Garage Sale Tips – Clothes

You may be having a garage sale to get eradicate all the mess in your basement or garage, but when you’ve been through and cleaned out the area you are trying to empty, be sure to have a good look through all your clothes cupboards.

Clothes are one of the best selling items at garage sales. Everyone has them and everyone needs them. In particular, if you have children, get them to try on all their clothes that are in their wardrobes (or under beds, or hanging off doorknobs). You may be shocked how many of these clothes don’t fit anymore. Also, don’t forget that pile of shoes out the back. I’m sure you’ll find at least one or two that your children have grown out of, and for every child that has grown that bit bigger, there is a child in your town that is just the right size for these garments now.

A good thing to do with clothes at garage sales is to label and sort them into sizes. They don’t need to be numbers, just “Extra Small”, “Small”, “Medium”, “Large” and “Extra Large” will do. Put a sticker on each garment, and group same sized garments together, and you will be making it simpler for potential customers to find the particular clothing that they are after. You can even go a step further and group the clothes by season and size. Anything that makes your customers experience simpler will make you more money. An unorganized garage sale is likely to turn away potential customers before they even see what you have to offer.

Another thing you can do is go down to your local clothes shop and ask them if they have any spare coat hangers. More often than not, they will be delighted to give them to you, as they would normally be clogging up their bins. This way, every time you sell an item of clothing, you can tell the buyer that the coat hanger comes free with it, making it an even better experience for them.

Finally, on the subject of clothes, if at all possible, try and give your customers a place to try them on. If you can give them a private fitting room, make sure you have a sign that points it out (the best thing to do is put a bright colorful sign next to the place that the clothes are in, saying “If you would like to try anything on, ask Bob and he will show you the way to the fitting room”). Some of your buyers may be too embarrassed to ask if they can try something on, but if they see this sign, they are more likely to ask you.

As far as garage sale pricing is concerned for clothing, you need to remember that if you don’t sell these garments, you’ll probably be doing one of three things; giving them away to charity, chucking them in the bin, or putting them back in the cupboard until you have your next garage sale. With this in mind, keep your prices low. You may even want to offer “Buy Two, Get One Free”, to sweeten the deal further. These type of deals work great for the big Target and Woolies, so why not make the most of them for your garage sale too.

Stay tuned for more great garage sale tips.

Source by Joshua Bartletts

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