Seven Tips to Becoming a Better Quarterback

When you think of a leader on the football field, most people would point to the quarterback. The quarterback position in football is where it all starts for a football team. Quarterbacks tend to be the captain and emotional leaders on every football team. The Quarterback position is not for everyone, it takes a different amount of skill, athletic ability and smarts to play the position. If you're willing to take on the role as the offensive leader for your team here are seven tips that will help you become a more prolific passer for your football team.

Develop a strong throwing arm. The first and most important part to playing the quarterback position is being able to throw the football with speed and accuracy. Through a football game the quarterback will be called up to throw the football downfield to his receivers. The quarterback must be able to avoid the rush, scan the field and release the ball downfield.

Handling the snap. Whether the quarterback is under center or in shotgun formation, the play starts with the transfer from center. The quarterback must have a good relationship with his center and be able to handle the snap under pressure. Practicing the snap repeatedly will make it much easier on both the center and the quarterback. After receiving the snap the quarterback should be ready to drop back into the wallet deliver a strong pass to his receiver or be ready to offer a handoff to his running back who is hitting the hole.

Reading defenses. After the quarterback breaks the huddle and comes up to the line of scrimmage, he must be able to look across the field at his opponents defensive formation. This allows the quarterback the chance to change the play or allow the quarterback to seek out a weakness in the opponents defensive formation.

Calling audibles. The difference between good quarterbacks and average quarterbacks is that when a quarterback sees a weakness in the defense he takes advantage of that. Managing the game is the quarterback's most important job on the field. Getting up to the line scrimmage and changing the play through an audible call can keep defenses guessing all game.

Avoiding the rush. Throughout the course of a football game the defense has a tendency to ever get to the quarterback. It is important that the quarterback keeps calm and collective with quick feet in the pocket. In the case of an oncoming rusher the smartest play would be for the quarterback to roll out of the pocket and look for a receiver downfield. As a quarterback you never want to take a sack if possible throw the ball away safely to the sidelines.

Be a loud leader. The quarterback should always have a loud clear voice to execute the offense. Quarterbacks should be able to call out plays and audibles in a noisy stadium under pressure. Do not let the pressure the game can get you to or your teammates on the field. Inspire your fellow teams to bring their best performance every time they leave the huddle.

Practice during the week. As a quarterback allow yourself each and every week to be properly prepared for your upcoming game. Go through the same motions in practice you would in a game. Take advantage of working with your receivers and lineman one on one during practice so when it becomes game time the whole defense will be on the same page. It is also very important to make sure you communicate properly with your head coach because he is the play caller and you have to execute the plays.

Following and understanding these seven important tips to becoming a better quarterback will in fact make you much better leader and play caller on the field. Executing the coach's game plan and directing the offense is up to you. Remember to follow these tips, be a leader and stay cool under pressure because you are the field general.

Source by Drew Bowman

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