Mountain Biking Tips – Proper Gear

Mountain biking has become an incredibly popular outdoor activity over the last few years and it's also a great way to have fun. What can be better than a Sunday morning healthy exercise on your mountain bike?

Mountain Bike Equipment is Important

If there is one thing I learned about mountain biking, that's safety. I never leave home without carefully preparing the trip during the week. First thing that needs to be checked is the bike of course. Simply turn the bike upside down, remove the wheels and clean the drive system. Using the brush and some soapy water, start by cleaning the rear derailleur, working the brush into all the moving parts.

Also make I make sure I clean the front gear mechanism, working the rag into all moving parts to clean them thoroughly. I really do not need any impurities on the bike's moving parts. Pay attention to sounds when spinning the crank arms. If something does not sound right, then there's probably something wrong and needs fixing.

I then clean the wheels and remount them, spin each wheel, making sure it turns freely and that I can see that it's straight. As the wheel rotates, holding my fingers against the rims, to feel if there are any dents or knocks on either side. After I have done that, just make sure I got all my cycling clothing ready for Sunday morning, hydration system and gloves should not be missing from your inventory.

After all this planning during the week, I can barely wait for Sunday morning. Choosing your cycling location is important as well and there are plenty of online guides to get you where you want. Once you're there, the sweet battle begins! The way I think, is there anything more depressing than sitting on an exercise bike in an overcrowded gym trying to get fit? Why not get a breath of fresh air?

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