5 Tips to Better Parenting

Raising children is one of the most taxing and frustrating task yet it is a fulfilling and rewarding task any human can attempt. It is true that most parents have difficulties increasing their children. Here are 5 tips to better parenting that I hope will help parents bring up their children without stress.

1. Seek Good Advice
Some first time parents may feel overwhelmed and unprepared for the job of parenting. Some may ask will I be able to train my child to become responsible adult. Yes you can. Advice from religious leaders will be useful. Instructions from religious leaders towards better parenting come from God. The Bible, for Christians and Koran for Muslims contain both direct advice and practical examples that can help parents become better parents.

2. Create a loving Home
All humans need love children inclusive. Children will not do well in a home without love. For children to grow up and become useful citizens show them love and spend quality time with them. If possible take your children with you where you go and that will create the opportunities to communicate naturally. Work together with your children on household projects. Eat meals and take trips together as a family and that will make children feel that they can express themselves freely.

3. Teach Your Children Proper Values
Parents need to teach their children how to distinguish right from wrong. Do not restrain from teaching them morals. Moral instructions is lacking in many homes today. Do not be tempted to believe that when children get older, they will be able to decide for themselves what values ​​to accept. Children will excel academically when they are brought up by loving parents who support them yet maintain firm limits. Exercise your authority as a parent without becoming a tyrant. That means you should be reasonable in what you require of your children.

4. Spell Out Family Rules and Enforce Them Promptly
Your children will fare better with clear structure that they are aware of. Without rules in the family children become selfish, unhappy and they make other family members miserable too. It is true that at times children can be stubborn and selfish but by defining reasonable family limits to them they will follow them. Why not write down the family laws rules that you want your family members to obey. Also write down the consequences for breaking them and be willing to enforce the rules.

5. Be Reasonable
Reasonableness has to do with being fair, considerate and yielding without compromising family rules. Parents should let their reasonableness be seen by their children. Reasonableness will enable parents to help their children and not control their every action. Do not say no to all the requests made by your children rather look for ways to say yes. Look for opportunities for them to do things with other children. Ask your kids to join other kids in a party that you are aware of the circumances are approved.

Apply the above tips and be sure to raise children that you will be proud of.

Written by Kingdom Akpan

Source by Kingdom Akpan

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