New Puppy Training Tips

The arrival of a new puppy in your home is a very fun and exciting time in your house. Your new puppy will command and demand as much attention and needs as a newborn infant. It is up to you to make this new arrival feel at home and fit into your human world.

Your new puppy will be totally dependent on you as his caregiver and caretaker. Your guidance and pet-parenthood will determine how your puppy behaves and what type of dog he will become. You will soon learn that your puppy's character, behavior and temperament will be developed and shaped according to your teachings and guidance.

It is extremely important in training any animal to use positive reinforcement. Puppies need encouragement, reinforcement and rewards. Leading your puppy on the right track at his earliest age will ensure a well behaved dog in his later years. Concentrate on developing desirable habits in your puppy while preventing undesirable behavior.

An environment filled with patience, flexibility and fairness will help ease puppyhood training and obedience. In this kind of environment, you will find that your puppy will love his training sessions. His confidence and trust in you will grow as will your mutual bond. Some of the puppy training issues includes, puppy socializing, crate training, excessive barking training, separation anxiety, puppy mouthing and biting and leash training.

A new pet-parent will be faced with many day to day challenges. Puppyhood is a fantastic and joyous time. Enjoy this fantastic time in your dog's life. You will build and strengthen a special bond that will never be broken.

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