. Children do learn what they live and are often a mirror reflection of their parents' behavior. One can not demand compassion, but must demonstrate or show it. Compassion is love in action and if instilled in the hearts and minds of our children at an early age, it will prevent bullying. Just as oil and water do not mix, if a person has a kind heart, it is impossible to be mean spirited. However, it should be part of early childhood learning and a preventive rather than corrective measure.

5. Parents as Bullies. Home intervention and parenting classes are crucial as 61% of bullies reported being victims of physical, mental and verbal abuse in their own homes Yes, violence is learned and passed on. Like many diseases, it is contagious and must be contained. Stress management, problem solving skills, anger management and effective communications are essential parenting skills.

6. Correction Is Collective. We are all responsible for this embarrassing social crisis. We have all tolerated violence and intimidation as a social norm. We have tolerated it on MTV, the media, music, movies and video games that you may have purchased for your child upon his request. I personally remember when chewing gum in school was grounds for dismissal. Heck, we now are happy if kids do not bring knives and guns to school! Who is leading this battle of reclaiming simple rights of honor and respect? Teachers, parents, and our entire system of justice must wake up and take action now.

Like any illness, bullying and other acts of intimidation and violence grow and spread to more challenging problems if ignored and action is not taken. My personal action was to develop an empowering character-building program, I Believe I Can Fly! It instills compassion and gives a child the right message at the right time for RIGHT THINKING.

It also welcomes a positive belief system and healthy life choices that increase self-esteem and self-discipline to improve problem-solving skills. What action will you take and when will you begin?

Source by Edie ER Raether

Self Defense Tips For Knife Attacks

Free advice is usually worth what you pay for it, and that also goes for self defense tips, especially regarding a knife assault. Many that look cool in a book or movie will get you killed in real-life.

Here are 5 self defense tips that knife experts swear by:

Knife Self Defense Tip # 1

Run away if possible. The best self defense tips for knives teach avoidance. Fools stick around to get stuck while the wise retreat to safety and live to fight again.

Knife Self Defense Tip # 2

If you're too far away from your opponent, do not even try or you might die. Self defense tips for knives only work if you are within proper range.

Knife Self Defense Tip # 3

Get out of the line of attack. Use angles to neutralize the attack and put you in a safer position.

Knife Self Defense Tip # 4

Attack the hand or arm that holds the knife. Once you control those, you usually control the weapon.

Knife Self Defense Tip # 5

Disable the hand holding the knife. Your opponent will drop it and will not be able to pick it back up. Disarm the knife and they might get it back. Break their hands and they will have to hold it with their teeth or toes, which makes knife fighting a whole lot more challenging.

Regardless of what self defense tips you learn to protect yourself against an assault, remember that anything can happen and probably will. No amount of self defense tips will save you in every situation, so train hard and practice often. And carve Knife Self Defense Tip # 1 into your memory.

It's numero uno for a reason!

Source by Jeffrey S. Anderson

Weight Gain Tips for Natural Bodybuilders

Some natural bodybuilders find it very hard to gain the extra weight needed to feel good about themselves. After several years of fluctuation in weight and hitting walls in weight gain, a person can feel burned out and very frustrated with trying to add extra weight. With all of these letdowns it can be very easy to give up and let your high metabolism set you apart from your dream body. Here are some weight gain tips for natural bodybuilders.

Weight gain can actually be quite easy if it is done in the right fashion and a person really is determined to change their figure. Weight gain can be done with supplementation, a lot of food, and a very strict weight training routine. Supplementation is a very important part of gaining weight. The most recommended supplement is protein shakes. Protein shakes are a very easy way to acquire the extra amount of protein needed to rebuild your fatigued muscles. The best time to take these shakes is up to the user but for best results one must include a shake before and after every workout.

Another supplement that can aid in the building of muscle is creatine. Creatine is a very powerful mass gaining aid. In some weight gain plans this may be an option. Although weight can easily be attained by adding water, some side effects may be present, such as acne, or an over active bladder. Amino acid supplements are also very good in a weight gain plan. If supplemented along with a protein shake, the amino acids can rebuild the growing muscle even faster, resulting in greater gains.

Food is probably the most important ingredient in any weight gain plan, but one thing people often overlook is that there are times when it is more critical to eat than others. In order to gain weight your body needs to be fueled with calories all day long. Your meals should be separated into 4-5 meals with small snacks in between meals. The most important time to eat is within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. In these 30 minutes after your workout, your body is starving for replacement of the nutrients it expelled during your workout. Eating seems like the easiest part of this plan but it will be the toughest. Sometimes you don’t feel like eating but just remember … that tuna sandwich or that bowl of oatmeal is another stepping stone towards your weight goal.

A weight training routine is also very critical to your success for adding additional weight. Doing your core exercises such as bench-press, squats, and dead lift, gives off irreplaceable growth hormones causing your gains to skyrocket. Also in your routine, lift heavy weights within the 5-8 rep range. Remember that when putting together a workout routine your goal is to shock your body. Do this by changing the order of your exercises and the speed of your reps.

The road to your weight gain goal is a long tough road but the path is cleared. Hard work and determination is a must for anything worth it in life. Your dream body is well within your reach, keep your eye on the goal and remember when that last drink of protein shake seems to taste terrible, or that last rep while squatting seems too tough, it’s all part of achieving something. Implement the weight-gain tips I’ve given you and once you realize you can change your body your confidence will skyrocket. You will realize that life is just like natural bodybuilding – you have to WORK if you want to achieve your goals.

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Source by Brandon Pennock

The Best Funk Drum Tips

Funk came from a mixture of musical influences such as jazz, African music, Latin and blues. It became the steady foundation of rhythm in 1970 disco era. Which is why until now, you can always find yourself dancing to the tune of old funk classics. In this article, we will discuss some basic information about playing drums in the funk music scene.

The father of funk, James Brown created the idea of ​​an "off-beat" pattern that became the stable rhythmic standard for the succeeding funk songs. An "off-beat" is a note that you play after the count. For example, when you play a steady quarter note, you count "one, two, three, four". In rock or pop music, you will strike on the count of "one" or "two". In a funk rhythm, you need to divide the quarter note; creating an eight note with a standard count of "1and, 2and, 3and, 4and". Striking the off-beat means you have to beat at the "and" after every count ("1snare, 2snare, 3snare").

This is a bit tricky because drummers normally beat to stress the leading beats. To give you a steady hand, practice with a metronome. Start your metronome within 60 to 80 beats per second. Keep your rhythm in check by persistent practice. You may begin with a simple hi-hat pattern exercise of straight eight note beats. After that, add your bass drum for basic quarter note pattern. Be relaxed while doing this because you need to experience the groove of playing the music. Lastly, add your snare while counting "1and, 2and …"

If you have a friend who knows how to play bass, let him play the bass lines. The rhythm section in a funk band is very important because it keeps the time and beat in check. But, being the time-keeper does not mean you are boring. Learn from your buddy how he improve his smooth funk bass lines while you, however, put timely drum fills in between his licks. To get a better picture of drum and bass in funk music, listen to Flea and Chad Smith of "The Red Hot Chili Peppers"; they have great chemistry in playing the rhythm section.

Lastly, listen to a lot of James Brown songs, Prince, early Incubus records, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly and Family Stone and Primus for great drum beats and solos. Since funk combines different musical style, try out some Latin and Afro-American beats from old records.

With funk music, you need a lot of groove, rhythm and confidence all over your personality; all tips and suggestions are worthless without these three element. If all else fails, pop-up an old disco music and dance away your worries. That will certainly put you in a funky mood.

Source by Frances C Fletcher

Tips For Purchasing Chinese Products

As you may know, the huge Chinese manufacturing market is full of companies that offer customers with all sorts of products. But only a few of them have online stores which you can directly buy products without having to move an inch.

Buying products online offers you many advantages. If you buy products directly from the manufacturer's website you will save a few dollars each. Why is that? It is pretty simple. Let's take an example of purchasing a card reader from a Chinese manufacturer. If you go to your local shop which sells this type of product you will have to pay extra for the product because you will be given the manufacturer price instead you will have to pay for the manufacturer price + additional money the shop imposes on the buyer .

Without the additional cost the shop poses, these kinds of shops would not be existed for a day because this is the only way they make a living, the additional money you have to pay for is called "trade markup". Purchasing a card reader right from the manufacturer will save the buyer from paying the additional sum of money that the shops pose.

If you do want to purchase a product directly from the manufacturer, you have to know that reliable companies which deal with these issues have a very low shipping cost. Serious companies have a developed infrastructure of transportation so that your ordered product will arrive in time. Buying online will save you the trouble of going to every shop in town or worst in other towns to find the desired products, by clicking with mouse buttons you will order the exact product you desire, safe and fast.

Just like any other regular store, the online stores are updated daily with a wide range of products, from antennas to vintage phones. Also on online shops you can find full-detailed brochures about the products you are thinking of buying and also, a very useful thing, comments by other people who bought these products. From the reactions of other people you will find out if the company which sells the product is serious or not.

These kinds of online shops are growing every day so the competition is very strong; regular customers benefit from this because the shops must put the effort in order to attract customers selling their products at low prices, promotions and other similar strategically methods. Some of the shops which sell Chinese manufactured products have a technical support team which you can ask questions about the products to, with no extra cost.

The most evolved Chinese manufacturers offer full warranty for their products and also Money Back Service. You can trust these manufacturers as they offer quality products without any hidden scams. Although many people say that Chinese products are poorly built and of average quality, it is not quite true because if you know where to look for the best among the pool, you can purchase very good products at extremely low prices.

All in all, purchasing online directly from Chinese manufacturers has many advantages: low costs, fast shipping, full warranty, Money Back Service, good quality products, prior purchase free customer service.

Source by Cliff Lee

General Remodeling Tips

Whether staining a deck yourself or hiring a contractor to build an addition to your home, there are basic guidelines you should follow to keep your project organized. Here are some tips on planning ahead that may help you avoid a lot of hassle down the road.

Think ahead and determine what needs to be done. The more you pay attention to detail, the better your plan will develop. Consult with others that have completed a similar project and take their advice to heart. Talk to subcontractors to help you determine the scope and sequence of your project. Visit Home Depot or Lowes and chat with their top sales people to get even more tips on the job at hand. Let's say, for instance, that you are going to replace a bathroom counter top. Here is an example of how you would accomplish the job by using an organized plan:

– Measure the existing counter top and be sure to get the dimensions from the center of the sink to all four sides of counter. Are the faucets four inches or eight inches apart?

– Decide on whether to use the existing sink or a new one. How about the faucets?

– Decide on an over counter or under counter sink.

– Decide on a counter top material such as Corian, granite, or formica.

– Decide on the color.

– Determine all costs and a budget and then add 20% to be sure.

– Decide if you can do the installation alone or should you hire a counter man?

– Place an order for all materials.

– Turn off the water and disconnect hot and cold water pipes.

– Remove the existing counter and replace it with the new one.

– Install the faucets and sink.

– Reconnect hot and cold pipes.

Keep a notebook and carry it around so you can jot down ideas. Remember, achievers write things down. If you do decide to use a contractor, write down any concerns or questions you have.

Put changes in writing. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this will help you stay on track. If you are using a contractor, you should modify the original plan and have it signed by both parties. Do not forget to include the new cost estimate.

The key is in staying organized. An effective plan requires a list of tasks, tools, and supplies. It also requires a detailed sequence of step by step procedures and a realistic budget that will allow for some contingencies. Careful planning will eliminate too many trips to the hardware store, multiple phone calls to subcontractors or an extra visit to Home Depot to speak with a salesperson that may or may not be able to get you out of trouble. Planning ahead does take some effort, but it will help you save time, save money, and eliminate a lot of unnecessary frustrations. Most of all, it will give you great results and a sense of accomplishment which no amount of money can buy.

Source by Bill Remington