New Puppy Potty Tips

Decide on the spot where you would like your puppy's potty place to be.

Watch for their "have to go signs", your puppy will tell you when the need to potty. (Can be things like whining, sniffing, circling looking around)

Try to get your new puppy when you have time to take them to their potty spot every hour.

Make sure you take your puppy to their potty place after every meal or snack, after play or fun time, and before bedtime.

Once you have puppy in their potty place circle around or walk back and forth with them and at the same time repeat a prompt phrase or saying. Use some saying you would not say anywhere else. Hey, here's one of my personal puppy potty tips, you can just say "Potty Time" or "Go Potty". It does not matter what you say though, as long as you are consistent.

When your puppy finishes doing their thing you should enthusiastically praise and reward them with praise and if you like a small treat.

However, if your puppy after a few minutes (3-4) of circling around the poppy site show no signs the they are interested in going potty, take them away from the potty site – leash, pen or crate them (if the crate is not their potty place) and try again in 15-20 minutes.

Follow every successful potty trip with some puppy play time. Use this time to simply enjoy the company of your puppy before you place them into their pen or crate.

If you are consistent and continue with a one hour puppy potty training schedule, you will find that they will be trained in no time.

A few more of my puppy potty tips are: Do not give your puppy access to water late at night or through the night – do not forget to give them a drink first thing in the morning though. Do not provide food for them to close to bedtime. It is physically impossible for your new puppy to hold their bladders all night. In the beginning you will have to get up a couple of times a night, if you do not you will have a mess in the morning. Also it will take you longer to potty train your puppy. They grow fast so it does not take long before they can hold it through the night.

Source by Cecilia Baird

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