Top 3 Tips For Quick Conception

If you’re very quickly trying to conceive- please keep in mind that there’s not a set time-frame for how “quickly” a couple gets pregnant or not.

What is relatively quickly for one couple, may not be the same for the next. Patience is absolutely a must when trying to conceive. With that said there are things you can do to help get pregnant faster in other words sooner rather than later There are 3 top tips for quick conception that any couple can use starting today.

1/ – Don’t have sex more often than once every other day. This might sound odd, but for quick conception- once every other day is better. The reason for this is because sperm count levels actually need time to build back up, if you’re intimate more often than every other day it will actually lower a man’s sperm count.

Sperm is you friend and you want has many as you can get to improve your odds of quick conception.

2/ – Missionary position is best for quick conception, possibly add a pillow under the woman’s hips to elevate them. The missionary position is far more effective in helping achieve quick conception because allows for sperm to go deeper into the vagina and basically “coat” the cervix. Sure I know, missionary may sound boring but when it comes to getting pregnant it is one of the most effective positions.

3/ – Make sure your sexual encounters are as exciting as possible, without putting pressure on either partner to “perform.” Sexual excitement can increase sperm levels, and the cervical and uterine contractions during a woman’s orgasm will actually help increase chances of conception.

To conclude follow the above tips so that you can conceive that bundle of joy sooner rather than later.

Source by Benjamin Wise

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