Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

Every little girl has grown up dreaming of her wedding day. A day when her fairytale comes true when she and her prince charming became united with the most perfect ceremony she could ever imagine. As a little girl money is no object as her imagination works overboard planning her magical day. In reality once that little girl grows up she realizes that her dream wedding will be quite costly.

One of the most important things to do is decide on your wedding venue. Where are you going to get married? If you are planning on an outdoor wedding you could save money by having the wedding at home. If you place is not large enough about about a family member or friend's place who has a large area and lots of flower gardens for a magical background for the ceremony? By having it outdoors and at a place owned by yourself or a close friend or family member you will save a lot of money. Chances are they will let you have the ceremony there for free. If you are planning on something different then you should look into some of the non-traditional days. Friday and Saturday are the traditional wedding days, but many seasons will give a discount for weddings booked during the work week and even on a Sunday. By picking a non-traditional day and an off season wedding, any time between October and April, a couple can save a lot of money on the venue alone.

If you know a great baker you can save money on your wedding cake. Many times if a friend makes your wedding cake they will give it to you as a wedding gift. Maybe you are a great baker. If so you can make your cake yourself. Some non-traditional couples are not even having a cake. If a cake is important to you then try having someone make it for you rather then spending the money on a professionally made cake.

Wedding invitations [] set the mood for your wedding. Will it be upscale, traditional or elegant? Again by making your own invitations you can save a pile of money. Only mail the invitation to those people you do not see on a regular basis. If you see many of the people regularly or are having a family get-together soon then hand delivering the invitations will save you money on postage.

By taking time to plan your wedding you can find little ways to cut cost here and there. Having a low budget wedding can be just as great as having an upscale expensive wedding. Many times guests will never know the difference if you never tell them. Happy planning!

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