Sex Tips For Guys!

Here are some great sex tips for guys that will guarantee you please your partner time and time again.

1. Find the erotic zones on the female body.

These are specific areas where massage, touch, and kiss can guarantee excitement. They include areas such as the small of the back, the ears, and other areas which are better left for a sex tip manual to detail and describe!

2. Lasting long.

This is a key sex tip for guys, as one of the number one complaints from women is that their partner does not last long enough during sexual intimate. You can fix this and learn how to become a long lasting lover every time out. There are tricks and techniques, and even exercises you can do that will train your body to last as long as you want.

3. Practice foreplay to increase sexual excitment.

You want your sexual intuition to be exciting and memorable, and one surefire way to accomplish both is engaging heavily in foreplay. It does not have to drag on forever, but you should devote a decent amount of time in heating up the integrity through foreplay practice.

4. Learn positions!

Most guys rely on the usual few positions, when they could be engaging in exciting sexual intuition by practicing switching it up with other positions which can be even more pleasing and exciting.

5. Variety is what matters!

The reason many guys lose their women is because of a lack of variety! If variety is met, then there is no reason for women to seek it elsewhere. If you can master variety, then you'll keep your relationship healthy, strong and exciting.

A great way to ensure sexual variety is met is by getting a sex manual which outlines hundreds of different tips and techniques. This way you will never run out of ideas for sexual intimate.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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