Tips For Seduction – 1

No matter how handsome or unattractive you are, easily the best way to get to know a woman is if you both share some kind of genuine connection, this is the number one seduction tip that will always ensure better relationships without the stresses and strains on the normal problems of seduction.

This connection is usually something like a common interest, perhaps a shared passion for a sports team or a hobby or maybe something as simple as both enjoying the same kind of movies, this is not really a technique it is just basic human relationships, and finding that connection with a woman is bound to be a huge help in getting to know her.

Even if there is no obvious connection, that does not mean you do not have shared interests that you have not yet discovered, so the second seduction tip is you must always be positive, and put out a positive air when approaching a woman or when in their company. Not many people, men or women, find it easy to be around a guy who is not positive and who does not express himself and appear to be friendly and at the least, just a little outgoing.

Another great seduction tip is not to hide behind seduction techniques and pickup lines, it is very important that you reveal quite a lot of your true personality and do not try to hide behind some technique or other, you will find that before very long the woman will start to see that sometimes you are not being yourself and hiding your real personality behind a preconceived technique, it is fine to use seduction tips and techniques, but it is essential that you do not hide behind them, your real personality must be on view.

Another tip in the seduction game is to establish a real 'vibe' not an easy thing to do, as usually this is something that comes from a subconscious part of the brain, but it is possible to make a conversation flow and to exhibit a genuine interest in a woman, this will greatly enhance your situation, and will help to produce this 'vibe' between you.

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