A Handful Of Handy Tips

Okay Guys – it is time to declare "enough is enough", wave your little white flag of surrender and Just "let it be" rather than struggling, kicking and screaming against it.

I am going to be a little bit firm with you and shake you to your senses a bit but please believe it is because I have love for you.

So I am going to share with you a collection of actions – the choice to use them, is yours. * smile *. You may have read 100 books and feel no further on; you may have attended many, many workshops – still nothing. The answers are not out there – they are inside of you and at some point you are going to have to listen.

There is no real method, a method is a set of rules and rules are man – made. Your journey to YOU ​​is in your heart. Here you will find wisdom, guidance, adventure, an abundance of love, joy, peace – all that you are, a unique and divine spark. but no rules, and hurray – no limits

This is going to take your time and commitment – a commitment to you and if you are not willing to do that, then all that I am sharing is just going to go on the pile with the books that have left you disappointed.

Remember change you and the reflection changes.

You may now be thinking but that hard or I can not or when I am – It will be harder for you to stay where you are. Each "challenge" in life is a gift of healing, on the other side is light – so you can choose to move through the challenge and find a new you or choose to stay in the middle of the chaos.

Be your own mother / father – make sure all your needs are met – that you eat well, drink well, rest well. Read through the article I have written this month and be honest and see where you are not parenting yourself.

Be patient with yourself but firm, encourage yourself to grow and be the best you can.

Listen – listen to your needs and fulfill them. If you are not willing to listen to yourself then you can not expect anyone else to. If you say you are going to do something – do it, action speaks louder than words.

Trust yourself – your intuition, your feelings. Show the Universe you trust your intuition by taking action – no matter how small that action may feel to you, you are showing yourself and the Universe that you listen and you trust.

Small steps – you know what you want, so just take small steps. Firstly you will be getting there and the mountain goal will no longer be a mountain and secondly the Universe will see your commitment and open doors for you – the right people, the right books, the right house, the right job and the right courses.

Ask – ask for help, guidance and believe you will receive. Do not determine how and when – just know all will arrive in divine time. Maybe your ego says now but the soul knows you need a bit more "equipment" or healing, maybe you want it but deep down do not feel worthy.

Time alone – this is how you get to know you, your thoughts, your feelings, your goals, your likes and dislikes. Allow yourself time alone and grow to love you.

Love yourself unconditionally. spots, bumps, fatty bits, warts and all. Give yourself the love and respect you wish others to give you – if you can not do it for yourself, how do you expect anyone else to.

Gifts of love – allow yourself to receive by giving to yourself what you want from life and others.

Value yourself – not on what you hav e or how much money you have in the bank BUT on who you are.

Be aware of people that irritate you and push your buttons – they are mirroring you something that needs healing in you and you find irritating.

No more negative thoughts or conversations – catch yourself when you are doing it and choose something light. Do not judge or scold yourself for negative thoughts – just by being aware that you are doing it, is very healing and means you are now bringing the "habit" to the surface. Now make a new and better thought or have a lighter conversation.

Do not take life so seriously – allow yourself playtime. Time to laugh and smile. Meet friends that make you feel good. Roll down that wonderful grassy hill. Fly a kite. Feed the birds – yes, just like Mary Poppins – go and play. Be that carefree, fun loving child instead of a pent up, conditioned adult – You are light – so be light.

Creativity – allow yourself time every day to be creative. Bake a cake, plant some vegetables, write a poem, sing a song, paint, draw, read – turn the television off and give permission for your creativity to flow –

Be in nature – learn to love your life and this planet. Walking, planting, let a view take your breath away.

Be grateful – Think about all that you do not have what you do not have.

Celebrate you – write down or think about how much you have achieved, be proud of how far you have come – you are doing so well.

Manifestation – allow yourself time to daydream, think and feel what you want – where ever the mind has been the body will follow.

Meditation – be in silence for in a short while every day and go within, listen to your heart, for your heart as the answers, not your head. All that you have forgotten to remember is held here – your song is waiting to be sung.

Everyday be honest with yourself.

Get to know you inside out – it is the inside that is creating the outside – see the illusion for what it really is, apart from you that asking for healing and freedom.

Your walkie talkie – you are not alone, we all have a walkie talkie to divine guidance, you just need to empty your head of "monkey chatter" and remember to hear the messages in the silence.

Be in the moment – take each day has it comes, do not fear yesterday for it has been and gone, do not worry about tomorrow – the how's and the guidance is in the moment and if you are not, you will miss it. Do not be too busy trying to sort out things for yourself, there is so, so much support available – you just have to be here – now, to hear it.

Daily spiritual cleansing – daily cleanse your self with light. You may like to stand under a waterfall or stand in a ray of light, which ever feels cleansing to you. Let yourself fill to over flowing.

Hand back responsibilities that are most definitely not yours. That is not being hard, especially with children – we all have to learn to be responsible for ourselves and our own happiness.


Feel good feelings and think good thoughts.

Release everything that anyone has ever said to you that does not feel like your truth.

Spend more time listening to your heart and less time listening to your head.


Glow from your head to your toes

And most importantly see yourself through the eyes of Angels – I see you and all that you truly are –

"Go ahead – you deserve it" (Sainsburys)

Source by Michelle Robertton-Jones

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