Upholstery Quick Tips

Few things are more frustrating than finding a stain on your new furniture. Whether it is a favorite chair or the family sofa, learn how to prevent common problem with these quick easy tips for keeping your furniture looking its best.

1. Read the Label . Few people take the time to read the labels when purchasing new furniture – that can be a big mistake when it comes time to spot cleaning. Do not absorb every cleaning solution can be used. Special fibers require specialized care to avoid shrinking, discoloration or other problems.

2. Clean Quick . As soon as a spill occurs, take time to quickly blot – not rub – the area with a paper towel.

3. Absorption . If a spill has already been absorbed into the fabric, try to blot it with alcohol or dry cleaning solvent to remove the residue.

4. Stain . Firmly set stains can be rinsed with clear water and a mild detergent (in keeping with manufacturer's recommendations) to try and remove more deeply set stains. However, it is important that all traces of detergent be completely removed to avoid stains from resurfacing – while avoiding excess water than can result in more damage. Always test in a discrete area first, even if the manufacturer's recommendations indicate water is acceptable.

5. Odors . Although there are many products on the market that claim to remove or eliminate odors from fabric, caution is advised when using them. Many readily upon heavily seen fragrances to "mask" odors rather than eliminate the source of the problem. Odors are often caused by bacteria absorbed deeply into the undering material and may require deep cleaning to successfully eradicate odors.

How to Find a Professional

Do not risk turning a bad situation into something worse by doing it yourself. Upholstery stains and odors are often best left to the professionals. In fact, it Is a good idea to have your furniture cleaned at the same time you have your carpets and air vents cleaned each year; not only does it keep your home looking good but it is more sanitary as well. To keep your home clean and fresh, search for a reputable Houston upholstery cleaning provider like Kiwi Services with a nationwide reputation in both upholstery and carpet cleaning – then simply schedule a full cleaning service with just one call.

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