Resume Writing Tips for Newbies

Resume writing is a daunting task for anyone. That's why there are several professional resume writing companies who offer resume writing services. But it is always better to do it yourself. Because you only know yourself better than anyone else, and your resume is a mirror of your professional and academic achievements. It is a sheet of paper which presents your background and skills. It tells the potential employer about what you have gotten and how you are beneficial to him. To write an effective resume you just need to know what to write, what not to and how to write it. In this article I am going to discuss about writing each section of resume. You will need to highlight most important section and the information that is most relevant to the job requirements. You will also need to rearrange the order of the sections depending upon what is most important to you. ie If you have experience in relevant field then you should write "experiences" section above the "education" section. Lets see about writing a basic resume.

Writing contact information:

Contact section must be written carefully. Make sure you have written correct and up-to-date contact information. Because with the help of this information employer can reach you by cell no. Egypt E-mail ID. This section is usually written at the very top of the resume. You may study some sample resume templates. Write your First Name and Last Name at the top of the resume. Highlight your name. Below your name write your street address, City, State and Zip followed by E-mail and phone number / s.

Writing Objective Section:

Objective section is not necessary. Write this section only if you really think it's gonna help you.

You can write your employment goals in this section. For writing smart objective statements, while telling an employee about your employment goals tell him what you have to offer him. This will make your resume stand out above the other common resumes. Sometimes it is better to avoid writing this section because this section makes the employee think what type of work suits you instead of what you can do for him.

Writing Qualifications Section:

This section also called "Career Highlights". In this section you can highlight your key skills relevant qualifications and experiences. This section is optional because usually freshers and entry level professionals do not hold the experiences. But it does not mean that it is only for experienced folks. If you have any relevant internship experience, academic achievements, non-paid organizational work experience or if you have done career oriented courses after formal education you can list them in this section. Writing this section will benefit you in 2 ways. First: It will highlight your most relevant skills and experiences. Second: It will show the employer that you have taken the time to write resume that shows you are really interested in job.

Writing Experience Section:

This section includes applicants previous work history. List the most recent experiences first followed by less recent in reverse chronological order. List the names of the companies where your worked, your Title, Period of employment. Write the nature of your work, your responsibilities during specific employment. Write your achievements and what you learned during these jobs in bulleted formats.


Company Name Period of employment

Address of the company

Job Title

  • Responsibilities / Achievements
  • Responsibilities / Achievements

Writing Skills Section:

Write your relevant key skills that are employer looking for. Highlight the most relevant skills. ie languages ​​known, computer skills. Etc.

Writing Education Section:

List your academic qualifications in this sections. List the names of the Schools / Collages you attained. Degrees you have earned. You can also list the other relevant certificates and / or awards, honors you earned in this section.

With the help of this basic info I hope that you will be able to write your resume. Thanks for reading.

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