Inexpensive Tips For Dating

My husband and I married young and so most of are dates were very budget friendly, which was not the norm. However, with the economy going slow right now everyone is looking to save a buck and dates are no exception. This is why I wanted to share some great tips for dating on a budget.

The tip that most people will overlook is to have fun and not stress about the fact you are on a cheap date. Most of the time your date will not notice how much you spend or that you used a coupon but they will notice how much you smoked and how happy you were. So do not blow it by being stressed.

Now for the tips for dating that will save you money.

1. Use reward card points for your date. These can be points you have accrued by being a frequent customer or rewards from a credit card. Either way, these points can often cut the cost of your date in half.

2. Plan your dates according to restaurant specials. Most restaurants have 1 or more nights a week were they offer some sort of special. Some do a 2 for 1 night others do free drinks with a meal purchase, or many other things. Just make sure you know what the special is and what night it is and you could find yourself saving $ 10-20 on your next date.

3. Use coupons. This is my favorite tips for dating, because it is so underused. I think most people are afraid of looking cheap or having an awkward moment if they use a coupon but that does not have to be the case. Most of the time you can just add the coupon to you cash or card when paying and your date will never see it. And even if she or he does see it, then do not worry most people use them now. My one warning with coupons is do not take your date to the same restaurant over and over because they have such great coupons, that will make her or him a little unimpressed.

4. Go to the movies on their discount night. Most movie theaters will offer a special on their slow night, usually a Mon-Wed. The discount could be 2 for 1 entree, free popcorn, drinks or candy. Just find out what night it is and if there are restrictions, sometimes it will not include any features released in the last week, and start saving money at the theaters.

I hope these simple tips for dating will help you trim your dating budget.

Source by Breana Marcline

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