10 Tips on How To Lose Weight Immediately

America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Should not it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest and obese people in the world. The nation's scales are going up … up … up … and it's clear that we have an obesity health crisis on our hands.

It has been estimated that the annual cost of overweight and obesity in the US is $ 122.9 billion. This estimate accounts for $ 64.1 billion in direct costs and $ 58.8 billion in indirect costs related to the obesity epidemic, a sum that is comparable to the economic costs of cigarette smoking. Direct health care costs for obesity refer to preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services (eg, physician visits, medications, and hospital and nursing home care) for obesity-related diseases and conditions (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes); while indirect costs relating to the obsesity epidemic are the value of wages lost by people unable to work because of illness or disability, as well as the value of future earnings lost by premature death. Obesity and obesity-related conditions or ailments result in at least $ 62.7 million in doctors' visits and $ 39.3 million in lost workdays each year.

Obesity is big problem in our society, but it does not have to be. If you or someone you love is frustrated because they know that because of their weight they suffer from diabetes, they know that because of their weight they suffer from hypertension, they do not appreciate people staring at them because of their size, they don ' t like the way their clothes fit on them, they do not like the fact that they can not play sports with their kids, or they do not have the confidence because of their size, they just do not like the way that look or feel, there is something that you can do. As a matter of fact there are tons of things anyone can do in their life that can prevent them from having obesity issues in their life and in their loved ones lives

Here are some tips that anyone can begin to implement in their life today to fight against obesity:

1. Reduce your stress

2. Eat healthy snacks

3. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise

4. Drink more water daily

5. Know your danger zone (kitchen and / or specific foods)

6. Organize your pantry and refrigerator (an organized pantry and refrigerator leads to better healthier food decisions)

7. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning (it helps start your metabolism)

8. Try adding bran flakes to our breakfast cereal

9. Exercise / physical activity

10. Know your daily schedule (it will prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks due to your tight schedule)

So what can we do about America's obesity epidemic. If you are overweight, begin to use these tips today. If you know have a loved one that is overweight, give them this information today. Give your family what they deserve and that is a healthy you.

Source by Nolan Padgett

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