Tips In Getting Successful Dates

Have you ever been busted by a woman on your first date? Would you like to know the moves and the groves on getting a successful date? Well to all guys out there, this is your lucky chance to have someone special this coming holiday. Here are some tips you could use to have a great date.

Tip number 1: Be confident
This is your first date and you have to make a first impression that would last. Stop being nervous and show confident in yourself. Although being confident is a character most women like, being overconfident is what a lot of women also hate. So try to balance it and act naturally.

Tip number 2: Hygienic
Would you like to go out with a filthy guy? Of course not! If you are trying to impress a girl and leave a good impression, then start shaving and cleaning yourself up. Women want to date a clean and neat guy that they will not be ashamed to show off to other people. Remember that women usually judge people who they met for the first time on what they actually see.

Tip number 3: Be patient
Remember that this is your first date and rushing up things would not do you any good. Be patient, know each other carefully, and talk about your likes / dislikes. Make her feel comfortable, by telling him some personal experiences or by cracking some jokes. This would make her feel at ease and if luck is on your side, this would certainly not be your last date.

Tip number 4: Be a gentleman
Women love to have a "knight in shining armor" by her side, someone who would protect her in times of needs and someone who would listen to her. These brave qualities are what women are looking for and if you have this, then lucky for you. Let her do the talking but do not kill her to boredom, assist her in any way you can and after a date, try to drive her back to her place.

Tip number 5: Gain her trust
There are four things that most women are waiting to happen.
a. Know – To know if they are compatible with the man
b. Trust – Try to gain her trust
c. Rely – If you are able to get the two things above, then you'll be able to have this also.
d. Commit – A woman will also commit once they are sure about his true feelings

Once you accomplish these 4 things, then it would be a different level for both of you. Best of luck!

Source by Andrew Hendren

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