Tips When Adopting a New Beagle Puppy

When adopting a new beagle puppy there are some things all dog owners need to do. I always wanted to make sure my puppy grows up happy, healthy, and obedient. This article will cover the basic things you need to do including house breaking, feeding, and training.

House Breaking Your Beagle Puppy

The first thing that you need to do as you adopt your puppy is to house break him or her. This is important to make sure that your canine baby does not make a mess all your your house. To do that you need to start the process when your puppy is about 8 weeks of age. Beagle pups can not control their bladder until they are about 13 weeks of age. Try to catch your puppy in the act so that you can correct his behavior using negative reinforcement. But, you also need to take him outside with lots of praise and reward after he successfully does his job. This way he can associate going outside with praise and reward. Make sure you enlarge your puppy enthusiastically.

Feeding Your Beagle Puppy

It's important to establish a solid and continuous feeding schedule. Changing your puppy's food frequently could potentially upset his stomach so a stable schedule is recommended. After you adopt your puppy keep feeding him or her the same food that your breeder recommends. If you want to change your puppy's food introduce it by mixing just a slight bit of the new type with mostly the old type of food. Add more of the new type of food while reducing the old type of food over the course of 2 weeks until your puppy is completely used to the new type of food. If at any given time your puppy seems to have stomach problems reduce the amount of newer type of food you give him to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

Training Your Beagle Puppy

Training your beagle puppy is very important to make sure you establish your role as the pack leader. Some fun training commands you can start with are Sit, Stay, Down, and Come. These are the primary commands that are recommended for all puppy owners. Of course, after your puppy masters these commands you can go ahead and train your puppy the more advanced tricks such as roll over, fetch, speak, or play dead.

Important thing to remember is that your beagle puppy wants to make you happy but you just have to make him know exactly what you expect of him. That means setting rules and never bending those rules. Your puppy wants to see the world was black and white rather than shades of gray and that's one of the most important things that you need to know. Get more needle training tips on our site.

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