Tips While Building a Resume

Tips while building a resume are highly effective to write the resume the way it should be. Most of the times one feels that all the information should be clubbed in a resume, so that it will definitely grab the recruiter's attention. This is the most common mistake noticed in many resumes.

Always remember, resume is not a thesis or a detailed profile. It is just a document that accustoms you with the recruiter. The structure and the content of the resume different as per the job profile you are applying for. Resume of a fresher and executive resume will be far way different. Irrespective of the differences in various types of resumes, the basic perception one should never forget is, give importance to the relevant information than the supporting information. Now if you want to understand the difference in putting the information in various types of resumes, you can go through the sample executive resumes available on the internet.

You would be surprised to know that resumes of people who applied for the posts such as CEO, MD etc. are fitted in two pages. Just go through them and you would understand how the information is arranged. Their expertise, professional strengths, education, benchmark and milestones and overall career track is systematically put up in just a two page document. I think now you are pretty well clarified with the fact that the length of the resume can be restricted and still your resume can be most precise.

Apart from executive resumes, resumes for fresher, resume for a technical professionals, resume for a medical professionals etc. should be written in specific manner. The objective, domain knowledge, experience, education etc. should be written in precise, short manner. The domain knowledge is explained as skill set, tools knowledge etc.

  • The basic tips that should be followed while writing a resume are listed below.
  • Arrange the information in a sequential manner
  • Use the correct word while writing a resume
  • Monitor the length of the resume
  • The resume can be sent via e-mail, and its hard copy is also required. So select the simple, readable and readily available font. It will avoid mismatching of the font
  • Titles and subtitles of the resume should be carefully thought
  • Use bulleted points, underlined text wherever necessary
  • Provide the information such as hobbies and extracurricular activities if needed, as all these should give the best results out of it
  • Proof read your resume after you are through with it. It helps to eliminate the mistakes. You can get your resume reviewed by a senior person who is authority in grammar, language skills etc. If you find necessary, you can hire the resume writing professional for writing your resume
  • While writing the experience section, write from latest to oldest. Same thing applies while writing the educational details. Mention the highest degree first. Do not incorporate all the educational achievements from schooling level to master's level. Mention the most relevant only
  • In the world of bottleneck competition, when many descripting candidates are there like you, a well thought, perfectly written resume helps you catch the attention of the recruiter.

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