Weight Watchers Top 15 Tips And Tricks

Top 15 Way To Make Weight Watchers Work For You

Weight Watchers Tips & Tricks

I have to say that the years that I've been on and off Weight Watchers, it has ALWAYS worked for me! But it definitely requires some hard work and commitment.

So that being said here is my top 25 list of how I have succeeded on Weight Watchers.

1. Keep A Journal – This is a definite must! There is no way to keep track of everything without one. You must update your journal with all the foods / drinks you consume on a daily basis. Most of the time we tend to forget those few snacks that we had through the day. By always having your journal handy, write it down immediately whether it be just a few cookies or just a glass of wine.

2. Liquids – It's a great idea to always have a bottle of water with you all the time. This way you can just sip on water all day. And before you know it, you'll always have the 6 glasses of water that you should take in 1 day. Sometimes when you feel hungry, it's not actually that you need food. You may just need some water. So this is a great tip if you just ate a snack, but it did not quite fill your hunger. Being hydrated helps! And if water does not quite do it for you, have a diet soda, which it a little more sweet and may be more fulfilling than a plain old glass of water.

3. Food / Snacks – Find those low point snacks and stick to them! They will help through the day when you feel your belly asking you for some food. I personally like to have apples and carrots at work and home. Of course you do not need to only eat these. But that's just what I like for a low or zero point snack. It's OK to indulge in some sweets now and then, but make sure you know how many points that chocolate bar is.

4. Grocery Shopping – MAKE A LIST! And before you go grocery shopping, make sure you know the points values ​​of the foods you buy before going to the supermarket. It's a good idea to write down the points values ​​of the items you're going to by next to each item on your list. If something is not on your list that you found in the supermarket, be sure to read those labels and serving sizes. Calculate those points!

5. Cooking – I like to stick to the healthier choices when cooking. For example, use I Can not Believe it's not butter instead of regular butter. Use fat free items such as fat free chicken broth. If you're having a salad, there are many fat free dressings available in all types of varieties. Just be smart!

6. Weighing / Measuring Foods – Buy a scale! I recommend the Weight Watchers scale. It weighs in grams and in ounces. Of course you can use other scales, I just prefer to use the Weight Watchers scale. It's actually quite shocking to see a 4 oz. piece of steak on your plate and see how small it actually is.

7. Eating Out – Make healthy choices. If you indulge yourself in your favorite dish that's 20+ points, a good thing to do is ask for a container as soon as you get your food. Put half into the container and save it for lunch tomorrow. And if you must have that piece of cheesecake for dessert, why not share with your friend instead of eating the entire slice yourself! And remember to follow my restaurant guide for the points and points plus values.

8. Friends & Family – Make sure to find a companion along the way to help you with your weight loss journey, even if this friend is not on weight watchers. It makes it so much easier to stay on track if you have someone by your side rather than on your own. Tell your family you're on a diet so they do not force the extra helping of mashed potatoes on you! (My mom is notorious for doing things like this!)

9. Use The Calculator – Make some informed decisions and use the points calculator to figure out exactly how many points something is and do not just guess. Knowing how many points something is will help you make that decision if you think you are still hungry and want something more.

10. Exercise – This is one of the most important things to do if you want to shed those pounds even quicker. I know it's hard to go out and actually do it. But if you have your mind set and want to lose weight, this is the best thing for your body and health! It helps you not only lose weight but it with burn fat, build some muscle and even eat a little something extra with since you get a few additional points if you exercise. These are called Activity Points and these can be added to your daily intake. So the more you exercise, the more points you can get and the more you can eat! Of course, just be smart and do not think after an hour of exercising you should go home and eat whatever you want. All that exercising you just did, was worthless if you do this. It may help to eat a small protein within a half hour after exercising. This will help your body's metabolism work better.

11. Meetings / Support Groups – These will definitely help you along your journey. You can share your stories with other members and see how they're doing compared to you. It's not a contest, so do not get down on yourself if others are shedding pounds sooner than you. At these meetings be sure to talk to everyone and you'll get some great ideas for everything from low point snacks, to great restaurants to eat at. If you're doing this on your own and at home, join some forums and share your stories.

12. Weigh Ins – The dreaded weekly weigh-ins. I know it's hard to see that you only lost 1 pound or even earned 1 pound after eating healthy the entire week and exercising. Do not get discouraged and stick to it. Maybe you can try to change a few things that you've been eating. Or if you have not been exercising, start !. But, once you get in the groove, you'll be eating better, and feeling healthier and those pounds will start falling off! Trust me!

13. Diet? – Do not think of yourself as always being on a diet. This is a lifestyle change! This is actually how you should be eating. Once you learn that, you'll feel as if you're not even dieting. If you feel like you're on a diet, you're already setting yourself up for failure. And once you know the points values ​​right off the top of your head, it does not even feel like it's a diet. It become routine.

14. Just Live Your Life – Again, if you feel your dieting, it's not going to work. I know when you first start "dieting" you seem to be hungry ALL THE TIME. This will change once you get used to your new lifestyle. It's all about choices. Make the right choices for the foods you eat and when you go out to a restaurant. It's in your own hands.

15. The New You – You've stuck with it and it's working! That's great! Now keep it up and stay on track!

Good luck to everyone!

We're here to help if you need us!

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