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The following systems are perfect examples of keeping things fairly simple and yet adding new money making systems to your betting.

System 1

If we take the trainer Marcus Tregoning (2006 derby winning trainer) and focus on every horse he sends to asc since 2003 we are left with –

65 runners of which 27 won and a further 20 were placed, 47 of the 65 runners actually ran into the money making a profit of 31 pounds to 1 pound level stakes

System 2

If we look at an individual horse like Jeninsky the horse has ran a total of 14 times winning 3 of those races, but we apply just 2 very simple rules –

When running over 7f only, and when running only in July, August, and September we now have these results

4 runs of which 2 he won, and the other two races finished placed

We now have 4 races when Jeninsky has run over 7f in the desired months and not only has won 2 of 4 of these races (at prices of 33-1 and 8-1) his other 2 runs he came 2nd at 9-1 and 11-1 for 100% strike rate if backing each way.

System 3

Looking back to horse racing trainers, if we look at PD Evans and concentrate on his runners who are racing in 'non handicap races' who are also the 'favorite' in the betting market and priced 5-2 or shorter we are left with these stats-

From 136 bets over 50% have won 69/136 is pretty impressive and backed to a level 1pound stake would yield a 36pound profit!

These are just 3 simple examples of how you can research and find simple methods to help make your betting more profitable.

Source by Pete Sampson

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