3 Tips For External Hemorrhoids Home Treatment

There are two common types of hemorrhoids. It's either internal or external. External hemorrhoids are the most obvious of the two because it can be easily detected by physical observation of the anal area. This type of hemorrhoid may be painful but usually do not need medical attention without it's a clotted hemorrhoid or also known as thrombosed hemorrhoids. Before you waste your money and time trying different external hemorrhoid treatments, try the following easy-to-apply methods below for quick pain relief from the symptoms.

1. Introduce more fiber in your meals such as vegetables, fruits and grains. This will helps in your bowel movement without training during defecation. Drinking plenty of water will keep your bowels soft. You may use over-the-counter stool softeners for quicker results.

2. Do not rub the anal area excessively after eliminating because this will make the condition worse. Wipe your bottom gently using moistened toilet paper or baby wipes after bowels movements. You can also take a warm sitz bath to soothe the hemorrhoids. After cleaning, make sure the area is dry to avoid infection.

3. Apply ice to the affected area for 10 minutes several times a day. The cold temperature will help in reducing the swelling and shrink the hemorrhoids simultaniously. Soon after that, have a warm compress on the anal area for several minutes. Apply some ointments to provide lubrication that previsions friction that can cause pain.

Treating external hemorrhoids at home will primarily keep your hemorrhoids from getting worse. The best part is that you can save yourself the embarrassment of having your anus being examined by your doctor. Self-care is usually sufficient to treat hemorrhoids without medication or drug. But in some cases, hemorrhoids never improve with time but get worse and may lead to a surgery for removal.

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