Safe Driving Tips

Defensive driving is all about being prepared as a driver on public roads and highways. To ensure the safety of yourself and the passengers in your vehicle it is important that you are fully aware of all the potential dangers on the road. An educated motorist should have all the required knowledge to skillfully avoid a car accident caused by another driver. Mistakes are very common among drivers today. The United States Department of Transportation accredits ninety percent of all automobile accidents to some sort of driver mistake. Here are some defensive driving guidelines that can help you prevent an accident or collision while driving.

Always remain calm behind the wheel and do not allow the aggressive attitude of other drivers to affect your driving behavior. Be sure to maintain ample space between you and the other cars on the road. Some basic precautions also include wearing a seatbelt and locking the doors to ensure maximum safety in the event of a car crash. As a safety conscious driver you should always be aware of your surroundings including the position of the cars around you. It is a good habit to constantly check rear view mirrors and look ahead to prepare for hazardous conditions. If you see a reckless driver in the road ahead, slow down and try to avoid any confrontation by changing lanes. Taking an alternative route is another option if you feel that your vehicle’s safety is threatened. As you exit off the highway and into a neighborhood or residential area make sure you watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and even pets.

High traffic areas can be congested and frustrating but it is not recommended to rely on other drivers to take preventative actions. Defensive drivers need to assume the worst about their fellow motorists and act accordingly. You are more likely to avoid an accident if you are in plain sight of other drivers. You should also have a good view of the other cars on the road and prepare an escape route in case of an emergency. Most collisions occur in front of your vehicle so you should sustain a good three to four second gap between you and the car ahead.

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