Fat Loss Tips

Fat loss diets are what many people turn to for an effective weight loss method when they want to lose weight but reductant to put in the work at the gym. Weight loss is of course, not something that purely happens overnight.

Fat loss is really not THAT hard. It only requires that one keeps a healthy diet (that means not eating fried foods, processed foods etc), such as vegetables and fruits and eating enough calories so not to set the body on "starvation mode" and exercises.

Women can usually eat as many as 1400-1800 calories per day and men 2200-2600 per day and still lose body fat. Most diets are based on severe calorie restriction, often dipping well below 1000 calories per day. Women tend to have first deposits in thighs and hip area also. This distribution of body fat then translates to mean that abdominal fat is usually the last body fat to be lost.

Eating more high quality proteins and unrefined carbs in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables will actually help with the fat loss. Do some short, sharp and very effective interval workouts. Dark carbs like whole wheat- rye bread, oatmeal, legumes, brown rice or pasta, yams are really good. They will provide you with more nutrients and fiber.

Eat a variety of foods that are all natural, low in fat and low in sugar, with about 55% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 15% from fat. If you're having a really difficult time losing the last few pounds, keep the protein up and decrease your carbohydrates intake, especially late in the day and at night.

Eat breakfast within one hour of rising. Breakfast provides at least 30 percent of the total energy and nutrition needed to sustain the human body during the whole day. Eating correctly and exercising consistently is very difficult physically and especially mentally but, if you can win the mental battle you will probably be fine in every other field.

Source by Michael Reaper

Tips About Hiking Equipment

Equipment plays an important role in hiking all the time, today we will introduce some essential items. It includes a map, compass, tents, boots, sleeping bags, sunglasses, flashlights, bags and food.

Map – a detailed map can help you have knowledge of the surroundings, so we will not lose our way in a strange environment.

Compass – we can determine the direction quickly at night and overcast conditions with it. It is used with a map together.

Tent – we can hardly find a hotel or restaurant if we choose a remote place to go hiking. Then we need a tent to shield us from the coldness, pests, and wind at night.

Boots – we recommend boots with soles and high heels in case of a twisted ankle, which will bring quite a lot of troubles to the hikers.

Sleeping bag – it is also noticeable that everyone has a different sense to the coldness. We should pay attention to several temperatures' standards of sleeping bags including the upper limit, comfort rating, lower limiting. They help us choose proper type for ourselves; it is neither hot nor cold when one sleeps in it. Apart from it, we need considering factors such as the spots and season we choose. For instance, we need two different kinds of sleeping bags in summer and winter. It should be pointed out that a pair of gloves is essential in the winter while a mosquito net is necessary in the summer. The former keep us warm while the latter keep us from annoying mosquitoes to ensure you have a good rest to continue hiking next day.

Sunglasses – we need them to protect our eyes from strong sun lights, especially when we climb a high mountain or walk through a desert. The ultraviolet, infrared rays contained in the lights can do harm to our eyes easily.

Flashlight – it is indicative to explore the unfamiliar path at night. If you are unlucky to get trapped at night somewhere, you can make others know by using flashlights to get others attention.

Food – no man can enjoy the hiking hungrily, or can hardly finish it. What kinds of food can be bought should be considered carefully. The foods had better not too weighty because they would be a burden for the hikers. The chocolates and hard tacks are the first choice according to our experiences. They can provide lots of calories in a short time. You can try to have a picnic if you get tired with these foods which can easily be found in a market.

Walking stick – it helps to improve the stability of hikers, while reducing the burden on the legs. Scientific study shows, the proper using of a walking stick can reduce at least 22% of stress with which hikers bear, it is especially useful when climbing a mountain.

Bag – those items taken above should be put together in an hiking bag. This kind of bag is of high quality because of the changeable climates. It is required to be strong, rain-resistant, or it is useless. Please pay more attention to the bags' materials and size.

Those above are just essential equipments for most hikers. You can choose what you think are necessary in different circumstances. Our purpose is to ensure the quality of your hiking. You can share your own ideas and experiences with us by giving comments.

Source by Charles Wei

Tips on Cleaning House Fast

If you want to clean your house fast and easy, it is a good idea to keep your cleaning tools and supplies within easy reach too. This makes sense because it can dampen your motivation if the desire to clean comes and you have to practically tear up the house for the needed supplies. The thought of cleaning the house is intimidating by itself.

Make Your Tools Accessible

So the first tip for you is to create a small space in each part of the house for the cleaning supplies. The tools and supplies that you need for the living room, for example, should be kept right there. So are the things that you need for the other parts of the house. This way you’ll always have your supplies right where you need them.

Start With the Difficult Part

We all have our own favorite part of the house. Some love to linger in the kitchen, others prefer to hang out in the entertainment room. When you clean house, start with your least favorite room, which is usually the part of the house that looks harder to clean. Once you’re done with the hard part, the task will seem half-done.

Don’t Clean Everything

Then don’t spend so much time cleaning areas that don’t really need to be cleaned. For example, don’t bother to clean your refrigerator if it had been cleaned the previous week. Similarly, leave the guest room alone if no one has occupied it since last month. If you clean only the rooms that need urgent cleaning, you will be done in no time.

Clean and Go

The next speed cleaning tip is to clean after the dirt. This means that if you notice something out of place, put it to where it belongs. If there is spilled milk in the kitchen floor, clean it up before it hardens. By doing so, your work will be easier when you get around to cleaning house.

Don’t Overuse Cleaners

Another good advice is to use cleaners in moderate amounts. It is wrong to think that using too much cleaners ensures a clean house. The fact is using too much cleaners can damage the delicate surfaces in our homes. This will make your job difficult in the long run.

On those surfaces, you should always start by cleaning the top and then working your way down. This allows you to avoid dripping cleaner, or settling dust over surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Dry Before Wet Cleaning

Another tip is to clean the dry things first before the wet items. First, attack the dry cleaning, dusting and wiping down tasks then move on to the wet cleaning. The more items you can clean with a dry cloth, the less streaking, spreading of dirt, and potential for spilling there will be.

Once you’re done, put away your tools and supplies in an orderly manner. This is to prepare yourself for the next speed cleaning session. If you keep all your tools in a neat and accessible place, they’ll be ready for you the next time you decide to speed clean.

Source by Luke D Wright

Pitching Tips

While playing sometimes you may face mental distractions of your personal life. A trainer will tell you how to control your thoughts, and use the necessary on-field thoughts on the field and leave the off-field preoccupations off the field. One important thing that they need to notice is that they should focus their attention to perform at their peak level. All mental and physical skills can be learned and constantly improved with diligence and persistence.

Work out is very important to play the softball game in an effective manner. Some of the reasons why workout is important are steal more bases, react faster, have more stamina for long games and tournaments, develop an athletic body, be mentally tougher, practice longer without being tired or losing your focus, tolerate heat better and perform when it's really hot. You should stretch yourself after playing the game. Just stretching for 2-3 minutes can be really beneficial. There are a few guidelines as how you should stretch; static stretching should be pleasant and is a lot more effective when you are relaxed. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. Stretch regularly. Try to stretch after every game, practice session and workouts. Pick 3-5 stretches and stretch for 2-5 minutes. To field properly you should have a regular routine. In the softball game small things like discipline, good care of gloves and bats, put sunscreen, do dynamic warm-ups, tuck in the uniforms, have a bottle of water, go for morning jogs, share information with teams etc. These small things matter a lot in the game.

Some of the rules to shift the odds in your favor are keep the ball low most of the time and on the corners, avoid walks at almost all cost except in a few situations, do not give easy bases to any runner, be aggressive on the bases, etc. while playing the game you have to be mentally strong. Some of the tips to keep your self strong is try to overcome fear of failure. Take responsibility of all your failure without making excuses. There is a saying failure is the stepping stone of success. Make mistakes and learn from them. Try to be focused on the process rather than the output. Develop routines to help you get in the zone. In this game the team that makes the least amount of errors wins. Errors are caused due to some of the factors like faulty mechanisms, lack of focus, too rushed or pressed and lack of confidence and hesitation.

Source by Nisha Sabbik

Conversation Tips

I was recently talking to an old friend of mine who I had not seen in a long time.

While relaxing and enjoying a few drinks, he proceeded to tell me about his experiences with two attractive women he'd met the previous weekend.

He explained, "I just wanted to walk across the room and meet them, but I had no idea what to say … I actually thought about it for over half an hour."

A selection of cheesy pick up lines and openers he'd seen on the internet ran through his head, but somehow that sort of approach just did not seem right.

The pressure built.

The more he thought about approaching the girls, the more anxious and unsure he felt about it.

He gripped at his beer and started to peel the label from it. He felt as though others were staring at him and wondering why he looked so tense.

More tension.

Finally he decided to, "Just go and do it" and settled on the best pick up line he could think of at the time.

The 15 meter walk towards the women seemed to last a lifetime. Maneuvering his way way through the crowd, he eventually reached their side, nervously sat down …

… and blurted out the pick up line.

Can you guess what happened?

Let's just say that the girls felt no attraction. Sensing that he was 'trying' to pick them up, the women ignored him and continued on with what they'd been chatting about.

I'm sure plenty of you can relate to receiving that sort of response from women.

Guys face it all the time.

On one hand the guy feels a strong attraction and wants to act on it, yet on the other he simply DOES NOT KNOW what to do.

If a guy receives those types of response from women often enough, he will either:

a) Do everything in his power to avoid it (ie not approach at all).

b) Resort to getting drunk and hoping to 'get lucky'.

c) Learn how to meet and attract women the RIGHT WAY and then practice what he has learned in the real world, until it becomes natural.

d) Decide to 'just face the music' and approach!

Unfortunately for the latter, it usually includes some weird pick up line or awkward ice-breaker. Or worse still, the guy will approach with some elite pick up persona that is not even him.

Women feel the incongruence and immediately lose any feelings of attraction for the guy.

So what happened to my friend in his situation?

Why did he feel the need to use a pick up line to start a conversation?

The reality is that a lot of guys struggle to start conversations with women.

They really do.

I've been there and can empathise with how much of a challenge it is to become a great conversationalist. I can remember seeing attractive girls all year round and not starting a conversation with ONE of them because I just did not know how.

It was not fun.

I tried pick up lines and they did not work. I tried to 'accidentally' bump into women at the bar and that did not work either. Occasionally I resorted to desiring women from a distance.

Know the feeling?

Well I do not know about you, but I do not recall my father nor my 8th grade teacher pulling me as say to say "Son, here is the correct way to interact with women in order to spark attraction and make things flow along smoothly and naturally. "

Yet mothers, sisters, and girlfriends have been talking about the mating dance with each other for years!

Pick up Cleo magazine and you'll see articles like, '10 tips to help your man fall in love with you 'or' How to show him that you like him without coming across as to eager. '

It's about time you stopped to LEARN what you need to do as well.

Most guys fly by the seat of their pants and hope to get LUCKY with women.

However as you and I know, that 'luckiness' does not happen often enough or with the women that you REALLY want.

So you need to build the skills to MAKE IT HAPPEN whenever you want. Yes, you can LEARN how to be a great conversationalist.

What I have heard time and time again from women is, "I love a guy who knows how to hold a conversation."

On the flip side, I've also heard women say things like, "I hate it when I start talking to a guy and he's awkward or nervous and just can not hold up a conversation."

Your conversation skills are a POWERFUL way of conveying your most important quality when it comes to dealing with women:


Personality is vital when it comes to NATURALLY appealing women.

So what's the answer?

The answer is to learn how to hold a great conversation, knowing what to say and HOW to say it.

Stop using tacky pick-up tactics and learn how to begin and continue GENUINE interactions with women.



Source by Dan Bc

Tips to Manage Diabetes

Although there is no permanent cure for diabetes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can avoid all its acute and chronic complications. Following are few tips that can help you manage diabetes.

Exercise: Any physical activity like brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc., for at least 30-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week is recommended for diabetics.

Control diet: Diet control is very important for diabetics. By taking nutritious and balanced diet, you can manage your sugar levels. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat dairy products, calorie free diet drinks in your diet. Some of the diets that are recommended are Pritikin diet, GI diet, Low carb diet, High Fiber diet and Vegan diet.

Quit smoking and drinking: Smoking increases the risk of diabetes related heart diseases, strokes, kidney problems and erectile disorder. Together (smoking and diabetes), they may damage your heart, raise your blood pressure and cholesterol. For smokers, it is difficult to control diabetes because insulin resistance increases by smoking.

Similarly, alcohol also shows negative impact on diabetic patients. Moderate alcohol consumption increases blood glucose, while excess consumption decreases blood sugar to dangerous levels.

Take regular medication: Along with good diet, proper medication is important. Depending on your condition, your doctor will advise you to take either oral medicines or insulin. Take them regularly without fail as recommended.

Avoid stress: Chronic (pro-longed) stress stimulates the release of stress hormones which in turn prevent insulin from working properly. This makes a diabetic's condition even worse. So, better stay out of it and also have plenty of sleep.

Take additional care: People with diabetes are required to keep track of their blood sugar levels in order to save themselves from further complications.

– As the eyes are more susceptible to infections during diabetes, have your eyes examined once in a year.

– Similarly, once in a year, take urine test for aluminum check (a protein which leaks out of the kidneys due to their dysfunction). This indicates damage related to the kidneys due to diabetes.

– Due to the poor circulation of blood to the extremities of the body, your feet may suffer from different skin infections, sores, blisters, etc. It is better to consult doctor even if they look small.

– Teeth and gums are also prior to infection in diabetic patients, so take extra care to protect them.

Diabetes is not fatal. But when the symptoms are overlooked in the initial stages, it may lead to serious complications. Therefore, to avoid any such problems, one should be health conscious. So, make sure you are taking enough care to protect yourself from this disease.

Source by G Avinash Rishi

Tips on Catching Barramundi on Baits

I hope these tips increase your chance of catching Barramundi on Baits. In my previous article I gave tips on catching Barramundi on Surface lures. The response was so good , I have decided to write this Article.

Tip No1. Methods for Catching Live Bait

In my experience the baits I found extremely successful were Live Baits, These were obtained using a cast net or handline. All good Fishing and tackle shops have a good range of these.

Tip No 2. Looking for a good spot to catch your bait.

Steps in looking for a good spot to catch bait vary but the most success I have had is in areas where there is not to many snags to damage your net. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a spot to only find the very first cast with your castnet lands on a snag and rips your castnet to pieces, sometimes that can be the end of your day of Fishing before it even starts.

Tip No 3. Arriving at your Fishing Spot.

So you have arrived at your fishing spot and you have evaluated your options, In the North of Australia. Saltwater Crocodiles are quiet common in these places, so its good to keep an eye out for any potential threats before you start. Splashing your castnet in the water can attract Large Saltwater Crocodile that have no fear of man, but generally the small ones are scared off.

Tip No 4. Catching Bait

Its a good tip to bring a bag of Chicken layer pellets or a loaf of Bread with you, as this can attract the local bait that the Barramundi may be feeding on. Just throw a couple of hands full of Layer pellets into the water, or Rip a couple of slices of bread in the water. It generally a good idea to wait for five to ten minutes before casting your castnet.

Tip No 5. What Bait will I catch

The bait you generally catch varies but in my experience. Most commonly caught are Mullet, Popeye Mullet, Cheribin (Giant Prawn), Striped Perch , Boney Bream, Tarpon or Archer fish are the most common.

Tip No 6. So you have some bait.

You have just casted your castnet into some pristine water and to your amazement your castnet is full of mullet and Cheribin. You will need a bucket with a lid and a livebait pump to ensure there survival. Using the water where you catch them is important in keeping them alive. A battery operated livebait pump is really handy in keeping your bait alive for extended periods.

Tip No 7. What Lines and hooks to use and setup.

Quality gear is premium. New Number 8 to 10 hooks. Mono Line 80lb to 100lb is advisable for handlines.

Handlines rigged with a bubble float to a sqivel. One metre under the surface is advisable as Barramundi are always looking for fish above them as they stalk them in the depths. I have found this method very good as you don’t lose as much tackle as fishing on the bottom. Rigging your bait through the tail is the best method so the bait can swim naturally.

Tip No 8. Fishing rods.

Premium No 8kg to 10kg fishing rods and overhead reels are advisable when fishing on the bottom with a typical river rig. Don’t forget to set your drag, as you may find your rod going into the river, and in the north its not advisable to go swimming after it.

I hope these tips have been helpful in catching Barramundi on Baits.

Tight Lines and Good Luck

Regards Greg

Source by Greg Cole

Cat Care Tips

Choosing a feline includes a lot of important steps. There are so many cats to choose from, it can be hard to know where you should begin. In this article you will find some questions you need to answer while choosing your new friend and also some cat care tips.

You need to address a few questions before looking a cat:

Kitten / cat

Decide whether you want a kitten or a full grown cat? Kitten is always adorable, playful and is huge packet of energy, although it can get a little annoying at times as it requires constant checking otherwise it gets into trouble. Adult feline are usually calmer and are less energetic than the kittens.

Short fur / long

This fact is wholly up to you and the free time you have on your hands to be able to groom your pet regularly. Long haired cats require frequent grooming sessions. Although short haired cats also require grooming, it is only done for removing the loose fur, stimulating the skin and distributing the oils through their coat.

Purebred / mixed breed

As compared to dogs, cats have fewer breeds. The breeds are developed mainly for companionship basis.

Special need cats

Cats with special needs tend to be friendlier and prove to be wonderful companions. Their disability would require you to treat them with regular medication.

Another pet

An important thing that you have to keep in mind is getting a cat when you already have another pet at home. Cats do get along with other cats. Some dogs also do not mind them. The first step of getting them familiarized to each other is the hardest.

No matter which breed of pet you get, you should try to become the ideal parent for them by giving them all the love and care they require. Here are some cat care tips that can help you accomplish this:

  • Discipline: The foremost important step you should remember is that you should discipline your pet like your children. Never hit them in this process. All that is required is a firm voice to show that what it is doing is not right. If it still does not listen, keep a squirt bottle of water handy as cats hate water.
  • Commands: Cats are not like dogs, they will come immediately when called. It is more likely to wander around you when it is needs a warm pat, treat or a nap on your lap.
  • Plants: Many cats tend to dig in the dirt around your garden. You could prevent this by cutting few pieces of plastic and fit it to the pots with a slip for the plants grow out. You could also dampen a cotton ball and bury it just below the dirt.

Source by Clint S White

Bingo Tips and Secrets

Bingo is a game of numbers being selected at random to match against your pre-purchased card, so some will say there is no way to improve your chances of winning … Wrong.

With Bingo you are playing against other players not against the house, so you need to improve your odds by playing against less people, or buying more cards, or both. So how can online players play against less people?

Firstly try playing at quitter times of the day. Early morning or late afternoon are good times to play, as less people will be playing at these times. Second towards the end of the month there tend to be less people playing. The other great way is to play at new or quieter bingo sites.

Another great way to improve your odds is to play more cards. For example if you have 1 card and are playing 11 other people with one card you have a 1 in 12 chance of winning. Change that to having 2 cards your odds nearly double. Do not go to crazy because remember you are playing for fun not just for winning.

Another Bingo Tip is to play the higher priced cards. Less people tend to play the highly priced games. I guess most people like playing the 2p games but with this you will find the LOTS of cards each.

I guess this goes without saying but play at a trusted bingo site, try and Google "trusted UK bingo site" and you will find lots of site reviews of the Best UK Bingo Sites. Make sure they have easy payment and withdrawal methods. You can also signup for a Neteller account to make sure your payments are safe.

Source by Hayden Russ

Bioshock Tips

You will soon realize after starting the game "Bioshock", the Bosses known as Big Daddies are exceptionally hard to kill if you are on Medium or Hard Difficulty. Here are some simple methods that can be employed against them:

– Make use of Proximity Mines: Shoot a Big Daddy with a long ranged weapon, just so it has our attention. Then, run away from it, firing proxies mines as you go. If you need time to reload the grenade launcher, you could try shaking or freezing it to buy you some time.

– If you have already accepted the crossbow from the level with the artist about half-way through the game and you have some spare trap bolts, there is a very simple way to kill the big daddies – Simply fire trap bolts at the Big Daddy, and you will find that they do significant damage. After you have shot the bolt you may want to move a bit because if you get a direct hit and you do not move, you will be hit as well.

– Now, for the most expensive way to kill the Big Daddies. If you have a lot of armor piercing bullets, (about 80 should do the job) then simply shoot the Daddy, preferably while your quite far away, and it will kill it. This does take quite a long time, so it is recommended to either freeze or shock your enemy, especially if it gets close to you.If he rams into you, immobilize him and get far away from him and continue.

Source by Tom M Martin