Sex Tips – Get Her Hot!

Here are some essential sex tips to get your woman hot and anxious for amazing, mind blowing sex! There’s things you need to do to get her going and have the night of your life. Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Get her in the mood.

Guys, this is essential and I won’t bore you with the usual “romantic dinner” advice. You know what it takes. You know what you have to do or how you have to act to flip the switch to ON. It very well may be a “romantic dinner” or an evening out somewhere special, or it may be just listening and being sweet and all that. Whatever it is, getting her in the initial mood is essential.

2. Stir it up slowly.

You want to have a mind blowing evening, not just a wham bam below average quickie. In order to get things hot, you don’t want to just boil the sauce up right away, rather set it to medium low and stir it up slowly. This always works excellent for setting the mood just right and it is always the key to a loud, erotic, pleasure filled evening. Employ some foreplay tactics. Massages, light kissing; just envision that you are stirring it up slowly to reach that hot level without having it boil over too soon!

3. Show her what you got!

Here’s where you really turn up the heat. This is going to get her really revved up, but you need to do some work beforehand. What you need to do is to learn some new type of lovemaking techniques which are guaranteed to turn women on like nothing else. Variety and the element of erotic surprise is always the fastest route to turning up the heat and getting a woman to orgasm like never before.

Source by Chess McDoogle

Tips on Planning Your Pregnancy

So what is planning a pregnancy really all about? The following article includes some fascinating information about planning a pregnancy – info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

If you wish to have children, planning your pregnancy is a good idea. You will have a definite advantage if you plan and prepare for your pregnancy rather than just letting nature take its course. Planning pregnancy is the best way to ensure a healthy and safe labor and delivery. While planning your pregnancy, there are many things fro you to consider.

The first thing you should do when planning your pregnancy is to schedule a visit with your OB / GYN. Let your doctor know that you are planning to become pregnant. You will want to make sure you are healthy and able to carry a pregnancy to term. Planning pregnancy is less risky if you are within the recommended weight range for your height. It will be much easier to get pregnant if you are not under or overweight.

The next thing you should do when planning your pregnancy is to stop all forms of birth control. This will allow the effect any birth control pills or other hormones to leave your system. Birth control pills can negatively affect your baby's health, so making sure your body is completely free of any unnecessary substances will help ensure a healthy baby.

In planning a pregnancy, it is a good idea to start prenatal vitamins as soon as you decide that you want to get pregnant. Having the extra vitamins in your system will help you get the nutrients your body will require and give your baby a head start in his or her development. You can purchase prenatal vitamins from your local grocery store. Once you become pregnant, have your doctor look at them to make sure that they have enough folic acid in them. Take special care not to take vitamins that exceed the recommended dosage. This can be toxic to both you and your baby.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

A crucial step in planning a pregnancy is to begin limiting your caffeine intake, stop smoking immediately if applicable, and if you use any recreational drugs, stop using them before you try to get pregnant. Any unnatural substances can be very harmful to you and your unborn baby.

When planning a pregnancy, money always figures into the equation. The ideal situation is to be financially secure before starting a family. However, it is extremely difficult to plan for everything. There will always be something or some unexpected situation that will require additional money. While you can try to prevent money problems from occurring, when money is the issue there is never going to be the perfect time or the ideal lifestyle.

There are many factors to consider in regards to your financial situation when planning a pregnancy. Daycare can be extremely expensive. If you will return to work after the birth of your child, you will need to include the cost of daycare into your post-pregnancy budget. If you decide to stay home with your child, decide which spouse should stay home and how your family will survive financially on one income. Also, factor in the cost of diapers, formula and baby food. These can easily add up to six hundred dollars extra per month or more.

Every expectant parent wants a healthy, happy baby. Planning your pregnancy in advance is the best way to ensure a healthy mother and baby and avoid a negative impact on your personal and financial lives. Having a baby will change your life forever. With good planning, pregnancy can be a stress-free experience that will lead you effortlessly into the next phase of your life.

Is there really any information about planning a pregnancy that is non essential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

Source by Ken Austin

Improve Your Acting – 10 Reasonably Good Tips!

You could probably fill a library with all the books on how to improve your acting! So to save you a little time I have put together a list of 10 tips, that I hope, will help you the most.

  • Know your script. Read, re-read and then read again, and not just your own lines. From this foundation you can go on to identify the reason for your lines, this will help you react with the right lines and make remembering easier.
  • Listen actively, you should give the impression that what your character is hearing is purely of that moment. Resist the temptation to be quick with your lines, just to prove you know them, it is a conversation after all.
  • Be brave, the quickest way to improve your acting is to realize that your first choice will usually be the easiest for you to do – not the best one for the part. Look beyond your initial choice.
  • Learn to breath, practice 20 minutes a day. Inhale as deeply as possible and exhale for twice the amount of time you spent inhaling (i.e. inhale 15 seconds exhale 30 seconds). This will help pre-audition stress and stage fright.
  • Be professional, turning up on time, or early, will give you all the warm up time and, more importantly, the space you need.
  • This one might not be so obvious, avoid bad mouthing your fellow actors. This is not only good advice because eventually they will find out what you’ve been saying, but also the actors who are quick to insult other actors are the ones who blame others for their own shortcomings. If you always blame others, you will miss out on the opportunity to accurately evaluate your own performances.
  • If everyone around you is losing their heads – keep yours. If you find yourself in a situation where every piece of furniture is being chewed by your fellow cast members, hold your nerve and avoid the melodrama. Your performance will stand out like the calm at the eye of the storm.
  • Act! The more you act the better you should get. Practice makes perfect after all. The more acting you do, the greater the number of actors and directors you will work with. This will help improve your acting by enabling you to find the truest way for you to develop.
  • Improve your acting by making your colleagues look as good as possible. It might sound odd but getting the best from colleagues will reflect on your own performance and help you develop. It will also improve your professional reputation which, in turn, should mean you get more work.
  • Finally, be thick skinned. You have to have the courage to stick to your guns when you think your right, even if you consider the criticism harsh, or are getting lots of rejections. Be honest with your self and be brave, most actors get rejected for most jobs most of the time!

Thanks for taking the time to read his article, I hope it will help a little.

Good luck.

Source by William G Craig

Tips to Manage a Restaurant Successfully

A restaurant’s success depends how well it is managed. Successful management will result in a loyal customer base and great reputation. It is important to have a clear plan that will keep a steady stream of customers coming through the doors.

The following are a number of tips to manage a restaurant successfully:

Control Costs: The ability to manage and control costs is essential to running a successful restaurant. You should have an effective inventory management system. It is important not to waste food by ordering too much. Too much food will result in spoilage. As well, make sure you have clear sense of how much food you need to prepare each day. When it comes to staffing costs, make sure you have enough employees during peak hours and a minimal number on duty during the slow hours.

Customer Service: Staff should be properly trained to provide excellent customer service. All staff should be dedicated, hard working, friendly, courteous, and attentive to their customers. Make sure your staff knows that they are a valued member of the restaurant. Give positive feed back and communicate positively when correcting mistakes. As well, they should be able handle customer complaints effectively and with grace. Customers should feel welcome and that their patronage is appreciated.

Food: The food you serve should be fresh. Your dishes should be unique and relevant to the theme and atmosphere of the restaurant. Offer healthy dinners for people who maintain a health conscious lifestyle. With each dish served, make sure the quality of the food is consistent. Regularly add a unique dish as a special.

Cleanliness: The restaurant should be clean and well maintained, including the bathrooms. A dirty table should be cleaned and reset quickly. Floors and walls should be clean. If the place is dirty, it will reflect poorly on the overall restaurant, including the food.

Atmosphere: The restaurant should be warm and welcoming. The decor should match the theme of the restaurant. Appropriate colors and lighting should be professional and match the ambience. Decorations should be pleasing to the eye. Consider using music to add to the theme and atmosphere.

Restaurant Marketing: It is important that you have a strategy for advertising your restaurant. This can include marketing at hotels, local newspaper, and in fliers. You should be offering daily specials as well as providing special coupons. Sponsoring community events is another way to get the word out about your restaurant. Holding special contests is a good option for advertising your restaurant. This can include holding a draw to win a meal or gift certificate. Make sure you can cater to various organization events such as providing a buffet for a large group event.

Managing a restaurant takes a lot of work, energy, and time. It is essential that a restaurant implements an effective management strategy in order to maintain a successful business. Attracting and maintaining customers is an essential component of maintaining a flourishing restaurant. With the proper management plan, one will see their restaurant thrive.

Source by Amy Nutt

Swollen Prostate Shrinking Tips That Work Fast

If you have a swollen prostate, and want to know about some simple, fast and easy ways to shrink it, then this article will show you how.

Listen to this:

There are many ways to help keep that sliding down, naturally, safely and far faster than most people might think it should take. One of those ways is consuming a high quality fish oil supplement.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil can help with overall body inflammation.

And, if you have a swollen prostate, it can help shrink it naturally.

Of course, if you like to eat fatty fish, that is even better. But there are mercury hazards to eating a lot of fish these days. And a good fish oil will have quality controls in place.

Another thing you can try is borage oil.

Borage oil is great for reducing pollution and swelling, too.

The thing to remember with this is, you do not want to take too much of it. The exact limit depends, but if you take too much borage the opposite can happen – and maybe make your prostate problems worse! The best thing to do is start with the label's recommended dosage and see how that makes you feel, than adjust accordingly.

And finally, there is zinc.

Your prostate needs lots of zinc in order to function properly.

Men who have prostate problems often are low on zinc which is not all that surprising.

Anyway, here is the bottom line:

If you have a swollen prostate, the above tips may help you shrink it safely, naturally and quickly.

Source by Radu Belasco

3 Tips For Healing Ovarian Cysts

Those little fluid-filled sacs that develop on the ovaries; the same ones that many women do not even know about – can actually grow to a size where they start to become of a nuisance to their owner. However, the good news is that around 95% of them are usually benign (non-cancerous).

Due to this benign factor, most ovarian cysts are never actually treated, as they tend to clear-up by themselves. However, that is not a good enough reason to not help them on their journey to non-existence and out of the body. So, what can be done by their owners to help get rid of them?

The following are simple remedies that can help destroy ovarian cysts:

1. Home Remedies – are abundant these days (many are actually very safe to use and come with excellent results). For example, the following is a very good one to try:

One teaspoon of burdock root, mothertwort leaf, red raspberries, and vitex berries (in tincture form [natural extract]) mixed together (total 4-teaspoons) taken half a dropper’s worth once or twice a day is particularly effective. Vitex leaf tea, and chamomile tea may at the same time be used to soothe the muscles and relieve any pain.

2. Dietary Change – which may include the foregoing of such things like: alcohol, coffee, and a reduced sugar intake can noticeably help to heal ovarian cysts. In addition, the intake of vitamins such as: vitamins A and B can also show beneficial effects. As is with a good consumption of salads (plenty of carrots and tomatoes) on a weekly basis (salads are also beneficial to the body in general).

3. Hormonal Treatments – such as taking the birth pill is another excellent form of treatment (hormones found to be in contraceptive pills can help prevent the formation of ovarian cysts [they are also believed to help shrink ovarian cysts under certain circumstances]). However, birth pill recommendations should only come from a qualified doctor or health adviser, as they may not be suitable for every woman.

Methods to relieve pain may include the following:

  • Over-the counter medicines – Ibuprofen or Tylenol (two effective anti-inflammatory medicines).
  • Warmth – of a bath, the use of heat-pads, or a hot water bottle placed to the pelvic region (an effective way to relax the muscles and help stimulate circulation [a certain healing procedure may also occur]).
  • Avoid strenuous activity – that may cause a cyst to either twist or burst (sometimes strenuous activities can cause a benign cyst to become much more of a problem).

Note: Visit a doctor at regular intervals to check the cyst/s are not growing (malignant cysts [cancerous] if diagnosed will usually be removed surgically).

Source by Philip A Edmonds-Hunt

Whole Life Insurance – Tips For Shopping For Coverage

There are numerous types of life coverage policies to choose from, but one of the most popular types of coverage is whole life insurance. Michigan carriers will, of course, help potential policyholders purchase coverage, but there are a few steps that they need to take themselves before it's time to buy.

First, make sure you want whole coverage.

Even though it offers perks that term coverage does not, not everyone wants whole life coverage. It tends to be on the pricier side, and the "perk" of a forced savings investment component is not always desirable.

Before they start taking steps to purchase whole life insurance, Michigan residents must first decide if it's the coverage they really want.

Then, do some research.

Once they've decided they want whole life insurance, Michigan residents need to do a bit of research. This may include talking to family members, friends, and co-workers about their experiences with various insurance agencies, as well as checking any reports other policyholders have filed with the Better Business Bureau.

The goal is to find out what actual customers have to say about their experiences. Remember, sometimes the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and people are not likely to recommend a company they've had bad experiences with.

Finally, contact insurance agents and make comparisons.

Now that they've talked with others and conducted some preliminary research about the various carriers of whole life insurance, Michigan residents are ready to choose a few companies and compare those companies' premiums. Shopping for life protection is much like shopping for any other coverage, after all; not every carrier is going to provide the same coverage for the same price.

Source by Elizabeth Newberry

Learn Digital Photography – Basic Tips for Beginners

Fundamentals are essential to whatever your hobby or pastime is. If you can learn the basics then you have a foundation for the future. So here are some of my tips to get your started.

1. Get into the habit

A casual observer on the fringes of a pastime never really gets involved and never does anything worthwhile. It is the same with photography. Unless you are regularly shooting images you will never really get into photography. You need to develop a routine for shooting images on a frequent basis. Only then can you implement the things you have learned. So plan time into your day or week to shoot regularly so that you know that you have allocated learning time.

Learn your gear basics

Getting familiar with your tripod, flash, camera and other bits and pieces in your kit will help you form a foundation for learning. In order to learn creativity you need to know where to change your aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Familiarize yourself with the most important settings on your camera and get to know their positions with your eye to the viewfinder. Once you know these dials, buttons and switches then you are ready to start shooting real images.

3. Get in closer

So many inexperienced photographers stand too far away from a potential subject and leave huge expanses of dead or negative space which serves no purpose in the image. Use your feet to get in close and fill the frame with your subject or composition. This is what memories are all about. Images with people who fill the viewfinder. Years from today you will want to remember them and not a dot in a photo. Remember that photos create visual memories.

4. Use the rule of thirds

This is a simple yet effective rule which you need to understand before you can break it. Imagine your screen overlayed with a tic-tac-to or noughts and crosses grid which most of us played as kids. These lines break the screen up into thirdly horizontally and vertically. Where these lines intersect are focal points or places where you can position your subjects. The horizontals are where you place your horizon; never in the middle of an image. Effectively using this rule will dramatically improve your images.

5. Change your angles

Think about it! Most photos you see in albums on screens or in books are shot from in front of the subject at 5 feet or 1.5 meters from the ground. By varying this through changing angles, moving your feet, climbing a tree or lying on your back will dramatically improve your images. Do not be afraid to look stupid when trying to get a really great shot. Experiment and find the shot that works for you. You will not be disappointed.

There are many basic tips I could give you. These are a few that will transform your photography very quickly and get you going on your photographic journey at speed and with more skill. Do not ever be afraid to experiment and try different things. Happy shooting!

Source by Wayne G Turner

Mom and Dad Can Still Travel – Seven Tips to Help Get Them Back on the Road Again

Are your parents reluctant to travel because they just don’t get around like they used to? Well they’re not alone. According to a 2012 US Census report roughly 30.6 million people have difficulty walking or climbing stairs, or use a wheelchair, cane, crutches or walker. Furthermore, nearly 40 percent of people over 65 have at least one disability, according to the US Census Bureau.

But that doesn’t mean travel is out of the question for these folks. In this day and age, with a little advance planning and consumer education, people are able to travel no matter what their disability. Additionally, many travel agencies now provide accessible travel products and services; and as Baby Boomers continue to age, more and more companies are jumping on the access bandwagon. With that in mind, here are some tips to help folks with mobility issues get back on the road — or in the air or on the sea — again.

  • Even if you can walk, reserve an airport wheelchair if you tire easily. Some airports are huge and you could easily put on several miles while in transit, and then arrive at your destination exhausted.
  • You are not required to remove your shoes at the airport security checkpoint if you are physically unable to do so. Just tell the Transportation Security Administration agent that you can’t, and they will hand wand you and swab your shoes for explosive residue.
  • If you need wheelchair accessible transportation from the airport to your hotel, choose a hotel that has a free airport shuttle. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, if the hotel provides free transfers, they must also provide free accessible transfers, even if they have to contract out the service.
  • Cruises are a great accessible vacation choice, but new cruise ships are huge and it can be very tiring to walk from one end to the other. If fatigue is a factor, rent an electric scooter and have it delivered directly to your stateroom. Check with the cruise line for their approved vendors.
  • If you drive to the port, remember that parking is free at all Florida cruise ship piers for cruise passengers who have permanent accessibility modifications installed on their vehicles.
  • In Europe, remember the first floor is not at street level, so if you want a room at street level, ask for a room on the ground floor. Many small European hotels only have stairway access to the first floor.
  • Don’t forget to pack your accessible parking placard with you whenever you travel. It’s good everywhere in the US (except for New York City), Canada and Europe.

Finally, encourage your parents to do extensive pre-trip research, and expand their horizons. There really are a lot of accessible offerings out there and the internet is a great place to find updated access information.

Source by Candy Harrington

Pregnancy Tips to Keep Yourself in Good Health

Now you are having a baby you must take extra care of yourself during the months that lie ahead.

Lots of women bloom during pregnancy – their hair grows quickly and develops a glossy shine, their skin develops a healthy glow, and their breasts swell and develop a sexy cleavage. These changes are due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone and to more oxygen circulating around your body. Progesterone can also have a calming effect and help reduce anxiety, since the serene feeling of contentment some pregnant women experience.

Unfortunately, not all women experience this 'bloom' when they are having a baby and find their hair falls out and becomes greasy, and their skin breaks out in spots.

However, there are things you can do to keep yourself in good health.


Dental care is free on the NHS during pregnancy and for one year after the birth, so book an appointment now. Bleeding gums are very common in pregnancy due to an increased blood flow, so you've got to take special care to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Gum disease has been linked to premature labor and, if left untreated, can lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss.


Hair growth speeds up so your hair may be thicker and glossier when you are having a baby. Faster hair growth may also mean more hairs falling out because new hair is replacing them. Some women get greasy hair when they are having a baby and this is due to progesterone stimulating more sebum (oil) on the scalp – wash your hair frequently using mild shampoo.


Progesterone causes glands in the skin to produce more oil so you may find you break out in spots. Equally, your skin can become dry and itchy. Use a skin care range appropriate for your type of skin and moisturize daily. Avoid perfumed shower gels and bubble bath as these can dry your skin.

Stretch marks

These occur if the elasticity of the skin becomes over-stretched and appear as reddish lines, often on the breasts, stomach and thighs. It helps not to put on too much weight to wear a supportive bra and to moisturize regularly. After the birth, the lines will gradually begin to fade and become less noticeable.


If you find your skin is more sensitive to the sun than normal, use a moisturizer that contains UVA protection. Some women develop a condition called chloasma, a butterfly-shaped mask of darker skin across the face. This can be reflected with make-up and will disappear after the birth.

Legs and feet

Tired, aching legs and feet are common when you are having a baby . Try to spend some time with your feet up every evening. Fluid retention sometimes causes your feet to get bigger so you may need to buy bigger shoes.

Source by Jessica Millie