10 Tips For an Acting Audition

Most acting auditions are cold read auditions. A typical audit consists of you getting a side when you arrive an audition. You will have ten or fifteen minutes to read over the side and prepare to read in front of the casting director or agent. The casting agent will decide to call you back or not based on your cold read. Here are ten tips to help you achieve a callback from your audit.

1) Be on time or early. Do not show up late for your audit

2) Research the production and the role. If possible, dress appropriately for the role. It will help the casting agents to see you in character.

3) Researching the production and production company demonstrates that you are professional and serious. Knowledge about the projects the company has done can only assist you.

4) Do not worry about memorization lines when given a cold read. Instead concentrate on developing your character and making strong choices.

5) Strong choices will make your character stand out in the mind of the casting agents

6) Stick to the side as accurately as possible, the writer may be in the room and will likely not appreciate broad changes to his dialogue

7) Make good eye contact with the casting agents. They must be able to see your face during the audition. Be aware of your blocking and posture.

8) Your rehearsed monologues must be short. Have both a dramatic piece and comedic committed to memory. The casting agents will be able to tell within a minute if your skills are what they need.

9) Bring multiple copies of your resume and headshot with you.

10) A landscape headshot may make you stand out, and it may also get your headshot discarded. It's recommended that if you are going to have only one headshot, keep it in portrait orientation.

Source by Neils Bohr

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