Tips For Martial Arts Exercises

If you're serious about how to exercise for your martial art and you need to improve your martial arts fitness.

What about those times you can not get to the gym / dojo and need to exercise at home when you've got no equipment. What can you do?

Are there any tips that you can use? If there are, are they effective? Can you see any improvement? Well read on, here are some tips for martial arts fitness training that you can use.

You're going to find times when due to other things happening in your life, will, interfere with your martial arts training.Thus making it difficult to get to the gym / dojo to train at your martial art.

Even if you can exercise for thirty minutes without equipment, you'll find it beneficial towards your chosen martial art.

Obviously if you've no equipment to use the only thing left to you is your own body weight and believe me, this can be just as tiring as using weights.

You need to use a program that can exercise all your major muscle groups in as shorter time as possible, but also effectively as possible.

I call this my High Speed ​​Program, as with any program it combats exercises to time or reps.The idea was that it takes only thirty minutes and can be done just about anywhere.

As mentioned, it exercises your body core and major muscle groups. To start, do two to three circuits, this is repeating the same exercises two to three times in one series.

The times I mention are for advanced practitioners, lower them to suit the level that you're at.As you'll just suffer from muscle stiffness if you go at it too hard.


Plank, 60 seconds

V-Sits, as many as possible

Pendulum, as many as possible

Bulgarian Split Squat, as many as possible

Rotating Push Up, as many as possible

Single Leg Dead Lift, as many as possible

Repeat as a circuit again.

Exercise Descriptions

The Plank, start in a push up position at the top, keeping your head, body and legs in a straight line, with no dips in the middle. Hold this position.

V-Sits, lay flat on your back, arms at your side, keeping your legs straight raise them off the floor and at the same time reach to touch your lower shins with your finger tips hold this position for one second and lower under control. Repeat as many times as possible.

Pendulum, lay flat on your back put your arms out to the sides, like a T shape, keeping your legs straight, raise them until the soles of your feet face the ceiling. Then keeping your back pressed to the floor lower to the right but do not let them touch the floor. Return to the center and lower to the left. That's one, do as many as possible.

Bulgarian Split Squat, stand about three feet in front of a chair, place your right foot behind you until until its resting on the seat of the chair.Lower your left leg as far as you can, then straighten your knee. Do as many as you can, then change to left foot on the chair and repeat.

Rotating Push Up, start in a push up position at the top, do one push up, at the top, rotate your right arm until it's inline with your shoulder, body weight on left arm, pause then lower. repeat on other side. Do as many as possible.

Single Leg Dead Lift, start standing up, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.Raise one foot behind you about an inch off the floor, bending at the hips, lower your torso, bringing your raised leg up behind you. rise back to start. Do as many as you can, then repeat on other leg.

This is a fantastic equipment free workout, ideal for body exercises to compliment your martial arts training.I actually used these exercises with my classes when I used to teach kickboxing and even when I'm on holiday and do not want to pay to use a gym.

Source by Dave S Latham

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